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Mike Lindell, AKA JFK Jr, with Bannon & ABSOLUTE PROOF Of Election Fraud.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Something BIG is happening. Listen to this fascinating interview from crack addict to CEO, Mike Lindell a true American hero and patriot. God love him, I think we can all learn from him. His story might bring you tears, of joy and pride. We can all learn and unite from this GOOD MAN. I believe Mike Lindell, My Pillow guy is connected to The Great Awakening, I also believe he is JFK Jr playing one of his many characters for the movie. He is an actor, a lawyer, a magician with a craft for good, that I can tell you. Here we have matching vein patterns of his left hand.

Nothing can stop what is coming, and there is nothing that can stop us from saying there is nothing that can stop what is coming. Timing is everything and it takes time to take down a 6000 year old death cult.

Anything is possible at this point and no one can prove otherwise, so we try to connect the dots and the patterns since there are no coincidences and nothing is random. NOTE: Do not miss Mike's movie on Absolute Proof of election fraud end of article. Please share with friends and family.

Steven Bannon (SB) interview with Mike Lindell, (ML) CEO from My Pillow.

I have partially transcribed the interview, highlighting a few key phrases from interview as Marz, enjoy the show.

Mike Lindell (ML) describes himself as an X addict, compulsive gambler and addicted to crack cocaine, "God set me free Jan 16, 2009”.

Marz: We have several references to 911 in this date, taking back our numbers into the light. Thank God. Note the double thumbs up for The Great Awakening.

ML: 2004 I invented my pillow, had two tracks was a functioning addict, turned to crack cocaine, lost everything, lot of betrayal, came out of addiction, and when I came out of addiction I asked myself "what did I miss”? Never thought politics had anything to do with me in my life, until I heard friends losing their jobs and homes, the President giving money to evil empires?

In the summer of 2016, DJT then candidate Trump, reached out August 15, 2016, in a private meeting in NY with DJT, it was just him and I, we talked about bringing the jobs back, I make My Pillow here, we have 2500 employees, I also use my platform get millions of drugs users off of their addiction.

DJT said, "I’ll stop the drugs from pouring in”. DJT would be the greatest President ever, problem, solution it all sounded great, if he kept those promises that would be great.

Marz: Lots of references to the greatest during this interview. Greatest = Kindness.

ML: Spoke to others about DJT and they said he was a great leader, had done stuff for them personally and was a great boss, so people I know validated what DJT had said.

Went home to Minnesota , mentioned meeting with DJT to the MSM, it was crickets and then the attacks started calling me racist, then I knew I was all in. I back this President, I spent 4 yrs of battling media and backing the greatest President ever.

My Pillow platform is for God. I had a calling from God I did not want to miss MY CALLING - in my life, SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN, I had a calling in my life.

Marz: Q drops on "something big is coming”

Don’t miss Jennifer Mac’s movie, starring #JuanOSavin. Decode blog to come of this beautiful movie: THE CALLED - MAKINGS OF A PERFECT DAY WITH JUAN O SAVIN. JENNIFER MAC MOVIES:

ML: I even had my drug dealers do an intervention on me. 4 yrs of battling and 4 yrs of fighting for this country, I was on the right track.

Jan 16, 2009 his life changed - I knew if I waited one more day my calling would be gone, my pillow is just a platform for God, I knew something big was happening. My drug dealers did an intervention on me. Downtown Minneapolis, staying down there, there was a warrant out for my arrest, I was found innocent on later, came out of room up for 2 weeks no sleep, the drug dealers cut him off, you're not buying anymore crack. It's an intervention. I was carpet farming for crack, went down to the streets of Minneapolis, could not buy the crack anywhere. Came back up stairs, you been telling us for years that this my pillow thing is a platform for God and your gonna come back sometime when you quit, and you're gonna help us out of this world of addiction. Two of these guys, born again Christian working for me now. Jan 16, 2009 I prayed to God to be free of the desire, I will do this platform whatever you got in line for me and give it all to you. Woke up the next day the desire was gone. Never looked back, went 2 months later to a faith based church intervention to find out why I was an addict in the first place. They were great seeds planted for me and and I did a full surrender to Jesus on 2/18/2017 I give it all to God as a matter of fact. From that point on came out of addiction, My Pillow was just a blip on the radar screen.

