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"We Have Everything" ~Mike Lindell & Q - Cyber Symposium #WWG1WGA

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

How about that #17 Jessie Fleming shooting the winning goal for Canada in women's football? Did anyone else notice the double 17's on the soccer field or that they officially call it football (as it is) and not soccer? I wonder if it's the connection to adrenochrome? New pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays #17. Canada is getting Q'd all over the place. #MostAsleepOnThePlanet Who doesn't like Mike Lindell besides the establishment? Who else doesn't the establishment like? Lincoln, JFK, Bobby, Malcolm, Martin, Mel Gibson, Rush, Diana, Trump, Michael Jackson... are we beginning to see a pattern of good vs evil?

Mike Lindell, a come back story from crack addict to CEO, a guy with so much passion held back and confused by addiction only to break free from those horrors, commit to God and come back to save America in a pillow fight, while exposing election fraud, destroying democracy and bringing down the whole government. There is something special about Mike, he shared that chocolate covered popcorn are his favourite in his book. ;) #Popcorn #EnjoyTheShow - Don't miss Mike on Steve Bannon War Room telling the audience "We have everything". #IsThatRight Who else tells us we have everything? Q in 5 posts. Watch Mike Slam FOX, Media, Politicians – Promises 100% Evidence at Cyber Symposium. #ThisIsIt

Wrap up with a couple of evil trannies, wicked Q decodes and a few hot tips from Marz. Don't trust me, trust yourself. #Research

98% of Washington will fall you say Julian?

17 = Q

Mike Lindell: ‘We Have Everything’ = 197 = 17 = Q

My Pillow CEO appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room Wednesday morning with an explosive announcement about his election fraud investigation and upcoming symposium that will expose it all.

MyPillow = MY-PILL-OW

MY PILL OW? Red Pill/Blue Pill. We all get the red pill, it depends how you take it, many of us that filter our water have taken it orally like adults for the rest of you, it's a suppository, bend over....we tried to warn you!

Mike Lindell Slams FOX, Media, Politicians – Promises 100% Evidence at Cyber Symposium

Mike Lindell has the greatest nose. It's a perfect nose. Look at that nose. It's the best nose, the most amazing nose. Nobody has a better nose than Mike. It's HUGE! The shape and length of nostril are perfect. Mike nose. That's a WINNING nose. Greatest nose of all time. When you know you nose!

"The big lie is the the big lie everybody." Mike Lindell

The Big Lie = Checkmate

"We are not a racist country, that is another lie." Mike Lindell
"Trump will be back in by the fall." Mike Lindell

When is Fall 2021?

Fall 2021 starts on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 (in 48 days) and ends on Tuesday, December 21st 2021 (in 138 days). 48 = 12 = 138 = 21 - That is a lot of 21's. Blackjack the game? The riderless horse? The Trump card, Q post 2121 or Executive Order on Blocking The Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption on 12/21?

Q post 2121 right in the date duration of what I believe will be the week to remember. Hannity is a Patriot and continues to sport a Kennedy blue shirt until the big reveal. Let's see. You decide.

Lindell mentions the Hunter Biden laptop, says, "it's a distraction". So why did you mention it Mike? #SocialConditioning #LaptopFromHell

Please share and make sure to watch Mike's Symposium the evidence is irrefutable, it does not matter if you are liberal, democrat, black, white you will see the evidence. 72 hours of evidence, we need billions worldwide to watch this. This is an attack on our country by China and others. Patriots you know what to do. #WorldIsWatching

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - August 10, 11, 12

It's going to be a marathon. ;)

We use MyPillow products. Love them, order them, you won't regret it. Clean out your closets. Do a purge of garbage products, chemicals, olds linens, old makeup, lotions and potions. #CleanYourRoomFirst Think about it, if your pillow is not from MyPillow, you're probably sleeping on something from CHINA and breathing in evil all night long. Same as towels, mattress topper, slippers, housecoats blankets, dog beds, they poison all the things that make us feel cosy even targeting our pets. I mean they use CEMEX cement company to hide the bodies and they build condos and office buildings with the cement and laugh at us all day long. #PureEvil #ArmourOfGod

Watch Mike Offer CNN Reporter A HUG!

Mike is a hugger! He writes a funny story in his book From Crack Addict To CEO, about giving a supplier that tried to string him up a "surprise" with a HUGE hug.

Hot Tip on Hugging: Do you want a hug with a real connection? Move in heart to heart, hug for 20 seconds and smile. That's an authentic hug with a great energy exchange. You probably already do it, I just learned it from a friend, feels GREAT!

