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It's Happening - Planes Trains Cancelled - Strikes Due To VAX Pressure

Yesterday was October 17 folks, that's a double Q or 117 or 11+7 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. Happy Q Day! One Hundred and Seventeen = Prepare For The Storm. Maria Bartiroma, Fox News reporting that Nancy Pelosi is stepping down. Happy Q day!

It's happening - COVID psyop has officially hit the crazy train. Planes, trains and ferries cancelled, employees walking off the job, the people are striking due to vaccine deadlines and pressure. Truckers are next = Shortages. Stock up folks. President Trump releases findings from Pima County AZ – Precincts with over 100% turnout! “Either a new election should immediately take place or the past election should be decertified".

REMINDER we are are watching a movie folks and I believe it's getting to the really exciting part! Let's Go Brandon! Stop Vaccine Mandates Act. COVID safety protocols for Federal contractors are rescinded and shall have no force or effect. Catholic troops can refuse COVID vaccine! Heads up, we can all refuse the vaccine, it has aborted fetuses in it, that can't be good for humanity. Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “I Have Been Very Clear, It is Homicide”. Wrap up with Falon Gong forced organ harvesting and Sean Stone's groundbreaking series BEST KEPT SECRET! Enjoy the show!



JFKJR = 55

Heaven = 55

Game On = 55

Do You Miss Me Yet = 1463

Mark Of The Beast Be This Vaccine = 1463

Final Countdown = 1463

JFKdockeystone = 1463

Get Your House In Order = 1463

BREAKING: President Trump Releases Findings from Pima County AZ – Precincts with Over 100% Turnout! “Either A New Election Should Immediately Take Place Or The Past Election Should Be Decertified”

President Trump released a statement this morning revealing that new information from public record requests in Arizona has been discovered. This “damning and determinative” information will be discussed by President Trump today. Trump: New information found from public records, documents, and votes in Arizona. It is damning and determinative!

Maria Bartiromo is reporting that Nancy Pelosi may step down soon.

Nancy Pelosi Pulled Out of Catholic Church Before She Could Give Scripture Reading

Pro-abortion Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi left a Catholic church Saturday in the middle of Mass due to safety concerns involving a nearby protest, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Though Pelosi, the U.S. House Speaker, is trying to legalize abortion on demand and force taxpayers to pay for the killing of unborn babies in abortions, she claims to be a devout Catholic. On Saturday, she was invited to give a reading at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Rome, Italy, while she was visiting the country, the report states.

Do you like my new wig Pope John?

Rumour has it Nancy had "something" deadly hidden in her hand, in an attempt to get President Trump to shake her hand, and he smoothly disregarded her, already knowing what her sickening plan was. #TimeTraveller #SOTU

🇺🇸 @hsretoucher17

"The Joe Biden vaccine mandate, it's never actually been imposed. It's not written anywhere, it's just nothing more than a press release in a speech."

Warmongering Creatures All CIA CLOWNS IN AMERICA

By The Book & Strider Raven... The True Man Show... You're watching a Movie

Watching a Movie - MASKS

More evidence the white hats are in control and we are watching a movie:

Bill Maher Shocks Liberal Audience With Trump 2024 Predictions: "I Hope I Scared The Shit Out Of You"

HBO show host Bill Maher is warning his audience of a Trump return to office after 2024, saying during a Friday segment, "I hope I scared the shit out of you." He said Trump and his supporters are putting a "slow-moving coup" in place to assure victory.

"I’ve been saying ever since he lost, he’s like a shark that’s not gone, just gone out to sea," Maher said. "But actually he’s been quietly eating people this whole time. And by eating people, I mean he’s been methodically purging the Republican Party of anyone who voted for his impeachment or doesn’t agree that he’s the rightful leader of the seven kingdoms."

Why The Red Shoes Bill Maher & Who's yer daddy?

Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say

Current State of Ports

Now u know Y Actor Joe is walking around eating Ice Cream all the time. White Hats are literally putting it right in our faces.

US Treasury deputy sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed

The deputy secretary at the US Treasury has put Americans on notice that the only way to end the plague of empty shelves around the country is for every resident to be vaccinated. The frank warning came off as a threat to many.