I had this calling, talked about books I read about, while I was in jail, the bible, I would tell the stories about them to all my friends, even the dealers, I was their hope, they really believed me, I was always transparent, Mike if you can get out of this, we need someone to lead us out of this. JFK - Hold my beer.

Marz: Sweet baby Jesus from heaven above John is telling us he knows we believe in him, he has always been honest and transparent and we need someone to lead us out of this. God bless him, God bless President Trump and all the white hats trying so hard to awaken and save humanity. Addiction is a metaphor. We have been addicted to lies, he is going to help us see the truth. We are all addicts.

ML: I have a platform, to help get Millions out of addiction -

SB: Through prayer you woke up and that desire was gone?

ML: Desire was gone, but I went to faith base treatment center, to find out why I was an addict in the first place if to see if there was an answer to that.

Here is what I know now: My parents divorced when I was 7, I was the only kid from a broken home, I was shy, I would show off to fit in, one extreme to another. The common thing is people use drugs and addictions to mask pain, give us false courage all the things that addictions do. If you don't talk to people you don't get rejected.

Many of us from childhood we get wounds, trauma, fatherlessness, fear of rejection, broken home, I was shy, the key to all of this is God and Jesus. That is what worked.

Faith based treatment there is 80% recovery vs. secular treatment center has 5% recovery and below.

Marz: Translation every single human on earth suffers from trauma we have not dealt with. God is the answer. Be kind, be good, be loving as God intended. Love is the answer.

ML: Our recovery network, - still in pieces, fell behind was focused on election fraud for the past couple of months, but it's out there, not perfect, it's a commonality of hope. You will see other people there, a hope match. My friend came to me in 2008 before I quit, we were both cocaine and crack addicts, but he had been set free 4 yrs earlier set free by God. "Dick is it boring”? “No, it's not boring". Use things that are already in place around our country, which is the best places to get help and the best On line help, and best churches are helping its an amazing network that will keep growing. I’ve been there, other addicts have been there.

Marz: Mike Lindell is coming out with a documentary that unequivocally will prove election fraud this Friday, February 5th, = 5+2+5 = 12 Friday name of JFK Jr. dog named after the day his father was murdered.

SB: You turned your life around 2/18/2017, you turned to Christ. What happened in those 8 years from January 16, 2009 to February 18, 2017?

ML: Jan 16, 2009, = 911 - 911 freed me from the desire, please God get me out of this, we must learn to be reaching out when times are good, not only bad, people pray when times are bad, you're not reaching out when times are good.

2/18/17 = Full commitment to Jesus

Marz: Double 17 & 18 is all you need to know about that. Praise Jesus.

ML: Seeds planted from God and Jesus, if one takes it, ideas planted - let's do an infomercial I told my family, spent 2 yrs getting company back, did an infomercial, if no one will take us, let's pool our money and let's do our own infomercial.

We did it, filmed it, everyone said it cant be done, we would need an actor, the night before we went to film this, we were doing our reads, CA producer says "worst guy Ive ever seen he will never make it on TV”.

Next day we filmed, I was scared to death, of the audience, one line took an hour, finally I said let's get rid of the teleprompter, want to make it real and get rid of teleprompters want to “DO IT MY WAY”.

President Trump did it his way, clearly. Check it out!

ML: Oct 7, 2011 the infomercial aired, I had nothing left in the world, living in my sisters-in-law basement, had 10 employees at that time 40 days later I had 500 employees, it just exploded!

Marz: What R you kidding me? 10/7/11 = a lot of 17’s! Yo Q! 10 employees = 40 days = 500 employees = 10 = 5.5 = Loud and Clear and God’s Grace.

Pic below from Trump rally in solidarity with South America, they didn’t have smart phones for the public when JFK Jr. and Carolyn disappeared on 7/16/99.

