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Freedom Convoy - Worldwide - Coward19 Trudeau Hiding - Madcow OUT!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Looks like the Trucker Freedom rally is going worldwide and Trudeau has been put front and center to expose himself as useless as tits on a bull.

Justine Castro fancy socks, rubber ducky loving Turdeau must be working it out at GITMO while his clone/actor is about to be torn apart by the world. War Room podcast and here's JOHHNY!!!! Jon McNaughton aka JFK Jr. interviewed by Steve Bannon.

Ricky MadCow is out. Going to make a "movie" during the most historical election year, the COVID pandemic and a world wide freedom convoy. #GIT #BuckleUP #HoldTheLine It appears the establishment has been rattled. Trudeau calls the truckers a fringe group of racists but he stands with Black Lives Matter, funded by Soros. Mika and Joe call it a cult. How about drop the labels?




Scandinavian States to Drop Covid Restrictions This Month

After Denmark became the first EU country to remove Covid restrictions, its neighbors are following suit and soon:

Finland - will abolish all its Covid curbs by the end of February

Norway - dropping work from home recommendations, shortening quarantine and allowing for larger gatherings in public places later this month

Sweden - to drop restrictions in two or three weeks

Northern Europe’s moves come despite the World Health Organization warning that opening society during the current omicron outbreak might put a strain on local medical facilities.

What type of event would be required for the military to go public with Trump as Commander in chief? Something like a Cuban Missile crisis? #JuanOSavin Something like finish what Kennedy started? Will Ukraine and Russia war be a wag the dog??? Speaking of Cuba, what is going on at GITMO? New documents reveal SARS COV2 was engineered and Dr. Fauci made a massive amount of money during the COVID pandemic. SURPRISE!

The Internet Never Forgets! "Freedom" you say Justine Castro?

Never Stop Fighting For Freedom

Canadian Truckers Go Global - Podcast by War Room

At 46 minute mark - meet Jon McNaughton! Famous painter / aka JFK Jr.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seem to have exploded out of the ether this year. From art and music to tacos and toilet paper, these digital assets are selling like 17th-century exotic Dutch tulips—some for millions of dollars.

Here is the video segment with Jon /John!

"We are all Canadian truckers now!" Ron Paul

Il Donaldo Trumpo Take on Trudeau

Lean On Me

Mayor of Ottawa called tow truck companies to start towing the rigs out of Ottawa, and every single tow company has COVID!!! BOOM Rumour has it saboteurs are placing nails on Hwy 401 to try to stop the truckers. Not today Satan.

Tucker Carlson: There's no more fearful despot than Canada's Prime Minister

Rarely has a nation changed this quickly or more unequivocally for the worse

Tucker Carlson Slays Trudeau's Costumes

How Trudeau Lost His Looks! ;)

The Simpson's Never Lied


Born Free - Born To Breath


We do this for the children! #ChildrensLivesMatter

Nova Scotia outlaws support on highway for 'freedom' truckers days after massive protest

Corporations that disobey the directive face fines of up to $100,000 - what is up with all the freemason lodges in Nova Scotia? What the hell?

Pfizer Board Member Suggests End to Mask and Vaccine Mandate

How Did They Achieve Mass Psychosis?

Ricky Madcow Taking "hiatus" from MSNBC Show

Bye BITCH! ASIF Ricky takes a "hiatus" during the most important election cycle in history to go make a "movie".

Corporate Media SUCKS - did you catch Jesse's air Q?

My Sharona - The Knack

[Verse 1]


Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind

[Verse 2]

Come a little closer, huh, ah, will ya, huh?

Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona

Keeping it a mystery gets to me


Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind

US Attorney Doc: IRS Issued Grand Jury Subpoena to JP Morgan for Hunter, James Biden Bank Records In Probe into Biden Family’s China Connections

A criminal IRS investigation into Hunter Biden — President Biden’s son — appears to have convened a grand jury as far back as May 2019, a confidential subpoena served to JPMorgan Chase bank reveals. The subpoena also seeks bank records of James Biden, the president’s brother, which appears to be the first time another Biden family member has surfaced in connection with the investigation.

