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Life According To Marz, Story At 6, Podcast Is Here! #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

First Podcast here:

Keep in mind, dealing with country tech, I have trouble accessing Telegram which shows in the podcast, there is no pause button without having to do serious editing so I had to read right through. #NeverGiveUp #EnjoyTheShow

Introduction to Life According to Marz Podcast

Video Duration - 1:34 = 17 = Q -134 = Lion Face


A little tiffany blue bird, Sabrina Gal, recommended I start a podcast to give my blog Life According to Marz, Story at 6 more exposure and to help humanity with a different perspective while trying to connect the dots.

I've been blogging for about 2 years now, I've never done a podcast or video so this is new to me but I'll give it a shot. I started my blogs to avoid censorship on social media after Facebook and Twitter banned me numerous times wiping out each account. So my blogs are meant to be a light read, with a few memes and connections and they have organically evolved to include a few more details. I will read this blog as my first podcast and will release the recording shortly. Let's see what happens.

Someone once told me, "you're not for everyone", it's the truth and that's ok. It's not personal, nothing is. You have to be pretty boring to be liked by everybody, besides it's not your job to like me, that's my job. I talk exactly the way I write - I try to be authentic while maintaining a bit of decorum while I feel like my head is going to explode. I tell it like it is, the way I see it. Life according to Marz, won't be for everyone and here is your warning in advance, I have no filter. Keep in mind filters and political correctness got us into this mess in the first place. You'll get a passionate story teller with a side of cheeky but you will require a thick skin. You decide. We are all here to learn but remember if you're easily offended, you're easily manipulated. I like a common sense approach and I'm offended by nothing, unless you hurt a child or an animal or choose ignorance. #SilenceIsConsent

I'm a bit of a news junkie and get information from various sources including patriots on social media, Q, I use basic Gematria, memes, screenshots, colour coding to connect the dots on todays political landscape. I use Duck Duck Go as a search engine and Brave as my browser, it has a built in ad blocker because who has time for ads from China? We unplugged from TV 5 years ago. It's all garbage, they admitted it look up Operation Mockingbird Media. I'm sure the only happy mask wearers on the planet are acne riddles teenagers and pedophile child molesters and kidnappers. I've never worn a mask and I never will. I was kicked off a West Jet flight and had a nasty experience with West Jet employees and airport security, who turned into Gestapo mask police.

My blogs are an introduction to some ideas that connect to The Great Awakening, they are my interpretations, you must do your own research, its the only way you can unlearn, relearn, unlearn again and finally understand that the learning never stops which is the point. We are all deeply programmed to be mediocre, stop learning, while criticizing and labeling others while never asking any questions all by design. It's maddening because we are all so amazing if only we knew that. Unless of course you have hurt a child, they know it and they are coming for you.

In this blog we'll review the man/women in the mirror, recap of recommended foundational truth documentaries, a basic introduction to Q and Gematria. Check out Special Officer J.K. from 911 Shanksville, PA - is this another JFK Jr. character? Wrap up with reviewing 2 of my first blogs, mostly photos and memes regarding JFK Jr. Is Alive and Tiffany Blue Trump Kennedy connections.

There is so much information to learn and to work with. So I hope lending my voice to my blogs will help set a positive intention for sharing the right energy and truth with our soul family. Like millions of others, I believe JFK Jr. is alive, along with Diana and Michael Jackson and many other white hats, working with Trump and the Q team to help save humanity from the deep state creatures and we are watching a movie, in fact we are in the movie. It's a movie of our minds. I believe I've uncovered several of JFK Jr's character roles that he plays and have a teaser blog with names only and a massive draft blog of all his characters, that is a work in progress.

The Great Awakening has taught me to take personal responsibility for my thoughts, behaviours, brainwashed programmed old self, to learn how to unlearn and then relearn again, checking my ego at the door, while taking responsibility to look after my own physical and mental health. No one is coming to save you but YOU. It takes a lot of energy to get offended, which is a mirror of your own issues and triggers, so time to look at the man/women in the mirror and own your "feelings". Stop labeling the people in your life "mean, rude, crazy or disrespectful" for trying to share the truth. You need to ask yourself why you are so triggered in the first place? No one is responsible for YOUR feelings or emotions. Only YOU are they are YOUR feelings. No one is coming to save you except YOU. Do you trust YOU? Would you date YOU?

