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Suez Ship Captains Arrest - Children, Bodies, Weapons Found - #DorseyJailBound #JuanOSavin 0n 4/1

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Suez Canal ship’s captain and crew ‘to be placed under house arrest by investigators:

"Evergiven, which was wedged across the Suez canal after running aground, is now being inspected after being freed by tugs. The crew are expected to be seized by Egyptian Maritime Officials." Union officials fear that the 25 seamen will be “scapegoats” for the chaos which halted international trade though the vital waterway for six days. March 23 - March 29. 23 = Pain 29 = 911

Note mystery man with large cross standing in doorway of Marine One?

Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal By Judy Byington

This is what we expected all along, no one can 100% guarantee this is true, please do your own research, use discernment.

Here is video covering the article and nuclear explosion of ship if compromised: There is something compelling about Judy Byington, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I suspect she is part of #TheGreatAwakening.

CLUB-K CONTAINER MISSILE SYSTEM ON EVERGREEN This video is narrated by IPOT, he suggest looking up Project Pelican.

Sidney Powell with Dinesh D'Souza:

“The data does not lie and there was, in fact massive widespread fraud through this election and Donald Trump should be President right now - in fact, if the law were applied correctly, HE IS.” Sidney Powell

UPDATE many are questioning the SRC Before Its News, I can not 100% confirm if they are legit . The same report appears on a few sites, please use discernment.



Great interview below! Don't miss Mike Lindell, fantastic story teller, he will amaze you. #Uniter

“Jack Dorsey is Going to Jail” – Mike Lindell Joins TGP’s Jim Hoft and 100%FedUp’s Patty McMurray for Amazing Interview on His New Social Media Platform, His Relationship with Trump and the Tyranny of the Left

Mike Lindell Frank Speech new social media platform called FRANK coming soon.

Billions can switch to FRANK an expression of free speech. Mixture of youtube and twitter, safest and most secure. 1 Billion users.

Mike Lindell on the vaccine says, "I would never take it in a million years, I would never take it, you would have to cut my arm off."

"They fear you because you're fearless." Patty McMurray

Mike Lindell says Jack Dorsey is going to jail, he also recommended President Trump fire Gina Haspel and predicted President Trump will be President by this August. Juan O Savin said by April 1st?

According to a Washington Examiner Report which Lindell posted on Twitter, he said he shared with Trump and White House lawyers a document advising the president to replace Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Gina Haspel. We all know what happened to Gina! #byebye

We know President Trump is the 19th President of the Restored Republic under the 1776 Constitution.

Juan O Savin is the guest on the show Quite FRANKLY and Mike Lindell is starting a social media platform called FRANK. Come on man.

Juan O Savin: April’s Eve & Rapture Dates – Happy April Fool’s Day! It’s Hump Day and our guest tonight is making his first appearance since the inauguration. Juan O’Savin is in to chat about the lay of the land and answer a few questions I have been hard-pressed to ask. Grab bag, audience interaction, and more as we soak up the last moments of March 2021.

Partial quotes from the interview Juan says, "Has the Military acknowledged Biden as President? If he opens the suitcase and pushes the button will anything happen?"

The military recognizes President Trump as the President, but the public who is not paying attention does not, so Juan lost a bet to a Seal Team 6 member, he offers to double down on the bet and extend it a little longer, and the Seal said no, I'll take the money now because you're right, nothing here says Biden is President, I'll take the money while I can. Seal Team 6 member though? Are they alive? #Benghazi #NeverForget

Juan agrees "It is demoralizing, everyone wants an instant answer like it's a TV show, and it's over and done and resolved. Even with people in power, Mao said "All power emanates from a gun" so who has these critical CHOKE points?" #Suez

We are going to close ranks. You don't have all the information, very comfortable that this is going to happen. Check out 1:34 mark. Come on man.

Scroll ahead to the 30 minute mark to access Juan O Savin.

Juan O Savin Update on Military with Sean Stone

Partial comments from interview: Biden gets off a jet and its not AirForce One, no day pins on Secret Service, they change day pins that are handed out to the guys as they come out on to detail. Where are the day pins on the guys by the aircraft?

10 Days of Darkness = WhiteHouse has been dark for 10 days. Is the VP living in the VP accommodations in D.C.?

After two months in office, Kamala Harris is still living out of suitcases -- and she's getting frustrated with it. Not even 100 people showed up to Biden inauguration. 80% of the people know Trump is President for those that don't you remain fools on April Fools.

Both #JuanOSavin and #MikeLindell warn about the fake bots on social media. Interesting. Both are offering a new Social media site censorship free. Mike's is Juan's is

I trust GEORGE NEWS and Richard Grenell = CHECK!


Following 2 posts are from InevitableET on Telegram:

United States Department of Justice - Searchable Database by crime, date etc.


Searchable database of ALL child porn / trafficking arrests.

Link should take you to this year so far. WOW 👇🏼

What’s in Biden’s “infrastructure” plan? Massive subsides for wind, solar, electric vehicles and other Green New Deal mandates. $85 billion for mass transit, $213 billion for “energy-efficient” housing, $35 billion for climate change, $25 billion for racial and gender inequities.


The People Bureau of Investigation, defending PBI the Republic: The following video is from the link above and the image is a list of other documents on their site with references available. I strongly recommend reviewing this information.

The 2020 Declaration of Independence


Rebuttal letter to European Medicines Agency from Doctors for Covid Ethics, April 1, 2021


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