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It's Happening! Comforting Words by InevitableET #GameOver

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Thank you InevitableET for your comforting words. Copied from Telegram, I recommend following.

The people we are up against are the (collectively) greatest force of evil and power on earth. They didn’t just show up, they’ve been in the business of evil for centuries. And every single force that rose up against them to date has failed. But then, they were able to hide their evil doings by hiding in the shadows. They got to exist behind the scenes because there wasn’t such a thing as the Internet and any written history about them was either distorted, destroyed, or sources killed to prevent the truth from coming out. As long as the public doesn’t know the truth they can never stop their true enemy. Hence why Q said “Public Awakening = Game Over”.

Go to type in game over in search engine, all q posts with Game Over in it will appear.

Q Post 2571 = 15 = 555 = Gods Grace to the power of 3

Q also said "It's a marathon not a sprint."

Whether this is happening fast enough for you or not doesn’t matter. It all depends on the rate of public awakening. Let me tell you how far we have come: I was there (4ch) on 10/28/17 when the poster later known as Q showed up the first night- there were maybe a few hundred that passed through that night to see. By 8/01/18, not even one year later, Q told us in Q post 1787: [WW] Eyes on: 300-350mm Tracking: 52-58mm. It’s 2021 now, 32 months later, and how many people you think are awake now? Maybe even the whole world is watching?

Day by day people are waking up in mass because once you see the truth you can’t ever unsee it. This is the redpill. Not one single redpilled person is going back to sleep- it just can’t happen. Even when the media tries to use ridicule to thwart us- every single day- hundreds of articles monthly now, HBO doing a 6 series documentary on it, as mocking as they are they are ONLY ADDING eyes to the truth. Once ANYONE finally SEES it- they won’t unsee it.

Find first 2 episodes of Q Into The Storm HBO Series below:

Not to mention WE spread the message every single day and everyone who learns wants to tell someone else. It is spreading like wild fire.

There are 7.8B of us on Earth and only ~ 10-30M of (them). The ONLY way they existed was because 7.8B of us didn’t know about them. Thanks to Q that has now changed. Eventually, no matter what they do, all of the people of the world WILL wake up. Let them ridicule all they want. When that ridicule is on something people actually agree with, protecting their children, it will and can ONLY backfire thus waking more of them up. BOOMERANG.


These people are sick and evil beyond imagination. Rampant Satanic Pedophilia crosses party lines and through making them our mutual enemy we will unite and win. So when we all inevitably wake up to the evil, and it’s only gaining speed based on numbers and probability, it is and will be GAME OVER.

Everyone will know what they have done and since we simply out number them by A LOT and their scheme only works with complicit citizens (slaves), all we have to do is stand up and we win. We will win.

And there’s nothing they or anyone else can do to stop it. Nothing.

Be patient. It’s happening.

The Great Awakening is INDEED happening.

From Dark to Light.

From Evil to Good.

In the end, God Wins.



Thanks for reading. We are all pretty fed up with the nonsense. Time to unite humanity and save our children, we will never ever giver up. #Priorities Like, comment, share. Turn on notifications if subscribed. Please share and help wake up our fellow soul brothers and sisters. Join the conversation, your energy and voice is super powerful, you know it. #DOITQ #WeAreTheNews #IFeelItDoYouFEELIT?


#TheGreatAwakening #GodWins



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