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Toronto Freedom Rally October 17, 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Here is a short video:

In case you don't know it I follow Q & believe JFK Jr is alive. I lived in TO for 20 years so we know all about the Q107 - but imagine my surprise when I take this picture and see the street name George right beside it. Just sayin. @GeorgeNewsOrg

Side note: We stayed at the Marriott, while other patriots that where speaking at the rally dined at the Hilton, they were arrested for refusing to wear a mask. We had an excellent experience with the Marriott, a lady named Lesley treated us with respect, and did not intimidate or harass or threaten us for being exempt from wearing a mask. The service was outstanding, hotel impeccable and we will return to the Marriott on Bay street. They even accommodated us with delicious room service meals that we picked up in the lobby. It was fabulous. Strongly recommend based on our experience. Give that lady Lesley a medal.

Photo Credit: Tino Desideri

This guy came in from Montreal to spread his message & try to wake people up. #WWG1WGA

Thank you to Veronica Wolski, a true creative patriot, from #peoplesbridge, we bought the hats, t-shirts & she supplied Storm is Upon Us, blue bracelets for the Canadian Rally, they were a real hit. I strongly recommend connecting with her on twitter for custom #TheGreatAwakening product & great stories from the peoples bridge. She worked really hard to get this product to us on time and she did it!! Thank you! I promise to donate something to her next campaign.

Veronica P Wolski @whaleswarrior on twitter.

Glenn Fry long time facebook friend and we finally met in person. Met his fine friends too. His sign was a hit! Everyone loved it. We will meet again!

Anonymous face & this is the Q dancer.

How cute! Puppy Patriot!

Meeting more patriots! This guy goes to rallies in Oshawa to protect women from ANITFA! Met his lovely wife and we are all friends on facebook! Check out the GEORGE crime fighting tights & thumbs up!! #WWG1WGA #Trump2020 Note: Amish Pastor, Canadian Flag, Police with masks on in the background. Of course the police were not needed because our protests are peaceful, we thank them for their service. #BackTheBlue

I see blue and white striped symbolism. Note billboard: A new sick kids? I believe western medicine will not exist the way it does today in a year. #pray

There were plenty of Fuck you Trudeau tshirts and signs.

Amish Angel from heaven in powder blue. This is why we fight! #SaveTheChildren

5.5 = Loud & Clear

Can you find the Q?

A fine Patriot friend, at most of the rallies!

Great question!


Thousands of us marched for freedom. All happy, no masks, all hugs with love and joy.

Not sure how or why the sun looks so big and close to us. Strange.

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Thanks for reading

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