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The Matrix IS A Documentary - More Mind Blowing Messages From JFK JR - VP

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The deeper we go the more unrealistic it seems but at the end of the day what do any of us really know? I found 3 more messages from JFK Jr our 19th V.P. I've included a link to the Matrix Resurrection movie and decode. It appears things are only getting started.

Check out robot Trump, Prince Harry and MegMAN. Only at the precipice will people change, The Day the Earth Stood Still, another documentary link and someone needs to take Brandon to the train station. When the people learn the truth they will not be able to walk the streets. It's official climate change is a hoax, CNN is no longer Clown News Network it is now PNN - Pedophile News Network. Has Bill Barr been getting busy? Enjoy the show!



Headline highlights:

Texas judge removes mask and vaccine mandate for children. Thank God, it's happening folks! A Texas judge has blocked the federal Head Start early childhood program from requiring employees or students in the state to wear masks or be vaccinated to attend or teach in the program. Judge James Wesley Hendrix ruled Friday that Head Start cannot require masks and vaccines in Texas.

George News reports judge sealing Maxwell little black book - so its way worse than the conspiracy theories.

In A Message From The Vice President John F Kennedy Jr Bulletins, JFK Jr. continues to tell us the Matrix is a documentary. Are John and Carolyn Neo and Trinity? Have we met before? We are with you. Q says that too.

So nothing is as it seems really plays with your head right? I mean how exciting is this like Q says they are going to show us a whole new world. Our worlds are based on energy, frequencies, timelines and dimensions with our perceptions and knowledge of this new world being very limited.

I believe another gift from the great awakening is to restore hope in a society that has been programmed brainwashed and demoralized for thousands of years, imagine the generational dysfunction that comes with all that nonsense?

Matrix Movie - The Resurrection

You can find a link to The Matrix Movie on my Telegram Channel. Subscribe while you are at it, Telegram does not allow me to copy the link for some reason, so you will have to go to my channel and type Matrix in the search bar and this will pop up.


Matrix 4 Explained - Useful BEFORE WATCHING - No Conspiracy

I found three more of the Messages from JFK Jr, and added them to my blog with the others.

#ICYMI - Mind Blowing Messages from, JFK JR our Vice President

I believe you could write a book on each one of these messages from JFK Jr. So I'm gathering we were all born onto a slave prison planet and are trapped on this frequency and timeline or dimension and there is an inner civilization that is our real family that we need to get back to.

Do you recall the short movie I shared in Letter to My Family blog regarding A Gathering Of Our Tribe? Did we all agree to be here for this purpose? Gosh wouldn't you want to make the best of it? So our world is all programs, so are we programs? Do we need our minds to leave our bodies to access different dimensions? Can we do this through meditation? What really happens to us when we go to sleep? Why do we sleep? I have a ton of questions...

A Gathering Of The Tribe

I love this message. I knew it. President Trump is a genius. I knew any organization that is taking part in this COVID crap is evil to the core and on display for the world to see. I also plan to do a blog on the orange cones collection. They dont' even hide it. #HeadExploding

UPDATE: I found the below Kennedy memes off social media 3 years ago, however, upon further research the official remarks prepared for delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963 speech [UNDELIVERED] are below:

President John F. Kennedy - November 22, 1963

President Kennedy's speech he was to give on the day he was assassinated appears to make more sense than ever. #LandingOnTheWhiteHouseLawn

This speech is clickbait folks. Sorry.

Remember what President Trump said at his meeting at Whirlpool Headquarters?

Trump Says, " I have a lot of rich enemies, this may be the last time you see me for a while."

The Day The Earth Stood Still - Another Documentary - Only At The Precipice

Watch it for free, the link does not work from here - so search for the movie on line, I found it here: (This link appears broken, you have to search for yourself)

Only at the precipice will people find the will to change.

How long has this been going on? 3:05 = 35 JFK

111 and 11 and 1111 are all very significant for healing and spirituality

Thank you Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for your tireless work to help wake the people up from this horror show of lies!


Joe Biden: ‘My Mind’s Going Blank Here’

Nothing wrong with cowboys.

"What?" ~Joe Biden

Who wore it best?

Pelosi is a LIAR!

Trudeau Getting Called Out For TREASON!

