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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Check out this quick thread on an exchange with an old friend from the left, who said she misses the "old Marz", too bad you jumped on that Q train. ;)

I responded to a facebook post from an old friend who was fawning over Kamala & her debate skills. I normally do not bother posting, it goes on deaf ears, many do not like facts or evidence that do not match their brainwashed opinions. #cognitivedissonace #confirmationbias #normalcybias This is not meant as an insult, not personal, it is a fact. I copied the following facts re: Harris from another post.

That was some pretty wicked #CGI fly on Pence though, that thing just appeared from nowhere. #Flygate

This old friend is lovely, btw, just not WQKE.

She has yet to respond. I'll update the blog if she does. These are the people that are going to need our help the most & they will also be able to get the help they will require from President's Trump latest Executive Order for Mental and Behavioural Needs. Perfect timing as usual.

Executive Order on Saving Lives Through Increased Support For Mental- and Behavioral-Health Needs

HEALTHCARE Issued on: October 5, 2020

Video Link: What if Regeneron is disguised as brand name for HCQ + Zinc or CURE for all disease in conjunction with the "other things too." (med beds, UV light, age regression?) 24 hour recovery sounds an awful lot like how #Hydroxychloroquine works. And it's FREE! You know what else it does? It's preventative so you never get sick, it also decalcifies your pineal gland so you can think clearly again & use critical thinking. The military is involved?? Translation: Hundreds of thousands of ARRESTS. They are all going down.


President Trump takes the #Hydroxy. #Trump2020 #HCQworks

Heads up, we are all exempt from wearing masks because the virus is in your mind. #NoMasks #JustSayNo

Update: I took this photo tonight as the sun was going down - 10/08 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. I can not help but see something special. #tiffanyblue We are all special & united. God Bless the World.


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29 oct. 2020

Hi, dear JFK, Jr.

I signed up for your blog with two email addresses.

I have no confirmation that the registration was done correctly.

I read and posted a lot of your blog.

There are 5 days left. Protect your life end the life to president of the world, Donald Trump.

Everyone on earth loves him.

I hope to get freedom on facebook, twitter, etc

With this Stalinist censorship we feel enslaved.

We are followed everywhere, they ask us for documents when we make a new page on Facebook.

They then delete our pages and when we want to make a new page, they ask us for another email and another phone number.

But how many phones can a person…

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