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Drug Trafficking Vs Vote Trafficking Vs Child Trafficking?#TheGreatAwakening

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

You certainly can not call The Great Awakening boring. As Juan O Savin predicted, every day into the fall is going to be wild. This blog is jam packed! Enjoy the show!

"Every day going into the fall gets more tense and gripping." ~Juan O Savin

THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL: Is this how they wake the world up? OMG! They will never stop if you don't wake up.

COVID: Scottish Government Want to Make Emergency Powers Permanent

The Scottish Government want to make some of their emergency Covid powers permanent, which could include their power to restrict public freedom if required for public health. These powers give the Government the ability to introduce lockdowns and order schools to close.

BREAKING - “The CDC acknowledges that “the statistics for children under the age of 18, that are healthy, … survival rate is 99.998% with no treatment. The influenza virus is more dangerous to children than COVID-19." (the numerology on 99.99 8% though)

Regardless, Dr. Fauci continues to call for vaccinating the youth. #RedFlag #Warning #RedFlag #Warning #RedFlag #Warning

They mention CHILDREN under the age of 18, not only to reference 18 = R = JFK Jr., but to point out the obvious - they ARE CHILDREN under the age of 18. Many think of Epstein island as a bunch of degenerate dirty old billionaire men doing disgusting things to 17 year old children, no my friends it is much much worse than that. They do bad things to newborns right up to 17 yrs old and beyond. And the other thing they never mention is they target the little boys, they are not as interested in the females, it's all about the little boys. These freaks are disgusting sodomites that need to be ejected from the planet or whatever we call this dimension. Children and sexual do not belong in the same sentence.

BREAKING NEWS: Pilots File Suit Against United, Seek VAXX Restraining Order, Halt to Mandate

We have a copy of the Proclamation and Declaration of Independence to President Donald John Trump of the Country of the United States swearing allegiance to the United States Republic and not the Corporation. BOOM! Does everyone remember the Tom Cruise movie "The Firm"? They have to tell you what they are doing and they disguise it as "entertainment", meanwhile we are all slaves owned by the corporation that are being gaslit, manipulated and brainwashed, robbed of our energy and life force via taxation, while they cast evil spells upon us and our children worldwide. #BirthCertificateFraud #AnnaVonReitz

"It's not going to be over in 6 months or even a year." ~Juan O Savin

A collection of President Trump's amazing recent statements - Oh wait what is this? “It’s time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace" says Trump, IF THEY CAN FIND HIM... Pardon? I guess he means resign from the corporation and that the actor James Woods can hang up his Biden mask for good since the real Biden is 6 feel under with his revolting buddies Obama, Hillary and Big Mike. Biden clone/actor admits to creating the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics last October, did any normie notice or care? NOPE. Imagine if Trump had said that. #Hypocrites

Afghanistan collapses in the most humiliating defeat for the US!!!

Taliban announces ‘amnesty,’ urges women to join government

"This is what strong leadership looks like." Kameltoe Harris on Joe Biden

The end is here...

Biden midget clone dressed in a casual golf shirt, looking very serious in the "situation" room alone at Camp David, must be worried about the Afghans. #Weird #Timestamps

Mike Lindell, an American hero, attacked for trying to save our democracy! Support Mike, his MyPillow will help support your neck and head comfortably all night long - please pray for him and his family. Buy his book while you're at it, give them out as gifts of inspiration. Mike ends his book with To be continued... ;)

"We skipped socialism and dove right into communism." Mike Lindell

DO NOT MISS Dave Clement RED PILL speech on drug, vote and child trafficking from Mike's Cyber Symposium. Wrap up with Jr's favourite song, you can't always get what you want, but you will get what you need - is this a metaphor for us to to buckle up and hold the line - we are in for the long haul? I believe so. #NeverGiveUp

Well would you look at this! Actions speak louder than words!!!!

