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Deep Thoughts By Marz - What If We Are All Wrong?

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I recently sent an email with some deep thoughts by Marz to a few friends and family members, I never got a response which was expected and absolutely fine. #NeverGiveUp

They are probably in shock at how much sense these deep thoughts make. ;) Many are still not ready to receive any of these messages and choose willful ignorance and denial.


With some repetition from previous blogs, here is the email.

Deep Thoughts by Marz - What if we are all wrong?

Many of the emails I send to you I include in my blog and podcast addressed to all of humanity so you understand none of this is personal. None of it, this has nothing to do with you or me - it's about all of humanity and our collective consciousness. It’s about awareness, there is no right or wrong, but there is awareness and consciousness and learning lessons from the past.

Once you find people who are aware, or are open to becoming aware, you feel accepted and authentic and you realize you have finally come home and it’s where you feel yourself, always learning from one another, always teaching, remaining curious and just being at peace where authenticity and honesty are inseparable.


What if you guys have it all wrong? I KNOW I DID and still do, but continue learning, researching, reading, studying, asking questions, meditating, staying present and expanding my thinking. What if we all have it wrong? You have to be willing to accept you are wrong, we all are. No one has all the answers, we are all trying to figure out this game called life.

What would ever make anyone think they have all the answers without ever questioning anything or entertaining a different perspective? Imagine someone labeling someone a conspiracy theorist or crazy for "asking questions” and not accepting the “official narrative”? Imagine rejecting someone for having a different or new perspective? Imagine never being open to the new?

I wonder why everyone is not a conspiracy theorist and asking questions. #EGO Ego is the biggest dysfunction of the human race and the need to be right. I know all about it. (no debate, lol) I’m learning about the EGO and learning to be conscious, tame it, control it be aware of it. That is the entire point. #Consciousness #Collective #ContinueLearning #ANewEarth

Nothing changes in YOUR life unless YOU change. 95% of who we are are unconscious PROGRAMS.

All conversations and communications have been halted and censored between so many of us, so what does that say about us? We are unable to communicate because we have learned different perspectives or we have not and made the choice to remain the exact same without ever learning anything new or trying to entertain a different perspective both wrapped up in fear and ego, the phoney YOU and the root of all evil and dysfunction. We all have it. You’re either conscious of it or you are not.

Heads up a large majority of humanity remains unconscious solely relying on their programs and programming so it’s a lot of work to try to help people become aware of the possibilities of their reality and existence and the fakery of the world that they perceive. We are making headway and will never ever give up, otherwise you would be giving up on yourself. #AllConnected #ContinueLearning

Just because a majority believes something does not make it so.

Think for yourself, never follow the crowd they are always wrong.

If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Mass confusion, menticide, brainwashing, programming, MK mind control, Stockholm Syndrome right here. Many no longer think for themselves, helplessly brainwashed and programmed to follow the crowd without ever using any critical thinking.

My body my choice? How’s that working for mandatory masks and vaccines?

Gun control? How about knives? Hammers? Cars? Planes and all poisons? We must ban all weapons from the people cuz danger danger danger. #MentalHealth #BanGMOFood #MSG #Fluoride +++

This explains a lot.

The Dumbing Down Of Society - Dr Russel Blaylock - Aspartame - MSG - Mercury - Aluminium - Fluoride

The Dumbing Down Of Society - Dr Russel Blaylock 3.5 Minutes

My real passion is health, once you learn how the body works, it destroys all fear and the lies and deceit of the medical industrial complex run by psychopaths. It’s all very basic, they make it appear complicated but it’s not. It’s why I created my skin disease that resulted in me waking up in a pool of blood and living in a hospital gown trapped in my own prison of my mind for 1.5 years - completely unconscious in my own creation and victimhood - I created this to teach me lessons regarding the medical industry. 9 years later = no fear, no doctors, no dentist, no big pharma = no problem.

They are currently destroying themselves by the very fabric of their own lies and deceit based on greed and corruption. Nasty business this one that helped no human ever and remains the cause of most misery and disease especially the dysfunction of humans looking to the outside to heal themselves. #Sad #Victimhood Oh the ego when it comes to illness and victimhood though. OMG. These people will never get well, they have created and accepted their illness as their identity and fate, so they give up. Saddest thing ever. I know all about it, until I broke free and took control of myself and it’s never too late. Do you ever ask yourself how come not one doctor, nurse or healthcare professional has ever “caught” their patients disease - and died - never - not one. How do they all escape these deadly contagious diseases being surrounded by sickly patients with diseases, like Coronavirus COVID, OMICRON, DELTA, Ninja variant, MONKEYPOX the flu, cold, AIDS, Ebola, SARS every single day of their lives? It must be their mask or a miracle. Oh wait mandatory masks only started during COVID or did it? #HistoryIsALie

End Of Germ Theory - There Are No Viruses

The End Of Germ Theory

It must be a miracle or are all diseases made up and they never isolated any viruses, you are being systematically poisoned by chemtrails, fluoride gmo foods, wifi, big pharma, vaccines, shingles and flu shots, booze and meat, dairy and sugar? They create new diseases based on the same poisoning that effects different organs or people differently.

