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Rush Limbaugh aka Jim Morrison, RIP Greatest of all Time, King of Radio - JHD?

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This blog is in honour of a good man. “Talent on loan from God”. I can't help but feel Rush Limbaugh is an actor playing a role in The Great Awakening. What makes a great movie? Great actors. #JohnDurham

Excellent interview by Rush describing what being conservative really means. Wow. Do not miss!

You don’t know what you don’t know but I’ve shed a few tears writing this blog, no worries, the best is yet to come and we’re watching a movie right? Med beds and age regression are right around the corner for all of humanity, so perhaps we will see Rush Jimbaugh in the near future?

Here we have THE Rush Limbaugh SHOW in GOLD giving us the Great Awakening thumbs up! God bless him and his craft.

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk king noted sends dire warning GOP plans for MAGA - wrote this 17 days ago, January 31st, 2021 and today is Feb 17, 2021 that is a double Q!

17 days later, on February 17, 2021, Rush Limbaugh dies of lung cancer. 17 x 3 = 51 The numerology in that alone, my word!

What if?

What kind of a name is Rush Limbaugh? Limbaugh was partly of German ancestry. The name "Rush" was originally chosen for his grandfather to honor the maiden name of a family member, Edna Rush.

According to the 2010 United States Census, Limbaugh is the 18218th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 1527 individuals. Limbaugh is most common among White (94.83%) individuals. Still a weird name.

Limbaugh hosted a national television show from 1992 to 1996. He was among the most highly compensated figures in American radio. In 2018, Forbes listed his earnings at $84.5 million. 8+4+5=17 = Q come on now. In December 2019, Talkers Magazine estimated that Limbaugh's show attracted a cumulative weekly audience of 15.5 million listeners to become the most-listened-to radio show in the United States.

15+5 = 21 = Black Jack, riderless horse? Limbaugh also wrote seven books; his first two, The Way Things Ought to Be (1992) and See, I Told You So (1993), made The New York Times Best Seller list. JFK Jr has been photographed with the t-shirt Told you so, he is with Carolyn and their dog a German Shepard at the time rumoured to be named Friday! #connected

Limbaugh became one of the premier voices of the conservative movement in the United States in the 1990s, aided by the repeal of the FCC fairness doctrine. He became known for his bombastic, derisive tone and reliance on grievance politics. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

During the 2020 State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Limbaugh expressed controversial viewpoints on race, LGBT matters, feminism, sexual consent, and climate change. He supported U.S. military interventions in the Middle East. This is my kind of man. LOVE IT. Rush Limbaugh on:

Chelsea Clinton (CC worships Satan) During the Clinton administration, while taping his television program, Limbaugh referred to media coverage of Socks, the Clintons' cat. He then stated, "But did you know there is also a White House dog?" and a picture of Chelsea Clinton was shown. When questioned about it, Limbaugh claimed that it was an accident and that without his permission some technician had put up the picture of Chelsea.

Michael J. Fox In October 2006, Limbaugh said Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, had exaggerated the effects of his affliction in a political TV advertisement advocating for funding of stem cell research. Limbaugh said that Fox in the ad had been "shameless" in "moving all around and shaking", and that Fox had not taken "his medication or he's acting, one of the two". Fox said "the irony of it is I was too medicated", adding that there was no way to predict how his symptoms would manifest. Limbaugh said he would apologize to Fox "bigly, hugely if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act.”

Bigly and hugely, where have we hear those words before?

MJF rumoured to be a women, a shameless greedy women that raised 180 Million for the disease through his charity. Note the 18 and the 17?


Limbaugh embodied Wordsworth's concept of the "Happy Warrior," which conservatives have come to embrace as their own.

Rush Limbaugh last broadcast:

We adore GOOD men and women! We stand right beside you. #Digitalsoldier

Thank you Jon McNaughton, your parents are very proud of you. James O’Keefe "Rush once asked me about cowardice, even on the right, he knew being hated is a byproduct of truth telling." "There's a good reason for the media hating me, one of the toughest things I had to do was learn to psychologically accept the fact that being hated was a sign of success”

President Trump live on fox just called "Rush Limbaugh a legend."

President Trump on Rush"

"He was a future person, he was disappointed by what was happening with the country, very disappointed he thinks it will all work out, he was very open, thats why his show did so well, record number of fans.

