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HRC Says We Are At The Precipice - OMICRON = MORONIC - Here Comes MONKEYPOX

Hillary Clinton's double says "And I think we are really on the precipice, Rachel... in this 1.32 segment on MSNBC. Is that right? Never mind COVID here comes Monkeypox from Nigeria! Everything you think you know about "disease" is a lie. COVID 5G Map review, decalcify your pineal gland, return to source. The choice to know will be yours. This is all about free will. Has the world split? You bet it has. Which camp do you want to live in?

Kyle Rittenhouse: “God Was On My Side", Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Biden's oil debacle and let's wrap up with a story about Jakk Tuesdays Pub - an Amazing Polly documentary about a Canadian underdog fighting for freedom. Enjoy the show!

Introduction to Blog:

I added a clip of a fire dancer from Dubai on a trip we took 3 years ago in 2018. Did you catch the mask he is wearing exactly like the blue teflon masks people are sporting today? This was in 2018. Time travel? Coincidence? Prophecy? Could be nothing. BUT here is the interesting thing I also snapped a few random photos and only discovered the massive fire Q in The Great Awakening colours once we arrived home. BOOM! #GodNod

We visited South Africa on a few Safaris for a few weeks prior. The flight from Washington was 18 hours. There is no direct flight from Canada, yet Trudeau wants to cancel all flights from South Africa due to the new variant, OMICRON. So what about the flights that stop over in London and Dubai? Why are we not stopping them? How much more gong showy does this need to get people? Oh wait, what is this?

OMICRON definition = 15th letter of the Greek alphabet

15 = 555 = From Dark To Light - 15 = 1+5 = 6 = 33 = 33 Freemason


"You will never see a U-haul behind a hearse. Let me repeat that. You will never see a U-haul behind a hearse. You can't take it with you. The Egyptians tried it and all they got was robbed." Denzel Washington
"Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference." Denzel Washington
"You only live ONCE, so do what you feel passionate about, take chances." Denzel Washington

ONCE = 98 = 17 = Q

Q is always followed by U - Q is U.

We are all connected, we are all Q.

We have everything we need within ourselves.

"The entire purpose of the universe is the evolution of consciousness. The universe is an awakening being it is one being manifesting though countless forms of life and it is evolving through you. Every form of life, animal, plant, tree, person is a temporary expression of the one underlying being." Eckhart Tolle

Everyone is an expression of divine source God.

Hillary Clinton says "And I think we are really on the precipice, Rachel... in this 1.32 segment on MSNBC with Ricky Madcow. Clinton clone or double looks like hell.

Check out that time stamp.

9 = Highest Power - 35 = JFK

35 = 8 = New Beginnings

8+9 = 17 = Q

In a recent interview with Nino, Juan O Savin shared that the Hill is a Rothchild and wore the same coke bottle glasses as her father in her early days, she was an expert soft ball player - not sure how she could see without always sporting those coke bottle eye wear. Rothchilds wanted the White House, and they knew the American people would never tolerate a Rothchild in the White House, hence the Hillary Clinton character was created. Meanwhile, America and the world was perfectly fine with Obama the antiChrist in the White House.

Blog on HRC Email relationship with Rothchilds.

HRC - We Need New Laws to Regulate Social Media Companies (video)

“But what we’ve seen, sadly, in the last several years, is not new in our history because it is rooted in the struggles that we’ve had going back to before our beginning, but it is, unfortunately, turbo-charged by the combination of demagogues, social media that is more interested, frankly, in profitability than the rule of law or unity, that feeds disinformation in a way that strips people to the core of their insecurities and their fears,” Clinton said.

“So, it’s not new in any way, but the way it’s being implemented is new and it’s really hard to escape. So the problem that we face is an old problem, but with a new twist because of technology,” Clinton added.

She concluded: “And I think we are really on the precipice, Rachel, of seeing people, particularly in the Republican Party, but not only there, who truly just want power, power to impose their views, power to exploit financial advantage, power to implement a religious point of view. We see all of that converging.”