WC = All Systems Go - Mister Donald Trump - I Love Pink

What is coming up soon? 20th Anniversary of 911 #FullDisclsoure #WeekToRemember #Zionists

"What Joe Biden has done with Afghanistan is legendary. It will go down as one of the greatest defeats in American history." President Trump

There is that word legend - there are many legends in the Great Awakening. Is Joe Biden one of them? NOPE. 369

Biden Admits to Voter Fraud Last Year

NOTE: The number 333 - 3 x 3 = 9 - 9 three times mirrored is 666 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

333 = Tom Macdonald -

Check out his catchy new song "Brainwashed" #SituationalDesign

Trump Rips ‘Illegitimate’ Biden as Afghanistan Collapses: “It’s Time For Joe Biden to Resign in Disgrace”

‘This is Not Saigon’: Afghanistan Crumbles Under Biden in the Most Humiliating U.S. Defeat Since Vietnam

59 = 13 = #13Bloodlines

When President Trump points you towards an article or person pay attention.

President Biden Will Own the Fall of Kabul — When the Real Killing Begins

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman = 1206 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. Did you know he was also a writer?

Fall of Kabul sounds an awful lot like Fall of the Cabal. Have you seen that series?

Here is the link to the first 10! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

RNC Deletes Webpage Celebrating Trump’s Deal with Taliban

"Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next? Someone should ask him if they can find him." President Trump
"If the Pope is still alive. But when you send it to the Pope don't ask him to pay for it because I don't think he has that much money these days. "If the Pope is still alive." ~LinWood. #WheresThePope #RedShoes
@RealKimShady: Just a thought: how do you deploy-military to the world: make it look like a WW going on so military can be everywhere so you can get these low hanging demons?

Who ever heard of Vote Trafficking? #NewTermAlert

Mike's Cyber Symposium should have been called: Time to bend over and take your red pill, we tried to warn you. Mike has already proven election fraud, the CCP stole our elections. They do it worldwide. Social conditioning should be over, but the brainwashing, demoralization and programming is so deep that the drip drip drip phase remains in progress. You will find a lot of the same verbiage and content is referenced throughout Q drops.

Mike Lindell ATTACKED! Mike Lindell was violently attacked the other night. ”I’m okay but it hurts.”

Watch Mike tell his story of being attacked. NOT COOL, this should infuriate everyone. Who would do this to such a hero for our country? The whole world is watching. We should not and will not tolerate this violent behaviour towards this man or anyone trying to help save the world and humanity from the deep state creatures.

Mike tells his side of the story, in a tiffany blue tie, hello. Does everybody know about the Trump / Kennedy tiffany blue connection? Sorry for the repetition, it was one of my first blogs. Rumour has it JFK Jr. is going to have his very own tiffany blue Marine One helicopter! (thank you Sabrina Gal) It's my favourite way to fly. (only been twice - add that to your bucket list, we did it in BC and the pilot treated us to a free fall drop in the glaciers, husband almost shit himself... not me - I also tandem paraglided off Grouse mountain, 2 things you don't do every day! - I may sound exciting, I'm not, I'm lazy - but I get to say I did that!)

This is a toy TESLA 369 Marine Helicopter ;) 369 The numbers of the universe.

Speaking of Sabrina Gal... if you like Gematria and coding.... don't miss the following two fascinating episodes and subscribe to Patriot Street Fighter. Gematria is the language used to describe the battle over good verses evil in the world we live in. Learn how we are taking back our numbers, symbols, rainbows back to the light under God.

Humbled, my blog got a shout out on the Patriot Street Fighter show. (that doesn't happen every day) @2:29 Sabrina Gal mentions a post by JFK Jr posted on June 23rd of Camp Delta at GITMO - from my most recent blog connecting DELTA to a few things. she gives with a Z, a shout out in the show! Z is an important letter in the alphabet with interesting word matches:

Z = 500 = 5 = Gods Grace & Victory

Z = 26 = 8 = New beginnings - Symbol of infinity on its side. #JFKJrTattoo

Z = Potus, Friday, Buckle Up, One Day, Phase Four, Sons of Gods, Perfect Trap, Letters M Q, Sophia Robot, Kindred Spirit, Delta Plus, Strike a Pose

"You don't need to be Jewish to be a Zionist." Senator Joe Biden

NEGATIVE48 joins the Patriot Street Fighter, this character has some inside nuggets for sure, his intel is mind blowing. They discuss gematria and the connections in great detail. Note to self, need to step up my Gematria skills. Thank you Sabrina Gal, much appreciated patriot, we need to get this message out to the masses. Hopefully more people see the blog. Kindly share patriots, digital soldiers and soul family.

