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PIZZAGATE - 24 Of The Nastiest Characters & Locations Made Up Of Nightmares. #PlayAGame #IfYouDare

Updated: Mar 7

Kudos to the person that created these incredible graphics in card formats of 24 of the nastiest characters and locations involved in Pizzagate all connected to D.C. enjoy! Put the armour of God on.

Source: Nico Seeko on Facebook

Let's not forget Oprah one of the worst! "OPRAH WINFREY" | DOUBLED/CLONED? + SOROS/PIZZAGATE?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZAsDRh6u1Y

FBI Records - The vault - The Finders:


https://www.marzlovesfreedom.com/post/the-finders-deep-child-abuse-group-cult-tim-ballard-explains-the-issues-of-human-trafficking https://www.marzlovesfreedom.com/post/massive-dump-of-pizzagate-pedogate-videos-by-jared-kushner

Thanks for reading! Please share so we can try to wake up as many of our soul brothers and sisters. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins

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