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Gates, Epstein, Maxwell & Big Mike - Interesting connection

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Interesting connection that might work for normies.

Everyone knows Bill Gates

Everyone knows Jeffrey Epstein

Everyone should know Ghislaine Maxwell by now

Bill Gate’s mother is a Maxwell, so he is directly related to Ghislaine & we know what she has been up too.

Bill Gates visited Epstein Island & flew on Lolita Express several times.

Even as a NORMIE, I would find this very suspicious and start to connect a few dots, you know they had underage children on the island and FBI found human bones under the temple.  This is common knowledge so no conspiracy here.

More connections with Madeleine McCann disappearance & Jon Benet Ramsey murder.

Here is a photo in their younger years of Obama, Bill Gates and Michael LaVon Robinson aka Michelle Obama. The point being they are all connected and Michelle is a dude. #BigMike

Did you see the necklace Michelle #clone was sporting at the DNC convention?  Gold necklace with the name MIKE. I believe she is a white hat clone playing her role in the movie.

The necklace was a fake, just like he is. He wore one that said vote.

They are getting sloppy. The skin colour is not even the same, nose is different, eye shape different & what happened to her teeth? #CLONES

Check out the headlines on this old GEORGE magazine from 20 years ago, these stories are headline news today for #MAGA peeps.

Here is Bill Maher New Rule: Think Like a True QAnon Here Bill is claiming to be Q, those that scream the loudest! #PANIC

You get to make a choice you are a patriot or a pedophile. Good vs Evil

New Meme hot off the press by @lightworkercain - Raising Cain on twitter.

Thanks for reading. End of story #WWG1WGA

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