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John Durham, aka JFK Jr. - The Punisher is Back with Indictments for Russiagate

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Breaking news John Durham indicted Clinton-connected lawyer, Michael Sussmann in ‘Russiagate’ probe. Durham another character in the Great Awakening movie with zero video evidence of this guy, even President Trump asked, "Where's Durham? Is he a breathing, living human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?" Could this be another JFK Jr. character this Special Prosecutor from Boston? It appears John Durham has a Telegram channel, started September 11/21. JOIN: Note his address includes an 11 = JJ = John John.

Introduction to Blog:

PODCAST OF John Durham Punisher & over 20 different JFK Jr character teaser blog! Check it out!

The first will send a shock wave. Shock Wave = 107 = 17 = Q

Where Are the Maricopa Audit Results? Senate Announces September 24 Release Date (555)

Indictment Shows that John Durham Is Going After More People than Michael Sussmann

Computer Specialist Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit for Tips

An army of reddit users believes it has found evidence that former Hillary Clinton computer specialist Paul Combetta solicited free advice regarding Clinton's private email server from users of the popular web forum. To quote Q "These people are stupid."

Devin Nunes- what we have to look out for is the Clintons have a long history of their lawyers and agents disappearing - People conspired to do this - conspiracy can be very broad. #ClintonBodyCount

Trump Media Tech - AZ Trump Won - Juan O Savin Reveal - First Domino To Fall


911 = 611 = “COUNTRY” = 116


JFK JR I WON = 116


Who likes to dress up like a country cowboy?

11 = Punisher

11 = Laughing Hard

11 = Osama Bin Laden

11 = Nine One One

1021 = John Durham

1021 = They Arrested Them

1021 = Victory

1021 = The God of Men

1021 = Hold The Line

1021 = 22 = 1111 = Jesus Blood

1111= Mind Blowing

1111 = Hidden Knowledge

Marvel Comics = Punisher = Pain = 23

"I'm here, Mr. President." John Durham

"It's show time." John Durham

Join @John_Durham -

Its Show Time = 1391

Judgement Day = 1391

Now Comes The Pain = 1391

1391 = 911 x 3 = 33 = 33 Degree Freemason

Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Indicted for Russia

The lawyer, Michael Sussmann, is a partner at Perkins Coie, which has represented the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and which reportedly hired Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for compiling the Steele dossier.

BREAKING: Durham to Seek Indictment Against Clinton-Connected Lawyer in ‘Russiagate’ Probe

Durham Activated!

Hillary Clinton Was First to Promote Bogus Russian Alfa Bank Story Now Her Campaign Lawyer has Been Indicted for Lying to the FBI About It

Russia, Russia, Russia

1566 = Russia Russia Russia = 666 = 18 = JFK Jr.

It Has Just Begun, First Indictment Sets The Stage, First Arrest Confirms Direction

Don't Miss My Original Blog On - Who is John Henry Durham This Special Prosecutor from Boston?

Thank you Andy @andyz7 for the share!


AliceInWonderland, [17.09.21 20:58] @watn17 🙏💥👍🇺🇸❤️

Why do you think the White Hats telegraphed that the AZ Audit results will be released next Friday, September 24th? Wouldn't that be an invitation to the Cabal to plan FF's for then? The date is firmly stated because the Cabal has made a SURRENDER DEAL.

The Cabal caved to Trump's threat of launching the EBS this weekend if the Cabal & media failed to show the AZ Audit results that were due to come out tomorrow, September 17. To make the deal, all Trump had to do was delay the AZ Audit results for one week, and no EBS this weekend. In return, Durham got to indict Sussmann today without a FF distraction, and any FF's by the Cabal going forward will break the deal and the EBS will immediately launch. This should prevent FF attempts at the Sept 18 'protest'. Additionally, the deal appears to include allowing Durham to go forward, unobstructed, in his FISAGATE indictments, which will include Obama.

The Art Of The Deal. Negotiations were indeed real.

This post is to clarify my previous post that revealed how Trump leveraged the Cabal into showing the upcoming AZ AUDIT results by agreeing to delay the EBS, which he threatened for this weekend if [they] refused. The reason we know that is Trump statement is connected to the AZ Audit or EBS threat from Trump is that he posted it at 1:48, which 148 = INSPIRATION4 (the rocket launch comm being used to send the comm to the Cabal the previous day with the SpaceX launch).

In the Trump statement from Donaldo at 1:48pm, capital letters = 72 = EBS AND AZ = AZ DEAL MADE. Since both of these are related to the deal, 72 + 72 = 144 = SURRENDER DEAL = EBS THREAT DID IT. This confirms the connection to Donaldo's 11:54am post before the 1:48pm given the capital letters of that post = 144 (72 + 72). Should the Cabal engage in any more FF's, it seems that will break the deal, and Trump immediately launches the EBS.

[Forwarded from We Are The News]

DAN COMMS: EBS Coming, Obama 1st Arrest

Dan posted a 32 second video of a sewer pipe break at a ballgame, and the woman in the video says, "That's shit" = 124 = OBAMA TREASON = COMING SOON. Dan captioned the message with Everything woke turns to shit, embedding the video from Barstool Sports. See the EBS?

The 153/1353 timestamp does not connect to a relevant Qdrop number, but perfectly fits the posting time of 1:53pm (13:53) of drop 2570 (2+57 =59 = RENEGADE = THE EBS), which is very relevant.



