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President Trump EXIT - Wow #Troll Level 1111

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are watching a movie? #Popcorn #EnjoyTheShow

Joe Biden clone/actor/creature is not the President of the United States of America. Not a chance. ASIF! President of the defunct US Corporation! #TREASON

He arrived to the inauguration, surrounded by swamp rats, of the US Inc. the corporation, not the Republic, in his private jet, and left in his private jet. Air Force One is reserved for POTUS only, not an indicted criminal and imposter pedophile.

After an extraordinary speech, who departed Andrews Air Force Base on Air Force One, the PRESIDENTIAL PLANE on 1/20/21 Fox live reported, lifting off and flying away for the world to see, to the song “MY WAY”?

Our President Trump & FLOTUS, Melania, with family, that’s who! #TrollLevel1111

Well deserved drama, bring it on. GENIUS.

He’s right, he did this his way and he never loses or lies. #LivingLegend #GodLoveHim

This is KEY!!! #KEYSTONE Biden was sworn in 17 minutes before noon on Jan 20, 2021 while President Trump was still President. Oh no you DID'NT!

Not today Satan.

HUGE DO NOT MISS THIS TRUTH BOMB ARTICLE - Trump ode to the corporation D.C. is fenced off and the President is never going back to the White House, but not for reasons you may be thinking.

Update: Martin Geddes posts:

Our PLANS are NOT God's PLANS! The END won't be for everyone! PRAY!

Prediction: Biden "Presidency" will be revealed as deep state operation over the next 27 days, wrapping up Feb, 19/21. He will appear to reverse much of the work and accomplishments President Trump has done to help the people. This will help wake up the sleepers that can not list one of Trump’s accomplishments or executive orders because they watch #CCP news, enemy of the people. So Biden is President of the US Corporation now worthless. Trump is POTUS of the Republic. So Biden will reverse everything Trump did teaching the sleepers about all of his accomplishments that were for the people not big pharma or the corporations and lobbyists. It will become very clear who Biden works for shortly CHINA CHINA CHINA. You will also see MSM shower him with praise, never criticize him and treat him like Obama, because they all work for CCP not for the people.

When President Trump speaks he speaks in code, his presidency is a military operation, everything in duality, to expose many evil people and bring them to justice while helping to save many children for sex trafficking. Nothing is random and everything has meaning. When he speaks to the public, it's Dark (Deep State Agenda), and when you look into the code meaning, it's Light/Truth/5D/NESARA timeline. The majority are for vaccines so he has to please both sides by acting like a vaccine is available to those that want it, therefore making it 'optional' for those that don't. Win/Win: He uses clothing, hair styles, ties, hand gestures, colours, code words and key phrases to communicate with us. We take some of his key phrases and we drop into GEMATRIA to match up and determine what other messages he is communicating to us.

Sadly, MSM is the enemy of the people and run by #CCP China China China. If you watch the idiot box, you have drank the Koolaid, and remain programmed and brainwashed, not personal, not your fault, it happened to all of us. Millions are waking up worldwide.

#unplug #research There is no other option. No one is coming to save you, no doctor, lawyer, government or job. #PersonalResponsibility #FOCUS

Every single thing President Trump says, writes, tweets or declares is a historical and official Presidential record and he never lies, works for free and is a #StableGenius #5DChess

He addresses 5 audiences at a time:

This is a military operation and loose lips sink ships, there are 10 people in the whole world that know what the exact plan is and there have been zero leaks. Many of us use our own interpretation on what we believe he may be communicating. No one is 100% correct, we are all learning and continue learning.

We won't have Vaccines. In fact, when Constitutional Law is announced, vaccines become illegal, they are illegal against the Nuremberg Code of informed consent. Let's not forget #InformedConsent #Keystone Update: Let's see what happened in Canada, Feb 5/21

Virus = Deep State

Vaccine = Indictments/Arrests for the evil people and the military will be delivering them Trump is also referring to natural therapeutics to help mankind that are coming 1776 = All of the people that have committed crimes against humanity will be prosecuted by Military Tribunals 1221 = Everything that they owned is seized and comes back to help humanity Q = Intel/Intelligence Program - Things are stated in questions, and sometimes not always in plain English, other times things are. It's a Socratic way of learning, questioning and using critical thinking skills again. They have all the evidence, you are watching a movie to wake up the people up to the truth.

