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Trump On Afghanistan - Biden Death Spiral - Canada Snap Election - Precipice/Crossroads

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Let's talk about the precipice and Afghanistan crossroads. President Trump smells blood in the water, as consistent as ever on the Greg Kelly show Thursday night. The leader of the free world has now appeared in 3 interviews regarding Afghanistan and continues to gives us codes in every single one of his statements. Trump lets us know it's almost time for EBS! #WeekToRemember Where's Biden? In his death spiral and it's glorious - BYE DONE. All the masks come off, even the latex ones. Trudope calls for Canada's snap election scheduled for September 20th. 9/2 = 911, also tells Canadian there will be consequences for the unvaccinated. #IsThatRight That should get him re-elected. Like I want my health advice from that globalist MK Mind control Manchurian POS or any government or globalist or anyone from the medical industrial complex or big pharma period. ASIF. These monsters got us into these problems in the first place.

Trending on Twitter "Trump Was Right".

The Storm Is Here

https://t.me/RedPillDealer4833/1929 (Video of Flynn)

General Flynn: "A house built on sand, will not withstand the storm that is coming."

You'll Find Out = Trust The Plan


Remember you have to show the people. Only once they are at the precipice will they make change and the change has to come from the people. NO ONE is coming to save you. We have to stand and fight individually, you can no longer sit back and wait for the others to do the heavy lifting. We are all in this together. We need to raise our voice, speak out, be brave, share information, raise our consciousness and focus, people need to snap out of their reverie, the time is now!! We are very powerful beings, trust yourself.

BQQM: LISTEN to Australia One Party Leader. Important message for all Aussies and rest of the world. Sharing this message could save many lives.



"Sometimes you can't tell the people you just have to show them." Riccardo Bosi, Leader of Australian One Party

You know what they say about a drowning man or women? They will drag you down in their panic. Sometimes, no matter how much it hurts, you must let the drowning man or women go, it does not mean you do not love them, but they will drag you down and we have so much work to do individually and that is what really counts. If you don't love and learn to forgive yourself how can you love others and be of service to them? It's a work in progress, that I can tell you. I've never asked this, I believe in the power of prayer and collective energy, this is a prayer request for some positive healing energy, thank you in advance soul family. #VirtualHug

"Our sun was dying, we had to evolve in order to survive." - Neo
"Only at the precipice do people find the will to change, we are at that precipice now." - The Matrix


1. An overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff. 2. The brink of a dangerous or disastrous situation: on the precipice of defeat.


Good news, my MSM loving husband, went to see Maxime Bernier "Mad Max" and Randy Hillier at a PPC Rally in Orillia on August 17th!. He was quite impressed, he replayed Randy's speech for me when he got home, while I was working on this blog and guess what Hillier spoke about? "People standing on the ledge at the precipice, we are at a crossroads, talking about our governments wanting to control us with vaccine passports. Our governments have been lying to us for 17 months, to be fearful of one another and people who have a view that is different than yours. #IsThatRight He ends his speech with Let's Make Canada free and prosperous." then he introduces Mad Max." BOOM - tide is changing for us patriots, thank you God our prayers have been answered. #Synchronicity

Randy Hillier's Powerful Speech at the PPC Rally Near Toronto on August 17th!


Q has four posts highlighting PRECIPICE



Afghanistan at the CROSSROADS of central and south Asia you say? China so close... hmm #ChinaChinaChina Would you look at that their Religion is 99.7 Islam and 3% other. Can you imagine being the 3% in that country? YIKES. Sometimes it feels that way right here in North America, but the tide has changed in our favour patriots!

9+9 = 18 = R = JFK Jr. - 7+3 = 10 = 5.5 = Loud and Clear

What's this? Chinese Foreign Minister meeting with the Taliban in China on July 28th? Come on folks another big fat 17!

9 Taliban, 3 Chinese = 9 x 3 = 666 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Taking back our numbers into the light all day everyday!

