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Crimes Against Children Will Unite Humanity Across Party Lines #ChildrensLivesMatter

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

So I'm a conspiracy theorist. #IZATRIGHT - The wheels of justice move very slowly - the burning question is will we ever get justice worldwide for all the children and adults masquerading as traumatized children? Will crimes against children unite all humanity across party lines? Difficult truths. Q Twitter Files = Declass!

Never in history have we openly discussed the very difficult topics we present. Many dismiss you as crazy and a lunatic conspiracy theorist attached to a "cult", but who's the one actually attached to the cult of don't ask any questions and don't think for yourself? All we want is the truth. #ChildrensLivesMatter If you're new to this information, there really is no easy way to say this gently, it's going to hurt, everybody gets the red pill. It's always been about the children. It's time to be honest with yourself, learn the truth, be authentic, restore our values with integrity, get justice and heal. We can no longer look away and pretend this does not exist with the sickening platitude "that's been going on forever" as if that somehow allows you to simply turn away. What if it was your son or daughter?

It's time to pick a side - good vs evil. You need to raise your vibe and awareness so you can become conscious and take a stand. Remaining ignorant, while others suffer, is a form of compliance and so is relying on a rogue government while fearfully complying with their every order.

We need you to know you're better than that, you need to snap out of it

regain your power and stand up for the most vulnerable in our society the children. You need to choose good vs evil. We all need to unite and say enough is enough!

PIZZAGATE IS REAL with Liz Crokin, John Podesta’s niece was on Twitter’s Trust & Safety council and she resigned yesterday.

#TwitterFiles @bioclandestine nails it: "I am in absolute shock right now.

The main body of the Q drops revolved around a grand conspiracy, known as the Deep State comprised of the top seats in the DNC, the media, the DOJ/FBI/Intel Community, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Academia, etc.

The #TwitterFiles lay out a paper trail that confirms there was malevolent coordination from these entities to carry out operations that assist the DNC in elections. The Twitter files confirms Q's entire main narrative. Balenciaga confirms the rest." @bioclandestine

Lara Logan Dropped Truth Bombs About Pedowood, Podesta And Satanists.

"Katy Perry doing a music video about cannibalism where she's being cooked and prepared to be eaten...These people are crazy.. Marina Abramovich holding up a severed goats head and doing spirit cooking and bathing people in blood and having fake cannibal dinners where all these Hollywood celebrities are standing around taking a piece of the fake body. I'm sorry but these are the crazy people. John Podesta's art that he posts in his home.. He's insane.

We're not crazy for talking about it.

We're not crazy for wanting the truth.

We're not crazy for wanting to know who were the people that Ghislaine Maxwell was supplying children to.

We're not crazy for asking those questions.

And I don't care what they say about me."

Full interview:

Lara Logan TELLS ALL: Dark Elitist Secrets They DON’T Want You To Know - Lara starts at 4:43

Lara Logan continues to speak out about John Podesta, Spirit cooking, Balenciaga, War, and connecting the dots.

12:53 clip:

"The same people who are in favor of open borders, these are the people like the Podesta's of this world who are going with Marina Abramovich and doing spirit cooking dinners. It's not ok...Marina Abramovich can be on the cover of Ukraine's vogue magazine.. dressed up in obviously satanic costumes. It's very simple to me. I'm not ok with it. And I think that there is something wrong with people who are. If we are a society that's reached a point where we're all ok with it then there is something wrong with our society. But I'm not going down with this ship." Lara Logan

Balenciaga - Twitter Files = Smoking Gun - JFK Jr Next Role?


Welcome to the largest sting operation ever know! Election interference and rigging confirmed in Twitter files round 2 and 3 - absolute evidence of President Trump being shadow banned and Jack lied about it.

Tax returns, justice and Twitter is the battlefield.

Also, Elon had his assets seized in 2018 and he used to have quite the receding hairline.

#Cancelbalenciaga - Anti groomer groups organize nationwide protest against Balenciaga for normalizing child porn with disgusting BDSM ad for children.

This is not another 4 year election, that I can tell you. 3.5 = JFK - Million More Americans Voted Republican in the Midterms So Go Ahead - Blame Trump. COVID GENOCIDE UPDATES and plenty more to report on. Welcome to the digital battlefield, enjoy the show!

Welcome to the largest sting operation ever know!

Get out your popcorn folks.

THE Q ARMY 🐸🐸🐸🐸 It’s happening…

We might be just a ragtag bunch of concerned citizens, but I’ll tell you something. Our recognition & vindication is coming hard & fast.

