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Q decodes - RICO - Muslim Brotherhood - Trump Calls Out Bill Maher - Kid Love Productions

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Things are moving very quickly. Trump is on fire with his truths and statements. He is dropping red pill after red pill. Plenty of information to review and decode it's hard to keep up.


General Michael Flynn responding To Trump statement that Election was RIGGED, he writes how do we get our president and our country back? Then Flynn also shares the "Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin? Elise Stefanik calling out election meddling, collusion and corruption regarding the media and Hunter Biden laptop and Lauren Boebert writes, it's go time while sharing official account for the select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government and the chairman is Jim Jordan!!! BOOM! You don't want to get into a fight with that man, mentally or physically, he is a champion wrestler that made it to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and President Trump awarded him with the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.


New Shocking Revelations from Twitter Hearing Reveal Depth of Corruption - Rubin Report

Representative Nancy Mace may have single-handedly sent them all to GITMO in this one clip. @MJTruth

Steve Bannon War Room - Episode 2509: Rico Cases Against Twitter's Influence. Josh Hawley warns Trans Clinic: accountability is coming. Trump's War on Human Trafficking by Liz Crokin and General Michael Flynn shared Lara Logan's Locals site with Nazi flag and Ukraine flag photo!

Lara Logan & Clay Clark Present | The CBDC, Internet of Bodies & Great Reset Agenda Exposed (Part 1 of 3)

‘Boxes of documents in Boston’ latest reveal in Biden classified saga

Let's review Smocking Party at the Standard Hotel which has been closed for several years.

Let's review immigration and the Muslim brotherhood in our governments. This ties into President Trump always bringing up Witch Hunt. Q links us to a 16 page letter by Michelle Bachmann regarding the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood in US Government.

Dictator Trudeau is hijacking Canada's healthcare to implement global digital ID's. We've gone full commie in Canada. Toronto Mayor John Tory steps down from office after admitting he had relationship with former staffer - watch the resignations!

UFO Sightings

Bannon on being perfect - Project Veritas not perfect and James O'Keefe meeting with Senators about Fauci & defense department documents, says he's not suicidal

Trumps war on the media and Bill Maher - 'liddle' connects us to his Kid Love Production company and Atheist/Communist Bill Maher openly endorses Pedophilia as Love.

Trump Administration strips C.D.C. of control of Coronavirus data just as CDC expands updated COVID-19 vaccines to include children ages 5 through 11

There is some repetition re: JFK Jr and the My fellow Americans the Storm is Upon us much anticipated tweet in this blog.

Wrap up with IRS tells millions of Americans in more than 20 states to hold off on filing their taxes. Gateway Processes - CIA - And Mankinds Hidden Potential. Enjoy the show!


Lauren Boebert shares official account for the select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government and guess who the chairman is? Jim Jordan!!!

Jim Jordan Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

New Shocking Revelations from Twitter Hearing Reveal Depth of Corruption | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Viva Frei, PragerU CEO Marissa Streit, and founding COO of PayPal David Sacks about Jim Jordan getting shocking new revelations about the connections between the FBI and Twitter while questioning Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, and James Baker at the Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Tulsi Gabbard defending herself from Mitbint Romney’s baseless accusation of treason; how third-party fact-checkers like News-guard are weaponizing the accusations of misinformation to attack conservative businesses like PragerU; how Joe Biden used his State of the Union address to manipulate facts and lie about inflation and rising gas prices; and much more.

Representative Nancy Mace may have single-handedly sent them all to GITMO in this one clip.


Accountability is coming.

MS MACE = 54 = DECODER - Mirror = 45 = POTUS

Because of course it does.

Episode 2509: Rico Cases Against Twitter's Influence

Bannons War Room

Josh Hawley Warns Trans Clinic: Accountability Is Coming

Trump's War on Human Trafficking by Liz Crokin

This is 2 years old.

General Michael Flynn Shared Lara Logan's Locals Site

I've noticed a few truth tellers heading over to

Lara Logan | Lara Logan & Clay Clark Present | The CBDC, Internet of Bodies & Great Reset Agenda Exposed (Part 1 of 3)

All about the chips and how they normalize it. Surveillance under the skin. EEK - It's all about the digital currency. Quantum dot technology funded by Bill Gates. Ties in Marina Abramovich and celebrities.

Quantum dots

‘Boxes of documents in Boston’ latest reveal in Biden classified saga

WASHINGTON — Emails released Friday by the National Archives reveal references to President Biden’s lawyers handing over boxes of documents in Boston — confirming a little-known detail in the chronology of Biden’s classified documents scandal.


Did anyone consider Barrack and Michelle never officially married, since gay marriage was illegal so that makes her First Lady appointment null and void, and also because she is a DUDE and it stands to urinate while standing with Ukraine! What about the other first ladies that were dudes like Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley's son?

Smocking Party At The Standard

Here is Valerie Jarrett, Skippy John Podesta, Justin Trudeau, Adam Schiff possibly?? #Smocking party at the #StandardHotel

Smocking is body painting for sexual gratification. While the majority of body painting is done for artistic reasons, smockers belong to the subgroup that's just interested in getting their kicks. Normally either a negative or playful context, smockers aren't generally considered artists.

