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Rise of Freedom Over Fourth Reich - Agenda 21 - Let Your Light Shine Bright #PPC

Updated: May 15, 2021

Do not miss this lady Leigh Dundas a lawyer fabulous speech! She even tells the crowd to #HoldTheLine !!

Leigh Dundas - The Rise of Freedom over the Fourth Reich


4.22.21: The WORLD is WAKING up to the DEMONIC PLAYBOOK! Some still in LAND of the LOST! Pray!

Maxime Bernier - Canada - Speech in Peterborough, ON.

I'm a PPC founding member and fan. I voted PPC and helped to campaign, get signatures, and post signs for our local candidate. I've always believed Maxime Bernier was part of the Great Awakening from the moment he came out on the campaign trail in Halifax, Nova Scotia with thumbs up and saying lets Make Canada Great Again. Sadly Canadians were not prepared for that kind of lingo, or Max's message of personal responsibly. No Canadians like to be told what to do and trust their governments, enjoy globalism because many have no idea what globalism really means, sadly. #PPC #JustSayNo #Freedom #StandUp

Maxime Bernier was live today in Peterborough, great speech, great crowd, defending our freedoms, wants kids back in school, no more masks and Canada to open up just like they are opening in the states. He says there is a momentum across Canada we are all fighting for our rights and freedom and we are not alone!! Stand up, speak out! He ends his speech with a John F. Kennedy's quote from his inaugural speech. #Legend

"In the long history of the world only few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger. you are that generation this is your role and now is the time." John F. Kennedy

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44

Sweet Snapshot of Headlines from Trump News!

This is hysterical. Mr. Putin calls out Biden, as the elephant in the room, wearing a mask to a Zoom call while all other great "CGI leaders" do not. Does he think he's going to get COVID through the internet? #MasterTroll

Does President Trump KNOW that Michael Jackson is alive?


Lisa Nichols - Motivational Speaker - How To Let Your Light Shine Bright

Healing Sleep Music 528 hz Manifest Love Frequency


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Apr 25, 2021

thank you!! I so appreciate your work! ♥


Sonia Rumzi
Sonia Rumzi
Apr 25, 2021

May God bless u my darling. You are the best. When u put all this information together for people like me it is so appreciated. Thank u thank u.

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