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Mike Lindell, My Pillow Guy Is JFK Jr. #Uniter #WWG1WGA

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

There are many people you think are dead that are alive and visa versa, all will be revealed soon I suspect.

I believe I may have uncovered ~25 characters that JFK Jr plays. He is an actor, lawyer, magician, an artist and a master of disguise and he is very much alive. Here is my preliminary blog on the characters & JFK Jr is alive teaser link: Mike Lindell does not look or sound like JFK Jr, which is the point. What makes a great movie? Great actors. The shape of his head, his height, hands, ears and verbiage all tell a different story. Do not concern yourself too much with these details, they can make a transgendered male look 8 months pregnant in a bikini. (Beyonce bey = boy once, has a song if I was a boy)

This is to demonstrate they can do anything in Hollywood! What is that thing hanging off Bidens chin? #WheresHillary? #WheresHunter?

Did you know Dodi Fayed is alive & so is Diana? We need to expand our thinking. I believe Vincent Fusca is played by 4 people, Dodi Fayed, JFK Jr., John Denver & Anthony Radzwilli this would also explain the different heights of Vincent Fusca.

Watch Mike Lindell in this video, he is wearing a mask, you can see around the throat area, disguising his voice, he sounds like Jim Watkins another JFK Jr character. Watch his hands, ears and body language & take note of the content and his story telling style that has me believing this is a very good possibility.

Think about his unprecedented access to President Trump and the Whitehouse, it's like he's an insider. Vincent Kennedy said he was a fan of My Pillow and they own four of them. He is definitely connected to #TheGreatAwakening.

They can change hairlines, eye colour, shape of face and jowls. They are very clever and tweak the tip of his very distinctive nose.

Michael James Lindell = 167 in Gematria = Enjoy the Show, All Systems Go, Escape The Matrix, November 18 = R = JFK Jr. to the power of 3!

Short clip from Mike Lindell, a patriot on election fraud:

MyPillow CEO Visits Trump in Oval Office Carrying Mysterious Notes with very distinctive hands and that Kennedy clasp.

Note the Kennedy Clasp and thumbs and vein pattern. The top left hand corner is Carolynn & John hands placed on President Trump in the oval office in prayer. #GodWins

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, was seen leaving the Oval Office Friday with mysterious notes on January 15, 2021.

The notes were photographed by Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford, but were folded in the middle and most sentences are incomplete.

However, the title of the document reads “…TAKEN IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE THE … CONSTITUTION.”

“Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting” is also visible on the notes.

The document appears to mention martial law.

“… martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any …” read the notes.

It’s hard to tell what exactly the document is about and it’s unclear what was discussed during the meeting between the MyPillow CEO and the president.

Lindell told The Epoch Times that his discussion with the president was not about the document. “It wasn’t an official thing. It was from a lawyer who said it was a suggestion for him,” he said.

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for details about the meeting.

According to a Washington Examiner Report which Lindell posted on Twitter, he said he shared with Trump and White House lawyers a document advising the president to replace Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Gina Haspel. Update:

He said he was just a “messenger” for an attorney which he didn’t name. Lindell said he met with Trump and an attorney for about 10 minutes in the Oval Office. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday.

Trump read the document and returned it to him.

Lindell denied that the document says “martial law if necessary.”

Pool reporters said Lindell entered the West Wing at 3:05 p.m. He declined when he was asked to come before the pool reporters to answer questions.

“I’m sure you’ll write something nice,” he told the reporters.… Find details here: Wait what is this? Well, well well, looks like our friend Mike Lindell really does has influence with President Trump.

JUST IN 1/19/21 #911

#KennedyTrumpBlueTies Note the photo is from a Made In America event on July 19, 2017. 7/19/17 9+1=10+7= 17 = Q Article updated: Jan 16/21 = 17 = Q

What Are The Odds? Book cover in Tiffany blue. Check out the Trump/Kennedy blue connections!

Two very different people in these tweets!

Note hand and veins

We have my pillows and I highly recommend them.

Mike Lindell is a real patriot, helps bail out Kyle Rittenhouse a national hero.

This is John telling us who killed his father. George W! Did you know the word revolution has the word LOVE in it?

Mike knows!

They use flippers to change teeth & partial latex masks with wigs to change hairlines. The ears and overall face, skull size and smile shape are a match!

KELLI ANN - JUAN O SAVIN Jennifer Mac -connection & Q drop 114

Screenshots below in case video gets taken down.

Where are the pillows for the troops Mike Lindell?

President Trump uses MY PILLOW, go figure, we own 2 of them, love them. Also Trump says Mike Lindell has been with us right from the beginning. CORRECT JFK Jr was on the top floor of the famous escalator ride when Trump announced his run for POTUS right under the Gold Currency sign.

SABMYK: April 2nd, 2021. What does Mike know?

Jeff Sessions and President Trump have been very busy.

Patriot! God bless General Flynn. #FightLikeAFlynn #DigitalSolidier

George Padadopoulos has been contacted by the media on impending DECLAS and we have what appears to be a perp walk!

Well well well the plot thickens, looks who's alive and connected to #Q?

Isaac Kappy is alive - his most recent video to quite a catchy tune for the world is telling.

At .29 mark, you hear #JuanOSavin's famous laugh, listen carefully. 29 = 911, there are no coincidences.

172 = Good Dog, another one of JFK Jr's characters. 172 = God Good 636 = He Has Risen, St. Germaine = #GESARA #NESARA

Let me wrap up this blog with the best is yet to come! #JuanOSavin promised something special for Jan 19/21. The original NESARA was supposed to be announced on 9/11, Israel & the American governments gave us the worst terrorist attack in North Americas history instead. We have been at war ever since and we have all remained in a state of trauma stripped of our rights and freedom. The mirror of 911 = 119 = January 19th. Hold on to your hats friends. Tomorrow is January 19, 2021!! #GESARA #NESARA

It will be a 3 year delta from this Q post. I believe tomorrow they will deliver on their promise. Thank you God.

Did you know January 19th is national popcorn day? Enjoy the show.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my blog. Like, comment, share, subscribe. Join the conversation, it's free. I'm on my 18th 30 day facebook ban, I will likely abandon that site. 8th twitter account, same. I'm waiting to find out what social media site President Trump creates. They are working on something, will update.

I went to edit something in the blog - 17 hours ago!

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