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Updated: May 2, 2021

US Attorney for Virgin Islands demand flight logs for his helicopters and planes.

Here comes the files!!! The PEDO files!!!

21 years worth of names & flight logs from the Lolita Express!!

Chances are if they are on the flight logs, they will get the RONA!

AKA arrested and waiting military tribunals. Funny how many politicians and celebrities are testing positive.

YES #CanadasCrimeMinister was there!!!! Along with 1000's of others!!!

Now that RBG needs to be replaced Judge Roberts name is also on the flight logs! Once this is public another Supreme Court Judge will be picked!!!

Here is the smile that will end abortion, I mean in womb dismemberment of a live baby without pain medication & God knows what else they do with them.

Genius!! BQQM! House is Cleaned!!! Canada next, please! C/O TERRI DAHL Facebook, Thank you for the great post, I added a few memes and comments.

UPDATE: NXIVM Overlord Clare Bronfman, Illegal Clinton Bundler, Sentenced To Prison

Rumour also has it many of these politicians & celebrities have already been executed and their white hat clones are playing their roles for the movie.

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