Crossroads is a significant word in #TheGreatAwakening. There are 2 Q posts with the word Crossroads highlighted in them. Please read them carefully, they should put your mind at ease. Q reminds us to use logical thinking. It's really happening folks, it's unfolding right before our eyes - in the matrix. ;)


Q Crossroad post links us to Donald J. Trump's Speech That Got Him Elected.


At .45: "This is not simply another four-year election, this is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government." Donald J. Trump

D5 = 45 = 9 = Highest Power = President Trump

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. And nothing can stop us from saying nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Something BIG is happening. LOL ;)

WE THE PEOPLE = Art Of War - We Will Win - Hope And Joy


That's funny Britney spears starred in the movie Crossroads, must be nothing. #FREEBRITNEY


Search the word crossroads. This is quite a common word used for many organizations names including: pizza, utilities, school, churches, shopping center, addiction treatment and rehab centers. Strange, could be a coincidence - except there are no coincidences only patterns.


Guess what else matches the word crossroads? Same topics I blog on, weird.

John F Kennedy

William Gates

The Chosen One

Super Bowl

Prince Charles

It Is Over

Who Are You

Garden Of Eden

Don J Trump

Just Wow Make America Great Again

Angel Numbers

Mother Earth

Planned Pandemic

3 Year Delta - nice catch @realkimshady

Did you ever notice with all these "intelligence agencies" worldwide, not one of them could find and isolate the COVID virus? Or any other virus for that matter. So if that's the case... there should be no disease. All those facebook fact checkers seem to have a handle on COVID though. Where the hell is the deficit and the ozone layer? AND all those kamikaze terrorists on mind control drugs at schools and nightclubs? How dumb do they think we are? It appears the entire world we once knew is based on a lies and manipulation. Ya think?

Don't beat yourself up over it, it happened to all of us, that is why once the veil is lifted we can no longer be fooled by the old #3D matrix of NONSENSE, that we created for ourselves. You see it always comes back to YOU, the one and only. What are YOU manifesting? I know what I'm manifesting Q, Trump, JFK Jr, The Great Awakening... lol and some other great stuff! ;) We have everything we require. Change your verbiage, if you still want and need, you're confusing the universe, change your lingo to I have __________ insert your desire but you have to believe. Repeat I have ______ when you go to bed and when you wake up. Do it 17 times a day and watch the magic happen! ;) #StrongVibe

So I'm a victim of the medical industrial complex, not special, we are all victims. Born in a hospital? You've been traumatized, given birth in a hospital? SAME. I was brutally experimented on for years, but who let that happen? I did. They say you invite your disease in. I might blog on that horror show one day and I can assure you it is one of the most gruesome stories you will ever hear and towards the end of that gong show, the grim reaper sat at the end of my hospital bed one evening. They also say many have to journey to the ultimate darkness to learn and rebuild so we can help guide ourselves and others back to the light. Must be here for a reason!

"Your Life Is Your Own Script, After All, It Is Your Movie"

Pope Francis urges people to get COVID-19 vaccine as "an act of love"


Joe Biden’s State Dept Halted A Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed At Avoiding Benghazi-Style Evacuations Just MONTHS Before Taliban Takeover.


Biden Announces Full U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan by Sept. 11 (April 14)


Afghanistan has EIGHTEEN official flags

Eighteen = Free Mind - Panic In DC - Camp David

In Troubling Times, Afghanistan's New Official Flag


Oh wait what is this - President Trump is letting us know EBS is coming!