Clinton’s been inching her way back into the political spotlight. EEK.

Never mind COVID here comes Monkeypox from Nigeria! Now we all get to argue about knowing someone that has Monekypox and wether it's real or not. How about that new variant OMICRON from South Africa? Insert eye role. So I guess that means that the vaccinated are no longer vaccinated for the "new" variant. See how this works? How many vaccinations and boosters does one get before they wake up Neo!!!

Meanwhile, South African doctor who discovered "Omicron variant" says there's nothing to worry about, only has very mild symptoms. The SA health minister said vaccines do not work for this variant and we have South African Medical Association REBUKES Global Hysteria – Says OMICRON VARIANT Symptoms ‘Unusual But Mild’.

Fauci Accidentally Confessed Something About The NEW C-19 LIVE On CNN! [WATCH]

Keep in mind an argument is to figure out WHO is right, a discussion it to figure out WHAT is right. Big difference. You should never argue with anyone, it doesn't work, it's a waste of time and energy. Come back to center realize the problem at hand, say your part and then depart. Do not waste your precious energy, it only drags you down.

Now remember people have been hypnotized to not think clearly, the masses are suffering with mass formation and menticide, so even when you present evidence and facts that are contrary to their beliefs, it's like talking to a wall, they are unable to process it. #Demoralized #Hypnotized #Brainwashed #Ego

VACCINATION = CHILD SACRIFICE TO Moloch - they have altered your child's DNA and they are no longer fully human and can be patented and owned by big pharma. I suspect this has happened to all of us and they can hear us breath if you've been vaccinated. Remember the brain implant in The Terminator?

Keep in mind, many that have succumbed to mass formation are also tied into their "identity" being their career and job, so many doctors and nurses are the most brainwashed souls on earth. They've been educated by Rothchilds and Carnegie and believe they are heroes helping humanity. Hello? Not ALL of them, some are good, but the majority of them are helplessly brainwashed. Are you a doctor that still gives flu shots? Shingles shots? COVID shots? Prescribe big pharma? What are YOU injecting into your patient's bloodstream? HELLO? #NurembergCode #HippocraticOath THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK! Also many "parents" of children that are doctors or nurses are very proud of them and their perceived accomplishments so they too will be brainwashed and programmed by the idea of the medical industrial complex is good for humanity. Heads up, it's not, it's a business tied into big pharma and they make billions off keeping you sick, we don't need them. They don't cure their clients they create them. You know who else we don't need? Academia, doctors, nurses, government, fake news, fake history, fake food, fake medicine, fake diseases and fake people.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is A Lie

"There are three kind of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics." ~ Mark Twain

This is not just about one industry or person. The brainwashing, programming and mind control happened to all of us, but millions of us are waking up to the big lie. Many are not and there are doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, judges, scientists police officers, fire fighters, first responders, priests, coaches completely succumbed to mass formation. As a society we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to trust and look up to these "people" as role models yet they are the very people that are keeping us dumbed down and enslaving us with this group think of lies. These are the gate keepers folks. Many have no idea, clearly. Many do and are waking up to the big lie. It's not personal. No one cares what you are, what your education is or any other label you can attach to yourself. NONE OF IT MATTERS YOU'RE NOT MORE SPECIAL or above anyone else. In fact some of these people tend to be the MOST arrogant, brainwashed and programmed people on earth many with the biggest EGOS that hold them back from being their true selves and remembering who they are. They also tend to be the most miserable and phoney and deep down many struggle with self loathing that screams of childhood trauma and abandonment. So they are in real pain, and they have no idea they are in pain or brainwashed or programmed. None whatsoever as the continue to soothe the child in them with booze, pills, junk food, lies, crappy sex, porn and garbage entertainment to stay in the lowest vibration possible. Repeat for life. YUCK.

