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JFK Jr. Is Alive - A Master Of Disguise Playing Many Roles TEASER!

Updated: Sep 18

Brief blog JFK Jr. is alive:


I would suggest a deep dive on each one of these characters. I promise you will be amazed at what you uncover. A wise man said, you must learn to do your own research, think for yourself and then you own it. Relearning is very powerful and the only way we can expand our thinking. #107 #JuanOSavin Our brains like it too. Juan O Savin - Is this our missing O from GONE TO SOON? Juan O Savin drop the O Juan Savin = #17 #Q

#HuntersbecometheHunted V for victory hand signal? Thank Q.

Is this our missing E? ALEVE? ALIVE? 5 beautiful toes. .

5 = God number, grace. Who is that lovely blond child @presssecretary?

Don't concern yourself with facial recognition or accents, that do not match JFK Jr. that is the point. The latex masks, voice boxes, full body armour that they can do are astounding. They can make a transgender male look pregnant with a flat back and a moon bump in a bikini and you would never know the difference.

Think Beyonce or Demi Moore. Smoke and mirrors folks. Let that sink in.

Think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible movie where he pulls the old man mask off to reveal itself, now is it a him or a her?! BOOM I could be wrong, also willing to take a chance and put the idea out there. No one checks my work, let's see what happens. #pray

Character roles I believe JFK Jr. plays in no particular order:

Intelligence Insider Agent "W”  Juan O Savin  John F. Kennedy Jr. Vincent Kennedy  John Durham Todd Bergun Milk Man Mad Dog White Rabbit tippy top shape Good Dog  Jim Watkins Jon McNaughton Santa Claus William Moon Trey Smith Cowboy  Vincent Fusca  Voice on Q plan to Save the World series Bald Secret Service Guy Mark Taylor Kim Clement Vince McMahon Field McConnel Gene Decode Alan Parrot  Joseph Gregory Hallett Russel J Gould John F. Kelly  Senator John Kennedy

Doctor Q Tom Fitton John Soloman Steven Pinken Lark John Raymond Mike Lindell Wayne Willott AIRPLANE flying into Quantico & New Air Force One design. It's like they are connected or something. N529JK N plane registration letter in US

5/29 JFK birthdate JK = John Kennedy  

Narrates Q videos with slight voice disguise each one right here, don't miss this:


Donald Trump nods toward his friend with sunglasses on the platform during their famous escalator decent with the lovely Melania Trump with Currency Exchange in GOLD in plain sight for the world to see. He has been here all along.

Handsome silver haired fox, man with fedora & Children's Crusade. Someone is wearing LIFTS with a wee bit of PHOTO shop. ;)

Sharp dressed man with distinct hairline, great shoes, walking on beach found in GEORGE videos.

In prayer, God Bless.

Trump red cap at inauguration behind deep state,

Falcon Magician

Sitting on Marine One. Click on arrow for sliders

President Trump references John all the time, John John John. 144,000 John. It's going to be biblical.

UPDATE: 11/1/20 Found another one! Doctor Q tells us #COVIDisOver & more to discuss on germ theory. #Truthteller Gives up a 17 year lucrative career to share the truth. You don't say?

Video below duration 39:46 = JFK Jr.


Did you know JFK Jr. disappeared July 16, 1999 the same day Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut opened? There is a scene with Tom Cruise riding the NewYork Subway reading New York Post headlines "LUCKY to be alive." Eyes Wide Shut = Darkness = Ignorance

Eyes Wide Open = Light = Knowledge Holiday special. Is Christmas coming early? We have a few comms I would say.

HERO DOG!! 6 saved page 4 = 10 = 5.5 Who is the blond with the pony tail? What is up with Tom Cruise hands and fingers in this photo? SUP with that?


"They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." JL Don't forget to get: Juan O Savin's Book "Kid by the Side of the Road" HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!

Fascinating interview with Juan:


BOOK - KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD https://gumroad.com/l/kidbythesideoft...

TYPO: God BLESS sorry @FLOTUS - bad twitter no edit feature. Nice timestamp though. #BeBest

Where is this? What famous square is this near Elm street? Nightmare on Elm street.

Shout out to KellinAnne Hub News @777KAB1 & her husband. God bless both of them. Without her expertise and decodes I would never have known he is alive. Her work & decodes will be in our future history books. Thank you.

"I love digital soldiers." Melania Trump

"Never ever give up.  Never stop fighting for what you believe in, and for the people who care about you carry yourself with dignity and pride.  Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, embrace that label, because it's the outsiders that change the world & make a real & lasting difference." DJT = 4/10/20

Thanks for reading!

#WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins


Alice from down the rabbit hole uses JFK Jr. thread to "Don’t stop believing." https://rumble.com/vatvjb-dont-stop-believing-jfkjrlives.html

Don't miss this documentary: A Thousand Little Pieces


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