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Trump: "Where's Hunter? Truth Social HOT as a Pistol - Sign Up." #WWG1WGA

Updated: Oct 3

Trumps Save America Rally in Warren, Michigan. Michigan is the 26th State - 26 = Z! Boom. Many of the things Trump says at his rallys are also in his truths on Truth Social, then he repeats it at the rallies. #SMART Trump: "The silent majority is back."

Podcast: https://rumble.com/v1mjyt4-trump-wheres-hunter-truth-social-hot-as-a-pistol-sign-up.-wwg1wga.html

Trump sues CNN for defamation and seeks $475m in punitive damages

Joe M writes, "It's 2019, and Special Counsel John Durham suddenly drops indictments of the following people for engaging in espionage, theft of classified information for pay, and also treason against the United States." Find out who in Hunters become the hunted! #RICO

'He's A Watermelon Head': Trump Laces Into Adam Schiff. Kash: All roads lead back to Watermelon head. Adam Schiff is the worst criminal in congress in the last 250 years.

German MP Petr Bystron Speaks to 100,000 in Prague: “Donald Trump’s Populism is Sweeping the World!” Trump fully endorses President Jair Bolsonaro and so do his people.

Don't miss Governor DeSantis delivers an update on hurricane Ian in Fort Myers - YOU LOOT - WE SHOOT! END OF STORY.

Surging cost of carbon dioxide could add £1.7BILLION to the price of groceries: Experts warn price tags 'of everything from beer to bacon' will be affected

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework by Coreys Digs.

King Charles abandons plans to attend Cop27 Climate Change Summit ‘following Liz Truss’s advice’. More on King Charles and the Queen's friend Jimmy Savile. Investigator who revealed Jimmy Savile's sick crimes says he is working with police on child sex case against 'very significant' person who is 'untouchable' and may only be named when he dies

Pfizer CEO pulls out of testifying to EU Parliament COVID panel. I have included two songs that are great shares. We are almost at end game, you're not going to wake up anyone else, the shit show is going to hit them in the face, you can not say we didn't try. Enjoy the show!

We Have Just Begun To Fight = 3143 = The Silent Majority Is Back


All the ships are sailing in the same direction now...about to arrive at their common destination in the month of RED OCTOBER.

Durham revelations.

Trump Raid.

Seth Rich.

Ukraine biolabs/Nazis.

Nord Pipeline sabotage.

Maxwell's international sex trafficking ring.

Financial crisis.

Biden Crime Family investigation.

Iran Deal shenanigans.

Fentanyl drug smuggling.

Open border crisis.

9/11 revelations.

Massive election fraud being facilitated by foreign controlled EMS run by CCP agents.

Trump & his team doing even more openly public blatant endorsements of the Q community.

Buckle up it's going to be biblical.

The Hunters Become The Hunted.

Trump sues CNN for defamation and seeks $475m in punitive damages


Cable news has tried to smear ex-president ‘with a series of ever-more scandalous, false, and defamatory labels’, says court filing

Nordstream Pipeline pulled an Epstein #WEF

President Trump compares NASDAQ charts from his term and Biden’s current stolen term. “VOTE!”


Do yourself a favor. Sit down and put your thinking cap on.

It's 2019, and Special Counsel John Durham suddenly drops indictments of the following people for engaging in espionage, theft of classified information for pay, and also treason against the United States.

1. Hillary Clinton

2. Barack Obama

3. Susan Rice

4. Jake Sherman

5. Marc Elias

6. Glenn Simpson

7. Christopher Steele

8. Rodney Joffe & other cybersecurity contractors

9. and a bunch of other people

Donald Trump is still President, William Barr is the AG.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Think very carefully before you answer.



Save America Rally - Warren MI


"Catch the drug dealer - quick trial. - we catch them and try them, quick trial close to 100% are executed - you don't want to be a drug dealer. They do it in Singapore and China."
"We took in 420 billion dollars." - 420 DJT
"Wheres Hunter?
"Have you heard of truth social? Hot as a pistol - Truth Social is hot."
"I think they'd like to see me in prison ... You know why? Because they're sick. They're sick people. The Biden administration is completely corrupt. Very sick and dangerous people."
"Truth Social go and sign up now it's our voice."
"America first. What is wrong with America first? Our nation is never been in more dangerous situation. We will continue onward, there has never been a movement like this. They are trying to damage me so I don't run for President."



President Donald Trump Save America Rally in WARREN, MI 10/1/22

“We have a nation, as I say, in decline.”

If we get two more years of democrat rule, your family, your finances…may not recover…But we will save the day!”

“They don’t want Voter ID because there going to cheat!”

“I think they’d like to see me in prison! You know why?? Because [they] are sick people, they’re SICK!”

“Communism…We don’t say Socialism anymore, we skipped over Socialism…”

“I am their number one target. But I am proud to be fighting for you, and I will be fighting for you, for a long time!”

