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Trump Charges Clinton & Coharts With RICO - Biden Calls for New World Order #NCSWIC

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

If you want to know the future, look at the past.” Albert Einstein

Real past is/was hidden from us. We will remember.


Trump files “RICO” charges against HILLARY R. CLINTON and her gang of criminal cohorts just like Q predicted! We waited a long day for this patriots! The timing of Scavino posting a pic of Trump, descending Air Force One at night with a bolt of lightening signifying dark to light or my fellow Americans the storm is upon us?



Joe Biden calls for a New World Order says we can expect a "cyber-attack" from Russia as Hunter Biden's disgusting laptop contents are confirmed by MSM and it’s really really bad. FDA approves the 3rd genome engineered animal/cattle approved for food. Nom nom nom = GMO cheese burgers, yum. They also feed the GMO cattle GMO foods, Ew. Trudeau humiliated on world stage called a disgrace to democracy by German MEP. Australia force Vaxxed says if you die, it's your own fault. They say people are responsible for their own bodies. Pfizer data proves we were right all along. In UK vaccine damage payments already happening. Obama, Clinton, Jen Psaki and Klaus all get COVID in the same week - weird or a mini vindication? COVID = arrests and more! Justice is finally coming, they say we will get it done by 2023 fully!

Lots of booms indeed, expect many more for March madness and April crazy train. Pay attention to events not timelines. As soon as the vaxxed smell vaccine injury money... watch how fast they wake up and start researching. See how this works? Greed wakes them up they could care less about their health or so it seems. So who’s the conspiracy theorist now? Much more to come out. Our tin foil hat becomes a crown of knowledge just like that! ;) Enjoy the show!

That laptop did belong to Hunter Biden so what other conspiracy theories down the line will we be able to openly communicate about? Russell Brand

AZ legislature passes bill requiring proof of US citizenship to vote and Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies. Do you think we give a shit that thing was the first female anything? We don't, that headline sucks.


I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS. Thanks for the tip, Brian Cates. @TracyBeanzOfficial




being fictious and unknown persons), and


A 108 page filing? 18 = R = JFK Jr.

6+1+1+5_7+1+2 = 23 = Pain = Punisher

Case Number: 2:22 = 11:11:11 - 14102 = 17 = Q

Trump just filed a RICO suit against the whole Clinton gang.

Bring it on!!!

Trump sounds very confident. #NCSWIC

Let's get this Q party started - this is one of my favourites.


Donald J. Trump - See You In Commerce

18 seconds - Don't miss Trump rally this Saturday in Commerce, Georgia, Trump says it's going to be fun! Everyone notice he is not sporting a tie? ;)

Clinton tweets out personal medical information.

Trump treats us to a 6 x 3 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

18 + 5 = 23 = PAIN on March 11 = 3:11 Marker at 6:38 = 17 = Q | @GEORGENEWS


⚡️Hunter Biden & Soros Linked to Biolabs in Ukraine – Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed a Hunter Biden-founded investment fund (Rosemont Seneca Partners) and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations were directly involved in financing research facilities in Ukraine, which Moscow claims were developing bioweapons.

The MoD also said that several known US military contractors like Metabiota, plus Black and Veatch were also heavily implicated in the operation.

Both Washington and Kiev have denied biological research for military purposes, while the media has looked to hound out those even mentioning of the labs since the US Under Secretary admitted to their existence.

Anthrax is an infectious disease that’s caused by bacteria. It’s very rare in the United States, but it can be very serious.

It usually only affects farm animals like cows and sheep. But it’s possible to become infected if you’re in contact with infected animals or products that come from them. Anthrax has also been found in people who have injected heroin. Others at risk for anthrax include people who work with anthrax in a lab or those exposed to it because of bioterrorism.

Anthrax isn’t contagious, so you can’t spread it to other people, but COVID and the FLU are. Who writes this garbage?

8 Joe Biden Scandals To Investigate After Admittal Hunter’s Laptop Is Legit

These scandals are no longer just about Hunter Biden. They are about now-President Joe Biden, and we need answers.

This must be what “building back better” means!