What happens when people learn the TRUTH?

What happens when people WAKE UP?

They will not be able to walk down the street.




🇧🇷 Citizens in Brazil beat the shit out of the Mayor of Toritama who mandated vaccine passports to eat and mandatory vaccinations for children.

Nothing worse than a lying crisis actor who gets paid to lie and instil fear!

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Golden Parachute Will Exceed $350,000 Per Year – The Largest In U.S. Federal Government History

35 = JFK

"CLIMATE CHANGE" Al Gore a disgusting globalist was wrong on that one! Polar Bears are fine and Miami is still not under water. #WatchTheWater

Bobby Cagle, the director of L.A. County's Department of Children and Family Services, has announced he will step down at the end of the year.

Cagle submitted his resignation letter to the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, notifying them that his last day would be Dec. 31. He didn't cite a specific reason but his departure comes after a series of high-profiles cases in which children under the watch of DCFS have been abused or died.

Where is Hillary Clinton?

This post was interesting. 11.3 (marker?) This matches the military law book Juan O Savin talks about and Evergreen is HRC Secret Service name. Why wasn't Hillary, at Doles funeral with Bill? Where is Hillary? 🤔

Evergreen = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Judgement = 99

God In America = 99

Big Problem = 99

Evergrande = 99

White House Repeats Biden Running in 2024 As Crooked Hillary Contacts Donors For Possible Run!

Pinkerton: Democrats Use the Threat of Court-Packing to Intimidate the Supreme Court from Overturning Roe

On December 1, the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was argued before the Court. This is the case that goes right to the heart of the debate over whether or not Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, was rightly decided. Which is to say, for abortion opponents and proponents alike, it’s a big deal.

Pro-abortion liberals are worried that the Dobbs case will go against them. Here’s a sampling of MSM headlines that liberals have been reading: “Roe v. Wade Is Probably Doomed,” “It sure sounds like Roe v. Wade is doomed,” and “Prepare for a post-Roe v. Wade reality.”

Yes, liberals are fearful. And yet they’re also resourceful, and so they’re calling upon their allies, especially within the MSM, to help. Specifically, the mission is to scare the Supreme Court away from voting to limit Roe.

Link to my Telegram channel I shared a video of a lady describing in gory detail how they use aborted fetuses in vaccines and food. The video is too long to upload to my blog so you will have to go to Telegram to view. When I podcast using zoom I'm unable to share to Telegram. If you've been reading my blogs this is nothing new, for others warning, very graphic.


We are all beginning to learn new ways to think and communicate which is the entire point of The Great Awakening, that and take personal responsibility to be the best person you can be. You must look after number one first, this is the only way you can be of service to others.

The 4 words love, honesty, truth and respect are critical to most, but to really get with me you must add authenticity, not phoney and fake. I'm more interested in your subconscious and human psyche, the mind and the soul where the true you exists and is not tarnished by brainwashing and programming. You have to be very honest with yourself to remove the fake filters and let that "beautiful soul" out. #LoveWins #GameChanger #WorkInProgress

Thanks for joining me. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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Jan 03, 2022

Today it is January 3, 2022. Anything has changed???

On January 6, 2022, probably, will be he same. This day was announced every month, from August 22, 2021, September 11, 2021, November 24, 2021, December 20, 2021. Now January 6, 2022.

Everything looks like a fairy tale. And when we go out of our homes, the reality keeps punching us in our faces.


Jan 03, 2022

Maybe we will give the Noble Prize to Mr. Fauci?!? and include him in the Guinness Book as a person who killed the most quantity of people on Earth?!? He overcame Dr. Mengele who did medical experiments on kids and adults during WWII? Why not? Mr. Fauchi, probably, will not be satisfied with his $350 000/year pension.

There are many families which need that money more than this billionaire? Ah?

Also, HRC died a few years ago. Then information came she was hanged. Now, they ask Where is Hillary Clinton?!? Did they forget where is she?!?

I have feelings, that somebody keeps us as stupid idiots, who cannot ad 2+2...


Jan 03, 2022

Awesome compilation, Marz! All the best to you in 2022, it'll be a year to remember!!!❤️

Jan 03, 2022
Replying to

I can feel it as well. We got an upgrade! Am looking forward to the song😎 until then I'll chill........

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