MOAB = Global Currency Reset + Gold Standard + Quantum NESARA/GESARA GESARA = Worldwide NESARA = US Section 230 = Big Tech censorship on the people

HOT TIP: Invest in Gold, silver and precious medals.

The lovely, Melanie Trump, FLOTUS farewell speech: Melania says, "it was her greatest pleasure to serve the United States (corporation) as FLOTUS", she ends with God Bless the United States of America. (republic)

At 5:23 video angle changes and you plant stand with a FERN plant on top of it and a lovely Q on the side for our viewing pleasure. FERN = 43 = 4+3= 7 = God number 43 = Pence, Goat, March, Hot, Wife, Panic, Ford, JOE M, Plan, A Gift Microphones = 11

Copied from: Ryan Stadell / Facebook


Global Currency Reset (Quantum Financial System)

Quantum Internet (NO ONE CAN HACK)

NESARA/GESARA is coming (Debt forgiveness)

New US Treasury Currency "Rainbow Currency" backed by Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

Many hidden technologies and cures are coming soon that will be able to heal our bodies of disease (Med Beds)

Tesla free energy High profile arrests across the world

Government step down. There is suppose to be a new election and we elect new people around 10% the size of what it is now. Return of Constitutional Law to our courts & legal matters (Worldwide) Huge disclosures - Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) Military Tribunals and Video Confessions from many evil people  Are you Awake to all of the things that have already happened? Much more is coming. Many Truths will be revealed this year and into early next year!

The World Will Soon Learn The Truth Is Not A Conspiracy! Significant codes and phrases to understand: 1. Vaccine will vanquish the Virus = Military will vanquish the DeepState/Cabal When Trump says the military will be in charge of the “vaccine,” the double meaning is that the military will help get rid of the sickness (perversion, corruption, treason) of the “Invisible Enemy,” through the use of military tribunals. 2. Medical Miracle = MedBeds 3. Safe & Effective Vaccine = Safe Military

4. End of the Pandemic Once & for All = Elimination of the DeepState/Cabal 5. Golden Standard of Safety = Gold-Backed Currency (Coming Soon)

6. Brilliant, Scientists, Technicians, Doctors, Workers = Galactic Assistance 7. 95% Defective = Junk Vaccine

8. Vaccines also very safe = Safe Military Operation 9. Greatest Scientific Accomplishments in History = Galactic Federation Of Light

10. 14 Billion Dollars for Vaccine Development = Money Spent on Military 11. 500 Million additional doses = Size of Military (Globally)

12. FedEx & UPS Shipping = Military to each State in the Country 13. Unlimited Potential = Galactic Assistance

14. Governors decide where the vaccine goes in their State = Upon their actions against us, the military will respond 15. Seniors, Healthcare workers, 1st Responders to be 1st inline = 1st in line for the MedBeds

16. Quickly & Dramatically reduce death & hospitalizations = No more need for Hospital (With how things are done there now because of how the Medbeds will heal people) 17. China Virus invaded our shores - We would produce a vaccine in record time before the end of the year - They said it couldn't be done = DeepState invasion, organized the military by the end of the year, Martial Law/Insurrection Act

18. The United States is the 1st Nation to produce a verifiably safe & effective vaccine = 1st ever safe military operation/war 19. First Vaccines administered = Martial Law/Insurrection Act/First Arrest 20. FISA x3 = EO Signed in 2018 21. The Pandemic may have begun in China = DeepState helped China

22. But we are ending it right here in America = DeepState finished 23. Operation Warp Speed is the greatest medical manufacturing endeavor in American History = Production of the MedBeds

24. We are deeply grateful to every person who has worked around the clock on this monumental national project to save lives = “Q"

25. Thank you All for your tremendous gifts to humanity = Nesara/Gesara

26. Authorized The FISA Vaccine = 252 = The Storm Is Upon Us (Trump said Authorize The FISA Vaccine Instead of Pfizer)

27. FISA Indictments = START

28. God Bless You, God Bless the United States of America, God Bless the World = God Bless to a New Golden Age (So Many Good Things Are Coming For us) Thank you Ryan!


