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EVERGREEN FALLING #WeRTheNews #GodWins #GameOver

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

EVERGREEN FALLING - Author 'Unknown'. March 24, 2021

Hillary's Codename from the CIA tells all: Evergreen was the shipping company used in trafficking children out of countries like Haiti. Many of the decodes over the past couple of weeks have hammered in the gravity of the truth about Haiti and what it will do to the Democrat party. #WWG1WGA

A few days ago, a ship from Evergreen Cargo became lodged in the Suez Canal [Egypt]. The Captain of the ship sailed in a course that when when tracked from above, creates the image of a penis. This would seem to suggest that this catastrophic navigation was intentional! What kind of cargo will be discovered on this ship?

Nearly every 'Fact Checker' in the business swarmed around a story from May of 2017 alleging that a raid on an Evergreen Cargo ship that departed from Africa and arrived at the Port of Baltimore was harbouring Human Trafficking Victims from countries like Yemen and Syria as well as drugs and other illegal contraband. The ship's name? "The Chelsea". The call sign for one of their ships was even named "H3RC"!! Evergreen happens to own several ships named "Chelsea", which is coincidentally the name of HRC's daughter. The symbolism is undeniable.

BENGHAZI: CLINTON wearing EVERGREEN - Lucifer's favourite colour.


SEAL Team 6 Assassinated by Obama Administration!!!

Osama Bin Laden = Obama Biden Bin Lying!

Coincidentally, a Nursing Home named Evergreen Court in Spring Valley, New York caught fire on March 23rd. Often, Deep state comms are cloaked in such disasters. They'll sacrifice buildings full of people just to communicate simple messages: "Evergreen is going up in flames". Just a coincidence?

Human trafficking, especially within 3rd world countries where people are considered subhuman by the Elite, revolves around the Adrenochrome trade. The name "Evergreen" thus takes on a symbolic meaning: Adrenochrome is manufactured from the adrenalized blood of human beings, most often children. Pagan cultures dating back thousands of years believed that the blood of the young possessed restorative powers. They considered it a veritable 'Fountain of Youth'. Consuming this drug allows the user to maintain a youthful appearance much later in life than what is typically possible by natural means.

Some sources suggest that it takes several dozen children to produce one litre of the drug, which is purported to be worth over $1 billion on the Black Markets. Withdrawal from the drug is said to be worse than even that of Methamphetamine or Heroin, as the body's own adrenaline production shuts down with the infusion of an outside source. Rapid aging, extreme lethargy, and psychosis are the tell-tale signs of withdrawal from this drug.

Finally- Adrenochrome “Black Eye Club” Exposed In Detail

#OrganHarvesting #EnergyHarvesting "It's bad, it's really bad" ~Sidney Powell

'Evergreen' trees, such as the pine tree [pinecones are highly symbolic in the Occult], stay green throughout the year even through the winter months, hence the symbolism for this age-old 'Fountain of Youth' is embedded into the very name of the shipping company being used to transport it.

Time to unlearn what we have been taught? #PINEAL

EverGreen = EverYouth Synthetic versions of the drug can be produced by allowing Epi-Pens to age, as the molecule can be imitated via the oxidation of Epinephrine. Ever wonder why the price of Epi-Pens shot up during the Trump administration? The supply lines for the authentic drug were decimated over the past four years.

Evidence of major celebrities displaying signs of Adrenochrome withdrawal abounded over the last four years.

Marina Abramovich, who appears to be one of the most prolific Spirit Cooking Witch Matrons among the worldwide Elite, is 74 years old. Upon first glance, she barely appears to be in her 50's.

She played a huge role in the NXIVM cult which Smallville actress Alison Mack went down for. Mack has tweeted photographs of a young 10-year old Maggie Nixon, granddaughter of Soap Opera Star Agnes Nixon [One Life To Live, All My Children] in extremely strange and suggestive photos with Barack Obama. Billionaire Elites such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson also had ties to this disturbing sex cult, in which young underage victims were literally branded with hot iron as property of the cult.

The Cabal appears to have known this day would come for a very long time. In July of 2019, during the time the Jeffery Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell investigation was heating up, Jake tapper gave a cryptic reply to a tweet which stated, "This is all going to get so much worse." Tappers response? "Evergreen".

Laura Silsby, close friend to Hillary Clinton and director of "The New Life Children's Refuge" was arrested for attempting to smuggle 33 children, most of which had families that were looking for them, across the Haitian border. Of course, HRC got her sentence drastically reduced... The Hillary Email leaks found that Huma Abedin was constantly updating HRC about Laura Silsby's activities, which included setting up Orphanage fronts in the Dominican Republic.