1. Pay-to-Play in Ukraine

2. China Gets in the Game

3. Moscow, Kazakhstan, & More

4. Ukraine’s Firing of the Prosecutor Investigating Burisma

5. Obama-Biden Administration Ignoring Conflicts of Interest

6. The Intelligence Community’s Briefing of Biden

7. Possible Collusion to Interfere in the 2020 Election

8. Joe Biden Is a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

Joe, good luck in Europe otherwise we’ll be adding #9 to your list, WWIII in Europe!

Marco Polo - Report on Biden Laptop

Marco Polo has been given a never-before-seen copy of a subpoena from 2019 for Hunter Biden’s business records. The subpoena is incredible for its breadth and depth, and it names other members of the Biden family. We are grateful to our whistleblower, whose identity will be forever protected. As we are not in the news business, you can expect this subpoena to appear in a plethora of outlets in the coming days and then, of course, laid out in detail in our Report on the Biden Laptop.

Grand Jury Subpoena - March 15, 2019

Robert Hunter Biden and James Biden are both on the list. More evidence trials have already occurred and with all the CGI puppets out there would lead us to believe so have executions.

The storm is here...

US Prosecutor Issued Grand Jury Subpoena for Hunter Biden Bank Records Connected to China

Oh, So Trump Wasn’t Lying Then

That laptop did belong to Hunter Biden so what other conspiracy theories down the line will we be able to openly communicate about? Russell Brand

Watch this video and remember Trump literally called himself a wartime president. He had every right to use his wartime powers and the PEADs (Presidential Emergency Action Documents) to implement devolution.

Dan posts this storm is upon us scene on Truth Social the other night, and then Dave from X22Report uses the same image. Could be nothing.


I shared a sweet collection of tweets by Vincent Kennedy in my last blog where he indicates we will get justice by 2023, fully. Wow right? We also know Vincent Kennedy is one of JFK Jr's characters he plays in the movie the Great Awakening. Is he the Punisher, aka John Durham? I believe so. He's definitely into Q, helmets and sound gear and was sporting the first sexy face mask ever - time for all the masks to come off. Who would have the audacity to impersonate this dude? Let's see what happens.

Press play and note: The AP that appears on JFK Jr forehead. It is not for Associated Press but represents the number 17!

A = 1 P = 16 = 17 = Q

Three year delta on this Q posts March 23, 2019. We are the news - NOT GOING AWAY!

Cool they’re covering our movement. We are the News for sure now.

Fox News Reporter Quotes Tweet from QAnon-Related Account On Air

This has been going on a very long time.

Americans are receiving a Constitutional crash course. We are being shown how broken ALL of our systems truly are.

🍿Executive Branch serves special interests.

🍿Judicial Systems serves special interests.

🍿Legislative Branch serves special interests.

🍿Intelligence Systems serves special interests.

🍿Voting Right / System completely compromised.

🍿Public Education Systems indoctrinating children to NWO curriculum.

🍿Heath Care / Big Pharma weigh holding treatments.

🍿News / Media is Fake.

We can go on forever about how broken our systems are here in America and around the world. To think ALL of this crazy shit has to happen in order to spark a thought and feeling in the ones who have yet to wake up. To think there are 4-6% that aren’t ever going to get this speaks volumes to how evil the media and it’s culture truly is.

Peace through strength and national pride is the solution to the endless wars and national shame. National repentance. That’s the goal. Be the change.

Arizona Legislature Passes Bill Requiring Proof of US Citizenship to Vote

The Arizona legislature has passed an election integrity measure on Wednesday to help ensure that only voters who can prove they are American citizens will be able to register to vote in the state.

House Bill 2492 requires Arizona voters to provide proof that they are citizens when they turn in voter registration forms.

The Epoch Times adds:

The state Senate passed the bill March 23 in a 16–12 vote, with 12 Democrats voting against the bill and two others—Democratic Sens. Lela Alston and Juan Mendez—opting not to vote. The state House already passed the bill, which now heads to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk to be signed into state law.

@Ol_Cowboy - GAB

Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs. Illuminati & Secret Handshake Societies. Human & Child Trafficking. Human & Child Sex Slavery. Adrenochrome Harvesting. Torture of Children. Human Meat Production. Abortion Industry + Aborted Body Parts in Food. MK Ultra Mind Control. Draconian Laws & Tyrannical Governments. Mass Murder & Genocide, Endless Wars. Satanic Human Sacrifice. Unlawful Taxation (Theft), Corruption, Bribery, Money Laundering, Insider Trading. Central Banking, Fiat Money & Blackmail. Courts, Branches of Government as Captured Operations, New World Order, and so on...