Wally Adeyemo, the Biden administration’s second-highest official in the Treasury Department, appeared to publicly blackmail the still-sizable portion of Americans who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 during a Thursday ABC interview, seemingly blaming them for the ongoing shortages of consumer goods that have led many to mock the president as ‘Empty Shelves Joe’.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Paid Leave Since Mid-August amid Supply Crisis

Buttigieg Has Been On Paid Leave Since Mid-August Despite Supply Chain Crisis

As cargo ships congested at U.S. ports, creating an unprecedented supply-chain crisis, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on paid leave to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies.

After weeks of people questioning Buttigieg’s whereabouts as crisis after crisis mounted, Politico’s West Wing Playbook confirmed on Thursday that the transportation secretary was “lying low.”

Let's Go Brandon = 489

Trump Ahead = 489

Make America Honourable Again = 489 Almost There = 489

Storm Coming = 489

Consider It Done = 489



Enterprising Michigan Landowner Delivers a Warm Welcome to Joe Biden as He Flies Into Town (VIDEO)

Let's Go Brandon New Song @CBKNews

Australia Imposes Strictest Vaccine Mandate In The World

NEW - Australia's Northern Territory imposes the strictest vaccine mandate in the world. Those who don't comply by Nov. 13 will be fined $5,000 and are not allowed to go back to work.

Australia under military control, they claim they will have everyone vaccinated by Christmas.

Logic and common sense are good tools to have during these difficult times. Did you know the Amish don’t get COVID? They have no TV. #UNPLUG

Do you ever get "friends and family" members saying, "well that's your opinion" and smugly feel that comment alone shuts down all debate or conversation? Ya, me too. Um, hello. A two year old can have an opinion. Now lets drill down a little, which these surface dwellers have absolutely no interest in ideas that don't match their TV.. Why don't you ask me where my opinion comes from since my opinion used to match yours and 95% of the "programmed people". You would think that might interest them. NOPE. #research #perspective #dig

Don’t be worried about the “delta” variant, delta = brainwaves when you are sleeping. It’s also an airline, hotel chain and a military term. Weird. We all know the airlines and hotel chains are up to their eyeballs in child trafficking and other revolting behaviour … DOWN THEY GO!!!!!!

Just a common cold, as per the CDC and President Trump, said so over a year ago. Just a cold, we are all good. No homeless are dead and no healthcare workers are dropping dead from any disease, even while they are surrounded by infectious patients with no mask or vaccination, still not dead. Weird? Question More. #LOGIC #CommonSense

I have to work to pay my bills and support my family = can’t work if you're dead or injured. You're also not the only person that has to “work” to pay bills and feed a family, think bigger picture. Also you can not donate blood once you are vaxxed. WHY? How come your insurance will not cover your injuries or death? How come you can not sue the vaccine manufacturers? How come they are hiding the deaths and injuries from vaccinations? Why are they censoring and shutting down healthy debate if they have nothing to hide?

QR code: Q = 17 R = 18 - 17 + 18 = 35 = JFK

Project Veritas - Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails

Oh wait what is this? By Project Veritas...Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There'

Pfizer Whistleblower FIRED! Melissa Strickler has been fired by Pfizer after revealing internal emails from the company which show aborted fetal tissue was utilized in the production of the experimental mRNA Covid Vaccine.

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “I Have Been Very Clear, It is Homicide”

In September, he criticized the “throwaway” culture that makes abortion seem “normal.”

“There is the waste of children that we don’t want welcome,” he said. “It is really a murder.” He added: “Is it right to eliminate, to take a human life to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a hitman to solve a problem? That’s what abortion is.”

Catholic Troops Can Refuse COVID Vaccine! Heads up, we can all refuse the vaccine, it has aborted fetuses in it, that can't be good for humanity. #Correct

CNN LYING About Joe Rogan and Ivermectin

NOTE how many times they say the name of the drug Ivermectin, also buddy refers to it as EXPERIMENTAL, says he'll take horse dewormer but not an experimental vaccine. PARDON?

100% Proof They're Lying

100% proof they're lying, people are dying. ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ "We Got Them. Fact Check This!" ALL NEW WHISTLEBLOWER INFO - THE FDA IS TRACKING VACCINE DEATHS, ALL THE WHILE CLAIMING THE COVID VACCINE IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE and THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT – Millions Have Died From The Injections - Aborted fetuses in the vaccinations, blog and podcast below:

Sadly WIX my website host, has a bug that wiped out the 100% Proof They're Lying blog and replaced it with my Rush Limbaugh is Jim Morrison blog. They are working on it. That was a lot of work lost, luckily I did a podcast of the blog.

