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RussiaGate Was Hillary AND It's Worse Than Watergate - Stupid Bowl Debacle Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Looks like the day of reckoning is upon us folks! So everyone knows Watergate was all about pedophillia and child trafficking right? It's gotten much worse. Trump's first post on Truth Social "Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!" OMG!!! Note capital R!! R = JFK Jr. #RUReady



Over 400 arrested in California human trafficking investigation

Trump Russia hoax - It was Hilldog all along, and Biden and Obama knew about it! GASP! Shocking! John Durham is the sexiest man alive. This is much bigger than Brandon and Brandeau required trip to the train station . Jesse Watters treats us to social conditioning and some gang cannibelism, Ukraine war, does it remain a wag the dog?

President Trump spoke with Glenn Beck and he commented on the latest Durham findings:

“This is sort of an amazing thing that’s happening with Durham, cause a lot of people had given up. He seems to be going forward at a level that nobody ever thought was possible.
I mean what he’s revealing, if you really look at it and study it & read what he wrote, this looks like it’s just a foundation. This is the beginning. They’re building a building and this is just a foundation on which a lot of big things are going to be revealed.
Look I have very little doubt that the upper levels of government - meaning the top level, specifically and the Vice level, if he were to understand it. I have very little doubt that they knew it was happening. Very little doubt.”


Nothing to see here. #EpsteinIslandRooms

Trudeau invokes emergency act = martial law. The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the emergencies act! Freedom Convoy responds with no fear and "We will Hold The Line".

Tucker is on fire, calls out Trudeau for being a POS. Ottawa Police Chief resigns. Prince Andrew settles lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre, Camilla test positive for COVID, Prince Harry recommends HIV tests for everyone. More messages from JFK Jr our VP. God love him. EU energy issues and let's wrap up with the SATANIC STUPID BOWL, jet fuel hoax and a neat overview on the veil of illusion. What the bleep do any of us really know anyway? Enjoy the show.

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Drip drip drip is over! DURHAM IS GOING TO BRING THE FLOOD and nothing can stop what is coming, and I'm telling you there is nothing more sexy than courage, bravery and the guts to bring us the truth and the hammer of GOD's justice. #BringIt #WWG1WGA #Winning #Justice #GodWins #HoldTheLine #BuckleUpButtercup

Q #790 2/18/18 - “The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon US”

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Todays News - Reckoning could be coming for those behind Trump - Russia Hoax

Ex-Director of National Intelligence claims Biden and Obama KNEW ABOUT Hillary campaign plot to hack Trump servers: 'Enough evidence in Durham's Russia probe to indict MULTIPLE people'

DO NOT MISS THIS ARTICLE! Loads of details with timelines from AG Barr.

13 Occult Freemason Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall - What R Panda Eyes? #TakeThemOut


Hillary Clinton BOMBSHELL - Trump Was Right Again.

Listen to Donald Trump Jr take on the HRC Bombshell.

Durham says Democrat-allied tech executive spied on Trump’s White House office (v)


Eyes turn to Hillary Clinton, not Trump in the Russiagate scandal

Russiagate, the collective delusion that Donald Trump was secretly a Russian agent aided and abetted by the Kremlin, the topic of uncountable inches of Washington Post and New York Times copy and the entire prime-time lineup of MSNBC, was a dirty trick by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not just part of it. All of it. One of the most diabolical, successful misinformation campaigns ever concocted.

Timestamp - 8:36 = 17 = Q

EXCLUSIVE: Clinton cornered: Hillary refuses to answer questions about Durham revelation she paid to spy on the Trump campaign as she arrives at daughter Chelsea's Manhattan home ahead of the New York Democratic Convention

Tucker Carlson - Trump was right

At 9:02 (911) Hillary and Trump go at it in one of their debates. At 9:24 Trump takes a sip of water from a glass. Why? It appears deliberate. Of course it is. Did you know they store their adrenochrome in glass bottles in water in their fridges so I guess when company comes to visit that does not partake in this behaviour, they can look like they are casually drinking a bottle of "water". #WatchTheWater #ThesePeopleAreSick

Was Mark Levin right about the spying on Trump's campaign all along? Durham indictment suggests so

Has the US Government Declared War on Its Citizens?

