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Kennedy / Trump Tiffany & Blue Connection

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Worked on a 25 thread tweet re: Kennedy/Trump tiffany & baby blue connection to have twitter load 2 of my 25 tweets, had to discard all the work. Never giving up, I dropped it into a blog, here it is: I believe JFK Jr. faked his death, is working with President Trump & Q to save humanity and the children from the deep state creatures & finish what his father started. Plenty of evidence to support this. No one has been able to prove JFK Jr is dead.

I believe JFK Jr is alive thread: https://twitter.com/LakeFreedom/status/1288883523814862852?s=20

For the doubters, no one has been able to explain Carolyn & the 3 children at the rallies, 2 boys and a girl, first boy born rumoured to be named Flynn, Tripp & Stella. #321 How about the current photo of JFK Jr at Vegas in President Trump’s campaign video 1 month ago? Those ears, those hands, can not escape us, nor does he let them is the point.

Big shout out to Robert Kennedy Jr, nose tap, confirming JFK jr. is alive. What are cousins for? They have been here the whole time undercover. @VinceMcMahon (hot tip he is Jr.)

Here is a collection of photos connecting some of the Trump/Kennedy blues. When you see baby blue or tiffany blue it's a sign of a patriot in #TheGreatAwakening, #Q movement that is restoring what JFK started. It's also the colour that signifies secret about to be revealed.

Blue is the colour of the will of God & law. President Trump is restoring the rule of law under God. #DarkToLight Note: JFK born 1917 #endlessflame


Air Force One makes it's presence over Mount Rushmore

Making history with North Korea.

Tiffany blue wall in New York for the children show appeared in a Joe Biden's deep state confession I mean campaign speech. Can't not see the Y = dedicated to #adrenochrome #SaveTheChildren #BidenClone Check it out: https://www.marzlovesfreedom.com/post/joe-biden-deep-state-confession-i-mean-campaign-ad-4-25-20

There can also be devils in blue dresses with #redshoes This painting was found in Jeffrey Epstein's mansion in NY city, it is of Bill Clinton wearing a version of the Lewinsky blue dress with red shoes on draped over a chair, like a freak. #redshoeclub #BillClintonisaPedo trending, MSM silent.

Tiffany blue was a favourite of Jackie Kennedy, she owned dresses, jewelry & stationary in that colour.  She wore tiffany blue to the inauguration, decorated many private rooms in the WhiteHouse in this colour, designed Air Force One with tiffany blue engines. She dressed the children in tiffany blue petticoats at JFK funeral. The children also wore #redshoes master troll level on her part. Often with white gloves, signalling white hat.

Lovely video on Jackie -  narrated by Ivanka, IMO.


Kennedy Blues - TY - Raising Cain on Twitter.

Queen was insulted by Jackie thought she was rude. I take great pleasure in that thought, knowing what those creatures have been up too. Cleary a fierce light worker. Does anyone recognize that Kennedy point? 

Do we see a similar point from President Trump?

They painted Air Force One with blue & white stripes & tiffany blue engines.  (possible troll towards the blue and white symbolism on Epstein island temple and so much more) The Kennedy rose is white & Jackie carried them often. Jackie wears white gloves to possibly signify white hat?  

Unlike the Queen, devil in a blue dress, surrendering to President Trump with her white glove debacle.  The Maestro walking in front of her like a boss, here carry my clubs.  Come on now.  Pay back is a bitch. I hope he farted.

On this fateful day they gave Jackie red roses, does everyone know what red roses or red shoes represent to these monsters?

The children wore tiffany blue petticoats to President Kennedy’s funeral with red shoes.


I heard that John John was quite taken with the bald secret service guy, I wonder if he would create a character based on him one day...

One of the saddest photos in history or one of the best actors ever...

Melania our beautiful @FLOTUS channeled Jackie at the inauguration, restoring beauty, femininity & elegance to this great nation.

There is only #one boss female in this photo.

#BigMike likes the blue too.  #DevilinaBlueDress I suspect he is feeling the blues with that nasty lethal injection, Barry, his lover, threw him under the bus. (managed to tuck it in this photo)

Trump tiffany blue & baby blue pics. TEN!

#TheExpert is already taller...

The lovely Tiffany Trump wears her namesake like a boss.

UPDATE ADDED 08/26/20 Here we have Tiffany Trump in tiffany blue at RNC

Eric Trump at RNC last night in a lovely tiffany blue tie.

Ivanka a master stylists nails it in baby blue.

Handful of patriots:

Sean Hannity with punisher pin and blue shirt, he has worn the colour blue for over 1.5 years is my guess, rumour has it he will change it to white once the reveal happens. True patriot, thank you Sean.

This bald Secret Service guy always in blue with the Kennedy pinky pull shows up everywhere, even with the Obamas its like he has been here all along.  So have they been here all along?   Thank you. @QohnG for some great photos additions.

Tiffanys at JFK Airport in NY

We love our dogs. DOG = GOD


Cartier? Tiffany? What really goes on with these companies? What were these princesses trying to tell us?

Update: Credit to KelliAnn Hubb News for her work and extraordinary connections to the R U READY (JFK) Jr. Lives = huge fan. God bless her.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

– 1 Cor 13:4-13 

End with the latest from American Prophet, you don't want to miss this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t97NftplRJI

Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv6g3y116EI&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1UQjcPD3EIoKM5DzjOWGQp_RQY3FHwNFjP8ntQJ2t6QOby1zGiCl03gqc

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