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AGENDA 2021 Forced Vaccination & some other stuff...

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

In this 11 minute video Del Bigtree describes what vaccine companies have done to us & that COVID is a common cold with a 0.26% death rate from old people or people with severely compromised immune systems, COPD, underlying conditions, sadly just like always, the common cold kills millions.   Let's evaluate. We have never lost our minds, shut the entire world down, worn masks, divided families, so why now?  During the most important election year in history?

Don't need to be a genius, but it's almost like they are trying to teach us something. AGENDA 2021 Forced Vaccination - Here is the 11 minute video: I have partially transcribed this critical 11 minute video by Del, included screen shots, added a few Q & Gematria connections that you might find interesting.   I believe many truth videos have more than one meaning just like President Trump speaks & tweets in code, addressing 4 different audiences, in no particular order:

1- QAnons 2- Normies 3- Military 4- Deep State

We need to expand our thinking, there are no coincidences only patterns. What do any of us REALLY know? To be teachable, you need to open your mind, remove your ego and admit you have been lied to about everything. We all were, you're not special. ;)

I believe Del Bigtree is part of #TheGreatAwakening. His critical message may be trying to convey what has already happened to humanity.  I can’t be sure of this but I can be sure that JFK JR makes an appearance, on a beach, in this video at the 11:01 to 11:03 = 9, it's like he is part of the plan. People say I'm obsessed... people say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

“Watch the water”  Q

If you have not already watched VAXXED & VAXXED2, do yourself & humanity a favour, add them to your watch list. You will never go near a vaccine again.

Autism rates by the year 2032:   One in 2 children will have autism.   What parent in their right mind would ever take this chance? In todays day and age with all the information at your finger tips, a lazy one.

Curious to see these years matched to a Q drop on update:

That could be an entire thread on it's own. I will start with 1975... just went down! Internal error server!! 8/27/20 @7:42, still down 8:50 back up at 9:50.

Lots and lots of nuggets on update:

One out of every two children is going to have Autism by 2032!!

We thank God everyday for President Trump saving the world from the deep state creatures, restoring law and order under God.

Q Drop 2032

Robert DeZero's son has autism, he is emotionally connected to this and says “I believe everybody should watch this.”  

I believe this creature is playing his role for the movie to help expose the deep state medical industrial complex for their corruption, lies and crimes against children and humanity. Never forget he is an ACTOR. #ThoseThatScreamTheLoudest Rumour has it he has been executed. #HollywoodisDead

Del screams "How is this data wrong, help me disprove this?   Show me a study that can disprove what we are seeing here." NO ONE has ever actually done this!!   They cannot say that They are SAFE.  PERIOD.

Q Drop 3586

They cannot say they're safe = 2147 = Father Who Art In Heaven

What have they done???


Billions left behind for Apocalypse? Smells like #GESARA to me. Follow @SantasSurfing17 for all your GESARA & NESARA needs.

We are not anti vaccine, we are ANTI injecting things into to a human body without the appropriate testing and long term studies so certain people can make billions of dollars.

These vaccine products have liability protection.  This is problematic & means you can not sue the manufacturer if it injures you or your child. How does this protect us?

In the documentary Del says the 1986 act that took liability away, but the screen shot says 1968.    Is this an error or a clue? Del is correct!

Went to dropped in search 1968 that matches our pandemic information, whoop there it is.

Is this about the virus OR THE ELECTION?

Q links to Laura Ingraham, true patriot, who questions the current shut down vs 1968 Pandemic for the Flu:

Oh wait what is this?  

All California voters to get mail-in ballots for November election, Newsom says

No marketing incentive to evolve the vaccines if they have absolutely zero risk.

Q drop 2939

Looks like John Huber has been very busy. Meanwhile child pedophiles that exploit children... Here is my thread on Who is this John Durham special prosecutor from Boston that we have never seen?

How confident are you in taking the COVID vaccination?  Not at all, in fact 99% of the human population does not need the vaccine.

It’s a common cold & only deadly for .26 % of the population.   99% of the world population does not need the vaccine.

Its Only Deadly For .26 Of Americans = 1594 You Make Your Choices = 1594

That's just a fact = 1400 = Warrior of Light.

There is a decline in the death rate, because we are learning that we're treating it incorrectly!!

A vaccine that 99.74% of us dont' need. 99.74 = 99 - 7 + 4 = 11 = 911

We are taking back our numbers & preparing for full disclosure.

Follow the money! It's a free country, go ahead and take the vaccine.  It is the language that is going to be forced that I have a problem with.  Bill Gates says he wants to vaccinate 7.5 billion people of the world.

It's going to come crashing down reminds me of:

Q links us to this 32 second video = 23 = PAIN Law abiding citizen - "It's Gonna Be Biblical"

Justin Trudeau 23rd Crime Minister of Canada

It's just a common cold.  There is an acute extreme response for 0.26% of our population that have OTHER life threatening illnesses, and by the way common cold has always been dangerous especially with people in late stages of heart disease, COPD & diabetes.