1 minute snapshot an interview on tik tok, recording Attorney Thomas Renz who is reporting on actual deaths from vaccines. Here he shares documents from DOD that prove the hospitals are filling up with 71% vaccinated injured since August 7th.

This is going viral over 11.7K views on this 1.22 minute post alone and it's been taken down!!!

New Link Full Video:

BREAKING: Attorney Thomas Renz reveals DoD data proving covid vaccines WORSEN infections and hospitalizations

DoD Data Analysis SHATTERS Official Vaccine Narrative

Oh wait what is this? STOP VACCINE MANDATE ACT for federal employees!! BOOM and so it begins….

Stop Vaccine Mandate Act

Sponsor. Junior Senator for Oklahoma. Republican

1.Short title This Act may be cited as the Stop Vaccine Mandates Act.2. Executive Orders 14042 and 14043

The provisions of Executive Order 14042 (86 Fed. Reg. 50985; relating to ensuring adequate COVID safety protocols for Federal contractors) and Executive Order 14043 (86 Fed. Reg. 50989; relating to requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 vaccination for Federal employees) are rescinded and shall have no force or effect.


Okanagan Health Professionals; Truth in Great Detail Enlightened Okanagan Health Professionals present their second open letter to the BC government and are ignored.

This new “Open Letter” provides evidence of the following:

Covid-19 injections are now proven to be toxic and harmful

Severe Adverse Reactions & Deaths from Covid-19 injections exceed all “other” vaccine injuries over the last 30 years combined

Covid-19 injections DO NOT PREVENT contracting or transmitting the virus

Our government is manipulating and misrepresenting the Covid-19 cases, statistics, as well as changing definitions of vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Health Authorities are coaching our children how to become “vaccinated” and conceal their medical information from their parents.

Safe and Effective early treatments are available, but are being suppressed, prohibited, and punishment (imposed on) those who recommend or use them

Other countries have stopped or are also calling for an immediate stop to the Covid-19 mandates.

We continue to openly demand our government to stop the “vaccine” mandates and other restrictions being forced upon us, as has been done in other countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and many others.

The lack of any response by our government is disconcerting. We can no longer wait for them. We need all people to stand up and hold our government accountable. The attached follow-up letter is now addressed to our patients, friends, family, and media. We are asking for support, understanding and solidarity as we provide reference to many studies and related evidence that is being hidden from main media sources, thus suppressed.

Please share this letter and the incredibly important information that it contains with everyone.

Sincerely, Dr. Trozzi

Trains, Planes, Ferries Cancelled Employee Walk Outs

Southwest Airlines’ Widespread Cancellations Disrupt Weekend Travel

More than a thousand flights were canceled on Sunday and 800 on Saturday. (18 = R = JFK Jr.) The airline blamed air traffic control and “disruptive weather,” but no other carrier reported problems.

Southwest Airlines Customers Drive 1,500 Miles From Wedding After Flights Canceled

Officials blaming it on "weather".

"F-22 Pilots walk off the job Magic potion pushers and quiet non-objectors are to blame" via IG Justin O'Donnell

Twelve F22 pilots and Sixteen B-52 bomber crew members have walked off the job, in response to Secretary Austin’s mass email on September 8th decreeing forced vaccinations. The national security implications of this, considering all of the first responders who will also be walking off the job is head spinning.

Staffing shortages force cancellations on Washington ferries (dated Oct 8 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.)

Dr. Hodkinson Slams Covid PsyOps: 'Reputations will be Slaughtered - Pack of Lies From Start to Finish' (Video)

"Belief is the driver of action!" Juan O Savin

Roseanne Barr and Juan O Savin discuss the “Red Sea Moment”

Dr. Amandha Vollmer



Falon Gong Organ Harvesting without pain medication by the thousands. MURDER over and over and over.

'They'll take your liver and you won't even know': China's real-life Squid Game: How organs are harvested from THOUSANDS every week for a 'kill to order' market - and why the world is powerless to stop it


Here is the Trailer to Stone’s upcoming 6 part series called Best Kept Secret. BEST KEPT SECRET DOCUSERIES TRAILER


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Oct 18, 2021

Everytime I see that airforce picture I wonder if it is John. The one next to it he is making a Q with his fingers.

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Oct 19, 2021
Replying to

We believe it is John. It is his Vincent Kennedy character - he associates with red panda, the cutest animal in the world. Nice catch on the Q hand signal. BOOM!

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