Trump began to openly acknowledge & honour us with his clear messages.

Now Musk is honouring us in the very same way. He has deliberately posted Pepe the frog on 2 occasions, and his tweets have been full of Q references & codes. But the best thing is, this all happened within a few weeks while:

♣️ Trump appeared at a Mar-a-Lago with Liz Crokin & Out of Shadows about child abuse.

♣️ General Flynn posts the ‘Out of Shadows’ documentary.

♣️ Musk opens up Twitter to banned accounts to post documentaries & openly condemns Twitter’s lack of action dealing with child abuse.

♣️ Logan publicly opens up about Satanic networks.

♣️ Rachel Chandler is on the news [GB]

♣️ Balenciaga-gate hits the mainstream.

♣️ Musk goes on a Tweeting rampage against child abusers & Twitter’s role in facilitating it & publicly thanked Eliza Bleu.

♣️ Biden gets publicly investigated for human trafficking.

♣️ Project Veritas exposes Government involvement in trafficking border victims.

♣️ and Podesta’s niece gets booted off the Twitter Trust & Safety council - likely the gatekeepers for the sickos.

….and the Swamp loses their minds. - Dutch Digger News

Children Will Unite Humanity - Please Share

012 - PIZZAGATE IS REAL with Liz Crokin

Liz Crokin has done more research into Pizzagate than anyone on the planet. "What is pizzagate?" and is it real? Good share for normies.


John Podesta’s niece, Lesley Podesta, was on Twitter’s Trust & Safety council and she resigned today.

Elon responded she refused to take action on child exploitation for years. Something BIG is coming from this.

Also, Elon had his assets seized in 2018 and he used to have quite the receding hairline. Sup with that?

Musk's Twitter bombshells keep coming. Social media company was giant conservative censorship machine

Twitter, before Musk was part an enormous erosion of free speech in America. - VIDEO - Jesse Watters

Conservatives the tech company didn't like were subject to 'visibility filtering' is a way to suppress.

Total all the numbers in meme #1 - they all equal Great Awakening numbers. First digits = 7+8+9+1+1+1 = 27 = JFK

Here's the thread...



BREAKING: Jack Dorsey LIED about shadow banning, Twitter Files reveal

"We don’t shadow ban, and we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints. We do rank tweets by default to make Twitter more immediately relevant (which can be flipped off)," Dorsey said.



Absolute proof President Trump was shadow banned. #ElectionInterference

The Twitter Files Part III: The Banning of Donald Trump

109 episodes? 19 = President Trump


So you have nothing to hide? Then why is the government so hellbent on recording, tracking and knowing every single detail about us including what you write, text, type, search, watch and say. They track all our purchases, know when you open your fridge, go to bed, flush your toilet, they have all our medical records, know your heart beat and they can hear you breath. WHY and FOR WHO? Why do we pay taxes for this surveillance to who exactly and what for? What do they do with all of our tax dollars?

You know what they're going to find in Trump's tax returns?

Jack shit.

But you know what this does?

Sets a precedent for future ex-presidents and political leaders when they get publicly investigated. (Think Biden, Obama, Hillary, etc...)

Will be fun to watch!

God love Trump. Imagine being Will Sommer? #WrongSideOfHistory

America First is YOU - Q is YOU


Marlene Love = 122 = JFK Jr Lives = 122 = 5 = .

Special Counsel, John "The Punisher" Durham


PRESIDENT TRUMP - Q+ John John who ( IS ) a friend of mine…

God bless America 🇺🇸4️⃣7️⃣🦅

Video “It opens up & that’s John Kennedy that’s John John who [IS] a friend of mine & who was getting ready... he was going to sell ..

GEORGE magazine he [IS] a good friend he [IS] a great guy & he was going to run for Political office. He would have been very tough to beat.” @Official_McAfee_Channel

Juan O Savin Why would somebody want him dead? Because he was to run for Senate in NY. Who was running for the same seat? Hillary Clinton. The club that was keeping power didn’t want John in the blocking position. So taking him out was a way of guaranteeing Hillary would take that seat.

Was there an understanding this was in play?


Is that the same thing that was done with Epstein? w/McAfee?