It's time to get our heads around the existence of dark non terrestrial beings and their minions that dominate, subjugate, oppress and prey on humanity for several thousands of years. Inhuman, treating us like livestock because we are literally their food. Especially the children. They have always been here as tyrants and parasites, lacking empathy and conscience, they made the world a "shithole." Disgusting perverts they are not human and their rules and practices are called Draconian for a reason.

Satan is not of this Earth, so that would make him a Non-Terrestrial. Thank God we have help from the most high and that angels exist. We are God's children and we have the real power to change everything.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order." David Rockefeller, 1994

Biden's Planning On Creating A "New World Order"

Joe Biden wants a New World Order you say? You can not tell the people you must show the people. God love Q.

“It’s Coming” – Joe Biden Casually Says Russia is Planning a Cyberattack Against the United States (VIDEO)

It’s not ‘Russian disinformation.’ It’s real. It has always been real.

The laptop proves the Biden's are corrupt. It shows our security agencies are corrupt. It shows our media is corrupt. They will lie to protect candidates assigned by the Deep State Swamp. #Lieslieslies

Check our Ashley Biden's hand... OMG. What? Big V?

Senate Pulls Out Skin Colour Chart To Make Sure Ketanji Brown is Black

Wow! Speaking of colour, Trump Is Looking “Tanned, Rested, and Ready” in New Tweets

How's he getting younger? PH balanced filtered water with a squirt of organic lemon or lime first thing in the morning, dash of Saltic salt. Boom who's yer daddy? #SoHandsome

Pelosi on the other hand drinks a lot of booze with a side of ice cream. Not judging, I overindulged to soothe a deeply troubled mind and body, went to bed with Ben and Jerry every night for 1.5 yrs. It was not sexy - and I can assure you it didn't end well. I do not consume dead milk to this day, also not a fan of the pedophile and andrenochorme references. They get the dairy from humans the exact same way, like cows and they steal the baby to make this milk production the best medicine on the planet. Just sayin.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream??

Progressives slam Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream stunt in election postmortem

Joe Biden really, really likes ice cream

“hotdog” = boy

“pizza” = girl

“cheese” = little girl

“pasta” = little boy

“ice cream” = male prostitute

“walnut” = person of colour

“map” = semen

“sauce” = orgy

Magnum Ice Cream Pedophile

DeSantis names Emma Weyant 'rightful winner' of NCAA 500-yard freestyle over trans swimmer Lia Thomas

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday issued a proclamation declaring Sarasota native and Olympic silver medalist Emma Weyant the "real winner" of the 500-yard freestyle event at the Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships last Thursday.

Weyant, a freshman at the University of Virginia, finished second to Lia Thomas, a man who identifies as female and takes cross-sex hormones.

NCAA = 45, 19 and 114

Here is the race on Telegram:

I don't believe men should compete in women sports.

Wait for it... 🤣🤣 54 = 45 = POTUS


WWG1WGA - 54 - FIVE FIVE - 54


Does Biden's SCOTUS Nominee Need a Birds & Bees Talk? 🤣

Can you provide a definition for the word women?

FLASHBACK: Ketanji Brown Jackson Sentenced The Pizzagate Gunman

You don't say... wow Ketanji Brown Jackson was the Pizzagate judge, just wow. Sentenced for 18 months!

Jackson responds to the lady with "Sir, I'm not a biologist." But I am a pedophile sympathizer.

FDA Approves the 3rd genome engineered animal approved for food.