Rush wants to learn from the past, very important election, more than anything else we became very friendly, he loved sports any sport he could talk about any sport, totally brilliant guy, very unique, maybe it was the voice?? Why do some people have more viewers, there is something in the air, the voice, the brain power, he had something very special.

In the Air Tonight: #TheGreatAwakening

His support happened so early, Rush felt very early that we are going to win, from the escalator ride down. Never had to think about it he was there so early so gracious so good to me amazing.

He loved Kathryn, it was a tough time, tough period, he was married to an angel, the help and the devotion, you could see when I gave him the award. Loved his family and he loved Kathryn." President Trump

President Trump speech on live on Fox on Rush Limbaugh:

Trump on Fox News, Sean Hannity, called "Rush the King of radio!"

Did you know Rush and his wife Kathryn wrote a series of children's books called Rush Revere regarding time travel adventures and discover more about the most remarkable Americans in history?

REVERE: to show devoted deferential honor or to regard as worthy of great honor From the nationally syndicated radio host and #1 New York Times bestselling author Rush Limbaugh comes this special boxed set of four exciting Rush Revere titles, perfect for those who want to discover more about some of the most remarkable Americans in history! Starting with the arrival of the Mayflower in 1620, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, you can join these daring English settlers as they arrive in America and celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Follow that with Rush Revere and the First Patriots and discover just how the talk of revolution and liberty spread from the bustling streets of 1760s Boston. Join the fight for freedom with Rush Revere and the American Revolution and be on hand for some of the most important battles of the war. Experience America’s first days as a nation and meet James Madison as writes the Constitution in Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner! And finally, learn about all the first three presidencies of the United States directly from the men themselves and get to see George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson in action in Rush Revere and the Presidency!

What a wonderful collection of history and patriotism for children to learn and enjoy.

A few more of my favourite quotes by Rush Limbaugh, the exact person that should be writing children's books. No debate.

With all the rumours of Trump cards and the King of Pop, the King of Rock being alive, King of Shock is dead and now we lose the King of Conservative talk show at 70 to lung cancer? RIP Rush Limbaugh, did his character have to die off so Jim Morrison can finally reveal himself? Is the Queen of peoples hearts, another Trump card? Could be wrong, I mean no disrespect.

JM = 23 = 5 or pain? I don't believe Rush is done! Castle Rock = Mount RUSHMORE, let's see what happens, anything is possible. #BestIsYetToCome #JIMLIVES #JFKJRLIVES #MJLIVES #DIANALIVES #ELVISLIVES

Did you know Rush's brother and father were both attorneys?

What if Rush was also an attorney? What if he is the illusive John Durham, special prosecutor President Trump promised to hire to look into Hillary's disgusting emails?

I thought it was possible John Durham could be JFK Jr, who is an attorney that could be playing the role of John Durham, still unable to find any video evidence of this guy and at this point anything is possible.

Interesting announcement from U.S. Attorney John H. Durham on February 17, 2021, same date as Rush Limbaugh's death announcement.

We love the Doors. Did you know Jim’s father was a military man? George Stephen Morrison (January 7, 1919 – November 17, 2008) was a United States Navy rear admiral (upper half) and naval aviator. Morrison was commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of August 1964, which sparked an escalation of American involvement in the Vietnam War. He was the father of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the rock band The Doors, who died in July 1971.

Jim Morrison is Rush Limbaugh 100% screens shot video source:

Riders on the Storm, was the last song Jim Morrison recorded. He went to France and died a few weeks later. The single was released in June, 1971, 666 - shortly before Morrison’s death.

June = 6 - 9 think mirror = 6 1+7+1 = 9 = 6 666

Riders on the storm:

Strongly recommend enjoying one of the worlds favourites song Riders on the Storm at 432 hz, healing music, like native music, from frequency of joy, kindness and love.

Riders On The Storm driving with Jim | (432Hz) The Doors Who picks up Jim in this black mustang? Does this man have a white hat on? Juan O Savin mentions a man in a black mustang in one of his interviews. #IMUS #Whitehat

You can never tell with these time travellers. ;)

DONT MISS This is the end, Rush singing the DOORS THE END! Sweet finale! God love him.

Mark Levin on Rush Limbaugh, great interview: Rush Limbaugh Gematria link:

Missing celebs on an island - bud commercial

Thanks for reading. Like, comment, join if you fee like it.



#GodWins #SaveTheChildren #JFKJRLIVES

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