It's been 20 months and nurses, doctors, testers, health care workers, grocery store clerks, the homeless are NOT DROPPING DEAD. NONE OF THEM ARE. Did you ever notice that people that die from COVID only die in a hospital.? YUP. Never at home, or on the street or at work or in the park, nope. ONLY in the hospital. That's where you die from COVID. Heads up, don't go to the hospital. EVER. They do not help you. We have everything we need to heal and you had better start with your head. Learn how to set a broken bone and stitch a wound in case of an emergency. I'm sure there is a video on you tube or watch Yellowstone, they have it covered. LOL Does everyone remember the zinger line by Beth when she's first sets up her deal with Bob and it's going really well? You know when she leans in and whispers in his ear,

"I always knew you tucked it in your sock Bob." Beth Dutton

HA HA HA - Bob was glowing like a peacock.

Dr. Cole on "Not The Science"

I don't believe many people understand their health. In fact I know they don't look around you. So in a nutshell, in layman's terms, from my perspective...

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor do your own research.

Watch the water Q said. There are more than one meaning. You must drink clean purified filtered PH balanced water.

There are no viruses. No such thing. They made them up to control us and keep us in fear. There is no contagion or germ theory it's all bunk science, to keep you in fear and to control us. Look up EXOSOMES and Terrain Theory or read about here:


"I caught a cold". NO YOU DIDN'T. Stop blaming others for your shitty health. Take personal responsibility. Stop watching Hollywood movies like "contagion" to help solidly the brainwashing. Ever see V for Vendetta? Heads up, that is exactly what is happening right now.

V for Vendetta Trailer Released March 17

Released March 17th from the makers of the Matrix trilogy, the 23 second trailer covers:

No fear, do not fear your government, your government should fear you, curfews, Anonymous, unity, terrorists. A government responsible for 100,000 deaths, time to live without fear, dominoes, "My Turn", everything is connected, we are all part of it. R U READY FOR IT? Time for vengeance!

The majority of disease (DIS EASE) comes from vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride, GMO foods, sugar, junk food, alcohol, big pharma, cigarettes (all man made). Fear and stress and YOUR own head do the rest. If you can convince yourself that you're sick, then you can also convince yourself that you're well. We should be treating our bodies like the temples they are. We are all very fortunate to be here having this human experience so YOU had better make the best of it. YOU are what you consume, mind, body and soul. There is no such thing as genetic disease. Every single human that is born has unique DNA, now this does not mean that the mother through diet and medication does not pass on clogged arteries and some genetic material that is damaged from her vaccinations and her parents vaccinations, but once again its from man made "food garbage" and vaccinations, fluoride and big pharma that this poison comes from.

So let's examine the flu - each fall when there is less sunshine due to man made time change, thousands end up with the flu. Some in the same household. They have done countless studies where a person with the flu (your bodies way of expressing itself to detox - they are called exosomes) had the person cough all over a healthy person and there was zero transmission. EVER. So what you have in common is you all reside at the same residence, eat the same low vibration food, are around the same toxins, watch the same low energy shows and share the same energy and vibes. So no need to fear your neighbour or family member, fear yourself. When you get sick it means YOU ARE TOXIC. Your body is working because it is an amazing machine detoxing from your shitty lifestyle, so back to personal responsibility and drink plenty of ph balanced filtered water, eat organic whole food plant based, get lots of sleep, take a walk in nature, get some fresh air and listen to healing music and meditate. Guess what? You will feel great in a few days. You can thank your body for detoxing and working properly. That's it. Continue these behaviours, change your thought pattern, stop the blame game, take personal responsibility for YOU! No one is coming to save you. If you are searching for something to fulfill you from outside of you, you will never be fulfilled. It has to come from within YOU. Your world will change once you change your thought patterns.