What is it going to take to wake up the normies? They already feed the cattle GMO GARBAGE and they already told you the cattle is genome engineered for food, so disgusting. These criminals lie lie lie, to poison you all day long, all for greed and so you can have a snack that is acidic and clogs your arteries. Then they kidnap, confine, rape the animals then they live a horrific existence, that we ignore, then they butcher the animal and you consume that animal, a known carcinogen, completely acidic to humans and poison for consumption and you feed this and that karma to children? Many blindly continue to consume our friends and family. They have a mother, eyes, a nervous system to see, hear and feel while you consume blood, veins, pus and the flesh of our brothers and sisters. You become that karma. Do you eat cat or dog? What is the difference? How about the price of "meat." Eat what you want though. No one cares what YOU consume except YOU. You have to live with yourself and what goes into your gut and becomes YOU. #ChoicesHaveConsequences #TheyDoTheSameThingToChildren

Meanwhile in CanaDUH this is what strong leadership looks like. What could go wrong? Jagmeet Singh has ties to terrorists, not permitted to enter India. Every corrupt liberal sporting a mask! #Treason

Canada’s top politician Jagmeet Singh under the radar of Indian Intelligence officials for his Pro-Khalistani and Pro-Pakistan propaganda: Reports

Left-liberals in India find these pro-Khalistani sympathizers as a source of inspiration

German MEP Christine Anderson offered Trudeau what she called an appropriate "welcome" to the European Parliament by calling the leader a "disgrace" and condemning him for human rights violations. (videos)

5 Reasons Why The Liberal-NDP Coalition Will Be Devastating For Canada’s Economy

Here is a common sense article for you to read that lists palatable reasons the liberal NDP coalition will be a disaster. My take is they're all disgusting treasons bastards that have sold their soul to Lucifer. They are demons/aliens whatever you want to call them.

We all know that when a politician walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, acts like a globalist and quacks like a globalist, that means they're a globalist, right? And what about when that politician comes out with an unbelievable, in-your-face endorsement of the UN-led Agenda 2030 to remodel the world order and lead us into the maws of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset in the name of "sustainable development." Then we all know they're a globalist, right? Well, get a load of this. . . .

Stop the Money Printing #PPC

In federal court challenge, Maxime Bernier says he requires air travel to reach voters

In his federal court challenge of the vaccine mandate for air travel, People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier argues that he requires air travel to reach voters. The federal government barred unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 from boarding commercial aircrafts as of Nov. 30, 2021, citing the Omicron variant. In his affidavit, Bernier, who is not vaccinated, said he is the full-time leader of a “leading federal party,” which came fifth in the 2021 federal election with 4.9% cent of the vote.

“The orders make me the only leader of a major federal party who is prevented from travelling by air to carry out his political mission, which ironically includes challenging the Liberal government’s COVID measures,” Bernier said.

Wow it appears all these conspiracy theories are all coming true?

Diseases Reimagined Through COVID Combos ;)

Lara Logan blows the lid off Ukraine

Lovely powerful energy delivering red pill truth bombs. Behold.

'This is GOLD': NYT asks Candace Owens where she gets her ideas about Ukraine — and immediately regrets it

'Nobody obliterates the @NYTimes as well as the @NYTimes'

Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies

Madeleine Albright, the 64th Secretary of State, was the first female to hold the office.

(CNN)Madeleine Albright, the first woman US secretary of state, who helped steer Western foreign policy in the aftermath of the Cold War, has died. She was 84 years old.

Madeleine Albright: Donald Trump Is Just 'Weird' | Morning Joe | MSNBC - July 2016

Here Maddie exposes herself as a complete lunatic globalist working with the Cabal, uses her Jew card, like it matters. No one cares what you ever did or had to say you psychopath. RIP Mad Madeleine Albright!

Would you call Trump a fascist?
"It's hard to label him anything except weird." Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was "worth it" wins Epstein Island Medal of Freedom

Dominion Guilty of Election Crimes


Thanks for joining me. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

Podcasts of Blogs & Introductions:





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'Dictatorship of the worst kind'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to sit and watch as members of the European Parliament out-and-out denounced the leader to his face on Wednesday over his dictatorial handling of the Freedom Convoy protests.

The progressive prime minister — who last month invoked the Emergencies Act to quell vaccine mandate protests in Canada's capital city — was in Brussels, Belgium, this week to urge European leaders to step up their opposition to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

But some MEPs were not so keen on taking instruction from someone they view as a dictator, the Toronto Sun reported.

German MEP Christine Anderson offered Trudeau what she called an appropriate "welcome" to the…



"What have you been up to?"


just redesigning my DNA.

Freeing myself of ancestral trauma.

Mastering my soul lessons.

You know,

just cultivating space for the

abundance flow

that I am.

Giving thanks for it all."

I am with you on this!!! I am free, joyful, and have so much love and gratitude for you!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Absolutely 💯 agree

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