How about contagion is bullshit and monkey science and we have all been bamboozled to keep us in fear of imaginary deadly diseases that can be caught in the air. Throw in the Hollywood movie Contagion to help seal the deal so you will continue getting vaccinations and shots for all these fear based diseases that exist in your head cuz the TV told you.

On my way to get tested for the disease I’m already vaccinated for... Need to wear a life jacket in case. My life jacket does not work unless you wear a lifejacket. I could get sunburned - my sunscreen does not work unless you wear.. My glasses do not work unless you wear … Dumb and Dumber haircut does not work unless you….

Cancer detection one of the biggest medical frauds and scams!

Got a tumour? Thank your body it just saved your life. Stay away from the medical industrial complex, they will only kill you. #Lessons When you get a tumour, this is your bodies way of saying you are too toxic, we do not have the appropriate elimination to get rid of this because YOU ARE TOO TOXIC (toxic liver, gallbladder, blood, guts) so we will collect it all for you put in a huge tumour to NOTIFY you to wake the fuck up. Most humans lose their minds, go to the doctor where they cut it open for a biopsy and spread the cancer through the entire body then treat it with chemo, radiation and surgery only. chemo is agent orange and it shrinks the tumour and every organ in your body including your brain.

NOT ONE DOCTOR PUSHING BIG PHARMA EVER ASKS WHAT ARE YOU EATING AND DRINKING? HOW ARE YOU DETOXING? ARE YOU MEDITATING? NOT ONE. How to fix yourself and naturally? Easy, clean up your diet, do a major detox, take personal responsibility, stop being a victim, start meditating, you will begin to start thinking clearly and have more energy and think happy positive thoughts. You need to detox from your vaccinations - there are metals in your body, blood, organs and brain making you feel unhealthy, sluggish etc. ADHD = metals in the brain from vaccine injury, most have it, it’s why people are so dim.

Heads up we are all vaccine injured and poisoned and unless you're eating healthy, limiting alcohol, getting exercise avoiding all sweets and refined foods, meditating, grounding and detoxing with one of these detoxes - MMS, DMSO, Urine Therapy, TRS you are not healing. Very easy to do. But YOU have to do it. No one is coming to save you except you. #OrRemainAnUnconciousVictim

Are The Holidays Pagan?

I confirmed that I no longer celebrate commercialism or pagan holidays in our last conversation and you appeared upset by this. The last thing I think about are fake “celebrations” they have no meaning for me in my life any longer. If people want to continue to celebrate and believe in fairy tales, the easter bunny, tooth fairy and santa clause go ahead, all lies that you tell your children and then they tell their children perpetuating the generational dysfunction and insanity like ground hog day. To us to celebrate this nonsense is 100% insane. #JustSayNoToFairyTales #SaveTheChildren #GrowUp

Long ago, the average person never paid any attention whatsoever to the anniversary of their birth so who made this crap up?

Celebrating birthdays AGE you and it's something that happened in the past, you're here already, no need to celebrate that every year speaking of EGO. You sit around, have a cake filled with garbage ingredients and poison sugar, drink booze, eat junk food, sing the worst song on earth, then make a wish, keep it a secret, and blow out your candles - as in blow out your own light to dark with a secret wish, then you get to open all YOUR PRESENTS from China. ARGH. Very 3D. You are celebrating something from the past. No need for this nonsense in my world. It’s a commercial event to make people feel bad, age you, work that ego all while casting spells. No thanks. #JustAnotherCult #BirthdayCelebrationBiggestCon #WhoMadeThisCrapUP

How about living everyday and every moment like it is a celebration? I don’t need the corporate media & their sick corporations & politicians to tell me when or what to celebrate or that there is a fake deadly disease is in the air, put on a mask, 6 feet social distance and get an experiMENTAL injection right into your bloodstream for the greater good and grandma OR follow the crowd with this insane behaviour. Satanists wear masks and stand six feet apart in their rituals. Same goes for environMENTAL crap - it’s another business to control you. #FearSells #FaithOverFear

Pay attention folks - climate change is not science its politics, this man nails it says he’s been listening to 50 years of bullshit!

