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Balenciaga - Twitter Files = Smoking Gun - JFK Jr Next Role?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Balenciaga = Baal - CIA - GAY = Child Porn = GAG

We have been screaming off the rooftops about this disgusting behaviour. These creatures are so sick - they are sick, not even human. They can't be, they do not possess a heart or soul and remain monsters & demons, the stuff of nightmares. God help us, it's time.

Took 4 tries to upload to rumble, strange. I changed the name to Shark Misgender Week and its still up for now. Excuse the sound is a bit spotty due to older videos and country tech but you'll enjoy the show it's a good one.


Who is Elon Musk? Is he an actor in a mask? You'll find out!

The news cycle is going to be non stop exciting and shocking for many, possibly a shift away from the gong show moving towards the truth I believe. There is so much to cover and digest I found it a bit overwhelming so had to step back for a few weeks and focus. Here we are, looks like we are the news now and we have been selected to serve our country. #DigitalSoldier

The election fraud, jab genocide, pedophilia, degenerate fashion houses, blackmail, human trafficking, media lies, bank fraud… are all coming to a head.

Panic at Twitter - Elon Musk said Twitter has interfered in elections. (Plural) HUGE NEWS. That means international and for a very long time.

Elon and Kanye on fire with red pill truth bombs. Kanye talks about stars sacrificing family members. Trump reinstated and all other Twitter accounts should be reinstated shortly, remember Twitter is the battlefield because it's worldwide. FTX Crime of the Century with billions stolen, Balenciaga is super degenerate fitting in with all the other celebrities and fashion freaks, this story is super nasty and can not be ignored.

Balenciaga fled Twitter leaving behind 14.3 million followers. ;)

And now we have Twittergate and Elon Musk saying "If I committed suicide it's not real." After releasing the Twitter files on proof of the Democratic party colluding with big tech to censor Hunter Biden laptop which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Plenty more to review enjoy the show!

The fact that child exploitation thrived on Twitter and it only took Elon Musk a single month to shut most of it down speaks volumes. Doesn't that mean that the same people who worked so hard to rig the election against Trump are complicit in the worst atrocity of all? Why do all those who allow child abuse to flourish hate Trump so much? Shouldn't these people be prosecuted for crimes against children?

Dec 3 - 4 year delta.

Here we have 100% proof Elon is working with Q and White Hats. Who is Elon Musk or shall I say who is playing Elon? More on that later on. I suspect it could be JFK Jr, I know I know enough already, lol. Let's see what happens.

I believe this is a significant marker Q letting us know we could get Q&A sessions regarding red pills from Twitter. This would also make sense to engage normies to do their own research and get their questions answered but they need to actually do the work and engage instead of being spoon fed their information from the tel lie vision that programs and brainwashes you all day long.

Time to educate the world!!

How To Brainwash 7 Billion People

This is a short video quick and to the point, help normies realize something is not right. Share share share, many have no idea they have succumbed to MK Mind control and programming. Also who says there are 7 billion people?


Now that we know what the Democrats did with Twitter and other Social Media platforms... just image what they do with the Mainstream Media. #Twittergate @Shawn_Farash


Karma Patriot @karmapatriot

"Not a coincidence that @ye is on Twitter posting about #DeutscheBank ties to #EPSTEIN & abuse of young women & girls. Not a coincidence that @ye wore boots with #balenciaga logo front & center. Not a coincidence that #tuckercarlson just covered the story of #sexualizingchildren on PRIMETIME. Not a coincidence that @ye was just interviewed by #Tucker Not a coincidence that @realDonaldTrump thanked @ye for his kind words on #TuckerCarlsonTonight"



Elon Musk said Twitter has interfered in elections. (Plural)

I cannot wait to see what he releases to the public!

Elon has had a very busy day thus far making Lefty heads explode on Twitter. Check this out:

Guy who now owns the platform RED PILLING not only his 117 million followers [however many are real] but also the hundreds of millions who don't follow him but will see his Tweets.

He's **literally** performing a public service helping to call out the Big Brother Fake News Matrix Media Complex [BBFNMMC for short! :) ]

Balanciaga Review!!! It's happening.

Reporter: "The crux of the theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles & cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind?
President Trump " that supposed to be a bad thing?" "...and we are actually..."

