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COVID1984 Vaccination Alarm Call to the World

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I believe this rabbit hole has the ability to change your perception of the world. Do not miss the video links in this blog. Welcome to this portion of #TheGreatAwakening, please join the adults at the table, we have been waiting for you and welcome you with open arms and loving hearts.

This meme clearly demonstrates what is going on in our world:

Facts not fear will stop this Plandemic.

Roman origin of Ovid = Sheep

I believe vaccinations & western medicine are the keystone. Once humanity learns they are poison and based on bunk science and propaganda, it's over, like an onion you start to peel, if its rotten, the truth reveals itself very quickly.

There are good people that work in evil industries that have been taught wrong. Not their fault, we all were. No one is special. You have a choice between evil and good, darkness to light = ignorance to knowledge. The choice will be yours. Free will and consent are very important factors. Are you really free and consenting for yourself? #nanobots #DarknessToLight

I believe we have been chipped from birth and they can hear you breath. Both Dr. Carrie Madej & Del BigTree videos are a must see.

Thanks @NickieCourtney for this:

In this 2 minute clip, Bill Gates admits the COVID vaccination will alter your DNA. I like to colour co-ordinate my posts and could not resist this sweet one from the very funny Babylon Bee. Taking back our numbers, colours, crowns, pineal glands. God Bless ACB. #significant #GodWins #adrenochrome #SCOTUS

Del BigTree, 11 minute video on COVID vaccinations link in my blog interpretation on Del BigTree video. DO NOT MISS!

Friend of ours left this message on facebook, clearly knows what time it is, I loved it so much, I made a meme out of it and shared it with everyone I know. Thank you Amandha, a light worker genius helping to save the world.

Here we have Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Health Officer, on “mandatory vaccinations” and how it may impede our lives if we don’t take it “voluntarily”.

We can not FORCE someone to take the vaccination for COVID19 = Certificate of Vaccination I.D. 19 = year it is released from China, but we can restrict their movements, if they don’t have their medical card confirming they have the vaccination they won’t be able to access long term care facilities, hospitals, schools for example.

I think it’s clear that none of us here like being told what to do by the government. Interview on Bitchute:

All deaths in Canada range about the same since 2016, somebody BIN LYIN

This is not about anti VAX vs Pro VAX this is about medical tyranny vs medical freedom.

I educated myself, have not seen a doctor, dentist zero big pharma for 7 years = no problem. The last thing I need is to ever go near the medical industrial complex that murdered our brother, best friend and many loved ones, they almost murdered me. NO THANKS. I went down a very dark road of bad health that I unkowningly invited it. The grim reaper sat on my hospital bed one evening, I know I'm here for a reason. Thank God. Grateful heart and soul sister to be here with you now.

There are good people that work in the medical industry that have been taught WRONG and unknowingly prescribe poison. We have all been taught wrong. We don’t heal from big pharma, they create life long clients not cures, provide a slow kill, no longer requiring gas chambers, disguised as helping you my friend and that is all western medicine doctors & hospitals push and accomplish. Many are pure evil and psychopaths that will be charged with murder. Follow the money and look up #OperationPaperclip. Series called Hunter on Prime covers that subject in great detail exposes the United States’ willing participation in Nazi advancement in the US and its hand in creating a Fourth Reich. This series oozes with truth of America’s dark history, and the aftermath of World War II. Did you know aborted fetuses are in the COVID vaccination? (and many others) More evidence reveals it contributes to most gender and sexual orientation confusion. I have been unable to find statistics on sexual orientation vaccination studies, like they have on so many other categories, not this one though. I suspect that most #LGBT Q have been vaccinated.

We are all vaccine injured, everyone reacts differently, no one is special and we love all humanity.

UPDATE: 2/10/21 Iranian Ayatollah says COVID-19 vaccine has turned people into 'homosexuals'

Did you know they use embalming fluid as a vaccine preservative in vaccinations? The most common cancer contracted by Embalmers is Lukemia due to exposure to embalming fluid, and here we have childhood Lukemia on the rise. These people are so sick.

“It’s for your safety” many people I know would happily climb onto a box car, “for their safety”.


Hostess: ok, I can seat you at this table right here (4 feet away), but I will need you to wear a mask to the table.

Me: what happens when I get to the table?

Hostess: you can take off the mask.

Me: then it is safe over there?

Hostess: yes.

Me: are those fans blowing above the table? Is that the air-conditioning I feel? Is the air circulating in here?

Hostess: no words. Confused look.


Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?

Cashier: to protect people from Covid.

Me : but isn’t everyone touching the plastic keypad the same way they would the regular keypad?

Cashier: no words. Confused look.