**HUGE BREAKING NEWS** — Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes — VIDEO

The Wisconsin Assembly voted unanimously in a voice vote in a privileged resolution to move forward Rep. Ramthun’s resolution to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electors for US President and Vice President who were certified under fraudulent purposes.

Joe Biden Admits to Election Fraud in Video Confession: Here is the Truth

What Type Of Event Would Be Required For The Military To Go Public With Trump As Commander In Chief? 'Something Like A Cuban Missile Crisis' #JuanOSavin

🟢 🇺🇸 Jan 17-24 2022 - GEORGE News YouTube Live Chats "Not Everything Is As It Seems"

Wag The Dog Trailer

New Meanings from Film

A 1997 film, directed by Barry Levinson, brought about a shortened version of the idiom, and added a new meaning. In the film, titled Wag the Dog, fictional political fixers orchestrate the invasion of a country in order to distract from a presidential sex scandal. As the movie was released shortly before President Clinton was embroiled in a real-life sex scandal, the title began being used in an attributive fashion, applied to military actions.

Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., a staunch critic of Clinton, said of Thursday's military strikes: "I'd hate to think this was a Wag the Dog-type thing. But even if it was - and I'm not saying it was - it was the right thing to do.” Indianapolis Star, 21 Aug. 1998

Although wag the dog was initially applied to Clinton, the sense of ‘superfluous military action to distract from domestic scandal’ has been too useful to leave in the 1990s, and has been applied to every subsequent president.

👀🔴 New Bay of pigs/Cuba Missile crisis on the horizon?

Russia unveils military plans in Cuba & Latin America

Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed with the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to develop partnerships in a range of areas, including stepping up military collaboration, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced.

Speaking on Wednesday in an appearance in front of the Duma – Russia’s parliament – Lavrov reported that Putin had talked recently with the leaders of the three Central American countries, and that they had agreed to work together to strengthen their strategic cooperation.

“President Putin held recent telephone conversations with his colleagues from these three governments, with whom we are very close and friendly, and they agreed to look at further ways to deepen our strategic partnership in all areas, with no exceptions,” Lavrov stated. He noted that Russia already has close relations with these countries in many spheres, “including military and military-technical.”

Guantánamo’s Forever Elusive Endgame

It’s now more than 20 years later and that American offshore symbol of mistreatment and injustice, the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, is still open.

In fact, as 2021 ended, New York Times reporter Carol Rosenberg, who has covered that notorious prison complex since its first day, reported on the Pentagon’s plans to build a brand-new prefab courthouse at that naval base. It’s intended to serve as a second, even more secret facility for holding the four remaining trials of war-on-terror detainees and is scheduled to be ready “sometime in 2023.”

Biden Promised to Close Gitmo. Instead, He’s Upgrading It.

Nancy Pelosi Announces Her Future Plans With Release Of Bizarre Video, Gets Wrecked Online

The real Nancy Pelosi has been executed, this is an "eyebrow actor" for the movie, clearly.

'Bets are off' Monarchy facing 'extinction level threat' - turmoil ahead in jubilee year

THE QUEEN is celebrating 70 years on the throne in 2022 - but the coming months are expected to pose more difficulties for the Royal Family, anti-monarchy campaigners say.

Queen on alert as Windsor Castle under attack – Royal Family infiltrated by Chinese SPIES

It has been reported that Chinese intelligence personnel worked their way into the company of those who run FaithInvest. The FaithInvest charity was co-founded by the late Prince Philip and Martin Palmer in 1995. The group helps faiths develop environmental and conservation projects based on their own beliefs and practices.


OH look at this speaking of "renovations" we have the Playboy Rape Mansion, Oprah's Hell House on the Inter-coastal in Boca Rotten, the Queen's Reptilian Lair Palace and the White Whore House was Head Quarters for Satanic pedophiples and #Pizzagate in DC are all under "renovations". So many celebs "homes" for sale. #SUPwithTheTunnels #WatchTheWater

Building works force Queen to abandon living at the Palace

THE Queen will become a commuter in her Platinum Jubilee year thanks to building works at Buckingham Palace that will go on until she is almost 101.