If white hats are not in control how do we come across COVID 5G Map like the one below? Have you ever seen the map for the Great Awakening? Um I go look at that to remind myself how much more we have to learn. Share this COVID map with a "normie - vaccinated - TV watcher". Note on the bottom right hand corner. END OF MEAT! YOU can eat what you want, but karma baby, it's coming for you, you consume a tortured animal and their soul. All meat is decomposing is all you need to know about that. Once the animal is slaughtered like a horror show it begins to decompose, immediately. So what do they cover and colour it in so it does not appear decomposed and grey filled with maggots? The majority of the ground meat comes from CHINA. EW. Come on now. Eat what you want though, no one cares. #LowVibration


Your Manifestations get stronger by the day if you uphold a high frequency level. A good way is to stop consuming dead cells. E.g. Lew Tolstoy was a convinced vegetarian. In the 19th century he said: Eating meat is a remnant of the greatest crudeness. The transition to vegetarianism is the first and most natural consequence of the Enlightenment.

From animal murder to human murder it is only one step and thus also from animal cruelty to human cruelty. As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will also be battlefields.

"If you can't kill humans - good; you can't kill cattle and birds - even better; fish and insects - even better. Make an effort to get as far as you can. Do not brood over what is possible and what is not. Do what you can do with your strength. That is what everything depends on."

Heads up we all have it. I continued to drink unconsciously like a fish for years, completely sabotaging myself. November 23rd was 7 months no more booze for me. Thank you God for the strength to help me finally see what I was doing to myself and stop. Notice I used the word stop. Quitting is for quitters and we are winners so you simply stop and take back control of yourself and your behaviours that are not helping you become the most amazing YOU.

So what about cancer? Again if you are TOXIC your body will create a build up of toxins in a form of a lump. This is your body communicating with you that you are toxic and it requires some detoxing, however instead we are taught to panic, then you go to the doctor completely stressed out worried that you are going to die, so your willing to do anything they say, then they cut it open to get a "biopsy" and this is how they spread the cancer throughout your body. Then you wait for 2 - 8 weeks for results, drinking yourself to death, never thinking you will get off Ativan. Then they come in with surgery, chemo and radiation as solutions to SAVE you. See how this works? If we were meant to be cut open, God would have provided us with zippers. If you get a lump or bump do not panic, thank it. Your body is working but it is also telling you YOU ARE TOXIC. So what can YOU change to help your body eliminate this "tumour" or lump of toxic garbage? hmmm - Give up the booze, the one night stands and cheeseburgers, meditate, pray, eat organic whole food plant based, get fresh air, fast, drink high ph balanced water, get rid of all toxic products and get your head right! Start there. No FEAR - you must have faith over fear. The energy vampires live off our fear, it creates loosh and they absorb it. They love it when we are fearful, angry, bitter, jealous, lustful, greedy - all Satanic. None of those behaviours are Godly and you get to choose who you want to be every single day. You must have a grateful heart and a positive attitude to be the best you.

What about childhood cancer?

We are not meant to ever be sick. This one is really bad and very sad. Majority of childhood cancer which is predominately "childhood Lukemia" comes from vaccinations. They put formaldehyde in the vaccinations and inject that into the children's bloodstreams and the parents let them. Highest numbers for Lukemia come from children and embalmers. Do you ever wonder why they embalm humans in the first place? What do they do with the drained blood? AND why are most funeral homes right beside a jewellery store? Did you know you can turn your dead aunt or dog into a diamond ring! YUP. They do that with the missing children and wear those "pink" diamonds, they also put them in the ground up meat. These people are so sick.

I don't think the TV watchers or the vaccinated care about anything. I'm sure some are decent people, but they are demoralized and suffer with apathy, the death of a society. They certainly are not meditating. I wonder if they realize how ridiculous they appear and sound at this point. And what they are doing to their children? It's child abuse. Straight up, they should be charged with attempted murder and for sterilizing their children. I hope they don't want grandchildren.

Now for some people this may seem harsh, you must understand we are tired of these people, very tired of them choosing ignorance and harming themselves and their children at this point is beyond our understanding, mass formation or not. These people are literally the reason this is taking so long.

Child Masking Is Harmful, Unnecessary, Cruel and Should End Immediately Experts Say In New Video

Speaking of mass formation and menticide...