As opposed to - No body connection, except pat shoulders awkwardly and then pucker lips to air kiss both sides of your face, no eye contact, everything is weird. This is how SOME families do it... not mentioning any names.

Which Trump did you vote for? Same but different...

Q posts 5 times, highlighting "WE HAVE EVERYTHING"

One of the most chilling pieces of evidence is on Obama, wearing tribal gear shooting an American soldier, we have seen blurred out versions of this photo. That might seal the deal for anyone that still likes Obama. We must not let that American soldier's death be in vain. We need justice for all. It takes time to take down a 6000 year old death cult.

What kind of a bed sheet is this X President of the United States wearing? Can you imagine ever seeing President Trump dressed up in this costume? BAHA Trudeau, absolutely, Trump NEVER. They never thought she would lose, now they all lose.

Where is Jeff Bezos lately? Gone to space in a giant dick for 11 minutes departing at 9:11 a.m. on July 20 - Double Q

When the pandemic began there was 1 person worth $100 billion


When the pandemic began there was 1 person worth $100 billion

Now there are 9

When the pandemic began the 10 richest people had $695 billion

Now they have $1.36 trillion

While people struggle to put food on the table amid the pandemic, billionaires are getting richer.

The day when people realize this is a business, it'll be too late.


We Could Have Had It All - Adele

Read the lyrics - 3.56 duration = 13 Bloodlines, we saw "Adele" the shape shifter tranny in Toronto, was a decent show when you are trapped by the matrix. She is HUGE - one massive "lady" or drag queen. Did anyone see the pics of the NEW Adele they are trying to pass off? Come on now back to your lair!

What are they trying to distract you with? Look at the size of that skull. Look at the numerical symbolism in this article. She went to Drake's '33"rd Birthday Bash.

From President Trump statement:

= The Time Machine - TRUMPSARA

Megman Rappinni sporting the number 15? #IsThatRight

555 = Purple Rain

Time To Take America Back


From Dark To Light

Speaking of Satanic trannies - President Trump is 100% correct, as usual, when he states "the women with the purple hair on the US soccer team played terribly and spends too much time thinking about radical left politics and not doing her job."

Heads up no one cares what an entertainer, celebrity or athlete thinks about politics especially if you spread hate, dark symbolism and confusion. You work and represent America. Act like it, do your job even better eject yourself from the planet.

This is how you are supposed to behave when you represent America - feel that amazing energy!

“Of course I surprise myself. It’s by the grace of God I’m able to even move my feet. I just leave it in his hands and I pray that all the practice, that the hell that my freaking coaches put me through pays off, and every single time it does,” Mensah-Stock said during a press conference following her win. “And I get better and better. And it’s so weird that there is no cap to the limit that I can do and I’m excited to see what I have next.”

“That American flag around your shoulders looks pretty good,” a reporter asked the gold medalist. “How does that feel to represent your country like this?”

“It feels amazing,” she beamed. “I love representing the US. I freaking love living there. I love it and I’m so happy I get to represent U-S-A! I love it.”

Women do not sport an adonis belt. Men should not compete in women's sport. #Deceiver #Imposter #Liar


The Week To Remember

Remember the week to remember September 3 - 10th - just prior to the 2oth 911 Anniversary, mark your calendars, something big is going to happen. ;) #Excited

Q Snowball Decodes from @ThisWellDefend

Q snowball decode. The avalanche begins September 3, 2021 when Hussein administration FISA abuse to be declassified. Military reprisals to occur September 17, 2021 at the White House. Stay the course and trust the plan. Protective measures are in place. Remain brave. We knew this day would come.

This links to a previous decode:


Hot Tips from Marz:

To stop your brain from thinking in its tracks.... stare at one object. Your eyes move to find the story or program in your brain - stop movement and you FOCUS! Try it. I love the word focus, it is so relevant and I remind myself to do so every day. We had friends that named their dog FOCUS, and could he ever focus on a ball and giving unconditional love. He had the most beautiful amber eyes and black shiny coat :) #FOCUS

Smile - your subconscious does not know the difference between a fake smile or a real smile. A smile automatically sends serotonin to your brain and lifts your mood and spirit. If you smile when you're alone, YOU are becoming more authentic with YOURSELF. You can't help anyone until you help yourself first. It's a work in progress, then we see the progress. #StrongVibe


Thanks for reading. Share the love. www.,

Like, comment or subscribe if you feel like it. #WWG1WGA

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06 Ağu 2021

Thank you once again for posting this amazing info! This gives humanity a bright sunny outlook on the future! ❤️

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Marlene Love
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Thank you for the kind remarks. Best is yet to come! #StrongVibe

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