Me : Why Don't you pack the grocery bags anymore?

Cashier : Because of covid 19 to reduce the spread of catching or spreading the virus.

Me : But a shelf packer took it out of a box and put on the shelf, a few customers might of picked it up and put back deciding they Don't want it, I put it in my trolley then on the conveyer belt, YOU pick it up to scan it.. But putting it in a bag after you scan is risky??

Cashier : no words, confused look


Server: (holds a tray out the window with a bag of food for logical friend to grab)

Me: why is my bag of food on a tray?

Server: so I don’t touch your food because of Covid.

Me: didn’t the cook touch my food? Didn’t the person wrapping my food touch it and then touch it again when placing it in my bag? Didn’t you touch the bag and put it on the tray? Didn’t you touch the tray?

Server: no words. Confused look.


Society ; If you cough or sneeze do it in your elbow or sleeve,

Also society : Don't shake hands or hug anyone or you will spread the virus..

To greet people do an elbow tap instead.

Me : Elbow tap ? Isn't that where you tell people to sneeze or cough? into their elbow? Now you want people to tap each other with that elbow

wouldn't it be safer to sneeze into elbow and shake hands like we did before Covid

SOCIETY : You are not allowed to stand and drink at the pub or pokies you have to sit down.

But at the shopping centre you are not allowed to sit down, all the chairs are roped off.

Who thinks this shit up?

Life is hard for logical people right now. We are being raised without the ability to process and execute logic. Common sense is not very common.

Think while it is still legal.

The patent number is 060606. #666 Someone is going to jail!

Hundreds of Doctors Worldwide give their take on the COVID Hoax and Vaccination:

28 minutes will change your life, please do not miss: Back up link to video in case Facebook takes down:

Do not miss Dr. Simone Gold blows the lid off COVID lie & sounds the alarm about the vaccines:


It's really a PLANDEMIC. Proof That The Pandemic Was Planned & With Purpose

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference: (1)

‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’

This large group of medical experts publishes a medical newspaper on 500,000 copies every week, to inform the public about the massive misinformation in the mainstream media. They also organize mass protests in Europe, like the one on August 29, 2020 where 12 million people signed up and several millions actually showed up.

Why do these 500+ medical doctors say the pandemic is a global crime? What do they know, that we don’t?

Hundreds Of Spanish Medical Doctors Say The Pandemic Is Planned

In Spain a group of 600 medical doctors called ‘Doctors for Truth’, made a similar statement during a press conference. Do a search on them. I cannot share specific links because I will be placed into FB jail.

Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media and political authorities to stop this criminal operation, by spreading the truth.’ (2)

Germany and Spain are just two examples. Similar large groups of hundreds of medical experts exist in countries across the world.

In the USA a documentary called PLANDEMIC, which exposes COVID-19 as a criminal operation, is supported by over 27,000 medical doctors!

Video link to Plandemic:

Why are these thousands of medical professionals worldwide saying the pandemic is a crime? What information do they have access to, that we are not getting from the mainstream media? I invite you to look at the following facts with an open mind and then come to your own conclusions:

In 2015 A Testing Method Was Patented For… COVID-19

In 2015 a ‘System and Method for Testing for COVID-19’

It was patented by Richard Rothschild, with a Dutch government organization. Did you catch that? In 2015 – four years before the disease even existed – a testing method for COVID-19 was developed.

Take a deep breath and let that sink in.

Millions Of COVID-19 Test Kits Sold In 2017 and 2018

As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Certification of Vaccine ID 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing:

in 2017 and 2018 – two years before COVID-19 – hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.


COVID19 Evidence of Global Fraud by Iain Davis YOU NEED TO ACCEPT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED ON A MONUMENTAL SCALE - DAVID ICKE "This is a cross the Rubicon moment folks" Update: Jan 28/21 Dr. Dolores Cahill is a professor of Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine at University College Dublin, and chairwoman of Irish Freedom Party. In a recent interview she warns about the side-effects of mRNA vaccines.

Why Would Anyone Choose to Receive an Experimental COVID mRNA Injection?

Clean organic fruit & vegetables, clean air and water, meditation, prayer & the great outdoors is all you need to stay healthy. Stay positive, you got this!

The day will come when the world learns what we did and why we did it. #HoldTheLine

This man is fighting for us for free every single day and he will never let us down. God Bless President Trump and his family and administration. We are blessed to have them.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. We are all here to unlearn, relearn and continue learning. Our brains love the challenge. Please share, like, comment & subscribe. It's free! Join the conversation. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins My blog on: Green New Deal, Tesla, Med Beds. Was Trump's failed businesses a warning to humanity?

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