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A Week To Remember - Queen is Dead Finally - World Mourns Hers Death - No We Don't

OMG bring it on! I'm delighted to report the storm has arrived and it's show time! Q posted on September 4th - A Week To Remember, marking a 4 year delta - and The Queen is dead publicly, finally at 96 = 15 = 555 = From Dark To Light. September 8 death date is a 17 = Q! This is a huge marker and it means GO TIME!!! Queen protects the King... now what? Did Trump agree to wait until her death announcement to start the plan? Both Trump and Scavino share The Storm video on Truth Social.


King Charles declares 17 days of "mourning"!!! ;)

September 7th was GEORGE Magazine's 27th anniversary of JFK Jr. unveiling of the inaugural cover in New York.

We'll review some of my older blogs on the Queen and The BIGGEST DRUG TRAFFICKERS in the world was the Royal Reptilian Family

The much awaited release of the Sound of Freedom - The Tim Ballard True Story on how he saves children from child trafficking was supposed to be released on 09/08 on Prime but it was no where to be found! YET! My Son Hunter Biden movie is available right now because BLM right? Biden's Laptop Matters! White House unveils The Obama's official portraits. Enjoy the show!

"This is like a bad 007 Movie." ~Juan O Savin
"In the next couple of weeks action is going to be taken on the Hunter Biden laptop." Juan O Savin #NCSWIC

Trump and Scavino sharing the Storm Video on Truth Social! #wwg1wgasong


1:38 mark Juan says "In the next couple of weeks action is going to be taken on the Hunter Biden laptop."

What’s this? Vince McMahon aka #JFKJR, yelling out MAGA all those years ago? Boom Chaka Laka!

The Storm Has Arrived!

The Queen Is Dead Publicly Finally

September 8 death date is a 17 = Q!

Queen to be laid to rest next to her parents with Prince Philip moved to join her

Queen Elizabeth II will be interred at Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel, with the body of her late husband, Prince Philip, being moved to join her.

The burial is expected to take place after Elizabeth’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Her parents, King George VI, who died in 1952, and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who died in 2002, as well as her sister, Princess Margaret, who also died in 2002, have each been laid to rest at King George VI Memorial Chapel.


Prince Phillip died 9/4/2021 aged 99 = 666

17 months after is 9/9/2022 = 666

Lizard Queen dies 9/9/2022 = 666🤔

King James lV of Scotland died 9th September and the Dead Lizard Queen is still in Scotland🤔

"London Bridge is down”, it’s protocol that there is an order of people that find out and it’s announced at 6pm on the day.

Six O'clock is Dangerous.


What Happens To Live Events When The Queen Dies

The country is expected to go into a 10-day period of mourning – which could see hundreds of events cancelled. Key locations and industries with royal connections could be particularly affected and matters of respect and dignity will have to be considered along with national guidelines for closures.

Remember it happened NOV 28 to DEC 5 2019. Narwhal Tusk on Nov 29

Operation London Bridge.

This is to shake the normies awake.

London Bridge attack: Darryn Frost on using a narwhal tusk to stop knifeman

Queen Protects The King, [D] Day, Patriots, Clock Started, We Will Have Our Country Back – Ep. 2870

This is Liz Truss the new PM for the UK, she is good friends with Jimmy Saville.

Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre Left Speechless by News of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

Pope Francis Says He's Deeply Saddened Over Death of Queen Elizabeth

The British Monarchy Should Die With the Queen

Americans who are tempted to use the death of Queen Elizabeth for an excuse to indulge in a vicarious modern monarchism—all Oprah/Meghan Markle style, no real substance—would do well to remember the harsh facts: the House of Windsor is as important in terms of the British constitution as the Targaryens are to the Iron Throne.

The following is a collection of my blogs regarding stories of The Queen.

Prince Phillip Dead At 99 On April 9th, burial 4/17th #666 #Q #ForGodAndCountry #BidenSexVideos

Queen Has COVID Endgame Blog

Operation London Bridge

Harry Megman and Oprah Interview

Throne Has Changed in Canada

Queen Admits she was wrong about Diana

Trump Has Whole World In His Hands - What's up with the Queen?

Patriots Win - Trump Cards - Diana - JFK JR


The BIGGEST DRUG TRAFFICKERS in the world was the Royal Reptilian Family (Queen Lizarbeth II) —

They supplied the Vatican mafia with heroin + opium through the CiA & other agency agents. Think the Opium Wars in China — a war pushed to allow sales of opium & heroin in another country.