Part Two with shout out:

Marzlovesfreedom = 197 = 17 = Your Frequency Channel ;)

Marlene Love = JFK Jr Lives - Juan O Saven - Warn Mankind

I have mentioned I thought Trump was reincarnated from General Patton. NOPE

"President Trump is adopted! His real birthday is December 7th and his father is General Patton!" ~Negative48 on Patriot Street Fighter

The Old Tiffany Blue Connection with Trump and Kennedy

SRC @TheRealKimShady

My Q swag. ;) Two MyPillow, sheets and mattress topper. #Fabulous #MyPillow

Late To The Party - #BetterLateThanNever

I'm a little late to the party currently reading: The Art Of The Deal published in 1987 (We have a 10, 18 and 17). Trump is on the cover displaying 9 fingers = 45 = 9 = The Highest Power. Trump makes reference to The Trump Tower and the Tiffany location in the TOC and mentions none other than IMUS in the first few pages and there is a BIG FAT 17 and Q on page 45 as Trump references a 170 IQ - pardon? I Q - YOU Q - We all Q! Yo! I'm convinced the book will be written like the great awakening sharing the characters in the movie, is this our introduction possibly? He keeps mentioning some guy named John, a good man. (he's all right) #futureprovespast I suspect Trump played IMUS as previously mentioned. These people really are white hat magicians and the best actors, putting Hollyweird to shame. What a show! More on that topic later but here are a few pics!

IMUS = I'm US in a big old white hat that matches Juan O Savin, Trump and Regan. #WhiteHats

"I know it doesn't sound responsible, but it's only meant for our entertainment." IMUS with JFK Jr. Interview on CHINA

How long has this been going on? There seems to be a connection with conservative shock radio disk jockeys, ranchers, writers, rock and pop stars, princesses and cowboys. How much fun is this? ARE you not entertained? Where does John Perry Barlow fit into all of this? Was he one of JFK Jr's mentors? Did he live on his ranch? Same ranch in Juan O Savin's movie The Called? Is he the other Juan O Savin with "older" hands that can use some hand cream?

The famous red ring that Juan O Savin wears is very special and was given to him by a friend. I thought it had come from his mother Jackie as she wore a beautiful Ruby Red Ring (Ruby Cute) that Carolyn has been photographed wearing at the rallies, so perhaps this is a different ring. Did Diana give him this ring, also meant as a troll to the deep state and their #MasonicRing rumoured to be made from the blood of children?

"Q - always followed by U = Q is U, we are all Q, we are the news. Think the egg and the sperm. The egg is a circle and the sperm is a tale. = Q = YOU." Negative48 on Patriot Street Fighter (head exploding)
“People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult. But everyone else can tell."—Oliver Markus Malloy, Introvert Comics: Inside The Mind of an Introvert

It's all in YOU, the one and only.

Irony: when normies say you are in that "Q" cult

so "ARE YOU" - we are all Q.

Raise your consciousness - forgive yourself - love yourself.


213 = 123 Go Time!

@LakeFreedom was my 8th twitter account that got wiped. Profile pic not me, I used the photo of a good man on social media to help with social conditioning. Note those time stamps, get in the zone. ;)

Get in the zone = Nine Eleven - God Alive In America - Donald Trump

This spider web appeared when the sunlight shone in our window at dinner time treating us to the letter R. You can not make this stuff up. I think we are on the Right track!

We have been gaslit and manipulated for years, our thoughts have been manipulated by MSM, how on earth could you report on all perspectives globally on one stream of media in under an hour? It's astounding to think people even consider it the news. SAD We are in an abusive relationship with people in "power", once you understand this you learn to reject their lies and you can never put that genie back in the bottle, thankfully.

MSM going ballistic on Mike Lindell saying he predicted Trump would be back in office August 13th!