The WhiteHouse

A bus in Washington, DC - Nothing to see here. Note the orange cones.


Oprah Forced To Deny Sex Trafficking Arrests

98-year-old woman is being called the Jewish Oprah of Boca Raton #IZATRight

Betty White Is Extremely Entertaining on Johnny Carson (October 7, 1987)

Betty White on Johnny Carson - he says you are somewhere between Mother Teresa and a call girl at 5:25

New documents reveal early beliefs that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered

Newly Released Documents Show Dr. Anthony Fauci Made a Massive Amount of Money During the Covid Pandemic

“These funds were held in a mix of trust, retirement, and college education accounts. Fauci has an IRA worth".

Dr. Anthony Fauci, top Covid adviser to President Joe Biden and America’s highest paid civil servant, has been getting filthy rich during the pandemic.

This week, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall released Fauci’s unredacted FY2020 financial disclosures. The document dump following a heated exchange between Fauci and Marshall in the Senate, which prompted the public health official to call the senator a “moron.”

Fauci’s unredacted financial disclosures can be viewed in full here.

Hot Mic "President" Biden Called Peter Doocy a SOB?

The left trashed President Trump for disrespecting the press when he called them out for their disrespectful behaviour. Different set of rules under Biden or should we say BYE DONE.

Peter Doocy took it like a champ!!!😂😂😂

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring after nearly three decades on the bench, paving the way for President Biden to make his first appointment to the high court.

The Governor Got Jokes!!!😂😂😂

Jenny McCarthy Was Always Right

Big Government & Big Pharma have known about the link between catastrophic mercury/aluminum levels in child vaccines & autism since 2005. And they covered it up.

You realize Fauci and every single other person involved in this massive crime is not going to have their careers survive this revelation, right?

When millions of parents in the United States discover that not only were their children HARMED by the massive wave of new vaccines introduced in 1989, these soulless bureaucrats chasing the Almighty Dollar along with their Big Pharma sponsors covered all this up.

It's not COVID. The Mass Formation Psychosis is going to be useless to prevent millions of American parents seeking accountability from these ghouls for poisoning their kids.

The public health officials and Big Pharma has some defense against lawsuits and massive payouts for kids poisoned prior to 2005.

After 2005? After the Simpsonwood Conference? THEY HAVE NO DEFENSE. NONE.

Every single vaccine-injured child from 2005 onward was injured deliberately.

JFK Jr. and Muhammad Ali at the George Magazine office

Kennedy/Trump - John F. Kennedy (JFK) - Eternal Love & Legacy - PART 1

Kennedy/Trump - John F. Kennedy Jr. - Miracles Can Happen - PART 2

Kennedy/Trump Series - Part 3 - ONE GLORIOUS DESTINY

Kennedy/Trump Series - Part 4 - FIELD OF DREAMS

Thanks for joining me. Hope you are enjoying the show, please share the love. The best is yet to come!

Life According To Marz, Story at 6 - Please subscribe.

Rumble: Podcasts & Introductions





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Feb 02, 2022 is easily my favorite place to get my real honest “News” on current events in our world today. I have stop watching Tell Lie Vision news a few years ago. This detailed post about whats currently happening in our world today is my go to source that I ”trust” and “believe” and in todays day an age of main stream media that is saying something! Thanks for what you do for the masses we sure do appreciate it! 🇺🇸🙏

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Feb 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I'm uploading the podcast and then introduction later today/tonight. Have yourself a great day, glad you're enjoying the show as much as I am! #BestIsYetToCome


Feb 02, 2022

Justin Trudeau was sent by his dad Fidel Castro to the Klaus Swaub school of Communism and New World Order. Fortunately We have Donald Trump and the Military to make much needed corrections on planet earth along with the divine guidance and will of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior🙏

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