End of an era: Hotel tycoon Andre Balazs' Hollywood hotspot The Standard CLOSES after 22 years of hosting A-list parties, TV shows, and celebrity guests including Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and investor Leo DiCaprio - check it out!

  • The Standard in West Hollywood, which was opened by Balazs in 1999, announced that it is closing today Jan 22, 2021

  • Standard International hotel group blames a 'significant increase to its lease, which makes operating the property impossible', particularly amid the financial stress of the coronavirus pandemic

  • The Standard has spun off other locations in New York City, London, and Miami, and its parent company also owns the Chateau Marmont in LA and Chiltern Firehouse in London

  • Leonardo, Cameron Diaz, and Benicio del Toro were all investors in the Hollywood location

  • The hotel has also hosted stars including Uma Thurman, Mark Wahlberg, Alyssa Milano, Selma Blair, Nichole Richie, and Paris and Nicky Hilton

  • Owen, Matthew Perry, Hilary Duff, Oscar Isaac, Liv Tyler, Fergie, and Hugh Hefner have also been photographed there

  • Episodes of Entourage and Sex and the City were filmed there, as were Green Hornet and Mortdecai

Andre Balazs Checking Out Of His Longtime Manhattan Home - wierd. Article dated Sept 17, 2020.

Andre Balazs end of two more eras, no longer dating either of these freaks. #BirdsOfAFeather #ItsABigClub #DUDES


The Standard Hotel - What happened at the Standard Adam Schiff?

There are 9 Q posts with Rachel Chandler and I believe she is a keystone that connects all of it.

Guess who is Muslim? Obama, John Brennan, Huma Abedin, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret, Rashida, Omar, Keith Ellison, Andre Carter to name a few. and Justin Trudeau. What the hell are they doing in our governments and why do they partake in smocking?

Wikipedia only lists 4 of them.

In case you have not figured it out Immigration is another scam and hoax. All connected to votes and welfare scam. You must ask yourself why we need immigration in the first place? And why are they always connected to the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are there Muslims from other countries in our police force, government and hydro stations - the 3 most powerful industries in the world. Um hello.

Putin said it best:


Since when do we give a shit about what other countries practice? Got issues with Isolaobfobia - go FOOK yourself and go back to your own country that practices that bullshit. We don't need you. Why are you invading our countries? Go back to your home country, you don't belong here sucking off our welfare system. YOU ARE FREAKS!!! YOU DONT BELONG HERE....

Radiohead Creep - You Don't Belong Here

There are 4 Q drops related to MB = Muslim Brotherhood.

Bachmann Defends Her Witch Hunt

Rep. Michele Bachmann defended her attempt to root out “deep penetration” by the Muslim Brotherhood into the U.S. government Friday, writing a 16-page letter explaining and expanding on her initial charges against Huma Abedin and others of being terrorist sympathizers. Bachmann’s letter came in response to a challenge from a fellow Minnesota lawmaker, Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat who was the first Muslim elected to Congress. Ellison last week asked Bachmann for evidence to support a series of letters the Republican sent to five national security agencies demanding investigations into alleged Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in their ranks.

OHHHHH!! This is one of the reasons why POTUS keeps bringing up witch hunt! Link to 16 page letter by Bachman regarding the infiltration of MB in US GOV

Screenshot from the letter:

This is Susan Rice - Obama's old boyfriend.

MB = Muslim Brotherhood = Not Our Friends


The World Economic Forum is offering a digital ID pilot program, and of course Canada is all in; and fully committed to trying this out Digital ID, combined with Central Bank Digital Currencies, will be a disaster for all of humanity. This also gives them the ability to easily and seamlessly implement a CCP style social credit system.With all of these initiatives, you can bet transhumanism is right around the corner as well.Say NO Digital ID. Say NO to CBDC. Say NO to transhumanism. @realBenBradbury

OMG Canaduh / Chinada has gone full commie.

Smart city concentration camps, euthanasia if you're mentally ill, on demand Tax payer abortion, BC decriminalized Heroin, Fentanyl, Cocaine, they just signed in bill C-11 giving them unconstitutional power of censorship over the citizens and now digital IDs. #USMCA #GodHelpUs


Toronto Mayor John Tory steps down from office after admitting he had relationship with former staffer

John Tory Mayor of Toronto "steps down" for sleeping with a former staff member. No one fooking cares who this asshole sleeps with but we love the resignation.

Q2803 is a 4 year delta - Feb 18th on resignations. I trust Q.

Bannon on being perfect - Project Veritas Not Perfect.

James O'Keefe Meeting With Senators About Fauci & Defense Dept Documents, Says He's Not Suicidal

All this for a LARP or conspiracy theory?

Q Drop 2554 links us to:

Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation


To discuss the management of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and how the designation impacts the programs and activities a nonprofit is allowed to conduct.


