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Media Lets Us Know - Trump embraces Q - #IZATRIGHT?

Wow that number 17 and letter Q sure are special. It's time to ask the Q. I have another wicked blog for you. Enjoy the show!


Trump rally was outstanding on Saturday night, September 17th, same day as Constitution Day, BatMan Day & the golden ticket a Trump Rally in Ohio, the 17th state, displaying the American flag that had no stars on it...

September 17th. (09/17=17) “I AM BATMAN 😁”-DJT

Third Saturday in September is known as BATMAN day. 😉🦇

Rally in OHIO= 17th State ♥️🤍💙

September 17th is CONSTITUTION DAY. (Sept 17, 1787 signing of the U.S Constitution.) #FollowThePen

BATMAN=51 (17x3=51) *Area 51 😉

GREAT 🇺🇸 (51)

ROME 💥 (51)

ELITE 🤥🙄 (51)

AT_FA 😏💥 (51)

WAVE 🌊 (51) *Red ❤️‍🔥💋

SAVED 💯🙏🌹 (51) @CBK


Trump calls for death penalty for drug dealers and human trafficking - aka big pharma, big tech and our corrupt world wide government, masquerading as leaders and many fortune 500 companies.

Ted Cruz calls "Biden the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet".


"But the thugs and tyrants attacking our movement, and there's never been a movement even close in the history of the United States, have no idea of the sleeping giant that they have awoken." President Trump 9/17/22

Flag at Trump Save America rally has no stars and gold stripes #Semaphore

Birth of a New Nation Folks! A New World.

Main Stream Media - aka Fake News enemy of the people lets us know Trump has embraced QAnon. ;) He sure does.... ha. We know there is only Q and Anons so the media continues to sound willfully ignorant, such a disgrace.

Huge news on Danchenko being an FBI informant, Bio clandestine nails it when he writes that Anons should be more excited by this news but we have been desensitized to the news after 5 long years.

Let's review Desantis Migrants at Martha's Vineyard.

FBI goes after Mike Lindell for his pillows. They took his cell phone, Mike said all they will find are promo codes. ;) He is suing the FBI and this case will set a precedent. Watch for these words in the news cycle on repeat: precedent, transparency, truth, justice, accountability, lawsuits, restored law and order and execution.

Wait until you see this set of massive fake boobs an Ontario tranny high school teacher wears to school in front of students. Egawd. Such an insult to real women. #MentalHealth #LockItUp

Rihanna is a Satanic tranny.

Speaking of degenerates you can find Weinstein (full documentary) | FRONTLINE. It's a light expose of his sexual misconduct for normies basically. You will detest him even more. #Perfect

Wrap up with Trump did it My Way. Enjoy the show!


Does anyone truly understand the brilliance of Trump? Look at the platform he created for himself. A Trump rally is like a golden ticket to one of the most powerful energetic collective love fest on earth. It represents love, unity and hope while we continue learning. Meanwhile Trump drops red bill truth bombs riddled throughout his incredible performances. Throw in Truth Social, the world dying to get on board and his retruths are making heads explode. Bring it on! Are you kidding me? You have to love him, because once you get him, you love him. No he alone is not saving the world, I believe he is teamed up with some good people enlightening and educating the world, yes indeed. #IMO #LetsSeeWhatHappens

Trump Save America Rally Ohio 9/17/22

I'm calling for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers. President Donald Trump 9 /17/22
Translation = good bye big pharma and every world leader and fortune 500 companies. We don't need you anyway you nasty pieces of shit. You are the weakest link - good bye! Marz

Remember Trump's famous tweet:

"Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty."

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 8, 2012

Oct 8 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. - 10+8+5=23 for the pain

Ted Cruz brands Joe Biden 'the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet' and slams Dems for branding Martha's Vineyard flight a 'humanitarian crisis' while ignoring deaths of 50 migrants in truck in Texas

Speaking of the planets biggest human trafficker, It appears Biden says, "The Pandemic is over". IZATRIGHT? I wonder if that means in CanaDUH too? We are supposed to trust a man in a mask with dementia? All right then. #ThisIsWhatStrongLeadershipLooksLike

Wow - Trump wraps up while playing the song #WWG1WGA - and the crowd does this signal. OMG.







4 YEAR DELTA👀 👀 👀👀 👀 👀👀 👀 👀👀 👀 👀👀 👀 👀

The #USAF doesn’t FIGHT ALONE, nor do we deter ALONE. Throughout our HISTORY, we have SUCCEEDED thanks to relationships with #AlliesandPartners. As the WORLD grows more complicated & complex, these relationships will continue to be our most significant strategic asset. #IACC (International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition)

Never in OUR HISTORY has this been attempted.