In the 60s - it was the oil will all be gone in 10 years In the 70s - it was the ice age in 10 years In the 80s acid rain was going to destroy crops in 10 years In the 90s the ozone layer would be destroyed in 10 years In the 2000s glaciers would all melt in 10 years In the 2010s it was the east and west coast would be under water from rising sea levels in 10 years None of this fear mongering came true but it did result in higher taxes every time. #CarbonTaxForBreathing

Once you see the collective insanity, you can not unsee it. They rebranded the flu, AGAIN, that’s it. COVID is the flu, kills millions but we never lost our minds over it. Remember most people are completely unconscious and follow the crowd so they “fit” in never questioning anything or using critical thinking - just being mediocre and fitting in is just fine - this is not an insult, not personal, it’s a fact and part of our brainwashing and conditioning. You are either conscious of it or you choose not to be. #Choices

Many remain staunch Atheists, a label they've attached to and added to their identity with doing very little research and automatically judge with the “superiority complex ego” - “Christians and God” as evil and bible thumpers, yet many Atheist approve of abortion, the murder of the unborn. There is no reason to use in womb dismemberment of a live baby as a method of birth control because you’re too lazy or stupid to wear a condom for 2 minutes. You wore a mask for 2 years. Who’s the evil one here?

Do Atheists call Muslims evil as well as Christian Bible thumpers or is that not politically correct? aha. How about the Muslim Pakistani men raping young white female children in Telford UK for the past 30 years? #GangRapes You don’t think this is just going on in Telford do you? What about London? Manchester? Birmingham? What about all across the world? #MuslimBrotherhood #Programming #Brainwashing #MKMINDCONTROL #ChildTrafficking #SaveTheChildren Do you believe in God? To say no, would be a critical error. All religions are fake and meant to divide us and there is only one God. You can call it God, source, the divine, the creator the collective, the consciousness whatever label you would choose, but there is something that opens up a flower to receive the energy from the sun every single morning and closes it at night to go to sleep. All flowers and plants wake up and go to sleep. This essence is the same thing that makes your heart beat and your body breathe while you are doing nothing towards this so what or who is? When you deny God you deny yourself. God is you, we are all Gods, atoms a part of the collective consciousness that is. We are supernatural and you control and create everything in your life.

Ready to change your movie? Or is it "fine" just the way it is? #ThatsCool #Choices There is so much to share and so many amazing things that are happening, we are all teachers, students and healers, but once you learn you are. WOW WOW WOW. So powerful and exciting!

This guy nails it in under 3 minutes - we are supernatural did you know that? It takes a lot of work and consciousness to get there but it’s amazing as we continue learning, oh the possibilities are endless, we are so excited about life, right NOW. Nothing changes in your life unless you change. 95% of who we are are unconscious PROGRAMS

Dr Joe Dispenza:

"If anybody else can do it you can do it also, how do they do it, let's study greatness - uncompromising will, lead with their heart, let go of the past, live life fully, embrace it and enjoy it, tell the story of your future not your past.” It’s all about overcoming YOUR beliefs. You have to come out of your resting state, you have to make that choice.

Please listen to this - it will and can change AND connect with the real you. #healing #connections

TAKE ACTION FOR KIDS!!! #SaveTheChildrenFromBrainwashedParents

Amandha Dawn Vollmer (ADV) a Holistic Doctor in Minden that I’ve been following for 4 years now. Amazing stuff please follow her. She has videos on how to detox and self heal we do not need doctors or big pharma unless they are holistic. NO BIG PHARMA is good or acceptable - all poison. This is AMAZING it’s all coming out. #SaveTheChildrenFromUnconsciousParents

Take Action for Kids is a new initiative providing education and support so you can make informed decisions, regarding your child’s medical health.

I, ADV, have been made an advisor for this group and will ensure that the information regarding the false germ theory and the truth about disease is available under the science directory.

Please help us to educate parents so they are calm, centered and knowledgeable, not merely reacting to illusory fears invented by agenda 2030 controlled governments.

Let us work together to stop the evil trying to destroy and control mankind. Let us protect our children from these monsters.

What It's Like Being a Sheep! By JP Sears

Hot Healing Tip:

I step outside every morning bare foot, to ground, do a grateful meditation and victory pose - 2 minutes - followed by a big glass of PH balanced water, with Himalayan salt and lemon with positive intentions. Great way to start your day! Today I am happy. Today I left behind joy in the footprints of time. You must learn to live in the NOW there is nothing else, only lessons.

I look forward to the day we can openly communicate like the conscious beings we are meant to be, checking our egos at the door. Order the book a New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, you won’t regret it and it will help you and your family.

Marz xo

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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