Man In The Mirror = 175 = 13

13 Bloodlines 175 = Gods Alive On Earth

A Storm Is Coming

In God We Trust

Donald John Drumpf

Seventy Seven


In The Blink Of An Eye

The Secret Revealed

Diana Frances Spencer

Your Destiny

The Great Deception

September 1st

It's Almost Time

Love Yourself

Sydney Powell

There are many white hats trying to warn and help humanity.

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

Video duration for a flash: 5:04 = 54 = WWG1WGA - Five Five - JFK Jr.

45 = POTUS 4+5 = 9 = Highest Power - 9x3 = 27 = JFK

In order to catch up quickly, in case you missed it, #ICYMI I would recommend the following documentaries and series as a basic foundation. These documentaries are game changers for humanity and you must invest the time like your life depends on it because it does. No one cares who is right we care about what is right, which is the difference between an argument and a discussion. We are way past brainwashed opinions at this point. No one is coming to save you except you.

Please do your own research, then you own it and YOU are responsible for YOU, very powerful this learning stuff. Knowledge is power, you build your confidence and learn to manage your emotions with integrity and dignity while sharing information with conviction. We are all teachers and we are all students who need to deal with facts vs feelings. In the end what do any of us really KNOW? Do you know that or do you think that? #ExpandYourThinking

Trump was right again! Our "leaders" are selected not elected. #ElectionFraud

It Will Be The Scandal Of Our Times = 1947 = The Twenty Third Card

The Veil Will Be Lifted Soon - Ignorance Only Serves Satan = EGO

JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

The Fall Of The Cabal Series




A Thousand Pieces

A Thousand Pieces is a shocking and hard-hitting investigative documentary, exposing the darkest secrets of the FBI and CIA, and asking the question, isn’t it time to reform some of the most corrupt government agencies in American history?


OH wait, whats this? Jen circle back I love Russia, admits it's a PLANDEMIC!

Truth Sources According to Marz

DRAINING THE SWAMP WORLDWIDE - THE GREAT AWAKENING - (2020) DOCUMENTARY - Watch World Leaders Capitulate and Submit to Trump.

BREAKING JUST RELEASED - 2030 UnMasked - Documentary Connecting COVID19, Masks, Vaccines, The Banking System and the Great Reset

Introduction to Q

Introduction to Q - it is an information source with no leader and they remain anonymous, teaching us NOT to idolize anyone. No one is above another, we are all divine creations from God, source, creator, whatever you want to call it. Q is always teaching, dropping crumbs, riddles, hints and puzzles to decode, connect dots and learn to research and determine answers for ourselves again. Humanity fell asleep at the wheel waiting to be spoon fed their indoctrination masquerading as an education, taught to trust the TV and the news telling us what to be outraged by and then excusing yourself from any need for personal responsibility or critical thinking cause you saw it on the news. Did you know we are the only species to pay to live on earth? Who are we paying and what for? Do you ever ask yourself who are these creatures that rule over us? What gives them the moral authority to dictate anything to us? How about that alien money system though? Geez next they will have us paying for water, wearing masks, murdering our own children using the my body my choice tagline with glee and then being outraged when you shout my body my choice for not wanting to inject ourselves with poison for the greater good! Something not right here folks. I try to unpack some of these things topics in my blogs.

Q2832 = 15 = 555 - NOW = NWO = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

99 = Seventeen = Q - 99 = Ruby Cute

Research for yourself, try to debunk the information we share, trust me we don't want to be right, but we've all been so wrong in the past. #QuestionEverything

So who is Sarah Ruth Ashcraft? A victim of some very nasty business with Tom Hanks. Where's Tom Hanks and Rita his handler? #WatchTheWives

Time and Date stamp = 13 + 13 = 26 = 8 = 7+1 = 17 = Q

To clarify, there is no QAnon - there is Q and there are Anons.

Intro to Gematria = Study of Numbers, Words And The Power And Energy Associated With Them.

Althorp = 54 = 45 = POTUS

Althorp = 9 = Highest Power - Pale Horse - Quill

Lady In Red = 563 = Diana Frances Spencer - Best of The Best = #BeBest

If you like Gematria and coding don't miss the following two fascinating episodes and subscribe to Patriot Street Fighter. Gematria is the language used to describe the battle over good verses evil in the world we live in. Learn how we are taking back our numbers, symbols, rainbows back to the light under God.