Patriots WW simply needed a 'spark' to re-ignite🔥the engine.

For humanity.



"HISTORY will judge you well." Q

Putin talks about the Storm.

Trump Calm before the storm

Putin Trump Hand Shake

Your Enemy is Not in Russia!!

Trump rally ends with we can be heroes by David Bowie, one of my favourite songs ever.


Trump openly embraces, amplifies QAnon conspiracy theories

Trump Openly Embraces and Amplifies QAnon

Trump Truth Storm

Donald Trump Must Be The 2024 Republican Nominee

Why Trump Will Run Again

DOJ and FBI silent following raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

More than 24 hours after raiding former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, the Justice Department and FBI remain tight-lipped about the purpose and justification behind the raid.

Wyn Hornbuckle, the DOJ’s deputy director of public affairs, told the Washington Examiner that “we’ll decline to comment” on the raid of Trump’s Florida home, while a spokesperson for the FBI’s national press office said that ”we have no comment on this matter.” The search warrant and FBI affidavit for the raid remain sealed.

Fallouts continue Over FBI Raid of Mar A Lago

Maria interviews Ratcliffe about the FBI redacted document being total and utter nonsense.

Trump agrees - he went there! ha ha ha


Trump says end of Durham probe will 'reveal corruption at a level never seen before'

Watch the video!

Trump: "The public is waiting 'with bated breath' for the Durham Report, 'which should reveal corruption at a level never seen before in our country."

Durham shocker: Danchenko was a paid FBI informant

Today's revelation about Igor Danchenko being a paid CHS for the FBI from March 2017 - October 2020 is explosive.

Why make Danchenko a CHS? Self-preservation.

It keeps secret the extent of the FBI - and Special Counsel Mueller's - dealings with Danchenko. Think "sources and methods."

How to hide FBI/Mueller misconduct? Bury the witness.

I feel the Anon community are not as stoked on this situation as we should be, because we are desensitized to this reality. We’ve known this shit for 5 years. The highest echelons of the DNC, IC, Media, Big Tech, etc., conspired to illegitimately remove Donald Trump from office. Treason, sedition, conspiracy. All the above.

This is nothing new to us, but it’s starting to come to fruition, in the form of evidence, admissible in the court of law.

Igor Danchenko Paid FBI Informant!

John Soloman and Nunes discuss! HUGE!

Ep 2876b – DOJ,FBI Trapped, Next Move Stupid, Trump Ready To Play His Hand, PANIC In DC

Mike Lindell to Sue FBI Over Phone Seizure: 'This Will Set a Precedent'



Trump is the greatest President of all time…

He paved the way for DeSantis…

DeSantis is paving the way for other governors…

And the snowball effect will continue.

This is how we are taking our country back - but never forget, Donald Trump has led the way 🇺🇸


Running against Trump is more of a risk for DeSantis than peaking too soon, said a GOP strategist who was betting big on the Florida governor

It's one of the most gossiped-about stories in politics: Would Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis challenge former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination for president?

On the one hand, running against Trump comes with a lot of risk. Trump will get vicious and will get loads of media attention, and in the end GOP competitors might only have a Trump-branded nickname to show for it all. Just ask "Low-Energy Jeb," "Little Marco," and "Lyin' Ted Cruz."

On the other hand, politicians know that sometimes the difference between winning and losing is all about timing. For example, there's broad consensus now that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie missed his moment to run for president.

And if anyone is having a moment right now, it's DeSantis.

We met a little old lady visiting from Florida at our local fish and chip truck in town, I asked her what she thought of Desantis and his #BDE? She said, "I love him, but that Trump is crazy! I think he's lost his mind with all those things he's saying at his rallies." I'm like really? You worried about Trump what about Biden? And heads up, Destanis is MAGA all the way, another local lady chimes in with her hatred for Trump, (herd mentality must fit in) I'm like never mind Trump what about Trudeau? You see these people are helplessly brainwashed by the media to parrot exactly what they hear like NPC's.

So how about DeSantis shipping 50 migrants (illegal aliens) to Martha's Vineyard. OH my the left lost their minds for being so inclusive. Gotta love that #BDE

“I Think his Hair Gel is Interfering with His Brain Function” – Gov. DeSantis Responds to Newsom’s Letter to DOJ to Investigate Shipping of Migrants

Hillary Clinton Says DeSantis Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is “Literally Human Trafficking” (VIDEO)

Did MSNBC just admit there IS a border crisis? 🤔


But Pelosi denied every one of President Trump's multiple requests for a NG presence on J6, because that might have interfered with the corrupt FBI/BLM/ANTIFA setup. Who are the real xenophobes? WAKE THE F*CK UP, PEOPLE!