ML: We made tens of millions of dollars, but after 6 months I was million of dollars in debt, I had learned so much, so took it in house, by the summer of 14 met this gal, we were 2 days from going under, 6 million in debt, no credit, x addict I have no credit. What went wrong? We prayed, I brought everything in house, did it my way, we had the power of prayer. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus she asked? Ya I believe in God always wear my cross on TV.

Marz: 1+6+1+1+4++2+6 = 21 = BA = JFK or the game of Black Jack or BlackJack the riderless horse?

ML: Use mathematics, 1 in a million, 1 in a billion, when does this become a miracle? For me I would get myself in a bind, was in Mexico something crazy going on getting head cut off, God protected me, she has something I didn’t have, a personal relationship with Jesus. I had a vivid dream that I was going to meet with DJT, Aug 15, 2016. Things started happening. Went to national prayer breakfast I was picked with 12 (TWELVE) other people, Odds of getting called on to pray with Dr. Ben Carson, things kept happening.

Marz: Fun fact: TWELVE = JOHN GALT, bald secret service guy in Kennedy blue shirt ;)

Marz: I had Ben Carson listed as one of JFK Jr characters, I will remove him from my list after seeing Mike and Ben on the same stage in the photo along with Mike saying he was chosen to pray with Ben Carson. Not so outrageous, Eddy Murphy played a white man and anything is possible.

ML: DJT wins election, I walked into the White House for the first time, who is sitting here, all my friends see me, what is this crackhead X crackhead sitting next to POTUS, divine intervention, Jesus had to be involved, only God was here. Things started happening could only be from God. Put my calling into place. Feb 18, 2017 Operation restore warrior. another divine appointment, praying I would come out with a relationship I did a full surrender to Jesus Christ. A piece was lifted off , no fear, I forgave myself for what I had done in the past, he has forgiven me when he died on the cross. Amazing I felt, speak out for Jesus like i had a pillow. This was a confirmation.

Feb 18, 2017 Operation restore warrior was another divine appointment. Marz: From the article: Operation Restored Warrior: Project Manager - Paul Lavelle Operation Restored Warrior was established in 2008 to meet the needs of our nation’s veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide Ideation. Through relationship and experiential, multiday encounters in a ranch setting, these resilient warriors are taken through a process of bringing the touch of Jesus to those locked away wounded places. ORW brings restoration and healing to these selfless warriors who have given so much to preserve our freedoms. Over 1700 veterans have been restored! Please consider supporting ORW to help save the lives of our nation’s veteran. Over 1700 veterans have been restored? 17 = Q ML: 2 months later I’m in Minneapolis at the Super Bowl, told story in 5 minutes, they were all in prayer, the lord led me. I was with my Granddaughter at an amusement park, all these millennials coming up to us, and saying through your story I found Jesus, your story meant so much to us. #winning Point of the story I knew I was on the right path.


ML: Took in 10M, then went into debt by the millions. We took everything in house by summer of 14, we were within 2 days of going under, x crack addict, met a lady, we prayed. What are the odds from crack head to CEO, wow this is a one in a million, a billion this is impossible when does it become a miracle? Got out of a lot of situations, God protected me. Calling of mine falling into place.

Feb 17, 18 2017, not a veteran. Operation Restore Warrior was a divine appointment, praying come out with what Kendra had a full relationship with Jesus - got on my knees - full surrender to Jesus Christ.

Marz: 17, 18 why these dates? 17 = Q 18 = R = JFK jr.

ML: Most amazing thing I have ever felt. Now I could speak out for Jesus like I had a pillow. Point of story: I knew I was on the right path, set free, it give me the strength, my prayers aren't answered?? Get back in the word, you don't have to worry, give it to God. I needed that for the strength it was like it was meant for a time like this. Give it to God. This has to be a divine appointment, this has to be God, 2015 was a full surrender, those things where impossible, never thought I would get 2 towns close to DC and here I am in the Whitehouse. My calling is to be evangelism, now talking to huge crowds, some shy guy was able to put it right out there. SB: Road to Damascus - time of testing, that time is now, they tried to destroy Mike Lindell and his company. Tell us about the start of My Pillow and how many times did you have financial catastrophes?