“The unselect committee is a complete SCAM!”

“He got like 17%, but we’ll get him next time!”


“Let’s say they caught someone spying on Obama’s campaign, I think they would reinstate the Death Penalty pretty quickly!”

“Where’s Hunter, by the way?!”

“Truth Social is HOT!!!”

“Truth is carrying the banner, and carrying it loudly, and carrying it well! There has never been a movement like this!”

“We have a MSDNC, MS Democrat National Committee.”

“The ballot counter is sadly, a lot more important than the candidate in our country.”

“I used to say we were going to Venezuela on steroids.”

“The United States has become a dumping ground for the prisoners from other countries, because those countries don’t want to take care of them. How STUPID are we?!”

“I think you are going to be VERY HAPPY!”

“We need people at the top of their game…President Xi is at the top of his game!”

“We live by two very simple, and critical rules…Buy American, and Hire American!”

“This is the year we are going to take back the House, we are going to take back the Senate…And in 2024, we are going to take back that beautiful, beautiful, magnificent White House!”

“You must NEVER forget, this nation does NOT belong to [them] this nation belongs to YOU. ALL of you!”

“Now, we are a Nation In Decline…”

“Two years ago we were a GREAT nation, and we WILL be again!”

WHERE. WE. GO. 1. WE. GO. ALL. (Background Music)

Trump didn't mention former first lady, he said our first lady continues to help children with her BeBest Program and everybody loves her. #Correct

Trump confirms Save America, vote Republican - 4 year delta!

"Perfect phone call from Georgia, impeachment was a good call too. Never knew you could be so nice, these are disinformation maniacs misinformation are the same, we want to run against Trump - but they investigate Trump - 6 yrs of investigation - since I came down the escalator of the gold tower - but they are making us stronger and much more unified.

"We had no inflation under a Trump administration." DJT 10/1/2022

Trump Nails It - As Usual #FollowThePen


Dan Scavino never disappoints. How much fun would his job be?

Once a stud always a stud! #1

Channel: @JFK_TV

In 20 months of Joe Biden:

– Record gas prices

– Highest inflation in 40 years

– Recession

– Housing market collapse

– Stock market collapse

– Open border nightmare

– Close to WWIII

– Supply chain collapse

Can you imagine what kind of idiot you’d have to be to vote Democrat?

Q Codes

#BuildThaFuQkingWall #WakeUp

German MP Petr Bystron Speaks to 100,000 in Prague: “Donald Trump’s Populism is Sweeping the World!”


The biggest barn-storming speech was given by Gateway Pundit’s Eagle Award winner 2018, Czech-German parliamentarian Petr Bystron (Alternative for Germany – AfD) , who lauded the populist movement sweeping the world, “not only here in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, but all over Europe, all over the world.”

“Donald Trump is a populist, too,” Bystron said to huge applause from the pro-Trump crowd. “He fought for the average citizen! He continues to fight for people who go to work and pay taxes. That’s why the globalists are after him, that’s why they raid his home. That’s why they’re now even going after his children! But we won’t give up, we will keep up the fight against them. We saw through their lies long ago!”

Trump fully endorses President Jair Bolsonaro and so do his people.


Fingers crossed he and his voters can overcome everything in their way in the second round of voting. 🙏🏻🇧🇷 #Bolsarono

BOLSONARO’S RALLY: Lula can’t to go out because Brazilians call him THIEF!




'He's A Watermelon Head': Trump Laces Into Adam Schiff



@ULTRA Pepes Lives Matter

All roads lead back to Watermelon head.

Adam Schiff is the worst criminal in congress in the last 250 years.

Kash breaks down today's revelation that Adam had met with "whistleblower" Eric Ciarmella BEFORE he had even come out as a whistleblower.

"The guy that found and manufactured the evidence with Ciarmella was the prosecutor in the case against the target of the investigation. That is the ultimate conflict of interest. But he knew what he was doing and he thought he would never get exposed."

Trump Truth on the revelation


Secret Meeting Adam Schiff Aides Ukraine Whistleblower Attorney


Watermelon Head is the worst criminal in Congress in the last 250 years.


Kash’s Corner: FBI Whistleblower Goes Public; Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions; ‘CHS Corruption Cover Up Network’


40 minutes

https://t.me/WeTheMedia/76419 (video link)

Maria Bartiromo is reporting that Adam Schiff has been meeting with his colleagues in Congress and trying to convince them to put him in a leadership position when the Ds lose the majority after the midterms.

This is a clear sign of pure panic and it’s glorious. They are well aware that their time is quickly running out.

Tick tock, Adam!


BREAKING: Court Orders FBI to Produce the Information It Possesses Related to Seth Rich’s Laptop within 14 Days


DeSantis Warns Looters: ‘We Are a Second Amendment State’



Real heroes. Great job! This is what strong leadership looks like.

