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Where else has it changed?  THINK BIGGER!

Shout out:  To all the patriots work I share in this humble thread, hats off to you truth tellers. Thank you. ;) #HEAVILYCENSORED We will never ever give up. #TheGreatAwakening. Patriots you know what to do.

Join me, expand your thinking, light and lively, 2-3 minute read that might inspire you.

She appears dressed in white, is that a sign of SURRENDER with silver hair? 1867 - 2017

2019 Goldy locks in black.

The Throne in Canada has changed 2017: Do not miss this video:

Heads up

Abolish monarchy.

The Brits are clamouring to abolish monarchy.

Royal Brexit fury: Remainer claimed leaving EU feud ‘puts abolishing monarchy on table’

Buckingham Palace has announced Prince Harry and Meghan will lose Royal funds and HRH titles, as well as repaying the £2.4m spent on refurbishing Frogmore Cottage.

Buckingham Palace for sale? Burn it down, or get a man of God to exorcise the demons, bless the place & turn it into a shelter for the homeless. Perfect.

Jordan is a Middle Eastern constitutional monarchy located between Saudi Arabia and Israel. In November, it is expected to hold parliamentary elections. Barbados announces plan to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state next year

Spain asks: Is monarchy right for us?

Thailand protests: Protesters declare 'victory' in Bangkok rallies calling for monarchy reform

Don't miss this 20 minute video based on @3Days3Nights thread of world leaders capitulating to President Trump:

Thank you Thomas @TRUreporting a real patriot, for breaking down this thread on video for us.

Sound of Silence, indeed. #TheGreatAwakening sound track:

UPDATE 10/30/20 by ✨LadyQanuck 🇨🇦✨:

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