This pandemic has been completely blown out of proportion in order to force the entire adult population into a mandated vaccine program just like our children.   Del has been predicting this on any stage he speaks on for the past 3 years.

This has been a goal by WHO has planned this for a long time and now we are seeing it, I believe the pandemic was created to make our lives so difficult, we can't work, we are losing money, wear, a mask stay six feet apart, we cant kiss or hug, makes our lives so miserable we say fine!!  I’LL TAKE IT!

Does not end there, it won’t just be that vaccine!    The moment you allow your government to say you have to take it, you just bought into the vaccine program for every adult and you didn’t get the 54 vaccines your children got that we have to catchup on.   

270 vaccines are approved and in the pipeline that you have never heard of and thousands  of vaccines are on trials right now as we speak.

Two very dangerous words “Rushing the Science”! 

They are rushing the science!  Not a good headline.  The vaccine is not brand new, they have been attempting a COVID virus vaccine for the past 20 years, multiple drug companies are trying to make one.

The future of this industry does not test for safety, has no liability and can be forced on you by government mandates.

It's the greatest product big pharma has ever had, happens to be your future if you don’t stand up for your rights.

This is not a new vaccine, specifically for SARS in 2000 a coranavirus was attempted by several drug companies.  

Every single animal trial had the same results - they used ferrets they have a similar immune system to Humans.  They gave them the coranavirus the animals seemed fine with the vaccine, they checked the blood, it build antibodies, seems like it worked...

..with an animal trial you can go one step further - its called a challenge study, they put the animal directly in contact with the virus - every trial had the same problem.  

Instead of the antibodies helping to protect the animal the antibodies helped the virus attack its own immune system, it created serious upper respiratory problems, organ failure, immune system inflammation many of the animal died, it was catastrophic.  

HMM I suspect this has already happened to humanity, I also believe we have all been chipped at birth & our memories wiped.

1221 = Watch the Water

Now we are doing human studies that will never have the challenge study & we are rushing a vaccine that is deadly in the animal studies.

If WHO gets their way, they will force vaccinate the entire planet so you get to get on a plane or go to a job, use tracking applications on phone which allows you to go to the gym saying I’ve had the vaccine. If that happens and they didn’t overcome that problem which they are describing as antibody immune enhancement??

Now let’s talk about the money that can be made off this vaccination.

There are billions to be made, people skip steps to win the RACE, Bill Gates says we need to vaccinate the world population, so that is 750 billion people at a cheap vaccination of $100 per person, do the math.   $750 billion dollars is what is at stake for whoever wins this race.

Look at that cash prize.  There are 100 companies in this race.

“There’s a potential this vaccine could make more people sick." Dr. Fauci We have this problem antibody immune enhancement, so imagine we all get the vaccine, imagine by good scientist that think they have overcome the problem & they don't know why this is happening and they are looking at one strain of the virus.  There are already 30 mutations of the virus, what happens if we all get the vaccine, it was fine for the virus we were in contact with but 2 yrs down the road there is a mutation to the coranavirus, maybe there are 30 maybe there are 70, maybe it triggers this problem and sends our immune system instead of protecting us it attacks us.

Now death rate of COVID is not .26% it’s 5%, 10% or 80% of people start dying from vaccine that makes them more sick instead of protecting them.

Here is what I know, we have never seen a virus on this planet, since the dawn of man that came close to eradicating this species.  

I believe rushing science and forcing everybody to use it if we make a catastrophic error there is no way to get that vaccine out of ourselves and a mistake like that by people who have a real god complex that could be a catastrophic for our species.

I would always caution right to choose what is injected into me, I want to look into the science for myself so I can make an informed decision if its worth taking a risk for a 0.26% death rate for a study that killed the animals?

And just when you were about to lose all hope.... At 11:01 this guy comes on the scene for 3 seconds, 3,2,1…. right around Del’s comment about a God complex. God love him.

At 11:01 - 11:03 = 9  for more social conditioning & our viewing pleasure they slip in a 3 second video of JFK JR walking on the beach.  

321 is the number of JFK Jr’s “death" certificate.  Look it up! They have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, rumoured to be named Flynn, Tripp & Stella.

"Watch the water.” Q Q links us to this 32 second video = 23 = PAIN! Law abiding citizen (It's Gonna Be Biblical)

This meme has been out for 3 years.

This screen shot was taken from a video done by GEORGE @TheCollective 1.5 yrs ago.

"Watch the water.” Q

We leave for Ottawa tomorrow, with the full armour of God, August 29th we march on Parliament Hill, to fight medical tyranny, government corruption, child trafficking and human enslavement. God Bless all the digital warriors and truth tellers. We were on the right side of history fighting for #SaveOurChildren, the future of humanity.

Shout out to KelliAnn Hub News.

Thanks for reading. Like, comment, subscribe, it's free. Please join the conversation and share. God bless you.

Merry Christmas 12/5/ 10:05

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