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BREAKING! Intel Insider: It's NOT Over! Trump STILL POTUS & The Re-Birth of Our Republic! MUST SEE!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I'm currently working on a blog to address Jordan Sather's biggest click baity topics that will be of interest to you, but first we must address the lies about our financial and taxation system and review the constitution. This ties in with our birth certificate fraud which I will review in my next blog. It's critical you understand this information as a foundation. I've updated this blog to include Charlie Freak's A - Z Series of President Trump taking down the Cabal, there is a condensed version of this that I will play at the end of this blog. First we will review the lies about our financial and tax system.


This 42 minute video interview with Jim Pugh, hosted by James Red Pills America is a game changer. We have been lied to about so many things including our financial and taxation system. This is all going to change for the better. This is a great overview plenty of evidence of this happening, I have seen countless videos on this information, this guy covers it nicely in 42 minutes. Please listen. This is going to be made public very soon, so you want to get a leg up on it and start preparing with knowledge. Knowledge is power, we are leaving ignorance to knowledge. #DarkToLight

This is happening worldwide, it effects all 209 countries. Trump is returning the power to the people not the bankers, the Vatican and city of London. HUGE! This is where all of our taxes have been embezzled too.

Source: James Red Pills America Published January 22, 2021


Sadly the video has been removed, this is when transcribing videos becomes useful.

I partially transcribed the interview below, added a few memes and relevant links. From the interview:

1776 is the original constitution from our founding fathers, based upon Gods principles and the 10 commandments.

Laws in old testament and laws in the new testament amount to 1050 new laws, take out duplications and you end up with 780 laws. These are the basis to create the constitution itself.

The President's Advisory 1776 Commission

God was not taken out of the constitution, God was at the center of it. Amendments put in place for the segregation of church and state that is having our government out of our religious practices, but it never said that religion should not be part of government. That is a failed concept. Religion holds the government accountable - God governs people principles to protect the people. You can see what was intended to happen.

Let's move into 1871 which is where we are today. Note 1871 = 1+8+7+1 = 17 = Q Resonate act passed in 1790 created a new federal district that became the capital of the United States from the original capital Philadelphia. The lands were donated by Virginia, port of Georgia, Maryland, town of Alexandria and Virginia. They named the city Washington in 1791 in honour of President Washington. 1801 congress passed organic act federalized that territory in an ownership pool, titled a federal district east of Potomac, new county of Washington. This is where the laws live, court consisted of 7 justices of peace, appointed by POTUS acted the law of the land on Maryland law. Still operating on original framework of 1776 constitution.

What happened in 1871 is that we were a country that was bankrupt and congress devised a scheme with the bankers who loaned us this money in the scheme they required certain things to happen. Vatican church ruled the world, city of London, was the money source. The United States joined the 3 legged stool, in 1871 and over time we've been positioned as the police state, we are the enforcement arm told what to do by the Vatican.

1871 our freedom ended.

5 minute VIDEO! Slavery By Consent

We had a second constitution came into play, based upon one of the criteria set by bankers that we had to accomplish, to basically have our debt call at that time to be forgiven, but is has never been forgiven.

Vatican opened up a corporation in Puerto Rico, that corporation became what is now known as Washington D.C., they took federal district that was culminated under the 1790 Organic Act in 1801, they made it a district, took all of that and put it into this corporation. Made them the governance of this area, have the shape of its own government. D.C. became a city state, has its own laws, act its own laws, does whatever it wants to, without approval of the citizenry contained under original 1776 constitution. De facto, what happened is corporate came into effect, city of London forgave the debt call put us into bankruptcy enslaving us from that day to today.

The congress at that point put the district inside the corporation making that district then a foreign country ownership and then the governing laws that they established under the constitution they put in place as part of by laws of corporation became the constitution by which they were going to rule that 10 mile square. That is all the rulership they had at the time, but moving forward in time, during Roosevelt days they enacted social security act forced social security on citizenry of the original 1776 constitution which we then became an asset of that corporation and they enslave us by leveraging our ability of generating revenue to repay bankers that where part of the corporation.


