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Why I Wear My Mask by WhatsHerFace & Yuri Bezmenov Reminds Us How We Got Here

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

A collection of deep thoughts...

This is hysterical, this lady nails it on the mask debacle. God bless her for being so funny and calling out the hypocrisy. We are done with COVIDIOTS & Maskholes!

Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade By: WhatsHerFace

"Oh my apologies, I was wearing my mask because I just got back from a full day of being a good person.

I love my mask. It's a simple and effective way to display my righteousness. Am I concerned that two children in China dropped dead because they were forced to wear a mask in gym class? NOPE! Am I concerned that we are creating a generation of children that will be socially awkward and conditioned to fear their fellow man? NO. Am I concerned that I’m contributing to an impending socialist technocracy that will enslave the global population? Not even a little bit! Am I concerned that my mask is symbolic of my compliance to the social conditioning that will eventually lead to the forced vaccination of every man, woman, and child on planet earth? Not a chance! Why am I not concerned you ask? Because I decided a long time ago that shallow insignificant gestures are a much easier way to showcase my morality than actually being moral. Because in order to be a really good person, I need to stand up to a really bad person, and I don’t like standing up to or for anything. It's much easier to trick my mind into thinking compliance is a virtue instead of what it really is, cowardice.

I prefer to float through life completely ignorant to the fact that every socialist take over has begun in the exact same way with government over reach, public shaming, censorship and a toilet paper shortage. Don't believe me google toilet paper shortage in Communist Russia. Did you think you where having a unique experience?

I prefer to pretend history never repeats itself so I can stand by and turn a blind eye every time history repeats itself. I prefer to call anyone who speaks out fights back or stands their ground a lunatic or a conspiracy theorist so that I don't feel obligated to do my own research. Research takes away from me time. Lastly I prefer to put on my mask and stand among a sea of masks so that I never have to be seen, be free or reveal the deep dark shadows that lurk within me." ~WhatsHerFace

Listen to WhatsHerFace here:

It appears these people took the stupid pill and no musical instrument can save them.


You know what else millions have been duped by? ABORTION, it's the leading cause of death and sacrifice to Moloch and much much worse.

I've stated my view on abortion. All you need to do is watch the true story about Abby Johnson in Unplanned. This film is another game changer for humanity. Abby is a hero and works tirelessly to save children. Add Vaxxed 2 to your watch list and you will never go near a vaccination again. Not rocket science folks. It's all about depopulation. 7 billion on earth, Bill Gates & the globalist banker psychopaths want to decrease population to 500 million. Gates says can be done through vaccines and birth control = sterilize and death.

Conspiracy? Really? It's written in stone #GeorgiaGuidestones #FOCUS #Agenda2030 #NWO #Globalreset = NOPE

Vaccination, child sacrifice and symbolism are the #KEYSTONES. It's over once the world realizes (real eyes) what they have done to us. BOOM. #GodWins

Stop behaving like the government a doctor, a career a priest a coach a lover is coming to save you. If you need and can afford a life coach... um, you might need to get out of your own way. Warning both stories will bring you to tears and will change you. Unplanned was BANNED in Canada, go figure. Release date: March 29 = 911 = 3+11= 15 = 555 R U kidding me?

WARNING: Red Pill - offended? So are the children.

Aborted fetus lungs and heart extracted from live babies for vaccines and food seasoning, most bottled water, juice and pop. What person in their right mind would approve of this? You need to be alive to donate organs and they made up brain dead. Same for the babies with no pain medication. It's another cruel sacrifice to Satan. #Infanticide

This is cannibalism. Not that we haven't seen that before.

Cane & Abel = Cannibal

They do it all day long in China, DNA database of all citizens, if your a match for an organ over seas - they go out to work one day and you never see your loved one again. Watch out for white vans with no windows and locks on the outside. Don't think for a second that does not exist here.

Here we have Mark Zuckerberg Chinese handler wife owns L.A. Cannibalism Restaurant in L.A. They say the closest tasting animal to human meat is the pig. Now you know why many do not consume pork, they feed the leftovers and missing children to the pigs and society eats the pigs. Are pigs natural animals or a result of an experiment. We are all cloned with pigs in China and then what? 95% of slaughter houses owned by China, but eat what you want.

Not sure why this is not censored. NOPE Here it is in all it's glory.


Trudeau cabinet "abstains" from voting on genocide in China.

The house voted that China is committing genocide against more than 1 million Uyghurs

Many people we come across in society don't care. They just don't care. This is called apathy and it is the death of a society that is so demoralized they are beyond repair.

"So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills

You know the one, Dr. Everything'll-Be-Alright

Instead of asking him how much of your time is left

Ask him how much of your mind, baby"

Prince - Let's go crazy:


We don't support communism or socialism. We demand freedom and free market enterprise. We require strength and winners not whiners, courage not cowards, knowledge not ignorance. Choices have consequences, stand up, be brave.

#DARKTOLIGHT #GODWINS #TheGreatAwakening Never mind learned helplessness, victimhood, MK mind control and trauma, brainwashing, conformity, confirmation and normalcy bias, step outside of the matrix. Don't be so lazy. Take personal responsibility! Raise your frequency and consciousness choose freedom for all! WAKE UP NEO! #focus

Don't be a pedophile, Satanist or racist. That's it.


The following is Yuri Bezmenov's how to brainwash a nation to help us understand how we got here.

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov

The journalist and Soviet defector long ago pegged the current left-wing moment.

Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation

12 minute version on demoralization:


SAME but different? Open your eyes, wake up Neo. If you can't see...


“An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane."

If I were the Devil by Paul Harvey


Third Eye, enjoy your return to your true self, remember who you are. #GodWins A Message for All The “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” and Healers of The World.


April 1st President Trump is still your President! Make your bets! #JuanOSavin

SWEET LITTLE BOY SINGS 'DONT WORRY 'BOUT A THING' God bless him, angel sent from above. xo


Thanks for reading. Please share it's important. We need help to get this message out by the grace of God. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins #SaveTheChildren #JFKJRLIVES

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