ML: “A lot” I invented my pillow in 2004, it took a year to invent. I tried to solve a personal problem, regular pillows did not work for me, I asked others they had the same problems and they did. You can adjust it, wash and dry it 10 years warrantee, friends laughed at me for patenting a pillow, but I did get that patten, after the year is up I had no money left 4 little kids under 12, my son and I would tear foam and run around the neighbourhood.

Marz: 10 + 4 + 12 = 17, you guessed it! #Q

ML: When I finally had it invented, how many do you want? I went to all big box stores, no one would take me, it was a complete shut out. Marz: Q Anons finally figured it out, we tried to share with our family, friends and loved ones and we were SHUT OUT. ML: Someone said Mike do a kiosk, I didn’t know what a kiosk was or how you spell it, we did a kiosk that failed I could not talk to the people, had a parallel track of being on drugs, I was straight, so I was very shy, was not on drugs to mask fear of rejection. January a guy bought the pillow from the kiosk, called me up one day said the pillow changed his life and he runs the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, asked me if I wanted a spot in the show, I said sure, I had no money left, nothing left, went into the show, set up a table, did my own thing, promised the most comfortable pillow you ever owned, I sold 20 pillows, they all came back the next day, said it was their best sleep ever. It wasn’t about the money it made me feel good inside, it made me feel that I was helping the people, from there I was HOOKED ON THAT FEELING = NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Marz: Q & Anons, never give up, you’re hooked on the feeling of helping and teaching soul brothers and sisters. #GodWins

You can find the song Hooked on a feeling on the Great Awakening soundtrack below:

Great awakening soundtrack by Vincent Kennedy on Spotify. 186 songs, 12.13 hours = 22 = 1111

ML: I did shows and fairs for the next 6-7 yrs, I lost a 20 year marriage. because of addiction, betrayal people trying to take the company, all this betrayal all these people attacking me, read my book, pillow company it was all shows and fairs just a blip ion the radar

Marz: 6+7+2 = 15 = 555 = God’s Grace to the power of 3

ML: Quit addictions, spent time on getting the shows back and home shows and fairs then it lead up to the infomercial and that is when things exploded. There was such a need for this product, I do all my own work in house, manufacturing, 10 to 500 did it in 40 yrs, keep making pillows, keep making pillows, negotiating best prices for my patented foam and shipping. I was hiring them off the street, people said, Mike you need to be a CEO, I said what is a CEO don't they just take money? Mike we need an H/R department, I said that sounds horrible we need a corporate attorney that even sounds worse!

We made these pillows, it exploded I learned so much from the failures of 2012 took it in house like an entrepreneur.

Marz: Translation, America FIRST #Winning 1111

ML: I took each one out, what if I only had one customer, one employee, we have sold 54 million my pillows up to 110 products

Marz: 1111 JFK Executive Order that got him murdered. Worth a repeat.

ML: Then the box office all came calling and jumped on board we do all our commercials, all our marketing in house, we ad lib because people like things that are real.

SB: 2500 American manufacturing and good paying jobs, this was an organized attempt to destroy you and your American company. Don't miss Epic Times - Mike Lindell Interview.

ML: Nov 4th something was wrong with this election, I look at deviations and find out how it happened or why it happened. Concentration of investigations, to determine election fraud, evidence is the Dominion machines.

SB - You’ve got independent evidence to argue at senate, highly confident, walking through mathematics all the time, infomercials all driven by math, highly confident that this will stand up the withering assault from Dominion ? You are highly confident, with your knowledge and cyber experts?

ML: 100% I told POTUS I would take everything I have in this world and put it on the line.

Marz: It appears Mike Lindell is well connected to another hero and patriot, Rudy Guilliani and he gets an apology from Newsmax anchor.

SB - Organized left are smart and cunning, not very nice, but they are smart, they have you in the gun sight. You have been putting your life on the line. This is not some country bumpkin, this is driven by hard set of mathematics - science and math, Lindell knows what he is saying. You maybe the key that picks the lock. Walk me through what they did the big box which is 1/3 of the business.

