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The Cabal Has Many Layers And Secretly Controls Everything On Our Planet

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to the Great Awakening. Article copied by Teri Wade from Facebook.

The Cabal has many layers and secretly controls everything on our planet. But, so many on this planet are completely clueless to who they truly are. Humanity is rapidly running out of time to prepare for coming events. The Cabal is a very carefully structured organization, a hierarchy of non-physical dark matter that feeds off negative energy. This energy has no need for material possessions only more negative energy which is its life force.

This energy has consciousness just like non-physical light matter or positive energy which humans mistakenly refer to as God. Benevolent galactic beings will teach us in the not too distant future that they consider the God construct mere dogma, superstition for the purpose of control. Love is of the highest frequency, the highest frequency of light which humans interpret as love and bliss. God is light, extremely high cosmic energy. We are in the process of returning to balance, there must be balance always. We are experiencing this incredible turbulence and chaos on this planet currently because everything is out of balance and right now everything is being brought back to balance.

Lose your ego and your soul will shine.

The lower levels of the Cabal control structure of Earth control the non-humans and humans who are willing to serve its constant need for sustenance which comes in the form of despair, suffering, disease, war, anger, pain and all negative energy. These examples are in theory their batteries. This is why the Cabal keeps Earth in a constant state of destruction. It's all about energy harvesting. These humans and non-humans have infiltrated every organization on Earth beginning with the secret societies and have gradually infiltrated all governments and corporate entities which they use to control the surface population. They are masters of deception and they often hide themselves and their intentions in plain sight of the people which they take great pride in.

They are masters at causing problems and then offering solutions providing disinformation, raising hopes, causing positive energies then delaying or destroying those hopes creating negative energy so in turn they harvest that negative energy to maintain control. This is what they do with every action they take.

Earth is being transformed with higher light energy which will restore balance which was intended at the time of Creation. Some people refer to this as the 5th dimension, the Age of Aquarius. Every human should be focused on preparing for this event at this moment this is why you are here at this time. Meaning, to be capable of integrating these higher frequencies into your human vessel. I call the people fighting these higher frequencies resistors. Many are ill-prepared for what's about to occur.

There are many good men and women working tirelessly behind the scenes to liberate this planet and none of them are able to release the information on the true state of affairs currently happening. The Cabal does not want us to believe this because they wish to take as many of us down with them at the moment of their inevitable demise. They simply cannot exist in the 5th dimensional frequencies and they know that. They know their reign is over hence, the incredible desperation we're seeing currently on the surface.

Their intention is that our frequencies are sufficiently lowered that our sense of self and our ability to trust and reason will be so badly damaged that we will have extreme difficulty accepting the truth when it is revealed to us. We are definitely in a spiritual war, a battle for our consciousness. The purpose of the upcoming event which no dates, times will be provided nor leaked is to implement total transparency, honesty and peace on Earth and create equality for all. Anything less will not be permitted.

Human beings have endured thousands of years of deception, wars, abuse, poisoning and the destruction of our planet. So, ask yourself, if we can handle all of this negative information, abuse, suffering etc. but we're told we would not be able to handle the truth? This is where transparency comes in, this is what you're being prepared for. The new energies of Aquarius will not permit power over others under any circumstances.

Many will not be able to handle this event meaning the transparency of our true reality it will shock a major portion of the population. This is the moment of surrender. Humanity has had a lot to learn in a very short amount of time but it's not too late.

By Terri Wade on Facebook


Hat tip to you! Don't be fooled by the magician's tricks. Hold the Line and stay in Faith #JuanOSavin TRUMP by April.


Time to wake up, open your eyes folks!


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18 mar 2021

The reawakening is the work of God not light matter.

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