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AZ Senate Hearings - TRUMP WON! NO Victory for Biden! Trump Speech 7/11 - Q

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Trump won! Fraud vitiates everything. President Trump's statement on Arizona Senate hearing on Maricopa County Election Audit, no victory for Biden! Trump speech on July 11th, great article on Q for newbies. Is Obama getting arrested? I'm working on a long blog on Trump CPAC speech from June 5th and JFK Jr connections, that's up next, don't miss it.

JULY 14, 2021

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

"The press is corrupt in this Country. They refuse to report on the many cases of election irregularities and outright fraud. They are an embarrassment to our Country!"

Maricopa County Approves Millions to Obtain New Election Equipment From Dominion

Huge Election Failures Discovered… State Could Flip To Trump

AZ hearing is going to be about the progress of the election audit in Maricopa County

10AM in Arizona. Livestream link:

⚡️ Interim audit reports announced at Arizona Senate hearing:

✔️ Thousands of duplicate ballots with no serial number in the ballot boxes.

✔️ The public server was hacked, a fact of unauthorized access.

✔️ The entries in the security logs have been deleted and have not been accessed.

✔️ Many ballots were not made of specially coated paper to protect them from destruction.

✔️ Huge discrepancies in the number of ballots mailed and received (74,000)

✔️ 3,981 votes were registered in violation of an Arizona Supreme Court ruling issued before the election.

✔️ 11,326 voters were not on the rolls.

✔️ Based on the results of the systematic review, Maricopa County, Arizona, can in no way confirm the outcome of the election.


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"The FRAUD has been PROVEN. There is no more argument to be had. It is now an irrefutable FACT that there were MASSIVE discrepancies in AZ in the 2020 Election. This CANNOT be ignored, it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you are on. What should be focused on is that THIS HAPPENED IN AMERICA." QAnonJohn17

Trump Statement on AZ Senate Hearings

JULY 15, 2021

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Arizona Senate hearings on the Maricopa County Election Audit is devastating news to the Radical Left Democrats and the Biden Administration. While this, according to the Senate, is preliminary, with results being announced at a later date, it seems that 74,243 Mail-In Ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.” There were 18,000 voters who were scrubbed from the voter rolls AFTER the election. They also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?). Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE.

The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes or, many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the State that Fox News called early for a Biden victory. There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either.

Maricopa County refuses to work together with the Senate and others who are merely looking for honesty, integrity, and transparency. Why do the Commissioners not want to look into this corrupted election? What are they trying to hide? The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?

Senator Wendy Rogers - Arizona

Wendy Rogers ACTIVATED!

TRUMP WON! Listen to this 60 second clip!

Surprise!!! Rachel Didn't Disappoint!

Bombshell: Arizona Election Results Audit Finds ‘Significant Discrepancies,’ Ballots Off By Up To 17.5%, Joe Biden ‘Likely Did Not Win’

Election Ballot Recount Shock And Anger Arizona State

Trump Speech July 11th

Here is a link to President Trump's most recent speech from July 11th = double 17 folks. His speeches are now meant to address the newly awakened and millions looking for answers that will not be televised. Finally.

Arrest and Criminal Prosecution of Barack Obama For War Crimes – Obama “Kill List”

Nice Connections that 529 - 5 = God's Grace and Victory 29 = 911

Great article on Introduction to Q for Newbies:

Told you? Is that right? Where have we seen that before?


Thanks for reading. Please share the love: #WWG1WGA

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