Austria 10-day Nationwide LOCKDOWN Begins - with apology to vaccinated citizens

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has apologized to vaccinated citizens, as his country goes into a strict national lockdown.

The restrictions will apply to all citizens, regardless of vaccination status, lasting 10 days - but might be extended to 20 if infection/death rates continue to spiral.

Schallenberg has also announced a vaccine mandate to begin 1 Feb, and although precise details of that remain unclear, fines will be given to those who don't comply.

Tens of thousands protested in Vienna ahead of the nation's 4th lockdown.

Subscribe to RT News:

If you're not meditating ,you're not healing. There is no debate. Many use the excuse they don't have time? Oh no time to heal? Oh, ok. That demonstrates you don't really care about yourself. How can you help or be of service to others if you won't help yourself first? It's also how you connect with God or source whichever you prefer to call it. I'm no expert, but I'm trying and it's working. Follow anything Dr. Joe Dispenza or Dr. Bruce Lipton for starters.

Ever heard of 'The Iceman' Wim Hoff?

Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof got his nickname 'The Iceman' by breaking a number of records related to cold exposure including: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.

Using 'cold, hard nature' as his teacher, his extensive training has enabled him to learn to control his breathing, heart rate, and blood circulation and to withstand extreme temperatures.

We need to decalcify our pineal gland so we can access the different dimensions through meditation. Here are some basic exercises and products to help decalcify your 3rd eye:

Apple cider vinegar, sun gazing, grounding, black seed oil, meditation, breathing, purple crystals, 3rd eye music, healing music and frequencies, eat organic whole foods plant based.

mRNA Can Turn Someone Into A Butterfly???

The choice to KNOW will be yours.

40 Places Where Covid Shots Have Failed To Stop The Spread

24 countries and 16 states where cases reached new all-time highs after vaccination roll outs.

CDC Confirms Second Case of Monkeypox in U.S. from Traveler Returning from Nigeria

“There is no specific treatment for monkeypox, which has a mortality rate as high as 10% in Africa, but an FDA-approved vaccine that protects against the disease was recently recommended by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for health care personnel and lab workers at risk for infection.”

NEW - Biden had "benign" but potentially precancerous polyp removed during his "routine colonoscopy" last week, White House physician now says. @CBKNEWS

Here is how they get the BIDEN actor! He'll die of colon cancer and Monkeypox but they will list the death as COVID the new variant OMICRON = MORONIC

Perfect. Time to remove all the CGI/latex masks!

President Trump on Laura Ingram comments on Kyle Rittenhouse.

"He was brave to testify." President Trump

Spot the difference?

Trump referred to MSNBC as MSDNC.

MSDNC = 167 - B Obama Dead In Head = 167

Speaking of Obama the AntiChrist.

Donald Trump slams prosecutors' 'misconduct' in Kyle Rittenhouse trial after meeting with teen in Mar-A-Lago

Oklahoma Senator Files ‘Kyle’s Law’ To Hold ‘Malicious’ Prosecutors Accountable, Compensate Victims

A state senator from Oklahoma, Sen. Nathan Dahm has filed legislation named after Kyle Rittenhouse that seeks to compensate defendants of “malicious prosecution” if they are charged with murder but later found to be not guilty due to justifiable homicide.

CNN’s Cuomo Makes Surprising Statement About Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict

During the end of his show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” Cuomo told CNN host Don Lemon that Rittenhouse was justified by the law, despite his contention that the outcome was because of “systemic racism.”

Cuomo called it “a terrible situation,” saying that because of systemic racism, “you’re going to have people saying if he was black, this would be different.”