Governor DeSantis Delivers an Update on Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers


Food, water, electrical, military, linesmen, core services all included in this rescue mission. 55% of power outage has been restored in less than 48 hours.

Musk’s Starlink aiding Florida and emergency response with internet access after Hurricane Ian, DeSantis said the company Space X plans to send 120 "large Starlink units" to Florida, which will serve as satellite dishes to distribute internet connections to devices within a 13-mile radius and rural counties that are off line will be addressed first.

1.6 gallons of fuel to help support us. Electricity is an issue until we come back on line. 1300 miles of roadway have been cleared.


Video captures thousands of linemen in hurricane ready to turn FL power back on – 42K+ active


Waffle House helping feed the Linemen & DeSantis was seen cooking for them as well.


Rubio, Scott call for Ian relief as Florida GOP votes against FEMA funding


Why did all 16 of Florida’s Republican U.S. House members vote against Federal disaster relief for Florida yesterday?

Biden, DeSantis To Meet Face To Face For Hurricane Aid


Dane Wigington on Hurricane Ian and Weather Modification FLORIDA


Geoengineering Watch


Biden Predicts Kamala Harris Presidency, Won't Be Last


Find out what everyone thinks of Harris's gaffe on our alliance with North Korea.

10.1.22: Globalists are S@tanists! Hunters bec@me the HUNTED! Red OCT@BER begins! Buckle up! PRAY!




Surging cost of carbon dioxide could add £1.7BILLION to the price of groceries: Experts warn price tags 'of everything from beer to bacon' will be affected


How many BILLION? 1.7? You don't say?

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework

Part 1 by Coreys Digs


A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them. Not only were they going to construct it as they saw fit, but they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen – one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realizing it until it was too late. These self-imposed “rulers” believe themselves to be untouchable, have created documents stating as much, and are laughing at humanity as people move about their lives unaware of this elaborate scheme.

This is the story that needs to be shared with the world and with every state legislator who should move immediately to create independence from the Federal Reserve system and Central Banks, and enforce our Constitution and financial management laws to protect sovereignty at the state and local level. This should include steps to recapture monies illegally stolen, to prevent current and future illegal expenditure of our tax monies and to end sovereign immunity privileges that have been used to engage in systematic criminal activities and racketeering.

King Charles abandons plans to attend Cop27 Climate Change Summit ‘following Liz Truss’s advice’


COP = Conference of the Parties

King Charles III has reportedly abandoned plans to attend and deliver a speech at the Cop27 climate change summit on the advice of Liz Truss.

The monarch, a veteran campaigner on environmental issues, had been invited to the 27th UN climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, next month. But the prime minister is understood to have raised objections during a personal audience at Buckingham Palace last month, according to the Sunday Times.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed King Charles III will not attend the summit.

A senior royal source told the newspaper: “It is no mystery that the King was invited to go there. He had to think very carefully about what steps to take for his first overseas tour, and he is not going to be attending Cop.”

King Charles very good friend of pedophile rapist and murderer Jimmy Savile, his mother the Queen, Knighted Savile.

Savile was the face of childhood safety campaigns and even a pamphlet called Stranger Danger, which would warn children to be careful of suspicious adults.

This freak introduces Benjamin Rabbit warning children of the stranger danger and what a child needs to know about strangers targeting the very people he prayed upon.

#ADRENOCHROME #SaveTheChildren


Was Jimmy Savile’s knighthood taken away?


Former Prime Minister David Cameron raised the prospect of Savile being posthumously stripped of the honour in the wake of the allegations of sexual abuse against young girls.


Investigator who revealed Jimmy Savile's sick crimes says he is working with police on child sex case against 'very significant' person who is 'untouchable' and may only be named when he dies


  • Mark Williams-Thomas exposed Savile's crimes in a 2012 ITV documentary

  • The award-winning film prompted 100s of other victims to come forward

  • Now, he is working on exposing on another high profile 'significant' sex offender

  • 'He will die and the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile'


Pfizer CEO pulls out of testifying to EU Parliament COVID panel


High-level contacts between Albert Bourla and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen before multibillion-euro vaccine deal are under scrutiny.

Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla has pulled out of an appointment to testify before the European Parliament's special committee on COVID-19, at which he was expected to face tough questions on how secretive vaccine deals were struck.

The decision follows an audit report into the EU's vaccine procurement strategy published earlier in the month that raised new questions about contact between Bourla and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that preceded a multibillion-euro vaccine contract.


The Sound of Science Silenced


This song is brilliant. What a wonderful teaching tool. Please help make it go viral and share.


Channel: @JFK_TV

The Truth Will Set You Free by Eye Drop Media


Another EPIC video from EyeDropMedia! Great teaching tool.💚

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