The Opium Wars were two wars waged between the Qing dynasty & Western powers. The First Opium War, fought in 1839–1842 between Qing China & Great Britain, was triggered by the dynasty's campaign against the British merchants who sold opium in China. The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain & France, 1856–1860. In each war, the European force's modern military technology led to easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favorable tariffs, trade concessions, reparations and territory to the Europeans. The wars and the subsequently-imposed treaties weakened the Qing dynasty & the Chinese imperial government, and forced China to open specified treaty ports (especially Shanghai) that handled all trade with imperial powers. In addition, China gave the sovereignty over Hong Kong to Britain.

The Vatican supplied the world with heroin from the Golden Crescent — meth & opium from the Golden Triangle, tied to Myanmar. Myanmar the largest drug & child trafficking country in the world.

The Golden Triangle has been shutdown.

Andrew is on his own — no one will save him. They are all gone or controlled now. Charles is not done yet too.

First royal dies of coronavirus as COVID-19 cases worldwide soar

Royal death: Who is Prince Otto of Hesse? How did he die?

ROYAL TRAGEDY The Queen’s cousin and party planner Lady Elizabeth Shakerley dies aged 79

Princess Maria Galitzine of Austria dies aged 31

Royal heartbreak: How Norwegian royal spent last days before tragic death

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Prince Philip's cause of death revealed by Queen Elizabeth's physician

Barbados expected to cut ties with British royals

Prince Charles Was Questioned In Princess Diana's Death Over An Eerie Note She Left

BREAKING: Just Hours Before Her Tragic Death, CIA Was Listening ToPrincess Diana's Calls

Jim Caviezel’s Sound of Freedom is (Finally) Bringing the Truth about our Enslaved Children to the World

Juan O Savin:The film, SOUND OF FREEDOM, is an opening salvo, a beginning point, to help wake the public up to what’s been going on, right under their noses, in plain sight, out across America and the world… | Husband, Father, Author and Founder of OUR Rescue

The Sound of Freedom Movie is based on a true story about Tim Ballard and his efforts to combat child sex trafficking. It was finished production April 2020 and they are finally releasing the film tomorrow on Prime!! Do not miss. This is an amazing expose on the reality and horrors of what happens to children. What if it were your son or daughter?


NOTE the EVERGREEN transport ship in the trailer. The very same ship that got stuck in the Suez and Evergreen is Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service name and this is how they transport the children in shipping containers. Truth wins.

Tim has spent most of his life combating child sex trafficking. When he's not rescuing children, he is writing books and spending time with his family.

Well it looks like “Sound of Freedom” is FINALLY & truly coming out! Lol

According to Tim Ballard’s website (he runs Operation Underground Railroad & the movie is based on him) “Sound of Freedom” will be released this Thursday September 8th. on Amazon Prime.

My Son Hunter Film

Today, the highly anticipated theatrical film @ MySonHunter has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing.

My Son Hunter—Breitbart’s first foray into film distribution—is NOW available to stream and download at

EXCLUSIVE: Strippers, sex, drugs, chats with Joe and deals with the Ukrainians: gets first look at My Son Hunter - the raunchy conservative film on Biden's son, his lurid lifestyle and VERY questionable foreign deals

White House Obama Portraits

Joe Rogan Nails It - "Be A Warrior."

Macho Man

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

Podcasts of Blogs & Introductions:





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Sep 18, 2022

Who was prince Charles when he was born: a boy or a girl??

In these pictures he is a girl...


Sep 13, 2022

Hitler eliminated lots of people. So, he was condemned forever. Naturally, he did not have a big funeral event. His time was about 10 years.

How about the Royal Family?!!!

She was queen regnant of 32 sovereign states during her lifetime and 15 at the time of her death. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days is the longest of any British monarch and the longest recorded of any female head of state in history. (Wikipedia)

During ALL this time how many people were killed, and hunted in their parks? How many children were raped and eaten? You name it...

Just wondering...


Sep 12, 2022

Oh Mar ❤️🙏 Mere words cannot describe the joy of when the long overdue announcement of the death of the 🦎 was broadcast. I am Scottish and in Scotland as you know, even without knowing the truth, that IT has long since been removed from this planet, ain't nobody near me believed IT was at Balmoral Castle 🤣 I knew it was close, we all did but if you'll indulge me, I'll try allow you and your viewers to picture the scene: BBC NEWS all in black...they announced that all broadcasting was stopped until 6pm on Thursday 8th September 2Q22. Then I remembered 6pm can be dangerous. I played along and turned on the news which was SOOOO obviously SHOWING inconsistencies in a…


Sep 09, 2022

God Bless Donald Trump and everybody who assists him!!!!!

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