United State government is controlled by a board of directors. BOD = bankers & Vatican, they put in motion at the time the ability of a number of events over history, in essence that is the framework, what we see today is basically Washington DC is a foreign country, owned by a foreign country, all govt employees work for a foreign country and are paid by foreign country.

All of our tax dollars go to the Vatican banking system cartel, not the United States Treasury. They have to borrow money so the cycle of debt continues. People in Washington DC are employees of a corporation owned by a foreign entity governing the sovereign soil of the United States of America. What about Joe Biden? In the interim there could be 2 POTUS??

Let's go back in time, March of 2020 Trump enacted National Emergency and FEMA took charge over the emergency. The process steps - when FEMA is enacted, they have 10 regions they set up, underneath those regions they set up a structure that allows them to manage those regions as a governmental entity over those regions.

The governors of the territory is responsive to FEMA. If you look at FEMA laws they have the ability to become a government. Ability to eliminate due process, arrest people, they have the right to set up a court system, they have right to fund things just like our government but they do not need approval from any government authority, congress, the city or president. President is very much in the loop, but FEMA by de facto has the main governance criteria over those territories, those 10 regions, until the national emergency is lifted. March 2020 enacting the national emergency and FEMA taking charge Governmental authority over the corporation were transferred to FEMA. They assume governmental responsibility.

July 4 - Trump speech at Mount Rushmore, he signified that we the people have got back our government. Melania follow up tweet saying the same thing. That was a signal that we've just moved to the republic, from that point forward if you look at what has happened we are fixing to hit the ground running. We do not have to transition from corporation to republic. Trump and the military became governing body over the republic and at that point of time we had two governments.

People of the US need to understand, If you don't stand with Trump you are slaves to a corporate entity and that is the way you will be treated. People need to awaken to the fact that what Trump and the military on July 4 was to give the US citizenry the right of sovereignty what God gave us to begin with and as per our founding fathers in the original constitution. We have this corporate government rolling on, same time as Donald Trump and military. There are transition documents that have been signed that will allow this transfer to take place. But it was going to be under the opposes of the Great Reset, but all the efforts to bring Organic constitution of 1776 up to a current day working model, all of that activity had taken place from July 4 until sometime before the election. It's all in place, all transition laws in place make constitution current all laws of governance and laws of financial and diplomacy that you need that has happened since 1871 under the treason corporation needed to come over to the republic to allow us to hit the ground running.

Control legal system through lawyers and judges, so the sovereign state of US reclaims its power. District of D.C.., the White house, the Capitol and Supreme Court all of which are paid and employees of this corporation run by a board of directors of a foreign power. The Federal court system put in place that are pervasively governed by and paid from the corporation. Supreme court has districts that every justice operates over federal court system in that district, and those federal judges in those districts report to Supreme court but are all employees of this foreign entity the corporation.

Look at justice system it is focused on conditions set by corporate entity, as it relates to outcomes on law they rule on, not common law under the original constitution, it was put in place that all of the US citizenry governed through courts using maritime law, which allows a judge to do whatever the hell they want to do, there are no rules that are on the bench that could be consistent from one judge to another. Why are we not surprised at looking at election court rulings from one state to another? Each state does different things. Look at election court rulings from one state to the other. The courts have jurisdiction to make those decisions underneath the corporation that they are paid and employees of.

What has to take place: We have to clean the house in D.C. The White house, Supreme court, the Capitol and the federal judges located all across US. Only way to have Law and order in the US is for FEMA to step in under their rules of governance because they can build court systems. they put the court system to effect the rule of law based upon common law as defined by original 1776 constitution.

Along with that you have military side dealing with military issues. They try crimes of treason, sedition and crimes against humanity, so as those court cases come out of all of this, they will fall into the military justice system but the crimes of sex trafficking, pedophillia, money laundering, drug running - in sealed indictments they have to have a court system that manages this under the rule of law not the corporation law. This will come up with FEMA and military court systems FEMA court system established along with military court, complete blanket of US, Trump keeps saying Rule of law.

What do we do with our money? Asset back currency on worldwide basis. We have 2 currencies, we have US dollar, a treasury note, citizenry get US dollars from the bank. We have the petrol dollar. US currency - this currency used by central bankers used petrol dollar to put forth their agenda on a worldwide basis for control. They use petrol dollar to settle all trade transactions with all countries.

