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Border Crisis - Will The Senate Shut Down? Biden's First Press Conference #PizzaGate #Connected

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Here is a collection of memes, articles and Biden gaffes on some very serious issues, the border crisis, human trafficking and a fake President that clearly has dementia with zero mention of the Suez Canal disaster. Enjoy the show.

Introduction to Blog:

The real news:

What could unite humanity? #TheChildren #SilenceIsConsent

Joe Biden Destruction of America:

Here we have Joe Biden’s Hologram tweak out, his hand went right through the microphone. #CGI Watch for yourself!

Remarks by Joe Biden, March 21, 2021 5.35pm ET

Q: Are you thinking of going to the border?

JOE BIDEN: At some point, I will. Yes.

Do you want to see firsthand what's going on in those facilities?

JOE BIDEN: I know what's going on in those facilities.

Q: Why do you think the message to the migrants, telling them to stay home and don't come now -- why do you think that hasn't resonated yet? What more can be done, sir?

JOE BIDEN: A lot more. We're in the process of doing it now, including making sure that we reestablish what existed before, which was they can stay in place and make their case from their home country. Thank you. NOTE: Remember these comments when the Project Veritas video drops tomorrow. #BidenBorderCrisis #GEORGENews

Lindsay Graham - tells Biden and Harris to "get off your asses and show up at the border"

He threatens to shut down Senate if denied access to border facilities!

A fuming Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., railed against President Joe Biden and his administration's role in the crisis at the southern border Tuesday, suggesting the White House is gaslighting the public into believing the U.S.-Mexico frontier is secure.

Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images Inside Texas Detention Facility … Illegal Immigrants are Cornered in Tight Spaces and Wrapped in Space Blankets on the Floor

AWESOME! President Trump Congratulates Project Veritas on their Win in Defamation Lawsuit vs. New York Times (Video). He offers them his full support and asks for our support too.

President Trump's Statement on Biden Administration and the border crisis.

Joe Biden was asked if he was ready for his press conference by the press, and he answered with “What press conference”?

Joe Biden First Press Conference, look's busy and exciting.

Don’t miss 10 seconds of pure … "oh anyway" @ 17:48 - 17:58 Wins internet gold! Troll from 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Biden says conditions children face at U.S.-Mexico border are ‘unacceptable’

Who built the cages Joe? Where else are there children in cages Joe? Who knows where the bodies are buried Joe?

Biden is known as "the Mask President." I wonder why? It's like he's an actor in a movie, rumour has it all masks are coming off including the latex ones. #JAMESWOODS

Biden Speech summary By ghostEZRA sums it up.

Joe Biden said he was hired. He missed Trump. He was in the Senate for a 120 years. He spoke about quantum computing. Didn't mention the Suez Canal once. Bumbled nearly every single word he spoke. What a wakeup. 💊💊Let's see how CNN tries to spin this one.

Video of Biden tripping down the stairs:

Here is the real President Trump on Biden press conference and disaster at the border. Trump gives exclusive reaction to Biden's first press conference & the border crisis, Trump says "What Biden is doing at the Border is inhumane".

Fake lying dog faced pony soldier, President Biden was lost at sea at his first press conference, but as usually the media asked him how he could continue to be so amazing while making sure to bash and blame Trump for ... well everything.

March 27, 2021

Biden agonistes

President Biden’s first press conference was a disaster.

Let's not forget these lovely quotes by Joe Biden. EW

One of these things is not like the other?

Things that make you go hmmmm?

#Legacy #NOT

Q Post 4950 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing! Q


Thanks for reading. We are all pretty fed up with the nonsense. Time to unite humanity and save our children, we will never ever giver up. #Priorities Like, comment, share. Turn on notifications if subscribed. Please share and help wake up our fellow soul brothers and sisters. Join the conversation, your energy and voice is super powerful, you know it. #DOITQ #WeAreTheNews #IFeelItDoYouFEELIT?

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