Oh, here we have the island of Martha's Vineyard standing against hate. They respect and stand with just about everything except men. Meanwhile the rest of us just see the human race, no need for identity politics, virtue signalling and division. Then when the migrants in need show up - OFF TO THE MILITARY BARRACKS.

Martha's Vineyard declares a HUMANITARIAN CRISlS over influx of just FIFTY Venezuelan migrants. Republicans slam liberal island's 'pathetic' reaction and ask: 'What about the THOUSANDS arriving in Texas every single day?'

  • Gov Ron DeSantis bragged about flying in 50 migrants over to Martha's Vineyard with no warning

  • County Commissioner Keith Chatinover has branded the Florida Governor as a 'fascist'

  • Chatinover previously said that he would 'love' for the affluent area to become a 'haven' for migrants

  • He is now saying that DeSantis is 'inhumane' for failing to give the Democrat-run area appropriate warning

So would this set a precedent and does this mean in the future anyone that had been censored and kicked off social media can sue? #ElectionInterference #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment

Fifth Circuit Deals Huge Legal Blow To Social Media Censorship, Upholds Texas Law Banning It

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas law prohibiting social media companies from censoring speech on the basis of political viewpoint.

The Royals - insert gigantic eye role

Our neighbour, God love him, is flying their Canadian flag at half mast in honour of the disgusting reptilian mother of 2 pedophiles that married her first cousin Phillip. #SeemLikeANiceFamily #bloodlines

These fucking frauds decorate themselves with heraldry for:

1) Battles they have never fought in.

2) Wars they never participated in.

3) Courage that they do not possess.

4) Chivalry they do not have.

5) Swords they have never used.

6) A dagger they would be too afraid to use.(unless on a defenseless child)

7) Medals for other people's valor - not their own.

These scumbags are the worlds biggest parasites sucking the blood of the people and only doing great harm to the world.

And millions shout "Long Live The King!!!" How pathetic people are.

Royal Guard collapses in front of Queen's empty coffin in front of the entire world - just like the Royal family. Goodbye

Where is Queen E's Crown? #Traitors #Monsters

Democrats Land Of Delusion by Ben Garrison

I believe I've touched on every one of these topics. God love Ben Garrison and his extraordinary work. #WhiteHat


Ontario Transgender High School Teacher Wears Massive Set of Fake Boobs to School in Front of Young Students

Ew. This is such an insult to real women. I suspect this story is making the rounds to remind normies that they not only use fake boobs, but fake hips, fake bottoms, fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake moonbumps for pregnancy with a ton of makeup and perfume to cover up their maleness. #Mask #MentalHealth

Rihanna looks effortlessly cool in an off-duty baggy jeans and sports jersey ensemble as she steps out with an ultra-casual A$AP Rocky for a couple's studio session in Los Angeles

No he doesn't! He looks like a tranny SLOB with a wig on sporting a fake moon bump.

Also Rihanna - Do It Like A Dude

Fly fly fly like see my space ship, I'm an alien tonight. Do it like a brother, do it like a dude, rub my crotch, rub my head - Rihanna - Do it like a dude.

Rihanna - Transvestigation

Hmm, quite the symbolism, dark purple for the Illuminati, person in background with a smoking gun (many trannies are photographed with a "gun" or is that the as above so below signature, throw in it appears RiRi left the coat hanger in her blouse. That's a hell of a set of shoulders, 3 heads apart FOSURE.

Well here we have the exact same set of legs minus a shapely calf muscle as Angelina Jolie. #WorstLegsEver #MassiveFeet #SkinnyDude

The two confused trannies at the end could be Beyonce's brothers hiding their adonis belts under leather. Good God.

You be the judge.

Speaking of degenerates and NO ONE CARES...

Angelina Jolie opens up on Harvey Weinstein, Brad Pitt custody battle in new interview

The Oscar-winner discusses the conflicts in her own life, including her decision to divorce Pitt and their ongoing custody battle over their six children.

Weinstein (full documentary) | FRONTLINE


My Way - President Trump - Don't Miss!

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments and messages each and everyone are much appreciated. Keep your vibe high. We got this.

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

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Sep 19, 2022

"These scumbags are the world's biggest parasites sucking the blood of the people and only doing great harm to the world.

And millions shout "Long Live The King!!!" How pathetic people are."

I would say: "HOW STUPID THEY ARE????!!!"

Long live the king??? After the avalanche of information given during these two years???

Yes, these two years were the IQ test for all people on Earth.

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Sep 21, 2022
Replying to


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