Check out blog on #medbeds and some other possibilities you might like. ;) #Hope


There are plenty of prophecies about Trump presidency. Check out Kim Clement - may he RIP - a short clip, don't trust me, trust yourself and do your own research. #JFKJRLIVES


President Trump farewell speech January 19, 2021

I believe in Trump's farewell speech form last night he was talking about restoration of the Republic and organic Constitution.

“You’re going to be seeing incredible things coming” “The future of this country has never been better” “We will be back in some form” “We put this miracle together”

19 is a power number to the cult that runs DC, London and Vatican, precisely 19.47 which represents the angle degrees of the equator to the tip of the triangle. Trump farewell address is 19.47 in length! We are taking back our numbers in to the light! #JuanOSavin

“You’re going to be seeing incredible things coming”

President Trump, FLOTUS and family departed Andrews Air force Base in AF1 today live on Fox news to the song MY WAY

MY WAY = 87 = Justice, Vincent, Junior, The Sun, John Galt, Timeline, Manifest


Juan O Savin 107 = 17 = Q Juan = John in Spanish O = the missing O of Gone too Soon, hunt for the truth. Savin = Savage in Irish John Savage. Irish : reduced form of O’Savin, Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Sabháin ‘descendant of Sabhán’, a personal name based on sabh ‘cub’. The Irish surname has largely been absorbed into Savage.

17 number of Osiris 17 Q 17 Victory The language of numbers, secret language between these communities. Cult number 17 17th book of bible with ester and perham occurred 17 = victory to Gods people also to the devils people. They believe in their religion Osiris died and was resurrected on the 17th. We are battling for the numbers. #JuanOSavin It's going to be biblical.

Amazing Machinations: Juan O Savin - "Kid by the Side of the Road" Interview:

Kid by the Side of the Road by Juan O Savin:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

The future of this country has never been better:

John 21:11 - Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.

153 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. Don’t miss The Perfect Day - Juan O Savin up close and personal on Jennifer Mac’s channel. He speaks of a perfect day with an old friend where they went fishing. #JuanOSavin

We will be in back in some form:

#IngersolLockwood #LLWood #BaronTrump #BARRONTRUMP R = JFK JR. 1896 = 666 2017 = 10- = 5.5

Click on image to scroll - click on image to enlarge, there is a surprise. Can you find the 17?

GESARA/NESARA - waiting for announcement

GESARA: Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

NESARA: National Economic Security and Recovery Act

We put this miracle together

Trump final speech as POTUS 45 of the US Corporation departs on Air Force One - 21 gun salute, to all hail the chief. January 20, 2021

Key phrases from his speech dropped into Gematria below:

  • Built it twice

  • Have a good life, we will see you soon

  • Luck

  • Very complex, be careful.

Q drop to 932

Melania was dressed in a lovely black suit, channeling Jackie Kennedy, when she departed Andrews Air Force Base. Upon her arrival in Florida she changed into this gown. #DarkToLight #Comms

CLICK on image to scroll for more military details:

Build it twice:

Free your mind the rest will follow, video duration 4:14 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Hot Tips: President Trump won by a landslide, Jim Morrison is alive and is Rush Limbaugh, rumour has it.

Have a good life we will see you soon:


Very complex, be careful:

I notice all the globalist swamp creatures using the line "Building Back Better" mantra in this video?

Vincent Kennedy AKA #JFKJR America Pissed Level 777!

Screenshots of the swamp creatures: "Building Back Better"

V = Victory In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

New social media alert announced by #JuanOSavin!

Thanks for reading, like, comment, share and subscribe, it's free! #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins

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Jan 24, 2021

Excellent content. Thank you for such hard work and dedication towards opening minds, doors.


Jan 24, 2021

When listening to Juan O Savin, he asks people to read 2Kings 9-10, referencing King Jehu. Juan is a key insider and should be paid attention to. It is ominous in what is coming to DC traitors, and the city itself.

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