ML There are other people that I have I just validated what was already out there, new evidence completely separate thing, I validated it.

SB: Dominion dropping law suits - apologies on Fox, they are quiet. We have not had Dominion on for a reason, its a complicated issue. POTUS must make his case at the Senate. All Cohorts have gone amazingly crickets. NY post put up the hard drive of Hunter Biden and they were attacked but hey have done the legal work. Your the center of the attack, you are the only one not backing down,

ML: I will never back down this is the smoking gun of everything we cant use machines in the future ever. Dominion sent me a letter 3 wks ago it was a you have been warned letter like the old mafia days when I use to bet on foot ball. I want you to sue me, they drop they are going after me on national tv and media, going after Mike Lindell all the box stores like sleeping giant, Australia, England all under attack, 8 of these box stores are all under attack.

SB: Inspired by the Holy spirit, this guy Mike Lindell is great. They are going to try to destroy My Pillow and Mike Lindell. Organized left trying to destroy you.

ML: They have attacked everywhere, twitter is down, they are running it, they are acting like me, trolls and bots are everywhere, employees getting calls and attacked, so many attacks.

Anderson Cooper attacked me this summer on CNN over the cure for COVID, my oleander pandemic and cure conversation, these attacks are 10 times worse than that.

They are making Bed Bath & More, HEB, Home Sense, Wayfair, Fred Myer, Krugers all box stores cancelled on them, we were dropping P.O.s all these people dropping me, some guys I tried to talk to and I did, explained these are trolls that are attacking my accounts.

Cancel culture will crush us, quit talking about the election fraud, I want Dominion to sue me come after me, I seen it with my own eyes we were attacked by other countries for our election.

SB: We know you are never going to back down, unwavering you're a honey badger. What does our audience need to do to support your cause of not backing down?

ML: I’ve got millions of dollars into this if they want to use, Promo code MIKE, we have 110 products, we have spent millions, just got off the phone with my manager, we have 2500 employees these are careers, they are on board, we are making up for the box stores now.

Buy my book, What Are The Odds from crack addict to CEO, it’s 9.97 free shipping, this is a story of hope, 3 million of these books, took me 7 years to write, pre printed 3 million, bought my own paper so I could take that money and use it for good. even in the book industry, the Box stores locked out my book because of my support for DJT our great President. Ive taken this money and I will keep this fight up. I’m not giving up.

Marz: 9+9+7+3+7+3 = 28 = 10 = 5.5 Come on now.

ML: Go to My first square, 9.97 free shipping use promo code Mike.

It will change your life, it will change anyone, this is the American dream on steroids, read this book its like living inside a movie, but its got a great ending, its where we are now too. Anyone looking for hope I’m telling you right now we are in the middle of the greatest revival in history, pretend your in a movie its the bad part of the movie, but its actually the good part because this had to happen, it has to happen to reveal the truth, this is on God’s timing. The truth will come out not on dates like:

Dec 14 - Q post 1214

Jan 16 - Q post 16

Jan 20 - Q post 120 Let's see what the matching Q posts have to say:

. go search on the above numbers!

Here is Q post 1214:

Mike Lindell Epic Interview at Georgia Trump Rally:

Gods timing all will be revealed, God has his hand in all of this and its going to be amazing. It's going to be glorious for the whole world. END

Mike Lindell - American Patriot #Uniter #Hero #GodWins

JFK Jr whistles to his pet bird Lark and he whistles back. Did you know Lark is JFK Jr's Secret Service name?

Here is Mike Lindell documentary on voter fraud - Absolute Proof: UPDATE Feb. 22/21 Dominion Sues Mike Lindell For $1.4BN, Uses Nazi “Big Lie” Phrase 31 Times In Court Filing.

Is that right? That totals 1. 4+3+1 =8 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.


UPDATE: Mike Lindell sues Dominion in savage countersuit!

Mike Lindell, Brannon Howse And Mary Fanning Present: Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and The Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic

UPDATE Lindell says "Trump Will Be In Office By August"


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