The only systematic racism we see is from CNN and Joe Biden, aka James Woods playing the role in a mask, he was born April 18th. 18 = R = JFK Jr. Heads up everyone knows your colour does not mean shit, your character is what matters. No one's colour is a superpower. We don't care who you love, what colour you are, your gender, your race, your religion, education, career, none of it is a super power or an accomplishment. At the end of the day do you have a boss? Do you pay taxes? Shop at the grocery store? Rely on hydro? We are not so free are we? Rely on a government and fake news and fake education to tell you how to think, what to like, what to be outraged by and you will be happy, you will pay us half of what you earn for absolutely nothing and we will harvest your energy via your life's work at a meaningless job and through fake taxation, then we get your children and your grandchildren. We've been doing this for centuries. Who else is ready for a change? Back to the choice to know will be yours.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces bill to award Rittenhouse the Congressional Gold Medal

"Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) introduced a bill on Tuesday to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse, saying that he "protected the community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot on August 25, 2020."

Kyle Rittenhouse: “God Was On My Side” (VIDEO)

The Media Though

Harris was briefly first woman to be acting U.S. president as Biden underwent colonoscopy

‘Everybody’s Absolutely Horrified’: High Society Is Bracing Itself for Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sexual Abuse Case Opens with Little Attention from the Media

When Ghislaine Maxwell leaves Manhattan federal court at the end of each day of her upcoming sex abuse trial, the British socialite will return to a Brooklyn jail cell that she says is plagued by vermin and the scent of raw sewage.

Since her July 2020 arrest on charges of grooming underage girls for now-deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, Maxwell has been held in isolation at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), a jail where, according to several defense attorneys, conditions are substandard.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family appeals to UN for her release from jail

Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings are now petitioning the United Nations in a bid to get the infamous accused sex-trafficker released from jail pending trial — after at least four failed bail applications.

Maxwell With Bad News! Her Accuser Will Testify About Repugnant Epstein SEX ACT!

Look who's happy? You can purchase this lovely coffee table book by President Trump - Our Journey Together.

FBI Document Mentions Nikola Tesla & His Supposed Contact With “Space People”

  • The Facts:

    • Declassified FBI documents mention the idea that Nikola Tesla had a "connection" with "Space People" and was brought here by them as a baby.

    • This was apparently not revealed until 1950 according to the information in the document.

President Biden Announces Release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve As Part of Ongoing Efforts to Lower Prices and Address Lack of Supply Around the World

Biden Orders 50 Million Barrels of Oil Released From Strategic Reserve In Bid to Cool Surging Prices


By: Amazing Polly

A handful of business owners are bravely defying the COVID measures and taking a stand for freedom. In this intriguing documentary you will meet Kelly Hale, owner of J.A.K.K Tuesday's Sports Pub in Kingston, Ontario and see first hand what small business owners are going through. Shot over three incredible days of ups and downs, you will watch the drama unfold and be left inspired.

The army of Everyday Heroes is growing larger and stronger every day!

Owner Kelly Hale says, "Stay strong and hold the line, calls us warriors, we are in a battle, die for our freedoms and just say no." Just say no to drugs right? UM, the quackine is a drug, experiMENTAL gene therapy that injects nanobots into your bloodstream. Just say no to drugs folks. Pub's name is JAKK Tuesdays- pronounced Jack - is that right? We have a few JK for John Kennedy right here in your face. Also Ruby Tuesday? Ruby Cute? Coincidence or God nods?

Check out the numbers on the jerseys framed in his bar, Jakk.

JAKK = 198

Another real life story.

Marlene Brod a teacher for 35 years fired for not getting the vaccine or approving to testing. In tears as she departs, she said she loved the kids.

Let's go to another dimension. Who's coming?

@davidjpphillips - Tik Tok

Activate Your Diving Reflex For Anxiety By Doing This

Here is a psychological trick that you can not live with out. This is insanely powerful. If you or anxious or you are nervous or have an uncomfortable feeling in your body - splash cold water on your face or dip your face into cold water. This will activate something very ancient in you called the diving reflex - It immediately lowers your heart rate. Try it. #AnxietyRelief

Thank you for joining Life According to Marz, Story at 6 and a special thank you for all the encouraging messages and comments. People are very kind, we really are a passionate bunch!

Kindly share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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PODCAST - BLOG & Introduction:


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