Balenciaga = Baal - CIA - GAY = Child Porn = GAG

Sean Hannity - Balenciaga Child Porn in 2020 was an 8 BILLION DOLLAR ECONOMY #RedPill

Tucker Carlson on Balenciaga - Video

Gag - completely inappropriate. A child standing with legs spread in front of a bunch of empty cocktails - holding a purple fuzzy "teddy bear" sporting S&M gear. Purple is the colour for the illuminati and for pedophiles. There is a double heart on black floor cushion, shaped as a heart = girl lover symbol - lego pieces look like white sugar cubes = drugs #furries #Sick #TeddyBearPicnic #spirtday #TrippleHeart Give us back our diamonds and rainbows. PERIOD. NOT TODAY SATAN!!

Follow The White Rabbit

Who are these children and where are their parents?

Balenciaga Used Child Models To Advertise Kink, Bondage Teddy Bears

Balenciaga claims it had no control over the props in photoshoot where SCOTUS child porn documents were hidden behind handbag as it sues production company... but apologizes for 'lack of oversight' and says BDSM bears were a mistake

  • Balenciaga claimed that 'all of the props' in the now infamous July photoshoot featuring SCOTUS child porn documents were provided by a 'third party'

  • The fashion house apologized for its 'lack of oversight and control' and said 'we could have done things differently', but maintains it was not a deliberate creative decision

  • Ad production company North Six says it's being made to be a 'scapegoat' for the brand

  • 'Everyone from Balenciaga was on the shoot and was present on every shot and worked on the edit of every image in post-production,' Gabriela Moussaieff, an agent for set director Nicholas Des Jardins, said

  • The brand has apologized for a separate holiday campaign which featured young children with bondage bears

  • Balenciaga is facing a major boycott from fans and celebrities who were disgusted by the two campaigns

#Balenciaga Michael Borremans piec. Little boy with a severed arm, nud€ covered in , looks at his torn flesh on the ground

The Balenciaga story keeps getting WORSE.

Don’t confuse this for cancel culture. This is CHILDREN we are talking about. Balenciaga needs to thoroughly explain how all of these references to child exploitation came about. Incredible video by our member @clarksonlawson_

Balenciaga Photo Shoot

The brand "Balenciaga" just did an interesting photoshoot for their new products recently which included a very purposely poorly hidden court document about 'virtual child porn'

normal stuff.

I heard we are doing #FashionGate. I introduce you to Marina Abramovic in fashion... Lets start with Ukrainian Vogue 2014

End Child Porn On TWITTER Elon Musk Number One Priority.

Avicii - For A Better Day - Scotty Films

There is a black Satan hood on the floor next to the boy, yellow crime tape around chair, zoom in on his demon red shoes, child drawing on shelf is Satan, the rainbow, S&M Teddy bear with Panda eyes and lock around neck, the black crow symbolizes devils and demons. White rabbit = adrenochrome - BAAL = child sacrifice. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit#WWG1WGA

Balenciaga Is Pizzagate by Liz Crokin

PROOF Child Trafficking Part of Mass Genocide

Dr. Jane welcomes America’s Future Exec Director, Mary Flynn O’Neill and renowned Journalist Liz Crokin to discuss how child sex trafficking and the flooding of fentanyl into the U.S. is actually part of the mass genocide operation to depopulate by any means possible.

It’s Worse Than We Thought: Balenciaga Replaces Child BDSM-Themed Ads with New Creepy Campaign that Features Belgian Painter Known for “Pedophilia, Blood Ritual, Occultism, Cannibalism,Racism”

Balenciaga Leaves Instagram and Twitter abandons 14.3 Million Twitter Followers! BOOM

SURPRISE! Global Luxury Group that Owns Balenciaga, Gucci, and Saint Laurent Has Ties with World Economic Forum - Video

All of the Kering Group needs to be investigated. Here is a list of all the Company's they own.

BALENCI | The Simpsons Balenciaga F/W Paris Fashion Week 2021 | Real Models

EPSTEIN ISLAND TEMPLE - Blue & White Striped Symbolism - What Does It Mean?

Rush Limbaugh's Logo! Colours of the Great Awakening! #WARNING

Rush Limbaugh AKA Jim Morrison - Greatest Of All Time


MAGA (Riders On The Storm)

"Balenciaga's creepy Satanic designer Lotta Volkova's social media circle connects to Comet Ping Pong's James Alefantis of Pizzagate fame." Jordan Sather

Why does "artwork" like this even exist? Because they have to show you and tell you what they do and if you don't say anything about it you have consented, which is exactly why they have gotten away with their disgusting crimes against children and humanity for so long. It's right in your face, they don't even hide it.


