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Updated: May 19, 2021

I believe @John_F_Kennnedy is alive, working with President @realDonaldTrump & Q to save the world from the deep state creatures. He came to me in a dream, confirmed everything. They have 3 children, 2 boys & 1 girl, first boy named Flynn, Tripp & Stella, rumour has it. 321 countdown? There are no coincidences, this is #VincentFusca

The famous Kennedy clasp, there is also a distinctive Kennedy point. Plenty of evidence of this mysterious man in a suit and tie with a distinctive hairline sitting in Marine One.

No one has ever been able to explain away Carolyn & the 3 children at the rallies. 3,2,1 children - JFK Jr. death certificate number was pencilled in as 321, there are no coincidences, nothing is random and everything has meaning. There are 10 people in the world that know the whole plan, so Vincent Kennedy @VincentCrypt46 gets to reveal when he decides to.

How about this guy at 10 year anniversary of 911 with his son?

How about this guy at a Trump rally with a black fedora hat on?

How about this guy in a Trump campaign video from Las Vegas in February 2020?

There are many people we think are alive that have been executed and many you think are dead that are alive and have been in the witness protection program to escape their illuminati masters. Don't you find it a coincidence that JFK Jr. went missing on July 16, 1999, (666 taking back our numbers) #DarkToLight July17, 1999 (Q) his disappearance is announced to the world. Who is the blond child? Press Secretary?

Holding ALEVE (Alive) is this our missing E? The article mentions his best friend and cousin Anthony Radziwill (Joe M) dying of cancer. (never happened, IMO) Showing us 5 toes. . 5 = God's Grace E

You have everything you need, future proves past. #GodWins

Here comes the son.

July 16, 1999 was the same day Eyes Wide Shut opened & there is a scene where Tom Cruise is on the subway reading the NY Times front page headlines says "Lucky to be alive..." and we all know what that movie is about.

A mysterious person / figure appeared July 3, 2020 celebration of Independence Day with fireworks at Mount Rushmore on top of the GEORGE Washington sculpture. How the hell did someone get up there on this day at this time for the world to see in one of the most secure places on earth while President Trump is scheduled to speak? Who is that? You tell me.

There were 6 B4 Lancers flying on that day, normally there are only five. Guess who piloted the sixth BC Lancer?

Lancer was JFK's secret service name. During a speech to U.S. Air Force members at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Trump cracked a joke about many in the audience being “better looking” than Hollywood star Tom Cruise, referencing his Top Gun role.

What are they hiding at Mount Rushmore? Is there room for 2 busts of extraordinary men? hmm I wonder who they could be? JFK & DJT?

Is President Trump letting us know something? How about DJT right next to Lincoln since they are related.

Would you look at that?

Kennedy did a photo shoot 2 months prior to his disappearance for an article in US Weekend on "Making America Better."

Notice where his head is placed in the photo, is he letting us know plans for his father's bust to go in its rightful place? #Pray

369 Numbers of the universe #Tesla #WWG1WGA #ChildrensLivesMatter #GodWins

Kennedy crash site footage vanishes, must be with the moon landing.

If you can't see, we can't help you.

This guy is the master of disguise though, I think I know about 18 or more profiles of JFK Jr. I might add I'm a little obsessed and see him in puddles and bushes. ;) #JFKJRMARATHON #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide

Who deserves a medal of honour?

Keep calm and follow the white rabbit. #adrenochrome

Trump card and a magic wand!

They never left!!

We R so ready!

We are not supposed to predict or pick dates for when we think JFK Jr. will reveal, but wouldn't this be something else? #CantHelpMyself

Air Force One flying over Mount Rushmore! President Trump is so amazing. #StableGenius


JFK Jr lives Video

Can't Stop Chasing Your Dreams

A Message for All The “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” and Healers of The World


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Jun 24, 2023

Marlene Love you never cease to amaze me with your undeniable research and TRUTH! Of course JFK Jr. Is alive and he is coming back with DJT. For those few who see this and know the actual TRUTH, it is a blessing and privilege to be alive in a time such as this! WWG1GA The Best is Yet to Come! 🙏🇺🇸❤️🌎


Jul 13, 2022

I Am Simply Blown Away


Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick
Jun 15, 2022

Recently, I've seen two odd posts on Twitter pertaining to a date. The first one was !!/22 and then 11/22. Now, most people (including myself) would assume it's the month and day. However, I now believe it's the month and year (11/2022). I'll go even further and say the exact date might be 11/22/2022, the 59th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Could it be the BIG REVEAL?

Also, next November 22nd will be the 60th anniversary of his father's assassination. John John could announce he will run for president on that date. If so, the Democrats would never find a candidate who could beat him. The Greatest Story Ever Told? I think so!

It's Going To Be Biblical!

Dec 31, 2021

Awesome , the look on the worlds face will be PRICELESS !! Ain't it funny how the sun shines bright and then hides away . Peace In , Peace Out . TIM


Oct 25, 2021

Since YouTube deleted those videos, they should add MY video that used to be on that same site. It's AUDIO in nature but pretty compelling. LIZ CROKIN AND SOME OTHER "STUFF"... #WWG1WGA #MAGA it's on that chute place. Search for that title!

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