Humbled, my blog got a shout out on the Patriot Street Fighter show. (that doesn't happen every day) @2:29 Sabrina Gal mentions a post by JFK Jr. posted on June 23rd of Camp Delta at GITMO - she gives with a Z, a shout out in the show! Z is an important letter in the alphabet with interesting word matches:

Z = 500 = 5 = Gods Grace & Victory

Z = 26 = 8 = New beginnings - Symbol of infinity on its side. #JFKJrTattoo

Z = Potus - Friday - Buckle Up - One Day Phase Four - Sons of Gods - Perfect Trap - Letters M Q - Sophia Robot - Kindred Spirit - Delta Plus - Strike a Pose

"You don't need to be Jewish to be a Zionist." Senator Joe Biden

NEGATIVE48 joins the Patriot Street Fighter, this character has some inside nuggets for sure, his intel is mind blowing. They discuss Gematria and the connections in great detail. Note to self, need to step up my Gematria skills. Thank you Sabrina Gal, much appreciated patriot, we need to get this message out to the masses. Hopefully more people see the blog. Kindly share patriots, digital soldiers and soul family and here we are doing a podcast!

Part Two with shout out:

Advancing The Forkin' Line Tour Promo - Scott Mckay

Marzlovesfreedom = 197 = 17 = Your Frequency Channel

Marlene Love = 122 = JFK Jr Lives - Juan O Saven - Warn Mankind

Gematria For Beginners: The Art and Science Behind Jewish Numerology

Gematria Description

By Leesa Warrior

The DS Cabal and other evil ones used it to communicate with each other for many many years. (They) have panicked throughout POTUS’ entire presidency because he’s been using their numerology and symbolism. (They) took ALL our numbers and made them evil. We took them back and made them full of light and back to what they truly meant. It’s been a major part of POTUS’ game of chess. All POTUS’ caps have meaning to them, in his tweets, press releases, and even statements at his rallies, all of them. POTUS has always talked in code his whole life and (they) have no idea what he is saying.

With the hand of almighty God Himself, he flipped their entire system and completely took it over. God, President Trump and the Q team have demolished the satanic worshipers ways of being able to communicate with each other. The only way out of the matrix is to push all the dark into the light for all to see. I truly believe the only way their evil grid (matrix) collapses and all this evilness ends is by waking up as many as we can to their own collective Christ consciousness to truth and light of how divine we truly are. We create Heaven on Earth.

Example: John F Kennedy Sr Donald J Trump = 1967 = 21

Gematria decode by Negative48 on JFK Jr. plane crash.

👉 @MichaelBrianProtzman

JULY 16 - 99 Plane Crash


.7 - 16 - 99 Plane Crash ?


F,A,K,E + 99 =122

FAKE - First Amazing Kennedy Experience

99 = 18 = R - JFK Jr.

8+1=9 = Highest Power

OR 99 in Gematria equals what?

Ninety Nine = ?

66 = ?

Sixty Six = ?

Six + Six = 12 = Twelve = etc etc etc.

Gematria A=1, - Z=26 - 26 + 1 = 27 = JFK






7 + 1 + 6 + 99 + P + C =132

( p = 16 c = 3 = 19 - plane crash = PC)


7 + 1 + 6 + 99 =113

11/3 Election ?


7 + 16 + 99 + P + C =141



P16 C3





87 + 87 =174






911 & JFK Jr.

Kayleigh McEnany fondly recalls spending last year with President Trump and Melania on AirForce One, sharing a moment of silence to honour the victims of 911 prior to visiting Shanksville, PA.

Check Out Special Agent J. K. on 911 Shanksville, PA.

What do you think of this character Special Agent J.K. = 951 = Relevant. Here he is speaking on 911 Shanksville plane crash? You know the one that disappeared without leaving any evidence behind.

JK = 21 = U What comes before U? Q - think mirror

Special Agent J.K. served as the initial press spokesman for the FBI at the crash site after terrorists crashed a plane near Shanksville, PA. #IsThatRight

This character sounds exactly like General Michael Flynn but has some of the same nuances of JFK Jr. in particular at .42 seconds with a few distinctive ums and awes. They use voice boxes, usually leave an original feature like nose, lips or ears, they conceal eyebrows, hair, change brow bones, chins, cheeks, wear fat suits, lifts, it's Hollywood folks use your imagination. However eyes are the window of the soul. and there are those initials JK speaking right after 911.

