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SHOCKING! Telford Rapes & Murders Of Children by Pakistani Men - Police Turned A Blind Eye

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Finally the rape of Britain is going mainstream with their ghastly secrets. This is 100% racially motivated where Pakistani men target young white female children to brutally kidnap, rape, confine, torture and murder. I abhor their revolting behavior and undeniable racism where they targeted young white female children to abuse and pass around to their friends like pieces of meat for money. Can you imagine if it were your daughter? Sister? Mother? Aunt? Cousin? Meanwhile the focus is on a the tiny town Telford. What do you think is going on in London and Manchester? How about the rest of the world? It's all coming out folks.


The abortion issue rages on because we have to teach the brainwashed people that this has nothing to do with "my body, my choice" tag lines, you are dealing with a separate body with separate DNA and a heart beat, so to abort the baby as a method of birth control is murder not healthcare regardless of your brainwashed "opinions", they don't matter. Watch Peter Nygard offers to buy aborted baby parts for his stem cell experiments. #Horrorshow

MSM at the end of their rope, turning on Biden and they can only wish Trump death. #PanicInDC, Biden in Israel: “…To Keep Alive the Truth and Honor of the Holocaust - Horror of the Holocaust”. Let's review Canada inflation and more on Bidenomics. The Virus Cover Story with Jon Rappoport by Dr. Sam Bailey. Sri Lanka, Dutch Farmers, Grooming your children in school, climate change nonsense, nuclear war fear porn and we'll wrap up with some inspirational messages. Enjoy the show!

Tommy Robinson News

More than 1000 children exploited over 30 years, there are at least 170 witnesses coming forward. I hope I don't have to point out the obvious at this point. #CluesEverywhere

SHOCKING! Telford Rapes & Murders Of Children by Pakistani Men

Full extent of the Telford Muslim rape gang scandal explained by the chairman of the inquiry, and it's only the tip of the iceberg!

Our response to the findings of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Telford

Some lame apology.

Independent Inquiry – Telford Child Sexual Exploitation

Telford & Wrekin Council agreed to commission an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation within the Borough. It appointed the law firm Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP as the Commissioning Body for the Inquiry.

The purpose of the Inquiry was to fully investigate and establish the facts of child sexual exploitation in Telford & Wrekin, to identify if, and where, public, and other, services had failed and where possible, to establish who was accountable for any failure and to make recommendations for the future.

For further information about the Inquiry please see about us.

More Than 1000 Children Raped Over 30 Years

that would be 33.3333333 a year.

More than 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years in Telford where police and council officials 'ignored' abuse over fears investigating Asian men would 'inflame racial tensions'

  • More than 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years

  • Children were brainwashed by a 'loverboy method' as men ran a 'rape house'

  • Police and council officials in Telford 'ignored' abuse over fears investigating Asian men would 'inflame racial tensions', an inquiry has concluded

  • West Mercia Police has apologized to children who were sexually exploited

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

One town, one report, this is happening across the country, and has been for decades, 1000+ children in the small town of Telford, imagine what's going on in London, Manchester, Birmingham...

Telford child sex abuse inquiry: Survivors call for change

What the hell is going on in London and all across the UK? You think this is only happening in Telford? Come on now, it's happening all across the world! #TheGreatAwakening

Can you even imagine the countless abortions from the worldwide child sex trafficking rings?

This is an unborn puppy. It’s obviously alive, and it’s obviously a puppy. It’s not just a “clump of cells” or a mere organ of its mother. It has its own organs, its own DNA, its own life to live. Why don’t these obvious facts about animal life also apply to unborn human beings?

✳️ Watch - The Silent Scream – HERE

⚠️ Warning: This Documentary Is Not Recommended For Sensitive People!

The Documentary, The Silent Scream Released In 1984 Contributed To The Abortion Debate In The 1980s.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson's Classic Video That Shocked The World. He Explains The Procedure Of A Suction Abortion, Followed By An Actual First Trimester Abortion As Seen Through Ultrasound. The Viewer Can See The Child's Pathetic Attempts To Escape The Suction Curette As Her Heart Rate Doubles, The Fetus (Girl) Opened Its Mouth In What Nathanson Calls A "Silent Scream" As Her Body Is Torn Apart.