They level control on countries via petrol dollar. They could sanction them or clamp down on economic structure, all they had to do was influence the petrol dollar. All US sanctions over time been directed by federal reserve and the Vatican. Bankers and Vatican have a degree of control on that country since they were going astray.

Trump used the system to control those countries of the benefit of the US citizenry not the bankers. Trump took office he did a series of trips, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican then to London, England, all of those where strategic moves. He had to get control over these countries, he leveraged documents of disclosure of the crimes that they have done. Either you get on board. or I will release these documents right away and blow this thing up. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican and England have all submitted to President Trump.

Strategic moves, he had to get control over those countries. Symbolic nature the first man to walk in front of the Queen. Financial system the control mechanism was the petrol dollar, US dollar for country every country has their own currency, 209 countries, EU has euro dollars. In country currency. We as citizenry go abroad to use their currency international trade is done through petrol dollars. Trump had to get control over the system he needed to control the petrol dollars. November, 2019 the petrol dollar dried up, finance transaction that bankers do to generate money.

Throne Has Changed in Canada - Where Else Has It Changed?

In this blog you will see all World Leaders capitulating to President Trump, throne has changed & Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada has resigned and there are no plans to replace that role since the Queen no longer exists.

International basis all banking is done through petrol dollars. Trump had to do to get control over the central bank system he had to effectuate control over petrol dollars. Nov 2019 there was a dry up of petrol dollars money presses have stopped. He began to squeeze the financial system. Financial transactions that the bankers do to generate money which controls the liquidity of the banks is called trade. He shut off all payments generated from trade and would not allow the US dollar to be used, in effect, he dried up the banking system, every country is bankrupt on a solvency scale. He is able to take control of the central bank, and at some point he folded the federal reserve into US treasury that supports the reason why you have the 2 government systems.

Solvency scale all countries bankrupt, when US treasury he is bringing it into the republic awaiting its new currency. When we look at assets regardless of country, you will be issued money that will be one to one of what you have based on the value of your in country dollar will be valued at what it's worth today. The US dollar will not be the control dollar. Every bank was settling to the US petrol dollar, now they have to settle between themselves 209 rates x 209. Set up economically evaluated, tested system make sure it works. New system on trade, it's not been used at the individual level but the banks and the world are tied to the new system awaiting the new currency. No devaluation of currency.

Trump came into office, immediately said repatriate your dollars from off shore accounts. offered tax breaks, so no one will lose their money. He wanted all legitimate US dollars need to be inside the country, so no currency in new system will come from fraudulent sources, they can no longer just print the money. All US currency outside of US of the fiat currency will be devalued to zero and anything that is not already in the banking system will not be allowed in the system and it will be destroyed. Printing presses = NO MONEY Illegal money = NO MONEY If you don't repatriate your dollars he gave them 2 yrs = NO MONEY

Clamping down on bank, controlling petrol dollar, squeezing ability to generate money controlling US dollars cleaned the banking system up and prevented the extortion of US tax payer because go to assets back system its truly on assets our sovereign assets we are not responsible to a banker or Vatican church or London, any taxes we pay are going into our treasury to grow and support the well being US citizenry.

Trump Signs Executive Order To Establish A 1776 Commission To Instill ‘Patriotic Education’


Charlie Freak's Work

This is Part I of the Series, the famous show with Mark Devlin the showed the whole Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z, this video has had a combined 5+ million views worldwide...

This is Part II of the Series, The New Silk Road/Adrenochrome...the Takedown of the Cabal, which had over 750,000 views before Youtube shut us down...

This is Part III of the Series, Cutting the Head Off of the Hydra with Mark Devlin, that showcased the Q Team Capturing the Palaces of the 13 Bloodline Families in Venice on Dec. 24th, 2016...

And this is Part IV of the series, a BRILLIANT condensed Video version of my Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z, following Trump from the Beginning to the End of his World Tour to become the King of the World...

4:46 Start

Great patriot video, Hold the line by Eye Drop Media:

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