Another wonderful example of MSM being run by white hats. They gaslight you and twist information around to try to make Mike look bad, but guess what? The normies still got the message that the election was stolen and Trump is still President. More social conditioning. drip drip drip - all to avoid civil war. Normies still think they're so smart! NOPE - until you accept the fact you've been gaslit, manipulated, lied to and that you need to start over, you're not so smart, probably sporting a mask and bragging about your triple booster shot and you have insurance on your insurance. Another gimmick waste of money to keep you in fear. Our car got broken into 20 years ago, we claimed insurance once, rates sky rocketed, never used them again, no reason to, so where is our discount from paying for insurance over a lifetime? Same as the bastard telecommunications criminals. Another license to make money off the people. Same as our shitty governments. Taxing us from cradle to grave for what? #Embezzlers #Liars #Thieves

Durham Probe of What Sparked Russia Investigation Examines FBI Tipsters

The special counsel is expected to submit a final report in the coming months. So does that mean John Durham, the federal prosecutor from Boston has already presented evidence to a Grand Jury in Durham's Russia probe? I believe so.

Yes, I believe JFK Jr. could also be playing the illusive character, special prosecutor John Durham. I'm unable to find any video evidence of this John Durham. Did you know Washington used Durham boats to cross the Delaware?

From the article: At one time there was a fleet of a thousand of Durham boats on the Delaware giving employment to several thousand men whose job it was to move cargo down the river to Bristol and Philadelphia. Durham boats were “confiscated” by George Washington and used to carry his army across the Delaware River at a spot now known as Washington’s Crossing, PA in order for his troops to surprise the Hessians at Trenton on Christmas Day, 1776. A Durham Boat could make the trip from Durham to Philadelphia in one full day. Depending on the size of the boat, it could carry ten to SEVENTEEN tons of cargo.

This is Crossing The Swamp by Jon McNaughton - another JFK Jr character also painted himself at the front of the boat.

Don't miss End of the World by @TheRealKimShady

This is Jon McNaughton, a real patriot, AKA JFK Jr. I watched a video of Jon describe how important it was to get the youth excited about being patriots and nationalist again. If we lose the youth, it's over for our country and humanity. His paintings are from the heart and really beautiful.

Check out Jon's painting Trump Rushmore. Trump located right beside Lincoln. I believe JFK Bust will go right beside Washington and there will be a big reveal and the entire world will party like it's 1999. ;) #PurpleRain

The other person I believe could be playing John Durham is Rush Limbaugh, aka Jim Morrison. Here are my blogs on Durham and Rush. #RussiaRussiaRussia

Rush Limbaugh - AKA Jim Morrison - John Durham?

Did Rush predict the Cabal wanted Kamala Harris all along?

Rush Limbaugh on Why Kamala Harris and Barack Obama Aren’t ‘African-American’ ;)

‘Joe and the Hoe’: Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of Kamala Harris’ sex life triggers outrage & accusations of skewed priorities

John Durham - AKA JFK Jr.

American Love Story

JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Are Getting the Ryan Murphy Treatment

The Hollywood mega-producer is planning a spinoff of his American Story franchise, called American Love Story, about the '90s golden couple.

More social conditioning, here they come.

"Best Is Yet To Come" ~Michael Jackson, President Trump, Q

Same tiffany blue background as Mike Lindell's book "What ARE The Odds?"

Here is Michael in his own words "Best Is Yet To Come" during .26 seconds (8 = new beginnings) thanking everyone for being so loyal, he thanks Diane and "Waldo", I'm assuming that is a reference to JFK Jr, possibly his W character and Where's Waldo could be connected?

Michael Jackson Youtube Chanel post his Number Ones - Posted 4/17/21 - #IsThatRight #Fabulous

Michael Jackson Q channel on Telegram is on fire with great information and breakdowns. I can not confirm this is the real Michael Jackson but the content is excellent. Use discernment, do your own research. @MichaelJacksonQ

Looks like another patriot is also on Telegram. From the Archives! Nice tiffany blue shirt. Thanks Mel!

Let's get back to Mike Lindell's Symposium, in particular Dave Clement's speech. Let's break it down.

Vote trafficking? Well I never heard of that term before. So now we have vote trafficking, linked to drug trafficking... linked to gasp, child trafficking hubs? Getting interesting indeed. Warning: Graphic Images - Truth is not always pretty.

If you want to know how they traffic children, read the book DOPE, INC. The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy. Replace the word drug with child. Children are the currency and the global network of lies has been set up to run a worldwide child trafficking ring that includes the worst horrors and atrocities know to man.