Candace Owens

Is Lotta Volkova also involved with the Balenciaga BDSM Kids Campaign? #candaceowens#dailywire#popculture#balenciaga#adidas#balenciagashoes#balenciagasneakers#lottavolkova

Kanye Talking About Sacrifice Monetize and Traumatize

Kanye appears to be saying his mom was sacrificed and that other stars have sacrificed family members (Michael Jordan/Dr Dre/etc). Possibly done to traumatize and control these stars. Remember when this stuff was a crazy conspiracy theory? #RedMedia

Protesters Rally Against Balenciaga in 20 Cities After BDSM-Themed Ad Campaign, Organizers Say

Elon Musk Continues To Dismantle Parts Of Twitter

Elon Musk Is Playing With Fire: Demands Answers On Epstein ‘Client List’ With Persuasive Argument

Elon Musk Demands Answers: “Where Is Their ‘Client’ List? Shouldn’t At Least One Of Them Go Down?”

A link to the Twitter Files!!! HUGE

Everyone thought Twitter was going to die last night

Reports of Twitter’s death turned out to be an exaggeration, as Elon Musk’s floundering social media site survived to see the morning.

Here's where things get interesting. Trump is either trolling about Elon or he owns his ass, says Elon would have dropped to his knees and begged if he had told him to do so... look at Elon's tie, no billionaire wears their tie like that. #HumiliationRitual #SomeActor #Trolling

QSR Decodes connects a few dots with Ultra Pepe Lives Matter posts Elon is posting pepe memes and durham boats while Vincent Kennedy says HIYA! Gives us the . = 5 for mores code or the letter E - the number 5 has multiple meanings including new beginnings. George News posts Anonymous Charity photo connecting to Q drop 3382 = Good Morning, Sweet Dreams = My turn.

HIYA = 43 = 34 = Q post 34 - Q Clearance Patriot = JFK Jr.

I mean really... George News writes this is a direct allusion to our report btw, bc my friend helped me write the post.

JFK Had A White Rabbit Named Zsa Zsa

Elon Musk = 66 = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Elon Musk responds to demon Stephen King regarding My Pillow guy with an 'Oh hi LOL' (HIYA from Vincent Kennedy)

*IS* = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr

Elon Musk = 66 = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

hmmm.... you heard it here first, I believe Elon Musk could be played by JFK Jr. - or is definitely communicating with some of his characters. Something is up here....connecting Mike Lindell another JFK Jr character, IMO.

Now remember the real Elon Musk was part of the illuminati and disinformation is necessary. The normies adore Elon Musk that is why they used his character to purchase Twitter etc, but I believe he is owned by the white hats or an actor.

Elon Musk is 6.1 1/2

JFK Jr is 6.1

JFK Jr Is Alive And A Master Of Disguise

#ICYMI - You'll love it!



Vajayjay and Clinton Drinking the KoolAid = Adrenochrome = SATAN

Donald Trump Jr. posted this meme on Instagram.


Prepare your memes! #BuckleUp

There is no QAnon, only Q and Anons as usual Steven Colbert a pedophile Satanist get's it wrong from his 4 a.m. drops. Good friends with John Podesta. EW

We've all heard Project Veritas James Okeefe interview Podesta and do the voice comparison of him torturing a young boy at Comet Pizza.

I am your FADA = 15 seconds - 555 From Dark To Light -


John F. Kennedy Jr. & Jerry Seinfeld May 14, 1998 (evening of final Seinfeld episode)

May 14 = 10 = 5.5 = Loud & Clear = Q post 55 = JFK Jr.

1998 = 19 = POTUS - 98 = 17 = Q

JFK Jr talks about being the VP all those years ago.

The video is from Restless Rick and has an R symbol on the left hand side. R = 18 = JFK Jr.

2.25 minutes of JFK Jr. Interview

JFK Jr says be careful who you follow in politics, mentions he is a District Attorney (John Durham) reminds us of the story where a defendant called him out as being an 'actor' and no wonder he failed the bar exam.

There are 6 posts that say be careful who you follow.

JFK Jr = 55

Q Post 55 = My fellow Americans the storm is upon us God bless = 529

5/29 JFK Birthday

N529JK = JFK Jr Plane ID - Note mirror of new Trump Force One plane

Q post 529 = Jan 13th = 5 year delta.

MSM Coming in a big way... Hello George!

Q Posts: 55 + 529 = 584 = 17 = Q

If 2024 is expected, what does “sooner than you think” mean?

@RealVincentKennedy @ENTHEOS @01010001 @georgenewsorg all seem to singing the same song.

It’s also worth noting that some of the most important Q deltas are in mid January: 529