501(c)(3) organizations are not permitted to be organized or operated for the benefit of any private individual and are only permitted to engage in minimal political activity. When a nonprofit organization violates these terms, defrauds contributors, or engages in impermissible political activity, the IRS may revoke its tax exempt status.


Q Drop 837

The Speech That Got Donald Trump Elected

Listen Carefully - Trump "Our Movement..."

Bill Mahr Kid Love Productions

Atheist/Communist Bill Maher Openly Endorses Pedophilia as Love

Leftist comedian makes a joke about Covington Catholic High School students being raped. Owen Benjamin joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the decades-old interview where Bill Maher, owner of Kid Love Productions, argues that a relationship between a 14-year-old and his teacher is just another acceptable, American love story.

In a more recent clip, Maher made a joke about the Covington Catholic School students who were involved in a massive scandal last week being raped by their priests.

Will the liberals Communist Democrats disavow this kind of disgusting rhetoric that fills MSM late-night shows? Don’t hold your breath.

Bill Maher On Joe Rogan

Bill Maher who's production company is called Kid Love Productions was just on the Joe Rogan podcast. He brings up rape and child molestation unprovoked and talks about it like he's a professional on those subjects.

He brings up Cosby as "never being funny" then goes right into his drugging and rapes. The conversation then goes into Michael Jackson being a pedophile then right into Charlie Chaplin being a pedophile. He unprovoked brings up not liking children sexually. Talks about taboos and brings up children first. Talks about watching porn with 13 year olds. Talks about molestation in the porn industry. This whole interview seems like 2 chums talking about raping and pedophilia. All the while he has his feet kicked up on Joe's desk as he talks about these subjects.


I know I sound repetitive, but it really is the way we humans learn. There is no pandemic - there never was. It's the flu rebranded AGAIN, our bodies natural response when you are too toxic, your body is actually healing because YOU are too toxic. We don't catch anything. We are being systematically poisoned by food, air, water, vaccinations and big pharma this is why we must detox constantly. Clean up your act, it's fun. No one is coming to save you except YOU! #PersonalResponsibility

Trump Administration Strips C.D.C. of Control of Coronavirus Data

Hospitals have been ordered to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and send all patient information to a central database in Washington, raising questions about transparency.

CDC Expands Updated COVID-19 Vaccines to Include Children Ages 5 Through 11

CDC adds original COVID MRNA vaccine to childhood schedule despite known harms is all you need to know about that.



There is some repetition re: JFK Jr and the My fellow Americans the Storm is Upon us much anticipated tweet in this section.

Hey, it's Marz, Canadian Digital Soldier that believes JFK Jr and many other dead celebrities are alive and working with President Trump and the White Hat Alliance to help save the world from the deep state creatures. Here are some significant connections I have made, in particular I believe the tweet, My fellow Americans the Storm is Upon us has already been delivered to us.

General Flynn was asked at a Town Hall meeting if JFK Jr is alive?

He responded with "He's NOT at Mar A Lago".

In Gematria NOT = 49 = YES = 49

He's YES at Mar A Lago.


Robert Kennedy Nose Touch re: JFK Jr is Alive

This JFK jr is alive proof has been around for a while, I used screenshots of the video in a previous blog but this lady did a nice job of covering it in ~3 minutes. Good share.

For me the most obvious characters are Anonymous, the bald Secret Service Agent, Vince McMahon, Vincent Fusca, Jon McNaughton and The Cowboy but there are plenty of others. Here is my JFK Jr is Alive and Master of Disguise slideshow. Not 100% on every character but this is a very good start. #ICYMI

There are 22 minutes between the Color Revolution and the My Fellow Americans the Storm is upon us......." God Bless - 22 = 11:11

There are 7 . = 5 in mores code 7x5 = 35 = JFK

Colour revolution (sometimes coloured revolution)[1] is a term used since around 2004 by worldwide media to describe various anti-regime protest movements and accompanying (attempted or successful) changes of government that took place in post-Soviet Eurasia during the early 21st century—namely countries of the former Soviet Union, and the former Yugoslavia.[2] - Wikipedia

Time stamp of tweets above. 6:55 and 7:17

IRS tells millions of Americans in more than 20 states to hold off on filing their taxes

The IRS is asking millions of taxpayers more than 20 states including California, Colorado and Florida who received tax rebates last year to hold off on filing their taxes.

The reason: The agency said it is seeking to clarify whether those tax rebates and special refunds are considered taxable income. "We expect to provide additional clarity for as many states and taxpayers as possible next week," the IRS said on February 3.

On Friday, the IRS provided guidance to those taxpayers: For the most part, those rebates aren't taxable.

"During a review, the IRS determined it will not challenge the taxability of payments related to general welfare and disaster relief," the tax agency said in its February 10 update.

About 16 million California residents received "middle-class tax refund" checks of $350 per eligible taxpayer last year, part of a relief package designed by the state to help residents cope with soaring inflation at a time when the state had a budget surplus.

Gateway Processes - CIA - And Mankinds Hidden Potential

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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