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EPSTEIN ISLAND TEMPLE: Blue & white striped symbolism

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I'm new at this, my blogs are meant to be light, easy reading with pics & memes and a few connections. Don't trust me, trust yourself, do your own research and own it. It's very powerful and the only way we continue learning. Thanks to #Q & #TheGreatAwakening #BestIsYetToCome

Let's explore:

At some point you have to ask yourself why so many famous people accused of pedophilia, human trafficking, cannibalism and human sacrifice are connected to Epstein Island & they all seem to enjoy the blue and white striped symbolism like a gang colour.

#BirdsofaFeather #GangColour

Epstein blue & white stripes are symbolic of an age old evil luciferian transgenerational elite cult hell bent on destroying humanity & robbing us of our children.


Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Thank you @JohnOutbajak "Stable John Ross" on Twitter for his keystone connection, he was also Q'd.

THIS IS BIBLICAL ---- Who are the #Canaanites? #Hivites #Hittites #Amorites

Disney = It's a cover for the worst mind control, programming, child trafficking, kidnapping, rape, torture & sacrifice, right under our noses. Q says the end will be magical. I believe this tortured horror show will be burned down to the ground in the next year or two and rebranded in the light. #Pray

Just a blue castle with Epstein temple stripes with #666 in it's logo and nothing else.

What is underneath the Epstein island temple? FBI found children's bones under the temple & Disney Cruise lines has a snorkelling adventure to Little St. James aka Epstein island. These people are so sick. They use submarines to shuttle the children off the cruise liner undetected, never to be seen again. #Admiraltylaw does not protect children, let that sink in. Who has a submarine license & underwater exploration company? #GhislaineMaxwell

What was actually found on Epstein Island:

Jean Paul Gautier and the entire fashion industry are evil. Many of the "super" models are all DUDES! Look it up! #VictoriaSecretModelsRDUDES They all have kickstands. #DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening #Baphomet

Syrian bath houses. What really goes on in Syria? Is it another huge hub for child trafficking? Is it a keystone? #SaveTheChildren #OrganHarvesting

Symbolism will be their downfall.

8 million children go missing worldwide every year. Where do they all go? Do they really farm babies with no birth certificates or records of their births so they are untraceable?

Who is John of God? #RescueTheChildren #ChildrensLivesMatter

#SaveTheChildren #SilenceIsConsent


Abortion = child sacrifice. Women have been used and brainwashed to think it is ok to use in womb dismemberment of their live baby as a form of birth control. Morning after pill debunks every myth. What do they do with the fetuses? Do they have a funeral for them? or much much worse...

Slave Gardens

Ellen Degenerate is a dude, part of the 13 bloodlines, and he is evil to the core. Ellen show got cancelled & I believe it has or will be executed for crimes against children and humanity.



Ghislaine Maxwell submarine company The Terrarmar Project. She seems quite obsessed with diamonds. They convert the children's remains into diamonds & you buy them.

Here they have gifted us with both, the blue and white stripes and the gold dome! #BirdsofaFeather

Let's not forget the symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences. It is the young boys that are the preference of these monsters, a secret they prefer to be hidden, all by design, so mothers don't protect or worry about their sons & focus on protecting their girls. That is a very big mistake. All children must be protected. #ChildrensLivesMatter

Symbolism will be their downfall. Once humanity learns to read it, it is over for them. They can not help themselves and they have to use it as part of their evil religion.

Guess who has an island across from Epstein Island? "Ya lying dog faced pony soldier." "We trust facts over truth." JB #WhereisHunter ??

ASIF this one doesn't have enough of her own problems...

Pedophile boy lover symbols, the swirl, in the shape of a triangle like the illuminati & a slice of pizza.

Whirlpool logo has the same swirl, no coincidences. President Trump just stood in front of the world with 17 boxes at Whirlpool headquarters, draining the swamp. #WatchTheWater

Disguised as love

Reminds me of WW2 prisoner clothing/rags.

All Royal families are imposters and are connected to these horrors, many have been executed for crime against children and humanity.

Not too obvious, on world youth day, Pope sporting a big gold dome with pedo swirls & then we have the scarf with blue and white boy lover symbols on it forever.

Pope has been executed & will be the last Pope! #IMPOSTER #DEMON

It's all connected and many of us have been fooled.

Update: Beverly Hills City Hall

There are many unanswered questions about the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Madeline McCain & Natalie Holloway & there are some uncanny connections that include #GhislaineMaxwell #Podesta & many more! Rumoured to be one of the last photos of Jon Benet Ramsey alive. Little bo beep hat... Is our world filled with riddles from childhood? Will we ever grow up?

John Podesta taste in art work, google it. This child looks like Anderson Cooper is this in the Vanderbilt pool?

It's a big club and we aren't in it. THANK GOD.

Ghislaine Maxwell & Kevin Spacey in the palace sitting on royal thrones. Got to be pretty high up and connected to be able to sit there in those #PINK chairs. #PrinceAndrew #BirdsofaFeather #Adrenochrome

It is all connected. PINK = ADRENOCHROME


God Bless President Trump. Nothing can stop us from saying... "Nothing can stop what is coming."

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End of story.

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