Great reporting, factual and on point. I suspect JFK Jr. writes for American Thinker using a pseudonym. I believe it was Juan O Savin that directed us to these articles, in particular a series of articles on Benghazi, in 2012. Look it up!

Jesse Watters Covers Canada Communism and Mexico Gang Cannibelism

Nice neighbours.


Russia has said they aren’t going to invade Ukraine. Ukraine has said Russia isn’t going to invade Ukraine. But the Biden Regime is heavily arming Ukraine to get them fighting and the Fake News is screaming that war is imminent.

This wouldn't have anything to do with Durham's motion to Inquire into Potential Conflicts of Interest in the Michael Sussmann case.

The “Tech Executive” in the Durham filing is Rodney Joffe. Joffe’s direct point of contact with the 2016 Hillary campaign was Jake Sullivan. Yes, the same Jake Sullivan who is now Biden’s National Security Advisor in charge of Ukraine.

Of course, the Fake News is studiously ignoring all of this.

Ukrainian president declares Wednesday a 'day of unity' amid fears of Russian attack

Ukraine’s leading party chief blames foreign media for spreading fake news about Russian invasion Biden/Deep State want a war to cover up Hunter/Joe Biden dealings in Ukraine.

A war would insure Russia takes Ukraine and the current President Zelensky would be removed and the investigations would be ceased. The war in Ukraine would cover up the exposure of the pandemic and the vaccines. The war will be plastered through all media: Google, Facebook, Youtube, MSM, Radio and social media to create panic. The saturation of the MSM will attempt to cover up Durham Investigation into Clintons and Obama that will lead to Fauci and Obama. The war will cover up the suppression of the Freedom Convoy. The war will cover up all the missing laundered money across the world.

The war will create cover for so many corrupt EU countries, presidents, elites and banks. The war will bring down the New World Order. (UN, NATO) Currently the 32 Nations Alliance White Hats have Military Generals in every major country getting ready to rebuff the UN, NATO and their own deep state military forces that are connected to their corrupted government that is owned by the central banking system and cabal. If all that is planned goes well, world lockdown will ensure after world nuclear standoff and military standoff. In this time will be great unrest and confusion and riots. These protests will lead to marshal law. This is where the White Hats military in every nation will arrest their own deep state officials in government, media, elites, deep state military. All who colluded in the pandemic, the vaccine bioweapon and those who betrayed their country by working with cabal deep state. (Davos, Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds, Gates, World Banks, Vatican, CDP, etc.)

The next months expects the worlds largest earthquakes to happen, don’t be surprised if the deep state stick to their Alien invasion plan. Project Blue beam and create a large earthquake and pretend to uncover massive new archaeological findings and ancient technology connected to clients. This has been their all along. That’s why Pentagon, Deep State, MSM, world governments and Vatican have been pushing the alien agenda. Don’t get me wrong, there is a real contact that happened for thousand of years. The vastness of space holds other life. But that comes later in DECLASS after the fall of the Cabal.

For now pay attention to all the weather weapons/ tectonic weapons being used through the world. Volcanos explosions. Droughts. More floods. Fires. Cyclones, the next tsunami. All these EVENTS I have WARNED you about early last year..


Trudeau announces how much money he is "loaning" to Ukraine? Sending how much in lethal weapons to Ukraine? Who the FOOK approved that?

Canada to Give $500M Loan, Send $7.8M in Lethal Weapons to Ukraine: Trudeau

Trudeau is part of the Clinton Foundation’s $100 million kickback from Canadian donor, Frank Giustra - this because Q is letting us know Uranium One funnelled through Canada.

Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Q Post 1419 - May 19th, 2018. An anon asked the question, ‘You knew when you set that trip, that the PAIN would be delivered “—-23!!!” More evidence of foreknowledge.’ To which Q responded: ‘I’d watch the news that day. Q’

It makes me gag to include this potential connection.

