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Jim Caviezel - Talks Adrenochrome Live To ~5ooK People Pushback Film Lin Wood Brings Down House!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In this blog Jim Caviezel is talking about Adrenochrome to a livestream of at least 500,000 people, ‘The Pushback’ film launching tonight at 7, with some of the best scientific & healthcare professionals, politicians, activists and truth-speakers that were interviewed, Lin Wood tells the truth about Q, God, child trafficking, Adrenchrome and accuses Obamas, Bushes, Bidens and Clintons all involved. Enjoy!


Jim Caviezel is talking about Adrenochrome to a livestream of at least 500,000 people 🤯

Nothing can stop what is coming. #GodWins

Pray for the children 🙏🏼 Trafficking is the real pandemic.

This is why Jim Caviezel was shunned from Hollywood. His faith & his dedication to saving the children. Jim is giving the public a HARD shoulder shake to wake them up to what's REALLY going on. Soft disclosure for the public has ALL come together like clock work. HRC's Evergreen ship / Trafficking "Conspiracy theory".

Of course MSM vilifies Jim!


Biden and Harris doing NOTHING about the child trafficking at our border.

The media articles being pumped lately about young blood consumption reversing aging. Now Jim Caviezel making these BOMBSHELL statements about harvesting Adrenochrome from children.

Jim is WELL respected in every Christian household, as a voice of reason in fighting the cancel culture Christians are facing. He's just opened a pathway to an even deeper understanding of WHY this war is being waged. The true evil that preys on our children, that exists & lurks right in front of our faces each & every night on Tel-a-vision.

The sick occult elites CREATED Hollywood. The same people that run Hollywood, run America and most of the 🌍. Hollywood is just another boulevard [They] get our money at. The world is about to find that out.

Enjoy this partial preview of Sound Of Freedom to music. Film rumoured to be released in August, when Mike Lindell predicts Trump is back in office. I know, don't rely on dates because time is meaningless right?

Sound of Freedom - Jim Caviezel


"No Forks or Four Forks" ~Mike Lindell. SAME = Addiction FRANK Speech launches: April 19, 2021

Frank-A-Thon for 12 hours on 1st Amendment and our rights

April 20th Mike Lindell Launches his new film on Absolute Interference.

"No Forks or Four Forks" ~Mike Lindell I love that quote, we all have addictions of some sort. Liquor, wine, beer, smokes, koolaid, big pharma, sugar, candy, victimhood, hard drugs, fake drugs, over eating, under eating, cupcakes are all elements of addiction. Many are also addicted to their egos and false identity and have unconsciously bought the lies about socialism which is communism, identity politics, right, left, consume garbage GMO food, garbage lame stream news which includes radio, newspapers and academia all fake. They sell you a state run education system written by the elite because they know better, they know what YOUR children needs, amplify that by 1000 = they control every single thing you do, and they can hear you breath. Let that sink in.

Time to stop the shaming, we are all addicts addicted to garbage food, booze, candy ruled by fake education, fake entertainment, fake history, fake medicine, fake news, fake big pharma and a corrupt government all masquerading as our leaders and saviours. #WakeUpNeo #NoDebate

Don't think you're a slave? Do you pay taxes? Where is our government right now? Ask yourself what would happen if they cut the power, not for 1 - 3 days, that would be tough, how about 3 weeks? We would be at civil war in less than a week. Gas pumps will not work = shortages across the board with a lot of people that are unprepared. They say you should have 3 wks worth of supplies. Better to be prepared, don't forget about stocking up on pet food and medicine as well.


Pushback Film - Premiering Sunday @ 7PM GMT on multiple platforms - links to follow! Check with channel directly!

We teamed up with hundreds of people from across the world to put together our latest film; ‘The Pushback’. Here are some of the scientific & healthcare professionals, politicians, activists and truth-speakers we interviewed, and who provided exclusive comments for the film. See anybody you recognize?

Premiering Sunday, April 18, 2021 @ 7PM GMT on multiple platforms - links to follow! The truth finally gets airtime.

This is undoubtedly the most important film we’ve ever made. We have been inundated with 100s of hours of footage from the worldwide demonstrations that took place on March 20th, and we're honoured to be trusted by so many to speak on behalf of the freedom movement internationally. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. We are a small team, and have voluntarily been working around the clock for weeks, shooting interviews and compiling footage to make the most compelling end result we can in the short window of time we have.

To everybody that has supported us, to every interviewee that gave up their time, to every person that contributed footage, and to every alternative media outlet still bold enough to speak the truth, no matter the consequences… Thank you.

Sunday for one hour at least, the world will hear humanity roar.


Lin Wood brings down the house, at Health and Freedom conference with talk on Q, child trafficking, Adrenochrome and God. "Q is the truth he shouts, this is about the children for God's sake. Send this video to Hollywood, send it to the house of Windsor, send it to Bill Gates, send it to the damn Illuminati. Let them hear the truth. I don't fear them at all. Send it to the Vatican. Send it to the Politicians the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Bushes they are all involved in child sex trafficking it's time to tell the truth to America." ~Lin Wood ~Defamation Lawyer

Link on Telegram to one segment: Update:

Lin Wood full 8 minute speech Health and Freedom Conference - April 16 and 17, 2021 in Tusla, Texas

Title of video is misleading, no matter, it will draw in sleepers looking for an echo chamber of rage and bitterness instead they get a red pill that will knock them off their feet. Good.

8 disturbing mins of lin wood @ the 2021 health and freedom conference in Tulsa

Video duration 7:44 = 15 = 555 = JFK Jr. Gods Grace to the power of 3

"Save our Children" "Q does not like satanic worship." "Q does not like the Illuminati" "Q is the TRUTH" "Do your research" "Send them to jail. Put them in front of a firing squad!"

"The time has come. The time is now."

"Our nation must face the truth. The good, the bad, and the UGLY. "

"On this day of worship, We The People pray for the children."

Audience: "Send it to the pope!" Lin Wood: "If the pope is still alive."

~Lin Wood - 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood also talks on Adrenochrome, child trafficking, Satanism and Trump is still President. Watch several clips here with LT and And We Know.


Biden Imposes New Sanctions On Russia In Response to Election Interference and Cyberhacks

Biden declares national emergency at Ukraine-Russia border — but calls back US warships

Former VP Pence Undergoes Surgery to Implant Pacemaker (note FORMER)


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'The Pushback' Film launching tonight at 7

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