I tend to always go back to the food we consume, for example it’s all connected to our brainwashing and programming. Our gut is directly connected to our brains. So no one ever THINKS about what actually happens in slaughter houses do they? All by design, they hide the factory farming from our consciousness, traumatize children and humanity with the live export of farm animals on our highways and ships, sure that does not add to the stress of the animals and children. Good God. AND FOR WHAT? So you can consume an animal that has been tortured and probably been cloned with a human - PIGS are not natural folks! They farm ALL animals exactly the same way they do humans. Shocked? Come on people wake up! Be mindful of what you eat, drink, wear, think, read and every product you use. #GroundUpAnything #baconthough #carcinogen #HumanFarming #CHINA


This following images and meme will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s the same discomfort you will feel when you do the following exercise. Cross your arms. That was easy. Now cross them the other way and hold it…. aha. Your brain didn’t like that. This is called cognitive dissonance and as much as we like to point this out in others, its is very much ingrained and deeply programmed into each one of us.

I'm learning more about my health than I ever did or thought possible. I self sabotaged and drank like an unconscious fish for years trying to cope with past trauma I didn't know I held on to and had not resolved. This has happened to all of us. All the answers lie within YOU! No one is coming to save you. Why do we need saving in the first place? More programming for heaven sakes. August 23rd will be 4 months I've not had a drop of alcohol, thank you God and my spirit angels for helping guide me to make this amazing decision. #NeverAgain #StrongVibe

August 23 = 13 = Thirteen = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

8+2+3+4 = 17 = Q

Did you know you can create the most exquisite beautiful leather out of mushrooms? #FACT

Dave Clement Speech at Lindell Symposium

Dave Clement Speech at Lindell symposium knocked it out of the park with red pill truth bombs and verbiage from The Great Awakening and Q! Do not miss this video. We have to ask ourselves who is this Dave Clement? Each one of these “actors” have a role to play in the movie The Great Awakening, including ourselves. Remember to raise your vibration, be mindful - use mindful thoughts the universe is listening. What you put out you will get back.

Dave Clement Speech:

Dave reviews vote trafficking and he points out "Maricopa County, Fulton County, Philadelphia, major major vote trafficking there, Michigan, Wayne County, I think we had some vote trafficking there, head on over to Wisconsin and you start to see all the different vote trafficking organizations around the globe that answer to CHINA".

Wonder why Dave highlighted the FINGER LAKES in Wayne County? Vote trafficking, how about a hub for child trafficking? Where is Hunter and what is this monster tattoo of finger lakes on his back? Where is Hunter's mother Naomi from? Doesn't the monster drink have a version of the finger lakes on their cans? #666

NEW - "The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!" - Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room. LOL Hunter.

EXCLUSIVE: What We Found Out About Hunter Biden’s Apparent Fetish with the Finger Lakes Region of New York

Sean Hannity Says His Lawyers Won’t Let Him Accept Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’

"He's the one of the smartest guys I know." Joe Biden on his son Hunter.

Dave ties in Seth Keshel's heat map of voter fraud - uses drug trafficking analogy. What else do these monsters traffic? Exposes gang violence and Bernie Sanders, a spawn of Satan, manages to predict exactly what happened on election night. Sifting through the evidence and Biden admits to voter fraud, Holy red pills batman!

At 9:45 = David says - CONNECT THE DOTS - There are 4 Connect The Dots posts from Q.

Everybody knows who Les Wexner is right? Doesn't that character name sound like a villain straight out of a Superman = 17 movie? Wexner, owned Victoria Secret Tranny stores and pageants funded Epstein and is a disgusting troll. Doubt it even exists anymore, thank you God. #NotTodaySatan

Billionaire Sex Offender Epstein Claimed He Co-founded Clinton Foundation

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core

YOU'D BE IN JAIL = 143 = 17 = Q

At 9:23 (pain x 3) - they insert the clip that was 1:34 (17) seconds and shows Trump and Clinton debating when Clinton said it was "awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the laws in this country." 'You'd be in jail' Trump said.