I suspect JFK Jr is playing Elon Musk (EM) character. Look at that famous hairline. ;)

EM = 35 = JFK - EM = 18 = R = JFK Jr. #CuriousGeorge


SPICY Qoincidence… Yesterday VK posted, “Starting to think Elon has something to do with the Q thingy.” at 3:28pm Q328 includes, :Owls: Today Elon tweeted, “Now things get spicy 🌶️” at 5:22am Q522 includes, [OWLS]

Vincent Kennedy shares Owl video

Lindell makes it official—he is running for RNC Chair @mikelindell

Mike Lindell announced December 9th he is running for Republican National Committee Chair against the Ronna. ;)

I did a word search on Dec 9 and Q post 3791 - Jan 23 came up regarding: Worth remembering - the day the public learned 4 FISAs Dec 9. 2019. Is this referencing #TwitterFiles? I believe so. Twitter Files = DECLASS

18 Q Posts for January 23

Dec 9th - 5 year delta - Justice

"I will expose my father's killers no matter who they are - even if I have to bring down the Government." -- John F. Kennedy Jr.

George W.H. Bush - the word LOVE is in revolution.

The creators of Curious George escaped from Paris hours before it fell to the Nazis

Did you know they nik named George H.W. Bush's father George H Scherf - Curious George?

Excerpt from blog: George Herbert Walker Bush’s father, George H. Scherf changed his name to Prescott Bush, who as a boy, stole valuable secrets from Nikola Tesla and inspired the story of “Curious George” – in 1934, he tried to violently overthrow FDR, had his bank ceased for Trading with the Enemy (Nazis) in 1942 and by 1952 was a U.S. Senator in CT. In 1921, Prescott Bush married Dorothy Walker, she was the daughter of George Herbert Walker, a wealthy American banker.

In 1924, George Herbert Walker Bush (George H. Scherf, Jr.) was born and at the age of 20 became a (disputed) war hero (Chichi Jima incident) – as his father had been before. By 1956, he was in the CIA, owned Zapata Oil (Pennzoil) and oversaw the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba (which interestingly was code-named Operation Zapata). He was one of the chief architects of the assignation of John F. Kennedy (maybe Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy) and was arrested at the scene and released, he also called in to blame James Parrott (who later worked on his election campaign), he briefed J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) the day after. As Director of the CIA, he oversaw the deceptive operation of Watergate and the subsequent resignation of Richard Nixon – as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, he demanded Nixon resign only the day before his resignation. He planned and executed the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (which happened 69 days into their presidency) – including a 15 minute late limousine ride to the hospital – the Hinckley’s were long time friends and had once lived next door.

As VP, he was appointed to oversee the war on drugs and deregulation, for which he pumped cocaine/crack into the U.S. along with Bill Clinton and the Medellín cartel, which was flown into Mena, AK. He fought a war in Panama just to shut-up his drug empire criminal banker Manuel Noriega. He worked closely with both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, was one of the first presidents to publicly speak on a New World Order, and was the top mastermind of 911. He also helped to establish the existing 20 year CIA control of opium from Afghanistan. His deregulation of Wall Street ultimately led to the crash of 2008. His life’s overall efforts ended in doubling the debt of the U.S. – and for a brief moment he brought our democracy to its knees.


I believe so much has already happened behind the scenes. Click on the images below and zoom in. Enjoy the show.

Crimes Against Humanity - Execution List

You're Gonna Love This Little Tidbit on Truth Social

“We will stand up to the radical left lunatics and RINOS." - President Trump

Trump warns Iran not to ‘f–k around with us’ during radio interview

Since when does Elton John, a chubby lesbian, have the morale authority to say anything frankly, can't even figure out it's gender but here we are.


Lot's to unpack in this series tied into HRC Crimes Against Children.

Alibaba Autocompletes "Chidlren" with "Chidlren Adrenochrome". Top result's manufacturer only 4 hours from Wuhan. Trump tweeted in 2012 "Got to do something about these missing chidlren..."

Adam Schiff is whining about racial slurs on twitter his pretend percentages match up to Q drops regarding Hillary Clinton and Foundation Crimes Against Children. A message from Q prepare your heart. #WhiteRabbit #NPC #ReturnTheDiamonds


#CANCELBALENCIAGA: Anti-Groomer Groups Organize NATIONWIDE Protest Against Balenciaga for Normalizing Child Pornography with Disgusting BDSM Ad for Children

Pro-family groups, Mom Army and Dad Army, and anti-groomer group, Gays Against Groomers are mobilizing for a nationwide protest against high-end fashion brand Balenciaga tomorrow, December 3, after the company published a creepy ad featuring children, bondage gear, and references to child porn.

WATCH: Celine Dion tearfully reveals battle with incurable neurological disease (Video)

She got the stiff person syndrome = He's DEAD! #BigOlTranny #NotTodaySatan

They are not long for this world...

Balanciaga fashion show pit from hell looks just like Jeffrey Epstein's on Pedo Island - they don't even hide it.