This correlates with the @Ingersollockwood countdown culminating on September 17, which is CONSTITUTION DAY = 209 = BARSTOOL SPORTS.

We've seen comms like this from Dan before. Some dates come true, most do not. Treat 'date foreshadowing' such as this as 'days to watch' rather than 'something will happen'.

Justifications for Government Mandated Measures - Can't Stop Won't Stop

✅ It's just a meeting. #event201 (

✅ It's just a rapid peer-review process. (

✅ It's just a test. (

✅ It's just two weeks. (

✅ It's just a mask. (

✅ It's just a curve-flattening lockdown. (

✅ It's just to save your grandparents. (

✅ It's just a circuit-breaker lockdown.

✅ It's just two masks. (

✅ It's just two jabs.

✅ It's just a new definition of immunity. (

✅ It's just temporary. (

✅ It's just a side effect (

✅ It's just a seasonal jab. (

✅ It's just a vaccine passport. (

✅ It's just the rights of dissidents. (

🆘 It's just a social credit system that will control every aspect of your life.

What kind of a word is just anyway? Not a fan of that word, never mind just, nothing is just. Just. It's almost as bad as moist. It's a crutch word we all use. It's so mediocre. Just. Just like Justin Castro - Justin the Commie.

Who else likes the word JUSTICE?

1007 = Justice = 17 = Q

522 = Justice

522 = Vincent

522 = Junior

522 = Truth

522 = Blessing

522 =Hail Mary

+++ Soros - Rothschild - House of Saud

Lets See What Happens = 216 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. 216 = Negative48

Elvis Aaron Presley = 216

What Is My Mission = 216

Second Coming Of Jesus = 216

Money Money Money = 216

Epstein Barr Virus = 216

Eleven Eleven Make A Wish = 216

Tell Me All You Know = 216

Building Number Seven = 216

+++ In New York the radical left prosecutors right now are spending vast amounts of time and money threatening families and trying to destroy the lives of innocent people, really really good people. In their crusade to inflict pain on me the radical left movement in new york there is no place were it is worse or more corrupt and most importantly to stop our movement 75 million voters +++ that’s what I say. President Trump

At 1:12:46 Trump says +++ Video link to Trump speech where he says "75 million voters, plus plus plus = +++"

There are often dual meanings and references. Could the 123 reference also include Diana, John and Michael? Diana destroys the royals, John destroys the governments and Michael destroys the entertainment industrial complexes. #DarkToLight

September 24th Should be Monumental!



This is just the beginning of full disclosure folks, here it comes! BOOM

They did it! Robert F Kennedy, Jr. and Del BigTree did it!! They finally proved the long held that “VACCINES don’t cause autism” is completely false. And they forced the CDC to remove their statement saying it!


The CDC can no longer claim that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!

Because they can and they do.

  • In 1980 autism was 1 in 10,000

  • 1986: Then vax industry lost liability and the massive increase in unsafe childhood immunizations began

  • 1990’s: autism 1 in 500

  • And multi-vial concoctions paired with Tylenol and the ever increasing doses...including neurotoxic aluminum continued.

  • 2018: 1 in 36 children with autism.

  • 2021: American children will get 72 doses of vaccines and there are over 250 in the pipeline.

  • By 2030: at this increasing rate, autism is projected to be 1 in 2 children.

That is the end of a nation. Are you awake yet? The greatest lie that has ever been told has finally been exposed.

BQQM: LISTEN to Australia One Party Leader. Important message for all Aussies and rest of the world. Sharing this message could save many lives.


"Sometimes you can't tell the people you just have to show them." Riccardo Bosi, Leader of Australian One Party

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021?

They switched from the word death to cases to create hysteria.

Advancing The Forkin' Line Tour Promo

Patriot Streetfighter is about to embark on a fall tour entitle "Advancing The Forkin' Line Tour". We will be coming to 21 cities. Tickets available at Get in the fight patriots!! See you out on the road!!

Border Crisis in Texas


Great Awakening Memes - To Losing My Religion

Life According To Marz, Story at 6 - Podcast Coming Soon

I'm working on my introduction to my podcast blog, subscribe to my Rumble channel and turn on notifications please.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

Rumble: Podcasts of Blogs & Introductions:


Thanks for reading. Please share the love.

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Nov 01, 2021

I read everyday reports in the RestoredRepublic. co.

They contradict themself every day. Nothing that they promised has happened.

False excitements. Pop and others from the Vatican were on the List of Arrested and Executed. Today they offer $10,000 for everybody who will find Pop.(?!). Operation London Bridge still did not start?!? But the queen already died on December 5, 2019. Where is the logic? Fauchi was arrested, but he still is teaching us how to live?! What is the point in doubles, if they continue to ruin our lives the same way as their original?


Sep 29, 2021

The best is yet to come!!


Sep 29, 2021

Thank you Marlene for the information formatted in a way that everyday people can follow and understand!


Sep 23, 2021

Fauci. He is in the List of Arrested. Why he still drifting freely like a shit on water???

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Sep 24, 2021
Replying to

Not the real Fauci! None of them are the original, IMO.


Sep 23, 2021

Canada... Trudo again?!? Is not he on the List of Arrested and Executed? Yes, he is.

So, how come? Why? Is it a part of the "plan"?

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Sep 24, 2021
Replying to

Not the real Trudeau...

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