The Clip Begins With An Ultrasound Of The Fetus (Girl) Who Is About To Be Aborted. The Girl Is Moving In The Womb; Displays A Heartbeat Of 140 Per Minute; And Is At Times Sucking Her Thumb. As The Abortionist's Suction Tip Begins To Invade The Womb, The Child Rears And Moves Violently In An Attempt To Avoid The Instrument. Her Mouth Is Visibly Open In A "Silent Scream." The Child's Heart Rate Speeds Up Dramatically (To 200 Beats Per Minute) As She Senses Aggression. She Moves Violently Away In A Pathetic Attempt To Escape The Instrument. The Abortionist's Suction Tip Begins To Rip The Baby's Limbs From Its Body, Ultimately Leaving Only Her Head In The Uterus (Too Large To Be Pulled From The Uterus In One Piece). The Abortionist Attempts To Crush Her Head With His Forceps, Allowing It To Be Removed. To "Dehumanize" The Procedure, The Abortionist And Anesthesiologist Refer To The Baby's Head As "Number 1." The Abortionist Crushes "Number 1" With The Forceps And Removes It From The Uterus.

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✳️ Watch - Roe Vs. Wade: Jane Roe - Deathbed Confession - Here

✳️ Watch - Roe Vs Wade Was Passed Only Because Roe Lied About Being Raped, Admitted On Live TV – Here

"My abortion was the best decision I ever made. It was an act of self-love" House Oversight Democrat Ms. Lopez Abortion Witness

The abortion "industry" makes billions a year and all of this will begin to make more sense to the people once they learn they use the stem cells and umbilical cord for "life" for other people and they put it in the vaccines and food making us all cannibals and sick. #EW

Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard Offers To Buy Aborted Baby Parts For His Stem Cell Experiments

Peter Nygard and Steve Powers offer money to women for their cells, aborted babies, embryos, specifically the placenta and the umbilical cord blood rich with stem cells being “life” for other people...

Epstein was doing something similar in the Virgin Islands

Do you now understand why they want to abort full-term babies⁉️

Pure evil! The women sitting there are terrified!!

🔗 Video On: Rumble | Gab | Mind

Hunter Biden Is In MAJOR Trouble, May Face Prostitution Charges

Jesse Watters reviews Hunter Biden may face prostitution charges for transporting girls across state lines for sexual relations and orgies. And here is Hunter Biden getting massaged by 5 - 8 year old little girls. #GROSS Trump Trending hmmm.

"Freedom is not a gift from Government. Freedom is a gift from God". President Trump

MSM at the end of their rope, they can only wish Trump death. #PanicInDC

MSM turning on Biden.

Biden remains delusional, says read the polls, he is at 92%. (911) #IZATRIGHT

"Read the Polls, Jack! You Guys Are All the Same!" - Biden Snaps at Reporter Asking About NY Times Poll Showing 64 Percent of Dems Don't Want Him to Run Again (VIDEO)

⚠️Inflation hits another NEW 40-year high under Biden.

Overall CPI: +9.1% since last year

Gas: +59.9%

Fuel Oil: +98.5%

Meat, Poultry, & Fish: +10.4%

Milk: +16.4%

Eggs: +33.1%

Coffee: +15.8%

New Vehicles +11.4%

Airline Fares: +34.1%

Real Average Hourly Earnings: -3.6%

Biden in Israel: “…To Keep Alive the Truth and Honor of the Holocaust…Horror of the Holocaust” (VIDEO)

As the US is being destroyed Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel on Wednesday morning and delivered remarks on US-Israel relations.

“We’re going to deepen our connections in science and innovation and work to address global challenges through the new strategic high-level dialogue on technology. We’ll continue to advance Israel’s integration into the region, expand emerging forums and engagement,” Biden said embracing Trump’s Abraham Accords.

As usual, Joe Biden struggled to read his teleprompter asks what am I doing?

Speaking of Jumping Timelines!!!

Canada raised its interest rates by 1% today July 13, 2022. The highest hike since 1998 - that's a 10 for 5.5 and a 17 for Q! YO.

Bank of Canada raises rates to 1%, says more hikes needed to curb inflation and excess demand

Weird this article was written by Michelle Bates on April 13, 2022 - thats a 17 folks! Q Only today MSM announced the 1% hike. Strange!!!

The Bank of Canada announced its second rate hike of 2022 on Wednesday morning, when it increased the overnight interest rate to 1% — the first 50-point jump we’ve seen since 2000. This marks a consistent incline since the central bank’s last hike in March, when the Bank of Canada increased its policy rate by 25 basis points.

Although Omicron variant BA.2 is now responsible for Canada’s sixth wave, nearly all public health restrictions have eased, allowing for strong economic growth. The Bank expects the Canadian economy to grow by 4.25% this year, slow to 3.25% in 2023, and 2.25% in 2024.

However, Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, supply chain bottlenecks, and soaring inflation are still of high concern and are the main factors behind the Bank’s decision to increase rates.

The Virus Cover Story with Jon Rappoport by Dr. Sam Bailey

I’ve just interviewed the one and only Jon Rappoport, who launched his website over 20 years ago. Jon is now 84 years old but continues with his prolific output and is always at the forefront of exposing global scams. We talked about:

  • identifying the COVID-19 fraud in early 2020

  • why he started investigating virology 35 years ago

  • why people need the virus narrative

  • the state of the health freedom movement plus much more!

This right here is what we need more of. Courage and guts to stand up against this medical tyranny.

Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto is forfeiting over $250,000 for not complying with Canada’s jab mandate to play the Toronto Blue Jays:

"I’m not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don’t put in my body.” J.T. Realmuto - Philadelphia Phillies Catcher

Cancer cases are spiking, but is it caused by the vaccines?

Some pondering on the immune system and cancer.

Report: Casket Maker Fears Bulk Orders of Child Size Coffins Signal Impending Vaccine Deaths


‘Centaurus’: virologists express concern at new Covid subvariant

Centaurus a new kind of "dinosaur" COVID subvariant. Yesterday it was the Ninja virus. FFSAKES!! #TheyllNeverStop #GetOffBigPharma #MeditateDontMedicate

Sri Lanka - Green New Deal

Sri Lankans have stormed and taken over the Prime Minister's office, the army has stood down.

WEF has conveniently deleted this from their site this week.

Good for Dutch farmers for fighting back against a gov’t bowing to enviro-radicals

NEW - Netherlands, 350 tractors:

"Help! No farmers, no food!"

Here is a whole lot of insanity - you want this teaching your children?

Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll

This is by the Babylon Bee so I presume this is parody, although assumption is the mother of all screwups.


🇺🇸 Chloe Cole That Previously Identified As Transgender Said In A Hearing Report: "I Really Didn’t Understand All Of The Ramifications Of Any Of The Medical Decisions That I Was Making."

California teen, Chloe Cole who was previously identified as transgender supports a Florida rule blocking Medicaid funds from paying for medical interventions for gender dysphoria, Cole was transgender at 12 and had a double mastectomy three years later.

✳️ Watch - What Is A Woman? - HERE

✳️ Watch - The Boy Who Was Turned Into A Girl - HERE

✳️ Watch - The Kinsey Syndrome - Manipulation Of The Sexual Revolution & The Moral Destruction Of Society! – HERE

Please God make it stop.

Do you ever get the feeling you're being lied to and these "leaders" are keeping information, cures and technology from us? What is taking them so long? Don't buy a new vehicle unless it can fly.

Speaking of liars...

Former CIA Chief of Disguise - Explains Use of MASKS

I wonder if the normies find Pfizers CEO vowing to rebuilt Georgia Guidestones normal? No, they don't even know the Georgia Guidestones exist, let alone the reference to 666. Guess this is the deep state's version of #buildbackbetter bbb = 666

Feb 23, 2023 = 11 = JJ = John John - 23 = PAIN

Ear doesn't change - but our perspective does or does it? Are we living in a hologram?

Our Future Is At Stake: The Climate Agenda’s True Power & Supreme Court Ruling on EPA

“Congress certainly has not conferred a like authority upon EPA anywhere else in the Clean Air Act. The last place one would expect to find it is in the previously little-used backwater of Section 111(d).” – Chief Justice Roberts

New York City Emergency Management brings out an advert explaining what you need to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

Absolutely crazy fear porn 🤪 You watch how many people fall for it. People still believe they can "catch" a deadly imaginary virus in the air and that 2 planes took down 3 buildings on 911 is all you need to know about that. This is going to send some people right over the edge.

Inspirational Messages

Being Gay / Being Authentic

Great message. This applies to every single being on the planet. Did you catch that? We are not even human, we are "beings", watching, observing, learning - if you're conscious. We are all connected to the same thing that opens a flower in the morning to get sunshine and closed it at night.

At the end of the day it does not matter what anybody thinks of you, what matters is how you think of yourself and it had better be great! You are your best friend, now act like it. Show up every single day for you, meditate, think happy thoughts, be positive and have a grateful heart, do a victory pose for 2 minutes every single day! YOU ARE AMAZING and very lucky to be here right now, we all are. #LoveLife #StrongVibes

You are something the whole universe is doing, the same way a wave is something the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet that can be pushed around., The real deep down you is the whole universe.

What a Gem of a Being - I love this guy!

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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