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Moloch The OWL, D.C. & The SUPERB OWL #PRAY - Time The World Learns The Truth! #SaveOurChildren

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

This is quite a collection of red pill information. I recommend playing Last of the Mohicans:



Please join me on another rabbit hole!

More evidence White Hat Patriots are in full control:

Stadiums are ritual energy extraction sites, so are the fields of war and all it’s misery, they live off that energy. #LOOSH

Many did not wear masks at Super Bowl or pre parties. How come 25K people were allowed at Super Bowl without masks or social distancing, but not to Joe Biden fake inauguration? Wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart is exactly what they do in Satanic rituals.

Half time show by the Weeknd, was a complete gong show, worst in history, worshipping Satan here is the link if you can stomach it:

Jonathan does a great job of describing and decoding the Super Bowl half time show:

Super Bowl LV - Creating the Hive Mind - by Jonathan Hoegle

"Many people were confused about this year's Halftime Show. In their eyes, the Weeknd's performance was a fiasco. There is, however, a dark and hidden message behind the symbolism.

The Super Bowl ritual begins with the Weekend inside a floating black convertible with red seats. In the backdrop is a Vegas themed skyline, a showgirl, and pink roses. The rose is a symbol of secrecy and is an emblem for the god Horus. The Weeknd's is driving a car through this diamond shape object, which says "Welcome." He is emerging out of the womb of the goddess into the New World. The word "welcome" comprises seven letters and has seven circles — which represent the seven planets. On his left side is a Pepsi logo, with its red, white, and blue colors, a symbol of America. The opposite side is a giant globe, which represents the Earth.

Soon afterward, the Weeknd's steps out of the car and sits on what resembles a building's edge. As the video camera zooms out, he appears to be seated on a square or cube, a symbol of Saturn. Then a demonic like being with glowing red eyes descend from the sky. Next, come flashes of light. In the biblical story, it was the angel Lucifer who fell from heaven.

In the Weeknd's song "Heaven or Las Vegas," he compares Vegas to Hell. So after leaving Vegas, he comes out of a gate or portal of glowing white lights. Has he entered heaven or hell? It appears like the heavenly Jerusalem, with the accompany of the host of heaven. However, this angelic choir represents fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer. Their red eyes and dark robotic faces suggest they have chosen the dark side. Later they ditch the white clothes for black.

Next, the Weeknd's travels back through the portal — and into a golden labyrinth or maze of mirrors. Esoterically, the gold color is about the transmutation of base metals into gold. That is the transmutation of the soul. In the Kabbalah, the palace of mirrors is called Binah, a symbol of Isis's and the third Emanation. Mirrors are reflections, reversals, and opposites. In witchcraft and demonology, mirrors are used for spell casting and act as portals to the spirit world.

While in the maze of confusion, numerous lookalikes chase him around. They wear his signature red suit jacket and black shirt. These dancers' faces remain hidden under a white gauze. They're faceless, having lost their sense of identity and individuality. They have become zombies. Perhaps, they represent MK-Ultra victims as cursive words, like 'Gone,' 'Nothing,' and Feel,' illuminate the walls.

In the next scene, the background turns grey, a full-moon appears, and the city turns into a graveyard. What does this mean exactly? The moon is associated with the nighttime, evil, and when monsters come out. The tombs represent death and transformation. Perhaps, this alludes to a new Age of Transhumanism. Through genetic engineering, the human race is being rewired and transformed.

In the last scene, the Weeknd's bandaged dancers take the field and march in total unity. They operate as a hive mind with synchronized movements. At the end of the set, the dancers drop to the ground like they were dead. Maybe this is a prediction of what will transpire in the next several years. The ruling bloodlines support eugenics and want to crush the human will. They wish to transform humans into cyborgs.

The show ends with fireworks, which suggests their visions are near completion."

Jonathan Hoegle

Weeknd had plastic surgery to look more like Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff who resemble the alien life forms they used to report on. The twin brothers have had so much plastic surgery they are barely recognizable.

HOT TIP: Julian Assange is and always has been with patriots, fully protected, like many. They have Wilkileaks internet site (deep state) we have the source Julian Assange.

7+3+6+7 = 29 = 911 7+3+6+7+4 = 33 Jesus age when he died


White Hat #WhenYouKnowYouKnow Listen to Weeknd & Michael Jackson sing Dirty Diana. #Connected

Dan Scavino - shared Tom Brady video on Super bowl - I believe it's another message letting us know Patriots are in full control. #HoldTheLine 5.5 = Loud & Clear

FREAKY Freeto commercial - I wont bother decoding it, see for yourself. EGAWD Both actors have been executed rumour has it, so this is 99.9% CGI like the survival rate of COVID.

Let’s acknowledge the death spiral of main stream media, this took four long years. Anyone that still relies on MSM for their news is in serious trouble, we tried to warn you.

100 million viewers you say? There are 7 billion people on earth. Another Q reference? YUP! 17 = Q all day long, we are taking back our numbers.


FOR THE BLIND WHO SAYS THAT NOTHING HAPPENED! Babylon fell and now his children are falling!!! * The Federal Bank of Cabal has fallen * The British monarchy has fallen * The Black Lordship of Rome has fallen * Hollywood has fallen * The Vatican has fallen * Dark members of the Rothchilds family have fallen * Cabal bases are being destroyed worldwide * Children and women are rescued worldwide * Orion 5 with 50 allied countries relentlessly hit the drug trade * Slaves in the underground tunnels have been freed worldwide * Money laundering is prevented * Liberation of Cabal countries, such as Serbia lately, is a fact * Hundreds of child arrests are made every day in many countries * They cut off the dragon's head and it only works with the tail * Empires and powerful names are torn down, humanity no longer recognizes and respects politicians who oppress masses around the world * Evidence of what they have done comes to light at a furious rate * Plutocracy is being demolished and democracy is being built Now the final battle against the Dark has begun for their complete destruction. Welcome to the age of light and the embrace of GESARA law. Very soon the new healing internet will be ready, Nikola Tesla towers are made for free energy, healing beds are made at great speed to cover all sides. This old and corrupt society, harmful organisms and structures that don't respect human rights are being destroyed, the poisons that produce for our destruction are being burned, all world leaders panic and they show it. Unfortunately, there are still people who believe that everything is normal and how they will return to normal, to 3 D normality of slavery. A bright and brilliant new world awaits us, where we will be human for the first time, not remote control robots. Good freedom and good transition to the golden age 2021-2025!