MAY 16, 2018

Commencement Speeches

New York University Commencement Address

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the commencement address to 2018 graduating students of New York University. He urged students to fight the “tribal mindset” and “aggressive nationalism,” and to find common ground among those who are politically and culturally different. In addition, the prime minister told graduates that “true courage is the essential ingredient” in efforts to change the world. The ceremony took place at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Understanding the Uranium One "Scandal"

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, was one of the first to document the story behind what has become known as the Uranium One scandal. Mr. Schweitzer painstakingly detailed the events that led to the transfer of 20% of uranium from the United States to Russia through a complex and confusing maze of domestic and foreign businesses. Building upon that foundation, the American public is now learning much more. The information being uncovered is creating an even stronger case of self-enrichment at the cost of national security.

The Uranium One “scandal” is not a scandal at all, but a host of potential crimes against the United States. Not just one crime, but many overlapping crimes. It not only involves the Clintons, but many others who potentially conspired to use their positions of power and political influence to facilitate one of the most egregious crimes against America—and others who assisted in covering it up.

"We Will Hold the Line": Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They’re Not Deterred by Emergencies Act

'The Five' slam Canada's threat to freeze trucker's bank accounts

Chrystia Freeland's history with George Soros

Tucker: The media played a starring role in the death of Canadian democracy

At 6:09 Tucker talks about Freeland's history as a reporter and is married to a NY times reporter - WHY IS THAT RELEVANT? Also mentions only QAnons want freedom. ;)

There are 8 Q posts with WHY IS THAT RELEVANT?

Sen. John Kennedy shreds Trudeau's 'underwhelming' leadership w Jesse Watters

Justin Trudeau is going to prison, but what will it cost Canada and Canadians to attain justice?

Justin Trudeau has lead a government that has violated multiple international and national laws, committing Crimes Against Humanity. He has done this in a nation where provincial governments have also committed these criminal acts.

Rockefeller Foundation Paper Published in 2010 Predicted How a Pandemic Can be Used as an Excuse to Establish Global Authoritarian Power

The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the emergencies act! They never invoked the Emergencies Act for 911! Trudeau needs to be held accountable.

BOOOM!!! Mi Tucker calls out pisoshito Trudeau


Doug Ford admits vaccine passports does not work to stop the spread of COVID: "It doesn't matter if you have 1 shot or 10 shots, you can catch COVID" He has also admitted he is not vaccinated.

Canadian trucker's defiant message to Trudeau: We're digging in deeper

Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa's police chief

Sloly has faced criticism over his handling of the police force's response to truck convoy protest

Mary Jeannie May Simon is a Canadian civil servant, diplomat, and former broadcaster who has served as the 30th governor general of Canada since July 26, 2021. What happened to our other GG Julie Payette? What happened to her?

Well well well what's up with the Governor General in Australia?

Ya where is the Queen?

Buckingham Palace STILL refuses to say if the Queen has Covid amid mounting fears as triple-jabbed Camilla tests positive for virus days after Charles

BREAKING: Prince Andrew settles lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre

In the statement announcing the settlement, Andrew reportedly did not admit to any of Giuffre’s accusations against him. The amount is undisclosed!

Know your status and get an HIV test, says Prince Harry

Official UK Government Data now suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits may already be suffering Covid-19 Vaccine induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome




Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/20

“A Sad, Sad Day For Canada” – Bystanders Watch in Horror as Police Arrest Elderly Convoy Participant After he Yelled Back at Them (VIDEO)

For the second time in the past week, thuggish Canadian cops were caught on camera bullying the elderly over their support of the Truckers for freedom convoy protests.

The first glaring example of this happening comes from a viral video that came out on Monday. In the clip, a 78-year-old great-grandfather was forcibly arrested and handcuffed by Ottawa police after he gave the trucker convoy a thumbs up and a honk.

⚡️MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he’s “got a little problem” with Justin Trudeau

“All of our employees are busy making pillows right now for the truckers in Canada. We’re going to try and get them through. I’m not going to say what day or, you know, there will be obstructionists,” Lindell told Right Side Broadcasting Network on Saturday.

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Gets UNSIGNED Letter From MN Bank & Trust “Cowards” Informing Him That His Accounts Have Been Closed

On January 14, we reported about a phone call Mike Lindell’s My Pillow controller received from Minnesota Bank & Trust Senior VP Thomas Cardle. In the call, Mr. Cardle asked Mike’s controller to remove all nine of Mike’s bank accounts from their bank before shutting them all down.