Many 'coincidental' deaths have plagued those who venture to investigate the Clinton Foundation's activities in Haiti, including the death of Monica Peterson, who was serving as the assistant" #RESEARCH

The Haitians themselves knew. Many protests against the Clinton's stealing of Haitian Earthquake relief money as well as Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Sweatshops have taken place there. It appears the people have had enough. Massive uprisings against Jovenel Moïse, who is overwhelmingly considered as a Obama/Clinton installed puppet there, after he refused to step down as President last February.

Also worth looking into is the Evergreen Strategy Group, a corporate activism group which specializes in Public relations. The firm is partnered with HRC, and filled to the brim by people with deep Clinton Foundation and Obama administration connections.

Evergreen Shipping was founded in 1968 by Dr. Chang Yung-Fa out of China. In 1985, he established the Chang Yung-fa Foundation [Foundations = Fronts] which was dedicated to "providing emergency and medical aid, promoting education and culture and elevating moral standards." Compare those to the Clinton Foundation's stated goals: "To fulfill this mission, the Clinton Foundation works with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service." Education, Economic Opportunity, PUBLIC HEALTH... Same Game, Different Name. Yung-Fa passed away in 2016 at 88 years of age. Cargo ships are apparently a preferred means of transport in the Human Trafficking trade.

Scott Borgerson, purported to be the 'secret' husband of Ghislaine Maxwell, is the founder of a maritime data/ tracking company, which seemed to be functioning as a sort of catalog for abduction and trafficking targets. 'CargoMetrics' His stated goal was to build the "NSA of global trade.

Eric Schmidt, founder of Google [CIA Front], was heavily involved. "What I’m trying to build is the ‘NSA of global trade’,” he said, referring to America’s information intelligence agency, the National Security Agency. “We have a real-time digital map of the global economy. But more importantly, we have a data archive. More than the patent and the first-mover advantage and the dozens of rocket scientists [on staff], this is the biggest barrier to entry [for a competitor]. We save all the data we receive. We have hundreds of billions of historical records in a searchable database.

Think of it as a Google search for trade – except it’s secret.” The Department of Defense had uncovered evidence in 2018 that such a database was being used as a tool for worldwide Human Trafficking. "The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (working under Joint Special Operations Command) discovered actionable evidence (turned over to the Department of Defense) that showed the coordination of world-wide human trafficking has been expanded to a massive database that includes every conceivable factor of a human life (e.g. bloodline, DNA, genetics) including medical records.

For instance/example – the pregnancy of an expecting mother is tracked, and her baby (and or any other children she has) can be acquired (kidnapped) by the corporate apparatus (State licensed CPS; State licensed police; State licensed [privatized] [family] courts; State licensed hospitals; etc) in place to obtain children for trafficking." These people are SICK. Thankfully, they're also STUPID. Watch that Water! Truth is coming. Godspeed, Patriots.

Megaship blocking Suez Canal for fifth day could be refloated using tide

Truck carrying Evergreen container causes traffic jam in China: picture goes viral

3.27.21: When the DOOR is need a KEY! The WORLD is WATCHING! Pray!

It's Happening!! Comforting words by InevitableET

Amazing Machinations: Episode 004: Juan O Savin - "Kid by the Side of the Road" Streamed live on Oct 22, 2020


Thanks for reading. We are fed up with the nonsense. Time to unite humanity and save our children, we will never ever giver up. #Priorities Like, comment, share. Turn on notifications if subscribed. Please share and help wake up our fellow soul brothers and sisters. Join the conversation, your energy and voice is super powerful, you know it. #DOITQ #WeAreTheNews #IFeelItDoYouFEELIT?

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Fun, Fun, Fun. Let's watch history as it unfolds yet again. Shall we? The pyramid on the back of the dollar bill represents an 'A' & the eye at the top of the pyramid represents (yep you guessed it) 'I'. It is not the eye of God (Lucifer) as one might expect for all the male gods are demon-possessed. And who controls the demons? Artificial Intelligence. This Black Cube AI invaded 65,000 years ago & has conquered millions of planets thru out our galaxy, so its game plan is well-rehearsed & because it lives forever. It is in no hurry. This game plan has played out thru out our history. Atlantis & Lemuria after it's the rise of it's Hitler…





Great info all in one place. Its more horrible than most people can believe. We have been so gullible for so long. At first when i heard of this, a part of my mind melted. Took me weeks to recover, crying, praying, up late at night completely inconsolable. i am greatful i only have known since February and it looked like most was already handled by Trump. I think i would have gone crazy if it had been years of knowing and feeling helpless. Thanks heavenly father for sparring me years of misery

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