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Jim Watkins aka JFK Jr. Goes Mainstream in HBO Series Q: Into The Storm #CheckItOutDowntown

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Jim Watkins character, aka JFK Jr. goes mainstream in HBO Series Q: Into The Storm, a six-part documentary series from director Cullen Hoback. I strongly recommend the series and you will find plenty of red pills along the way. Links to the first two series are below. Enjoy the show!

Documentary filmmaker Cullen Hoback = 17, sets out to demystify the origins of QAnon, understand its mechanics, and search for clues that could identify Q. Traveling from the U.S. to South Africa, he gains unprecedented access to its earliest promoters, who reveal a suspicious shift in Q’s behavior.

Heads up, we've all made mistakes, there is no QAnon, term made up by the media. There is Q and Anons.

Q: Into The Storm (Calm Before the Storm) EPISODE 1 Documentary filmmaker Cullen Hoback sets out to demystify the origins of QAnon, understand its mechanics, and search for clues that could identify Q. Follow the white rabbit.

Q: Into The Storm EPISODE 2

Q Anons respond to HBO series kick off.

Members of the Q movement have reacted positively to the HBO docuseries on the rise of the radical conspiracy theory. See video link to Q explained in 90 seconds.

Here is a Q proof that does not disappoint!

I have listed Jim Watkins, quirky character that owns 8 Chan in Q series, as one of JFK Jr’s characters. Jim does not resemble John in any way shape or form, which is the point. He is such an interesting character that oozes kindness, authenticity with a kooky feminine flare with a passion for the truth, yoga and fountain pens. #FollowThePen Did you know JFK used to dress up as a women in public? What a perfect disguise and walk around like a regular person? So did Michael Jackson. They love to dress up. They are magicians for the light.

What makes a movie good? Great actors. Expand your thinking, use your imagination. They use fat suits, face masks, flippers for teeth, pin ears back or forward, use prosthetics, it’s all theatre folks and they can do anything!

Mont Blanc = 564 = John John, Testing, Judgement, Microchip, Third Eye, Guardians, Abortion, Plumbing, Qohn Galt, New Earth, Six Nine, November 3, 2020

Speaking of plumbing here is the link to Evergive & Evergreen freight containers Suez Canal blockage. Call a plumber!

JFK Jr interview on Jay Leno with Seinfeld:

Future proves past, John wears a black watch on his right arm, says in politics, be careful who you follow, gives us a Kennedy point mentions "was at a trial", reminds us that he is a lawyer and an actor. Leno asks JFK “Your a New Yorker”got any “tips”for Jerry? #TippyTop Video duration 2:25 = Double Q, aired May 14, 1998 = 5+5 = Loud & Clear


Remember the famous patriot artist, Jon McNaughton, another JFK Jr. character and he looks and acts nothing like him, except for the patriot and creative genius part. ;)

Jim Watkins - Owner of 8Chan - Initials JW = 1500, 198, 33.

From Wikipedia: James Arthur Watkins was born in Dayton, Washington, and grew up on a family farm in Mukilteo, Washington. His mother worked for Boeing and his father worked for a phone company. Watkins joined the United States Army in 1982 when he was 18 years old, and served until 1998 or 1999. Over his time in the Army he worked as a helicopter mechanic and recruiter; he reached the rank of sergeant first class in 1994. The Army sent him to a technology school in Virginia in 1987, where he learned about computers and the early Internet.

So, Jim was born in Washington? In November? Is that right? Joined the Army? Worked with “Helicopters”, Army sent him to Virginia? Isn’t that where Quantico is? With a big ol Q? He likes Yoga and collects Fountain Pens. #FollowThePen The write up seem so vague, when he was “18” (R = JFK Jr) and served until 1998 or 1999. Which is it? Both = 666 taking back our numbers into the light. #DarknessToLight

Look up Q Posts with "Follow the pen"

Quantico History:

Speaking of helicopters, for the past few years, a mysterious man keeps showing up on Marine One. #HandSignals

Is this Diana in black at Will and Kate's wedding in London?

Unholy Interview Oprah, Harry & MegMAN:

I can not confirm the following post is legit. Please do your own research, use discernment. Sure would be nice.

Jim Watkins - James Arthur Watkins

Screen shot from Jim Watkins, owner of 8-Chan on the atrocity of New Zealand attack, tongue out, it's a famous signature John Kennedy move.

I believe their ears and hands are a match. Yes they are bending them outwards on Jim on purpose so we can compare shape easily.

Hands look like a match to me.

Left hand of #JuanOSavin #JohnKennedy #VincentFusca #JohnKennedy (America's Prince - is left handed, note video in reverse) #VeinPattern #ThumbPattern #ThumbsUp

Mont Blanc = 564 = John John - 5+6+4 = 15 = 555 Gods Grace x 3

#1776 - John Adams

Well well well, this guy Sommer dissing Q in the HBO Series enjoys Comet Ping Pong in D.C. is all you need to know about this freak. #strange #ew

We reject left wing lunacy

We reject socialism

We reject open borders

We reject the WHO

We love our constitution

We believe in law/order & support those who enforce it

We support our food chain

We support our energy independence

We love our flag

We love our military



OUR movement isn't going away.



Cynthia Runnels on FB

DON'T MISS - Tunnels Under The White House:


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Thank you to all the patriots and truth tellers of #TheGreatAwakening. I share a lot of patriots work and we are grateful for their efforts.

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