SRC: Sofia Dimovska My link on med beds and much more:

President Trump Executive Orders:

"So its Superbowl Sunday 2021.|

I'm sorry, let's make that Superb Owl Sunday.

The Superb Owl is the biggest undercover Child Trafficking ritual in present day time. The Illuminati Owl Of Minnerva the same as the big 30ft one at Bohemian Grove also Moloch who is the demon of child sacrifice is symbolized by this Owl. We are talking deep underground tunnels..children pre~ordered for the occasion by predatory elite Luciferian and protection supplied by Freemasons cops and Blackwater style mercenary ex military groups the whole nine yards. Why? Because this has become an important ritual event for these pedovores. There are Luciferian groups covens and bloodlines at the highest level taking part in this child snuff and sex magic ritual. Whilst the celebs under heavy Mk Ultra of course are performing the exoteric ritual version in front of the masses who unwittingly help to raise the energy level for the pedos, the real secret esoteric satanic stuff version is done in secret under heavy security.

Please send positive vibes, prayers or whatever you do for these children today. Pics of previous rituals included below."

Q Post 2843 = 17 = John Soloman "The end is near and there will be no charges against the President." John Soloman

Are you offended by kids in cages? Wait until you find out what is on Weiner and Hunters laptops! It's bad, it's really bad.

Updates 2/26/21 LIN WOOD — GOD IS IN CONTROL The Illuminati Owl Of Minnerva the same as the big 30ft one at Bohemian Grove also Moloch who is the demon of child sacrifice is symbolized by this Owl.

Bohemian Grove logo is an owl and has sold!

George and Barbara Bush with their grandchildren in bed.

The Illuminati Owl Of Minnerva is the same as the big 30ft one at Bohemian Grove:

White house is closed and up for sale! The White House has gone dark for several days now, is it closed permanently and up for sale? The disgusting Washington monument has gone dark too = OSIRIS PENIS, The District of Columbia (foreign territory in the US) has also been fenced off and is permanently surrounded by the National Guard just like Juan O Savin predicted in his book Kid by the Side of the Road.

“The word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's Shaft' or Baal's organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation's capital known as the Washington Monument.”

SOURCE: Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

D.C. is located on a “Foggy Bottom”, please do not miss this fascinating article on Satanic Occult Symbols in D.C.

Not sure who this 5.1 midget actor is with Bill Clinton in a hideous purple suit, come on people. Great hair though.

DC shaped as an owl & located on a "foggy bottom" swamp. Heads up parents, do your children watch Paw Patrol? Juan O Savin wrote about the “Foggy Bottom” in DC in his book The Kid By The Side of the Road:

Order on gum road. Don’t miss this inspirational book on our real history, it will be the foundation of our future history books.

The Illuminati Owl Of Minnerva is the same as the big 30ft one at Bohemian Grove also Moloch who is the demon of child sacrifice is symbolized by this Owl.

Disney is as disgusting as usual with "The Owl House."

Dear concerned parent,

Unfortunately, Disney Channel's content is deteriorating at warp speed, getting worse almost every month. One Million Moms warned parents about the demonic show The Owl House when it first premiered on Disney Channel in January. But the dark program has much more for conservative parents to be concerned about now that the network introduced its first bisexual character in the most recent episode of The Owl House. The lead character, Luz Noceda – a 14-year-old girl who wants to become a witch even though she has no magical powers, has now come out as bisexual. Disney confirmed this new development. The series' creator, Dana Terrace, identifies as bisexual, so she wanted to write about a bisexual character. She tweeted, "At first, 'certain Disney leadership' was not too fond of the idea of having an LGBTQ+ character." Terrace persuaded Disney to allow the character anyway. "[I] was very open about my intention to put queer kids in the main cast. I'm a horrible liar so sneaking it in would've been hard, …" she said in her tweet. "[I] was told by certain Disney leadership that I could not represent any form of bi or gay relationship on the Channel. "Luckily my stubbornness paid off and now I am very supported by current Disney leadership," she said. 1MM believes it is important to warn parents that bisexuality has been introduced on the Disney Channel. Our supporters deserve the opportunity to speak out against this series. The series is rated TV Y7 FV, which means it is recommended for ages 7 and older and contains fantasy violence. Disney Channel has already renewed the program for a second season. TAKE ACTION Please sign our petition urging Disney Channel to cancel this dangerous show, ‘The Owl House,’ immediately. Petition cancelled?


President Trump always says "The best is yet to come!"

#WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins #SaveOurChildren #JFKJRLIVES Thanks for reading! Like, comment, subscribe if you feel like it.

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Jan 12, 2022

God Bless Donald Trump!!!

God Bless everybody who helps him!!!

God Bless Patriots in every country!!!


Feb 20, 2021

The link to the petition for removing the Disney Owl House show does not work.


Feb 15, 2021

Thank you for posting! So much to read, its happening so fast.


Feb 12, 2021

ThankQ for posting all that you do. #LOVEANDLIGHT #GODWINS

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