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I Was Wrong About Trump - Trump's Virtues - #WWG1WGA

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

People say don't count on anyone to be your saviour and I agree with that statement. Do I believe Trump is coming to "save" us? No, of course not, do I believe he is teaching us, as in "you need to show the people you can not tell them", yes I do. In fact I believe he would be appalled if he thought patriots thought he was coming to save them, that is not how this works. You have to do the work and learn to save yourself.

This is getting good and it's only the beginning. The tide is turning for President Trump. Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller x 2, Impeachment x 2, COVID, Mar-A-Lago raid and Trump continues to work for us for free. Trump shares an article by M.B. Mathews who writes, "I was wrong about Trump" in the American Thinker, and he shares Tom Klingenstein video who explains Trump's virtues in an outstanding speech.

President Trump will emerge from this hatred as one of the most notable figures to have ever lived, he is what legends are made of.

My Son Hunter full trailer! Here it comes folks. I suspect the people that need to see it will avoid it like the plague and those of that already know, will watch it several times! Either way Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!!! #NCSWIC

Zuckerberg Tells Rogan the FBI Had Them Censor Hunter Biden Laptop & Fox News reporting on the FBI helped rig the 2020 Election for Biden, smells like election interference to me!

Trump Got’em – Huge Concerns About Peter Strzok Working for the CIA Are Likely at the Heart of Mar-a-Lago RAID

"The greatest Witch Hunt in USA history has been going on for six years" President Trump

I Was Wrong About Trump

I recently wrote a column about why I believed Trump should not run in 2024. I was wrong. I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override his virtues, which are considerable. Some people want Trump without his vices. I was among them -- until yesterday, when I watched and listened to Tom Klingenstein’s speech titled “Trump’s virtues.” It was masterful and shamed me that I did not make the distinction between Trump's character and his virtues, the former being deeply flawed, the latter being almost perfect. I need to man up in my defense of the former President's virtues. The speech was among the most pointed I have heard and deserves some exposure.

Trump's Virtues - Tom Klingenstein - Chairman of the Claremont Institute.

590,659 views - Jul 6, 2022

Many leading Republicans and conservatives want someone other than Donald Trump to run for President in 2024. But this judgment requires an assessment of Trump’s vices and virtues in the context of our current political and cultural circumstances, as well as an assessment of other prospective Republican presidential candidates. Tom Klingenstein, Chairman of the Claremont Institute, explains Trump's Virtues.

The American Dream Is Not Dead

"The greatest Witch Hunt in USA history has been going on for six years" President Trump

Witch = Hillary #LockHerUp is real.

There are absolutely no coincidences and everything has meaning.

The FBI Helped Rig the 2020 Election for Biden - Fox News!!! #WatchTheWater

Zuckerberg Tells Rogan the FBI Had Them Censor Hunter Biden Laptop

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan the FBI came to them and asked them to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

So did Zuckerberg just admit to election interference?

🍊Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the FBI approached Facebook warning the platform about "Russian propaganda" ahead of the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Appearing on Thursday's instalment of "The Joe Rogan Experience," Zuckerberg was asked about Facebook's suppression of the New York Post's reporting that shed light on the shady foreign business dealings of the son of then-candidate Joe Biden.

Zuckerberg began by stressing how Facebook took a "different path" than Twitter, which completely censored the Post's reporting while Facebook limited its reach on the platform.

"Basically, the background here is the FBI, I think, basically came to us- some folks on our team and was like, 'Hey, just so you know, like, you should be on high alert…

There Are 6 Q Posts on Election Interference

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Trump Got’em – Huge Concerns About Peter Strzok Working for the CIA Are Likely at the Heart of Mar-a-Lago RAID

The brazen raid of President Trump’s home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, likely has its roots in the Russia collusion story with a particular focus on Peter Strzok and his affiliation with the CIA.


Look who's leading in the polls. ;)

My Son Hunter Full Trailer |

Don Jr. on ‘My Son Hunter’ Panel: This Film Is ‘Incredible Example’ of Conservatives ‘Looking for Alternative Venues to Spend Their Hard-Earned Money’

The upcoming film My Son Hunter is an “incredible example” of conservatives “looking for alternate venues to spend their hard-earned money,” Donald Trump Jr. said during a panel discussion Thursday evening on Truth Social following the release of the film’s full theatrical trailer.

My Son Hunter Full Trailer |

Poll: 79 Percent Say Donald Trump Would Have Won in 2020 if Hunter’s Laptop Was Known to Voters

Seventy-nine percent of Americans say former President Donald Trump would have won reelection in 2020 if Hunter’s laptop was known to voters, according to Wednesday’s Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics polling.

Seventy-four percent of Americans believe the FBI mislead the public when it claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was “disinformation.”

Sen. Kennedy: Biden, Manchin Will Live To Regret This

I love this guy, he is so cheeky. They review IRS, Trump Raid, the Presidential Act and the failing FBI and DOJ.

Never ever give up!

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

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