Video duration 1:11, he mentions FORTY. Could be nothing.

FORTY YEAR PLAN! Vincent Kennedy - Grid Iron Gang IV: Horsemen of Conspiracy

111 = Mann - God Magic

One Hundred and Eleven - 190 = Father Light Of Heaven Jesus Is Here Now - Giant Red Wave Is Coming

FORTY = WWG1WGA - Five Five

Sabrina Gal = 54 = WWG1WGA - Five Five

Expand your thinking folks, remember they can make a transgendered male look pregnant and throw them on the front of the world stage at the Grammies all dressed up like an Oscar another golden idol, displaying a fake moon bump, mocking women while holding the gold microphone where it's original popsicle used to be. These Satanists worship their trannies. Notice all the Heil Hitler salutes in the photo? NWO = Nazi World Order = OWN = Oprah Winfrey Network. Infiltration instead of invasion. How about the uncanny resemblance to that freaky little dinosaur in Jurassic Park the dilophosaurus? There are no coincidences.

Expand Your Thinking = 235 = The World Is Waking Up

How many days from JFK Jr. disappearance to 911?

788 Days = 23 = Pain/Punisher

788 = Humanity - Gematria Is A Message From God - Brave -

Dark Night Of The Soul - Numbers Dont Lie - Human Struggle -Freemasonry - Craziest - God Has Not Forgotten - Soul Source -

Dear John - Celebrity Island

Use Date Calculator and - Check out Q Post 788.

Ever see the Celebrity Island video by Budweiser?

Juan O Savin - End Game - BOOM

Spaceshot w/Juan O Savin 9/7/21

Don't miss in less than 24 hours. AZ will prove what the world knows already! They stole the election from President Trump! You can not tell the people, you have to show them.

John Durham aka JFK Jr. Is The Punisher

I neglected to add categories or tags to the first 100 blogs so I'll update them as I review them to read them to make it easier for people to search on. I will start with one of my first 2 blogs on JFK Jr. is alive and the Trump Kennedy tiffany blue connection in this podcast. I apologize for the repetition in advance, it's the only way we learn. Again, my blogs are an introduction for you to do more research.

JFK Jr. Is Alive

The Tiffany Blue Connection with Trump and Kennedy

Here is the trailer for my podcast on Rumble. Please subscribe and turn on notifications, I will upload my podcasts there and on Marz Loves Freedom on Telegram and Anon.up.

Life According to Marz, Story at 6 - Podcast Coming Soon Trailer

Get Ready To Rumble = 1089 = I Am What I Am - Mad World - Purple Nice Guy - 191 = A Master Frequency - Trust The Plan Q

Collection of Great Awakening Memes to Losing My Religion

911 Full Disclosure - What is Under The Getty? Canadian Police Speaking Out!

Thanks for reading and consider joining my Telegram channel Life According to Marz, Story at 6 where I will also post my podcast.




Please like, comment, subscribe and share the love, find my blogs at:

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Oct 07, 2021

The 10-days darkness during Oct. 5-15, 2021?

Today is Oct. 6, 2021. Nothing happened except Facebook.


Sep 28, 2021


This is leaked information from the Canadian government.


Andrew Zebrun III
Andrew Zebrun III
Sep 25, 2021

While this could be a last minute threat from WhiteHats 2apply pressure, it appears the Cabal has changed [their] mind. How do we know? Trumpo posted at 11:07 pm last night & 11:07 am this morning. 117 = MAGA PROMISE = RENEGADE RENEGED = UNLEASH HELL. Last night the capital letters of Trump's statement = 58 = THEY = RENEGED. The capital letters from this morning = 424 = THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SHOW THE AZ RESULTS. Some outlets will show the results, but apparently not 2 the extent the WhiteHats wanted. Add 58 + 424 = 482 = STORM TWEET COMING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER THE 27TH = FRIDAY & SATURDAY WILL DELIVER DELIVER ON THE MAGA PROMISE We'll see what happens, but…


Andrew Zebrun III
Andrew Zebrun III
Sep 25, 2021

OMG I love your intro, and your show's awesome, way to go Marz~!

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Sep 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Andrew! Let's see what happens ;)


Sep 25, 2021

Hi Marlene, which Platform was/is @MichaelBrianProtzman that you showed in blog? I follow Negative48 (Positive84) on Telegram. Cheers David

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