Channel 15 = 555 = Time To Take America Back - From Dark To Light -

I Think Free Agents I Am - Purple Rain

Did you know the occultist called Hillary Alice another name for Lucifer.

This is also the debate Trump promised to get a special prosecutor to investigate HRC 33,000 disgusting emails. Donald Trump On Appointing 'Special Prosecutor' To Look Into Hillary Clinton | NBC News #JohnDurham #JFKJRLIVES

Is Britney's freedom a metaphor for our own freedom? Interesting choice for a "mask" Britney. Where the masks to teach us about our own enslavement while, simultaneously revoking our human rights, freedom of speech and dignity? hmmm #GESARA #NESARA #FREEMARILYN

Jamie Spears "Agrees" To Step Down From Conservatorship

at 10:30 = 13 bloodlines Dave says we want the END of the story - end of 13 bloodlines!

45 = President Trump - 45 = 9 = The Highest Power

Voting machines CAN connect to the internet, review of murder and forensic operation. Senegal - Africa - they have servers there. Getting closer to China? Drug trafficking gang violence, some bad law enforcement officers?? And they were among us.

"Biden is deranged and demented, that is a blessing because God likes to expose the wicked and make fools of them, and it's going to happen." Dave Clement

This post shared by Vincent Kennedy at 10:26 = 18 = R = JFK Jr., irked the irrational impatient child in me. I was like NOOOO I can't take it for another 4 years. Really? How about the White Hats that have been working on this since the Kennedy assassination? #GodWins What is time anyway? Isn't that man made? Like everything else? We argue over "things" made up by "man". Such a strange and wild time to be alive, I've never felt more alive and confused but we know buckle up, hold the line, the best is really yet to come, it takes time to take down a 6000 year old death cult. It also takes time to heal yourself which is all part of #TheGreatAwakening.

Perhaps this is why JFK Jr's favourite song is You can't always get what you want, but you will get what you need, the same song Trump plays at the end of every single one of his rallies. Good song, yes. But are they telling us to buckle up and hold the line for the long haul? So, like impatient children we WANT the big reveals and all the sexy fun part of the story to be uncovered, but has humanity learned their lessons? Look around you. We have humanity still sporting masks and terrified of the flu, your own bodies response to detoxing because YOUR toxic, so heads up be afraid of yourself and clean up your own act. It is YOU that is a danger to YOU. What are you eating, drinking, reading, watching, thinking? Always look at the man/women in the mirror. Would you date you even if you're married? #BeMindful #StopBlamingOthers #PersonalResponsibility #TimeToHeal #TimeIsNow

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed Life According to Marz, kindly share the love. #WWG1WGA

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Sep 03, 2021

Thank you for review!! Been following for while.


Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Aug 25, 2021

Thank you. Pray and positive strong vibes are crucial. We got this!


Aug 21, 2021

Just found your website and now it's at top of list for favorite news sites! THANK YOU, you are doing a tremendous job. I've been researching for 25 yrs every single day for hrs every day. I was an early digital soldier LOL. I'm also in recovery from alcohol, 5 yrs last Valentine's day - sooo HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 2 days!!! Four months is a long time to not drink. When you have a bad day, just remember it does get better and it does get easier with every day/week/month/year. CONGRATULATIONS! and keep up the great work, you're doing a fantastic job with your website and we depend on you to bring us TRUTH! Much love, E. Grogan

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Aug 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and inspiration. Congratulations on your sobriety, a challenge indeed. I believe we all have addictions and we use them as coping mechanisms because we were not taught any other way. Meditation, clean eating, sunshine and exercise are so important and absolute game changers to help with choosing a healthy lifestyle. #WWG1WGA


Sonia Rumzi
Sonia Rumzi
Aug 19, 2021

As always love love love how u collect and put it all together. U r a talented lady and ur work is amazing. Thank u for sharing ur insights with us.

Marlene Love
Marlene Love
Aug 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Sonia, so kind. Glad you enjoy.


Aug 19, 2021

Another great collection ....I feel like JFK jr. Is blogging here... and anything with The Kid By The Side of the Road ‘author’ I hear voice of John Jr 🤭❣️ It keeps getting more interesting every day. Praying 🙏🙏 for reveal and safety.... you are in the Palm of The Lord’s hand.... !