Solutions from Mark Christopher - You are Winning. Urgent Message. #TruckersProtest #VaccineMandates #freedomconvoy #canadiantruckers

Federal Reserve - Closed Board Meeting on February 14, 2022

So Bob Saget Got His Head BASHED IN! #WellDeserved

John's Tattoo

Z Special Unit - Sword in Zion = Death to Zion.

HSRetoucherQ - changed his display name to VPJFKJR/99 - Boom, chaka laka. #IZatRight

Can you imagine that, what should be the biggest story of our time, bigger than Watergate, is getting absolutely no mention, ZERO, in the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC Fake News, NBC Fake News, CBS Fake News, ratings-dead CNN, and MSDNC. This in itself is a scandal, the fact that a story so big, so powerful, and so important for the future of our Nation is getting zero coverage from LameStream, is being talked about all over the world. Just like they wouldn’t talk about the many Biden corruption scandals prior to the Election, (or for that matter now!), they won’t talk about this, which is potentially even bigger. It shows how totally corrupt and shameless the media is. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and the Republicans, in particular President Donald Trump, got caught illegally spying into the Office of the President? All hell would break loose and the electric chair would immediately come out of retirement. The good news is, everybody is talking about not only this atrocity against our Nation, but that the press refuses to even mention the major crime that took place.

Northern Power grid accidentally sends out compensation cheques for trillions of pounds

An energy company has thanked “honest” customers who did not try to cash compensation cheques for trillions of pounds sent out in error.

Compensation is being paid to tens of thousands of people who were left without power when severe “once in a generation” winds swept across the UK in November last year during Storm Arwen.

Northern Powergrid admitted on Sunday it did not mean to send out cheques for trillion-pound sums to 74 customers in the north of England, with some customers receiving more than £2.3tn.

The European Energy Crisis Was Inevitable

Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis that is about to get much, much worse if war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is the continent’s single-biggest provider of liquefied natural gas, while Ukraine is a critical part of the shipping route to transport all that fuel from Russia to the European Union. A conflict between these two essential parts of the European energy supply chain would pose a serious threat to Europe’s already floundering energy security.

Let's Review The Stupid Bowl

Calm Before The Storm

I Want My Daddy


Today is the 1yr Anniversary of President Trump’s 2nd 🍑ment.. Anyone remember this video 🤣🤣 Trump was right about everything! It was a perfect phone call.

Calm Before The Storm 198

198 President Trump ☠️

198 Elephant In The Room

198 The Last Trumpet

198 Doors Shall Be Shut

198 Tell Me Who You Are 😎

The final Score Was 23-20


Q links us to Presidential Alerts for Wireless Emergency Act and US Attorney Jeff Sessions @TheJusticeDept thanking Utah police officers for their efforts in reducing violent crime in Utah. #BackTheBlue #TrustSessions

Different set of rules for the CGI stars - no masks!

LA = 13 = 13 Bloodlines

Super-Bowl Halftime Show Rituals EXPOSED?

Super Bowl Half Time Show Gong Show

Scroll to 9:35 - check out the last song of the evening, with CGI back up dancers dressed in prison garb and skull caps. ARGH.


Meet Ann Coulter, the man born Jeremy Levinsohn in New York

Meet Ann Coulter, the man born Jeremy Levinsohn in New York. "The person known today as Ann Coulter was born Jeremy Levinsohn in a village in New York in 1960. His parents were typical latte-drinking liberals, religiously conservative, but socially and politically radical.

Ann Coulter Is A Man

Joy Reid accuses Ann Coulter of being a man, Coulter goes for the jugular … literally

Why do they have Mary J Blige dressed up like a big HO? Who dresses like this? ARGH

Meta’s Quest 2 Super Bowl ad takes a retired animatronic dog into the metaverse

Super Bowl Predictive Programming


The Great Jet Fuel Hoax

The Veil of Illusion

20 minutes of the calmest voice you’ll ever hear - Jon Levi lifts the veil of illusion - don’t miss this one! Fascinating.

Thanks for joining. Please share the love. Best is yet to come! #WINNING


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