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Anderson Cooper Eats Babies! Flynn's Digital Soldiers

Updated: May 15, 2021

The news is so fast paced right now, it's hard to keep up. I've added some of the interesting things that happened over the past week 3/21/21 that might interest you.

Note FAKE NEWS decline:

CNN report on QAnon and they covered it all!

Well well well, CNN did an hour special on QAnon, called it conspiracy and a cult, treated us to a totally CGI Anderson POOPER, but the message was spot on, covering JFK Jr is alive, Hillary Clinton eats babies, sex and child trafficking, drinking the blood, all of it. Exposed Anderson Cooper who is a satanist working for CIA. My MSM loving hubby could not believe his ears, the same story I've been telling him for 3 long years coming off CNN by Anderson Cooper - so CGI the real creature is dead.

CNN has taken it down, here it is on Bitchute:

60 Minutes treated us to convicted pedophile Peter Nygard, Canadas Jeffrey Epstein, connected to Brofmans of Seagram and Trudeau and Clintons. They are all connected. Nygard island not far from Epstein, Biden has an island near Epsteins, they are all connected. NOTE Anderson Cooper CGI HANDS

MSM discussing it

MSNBC also reporting on Qanon. Q is not going away its an information platform for the truth but you have to dig for the information and do your own research, its like using the Socratic method of teaching. It’s fabulous. So excited.

Bill Maher on Frazzledrip = frazzled rip

Bill Gates panics as public wakes up also see Joe Biden plagiarizing

So this sweet document got dropped recently dated December 22, 2017, right in line when we learned things were really going down, Remember we are watching a movie. People will pay for their crimes 911. #NeverForget

Everything from JFK to 911 was a rich man's trick.

BOOM: Upcoming interview with Mike Lindell = JFK Jr.


Biden Not In Charge

Trump announces new lawyer for impeachment trial

RUH ROH, never Trumper busted pedo scandal underage boy.

Before it news DC is a swamp under arrest

Let's end with this gift! JFK Jr singing to his pet bird Lark (his secret service name) and he sings back.

Thanks for reading. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins

Like, comment, share - who knows what we can do when we are united! Whole new world.

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04 de fev. de 2021

God Wins


Eric Crouse
Eric Crouse
04 de fev. de 2021

Awesome work thanks


04 de fev. de 2021


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