Elections - Southern - Border = ESB

EBS = Emergency Broadcast System

Who's yer daddy? #Patton God love him

EBS = 26 = 8 = EIGHT = 129 =

1:29 the time President Kennedy was assassinated

EIGHT = Mr. R - End Game

Q Post 720 is the only post with EBS in it

7+2 = 9+2+1+1 = 13 Bloodlines

7x2 = 14 = 5 = Gods Grace

Seventy Seven = Donald J Trump - Its Almost Time

Q post 720 tells us it's already been done. Think Magic. Have they already been tried in Military Tribunals? Have many been executed? Are some at GITMO for life? I believe so, can I prove it? No. Can you prove it didn't happen? There seems to be an awful lot of evidence pointing in this direction, in particular the CGI or doubles or actors with strange masks of all of the psychopaths from the past administration. To be fair, there is also more than one Trump obviously. Come on now. #WatchingAMovie

Wheres Biden? Wheres Obama? Wheres Clinton? Wheres Bush? Wheres Hunter?

Think Magic? Magic Wand or Magic Kingdom? Who's Merlin the Magician? We are dealing with a lot of magicians and actors that have honed their craft. What makes a good movie? Great actors. #GoodMan

We have quite a few magicians my friends with Britney mentioning she likes Purple Rain. #MeToo #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

More Q Swag. #TotalFan #PermanentNiceList #QClock

"When even Chris Wallace pulls his head out of Biden’s ass, you know Joe’s got problems." James Woods


At .50 second mark, Chris Wallace talks about the difference FROM DARK TO LIGHT, more evidence white hats are in full control! #DarkToLight

There are 31 Q Posts that highlight Dark To Light. You can read them at your leisure.


I've included the last two Q drops #DarkToLight #IgnoranceToKnowledge

Mark Levin torches Biden: Send our troops in and get our people out


Trump on Use Your Leverage:

"The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you're dead." DJT - Art Of The Deal
Art of the Deal - Page 53 = 8 = New Beginnings

Who was desperate to make a deal? HRC

Q said "No" = You're Dead

Here we have quite a few 6's in Q post 1516 re: HRC Deal

Check it out: https://qalerts.pub/?q=HRC+deal


President Trump Interview on Newsmax TV - Greg Kelly Show:



Introduced as: The 45th President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, Greg thanks him for being with him and Trump congratulates him on his really successful show.

President Trump Smells Blood in the Water - His remarks on Biden Afghanistan Disaster:

He talks about how incompetent and stupid Biden is, "Imagine you take out your military before your US citizens, and civilians and maybe others that helped us, to even think of that, it's not something to be believed. They take out civilians take out our people - we leave - we had to send our soldiers back, to get our people out, your going to find a very tough opponent. These people are great fighters, they've been fighting for 2000 years, that is what they do they fight, they fight, these people fight, that's all they do. And we send our soldiers back I think even our soldiers are in danger - but there has never been anything so poorly handled, we used to talk about the southern border it used to be the best they made it the worst but this is blowing it away." President Trump

Greg asks Trump about the photo of Joe Biden at Camp David in the situation room photo. #ShotSeenAroundTheWorld

"It's a big boardroom, it's an incredible room, as Camp David is incredible it's an unbelievable place. It's not a room you sit in alone, it's been a room sits many people, you see there are many chairs. And to be sitting there by yourself alone is unusual, I think It's just a set up picture to try and show that he's working. And, he's not working. And more importantly not working but their thought process is wrong, the whole group of them. They don't know what they are doing." President Trump on Camp David Situation Room and Biden Administration

Trump is so funny - once you get him, it's over, you love him.

There are 17 chairs in the room - 17 = Q

Looks like the beginning of the end for BYE DONE!

Camp David = EVIL - Clone Center

Orange Man Bad #TideHasTurned


Monday August 23rd 4 months, no booze for me - coincidence?

I think not. :)

8+2+3+4 = 17 = Q

#RiseYourVibration #Detox #OnlyWay #EatRaw #Fast #ReSetYou #TryIt #YourBrainAndBodyLoveIt #LoveYourself

Can you spot the difference?

"And whether you think in terms of Dunkirk or so many other bad thoughts we have thousands of potential hostages just sitting there. Our military left and now we are trying to get our military back there. We we had tough conversations with the Taliban and they knew there would be hell to pay if anything happened like this!

And who could even think a thing like this could happen? And it would start - where they lived very happily, we had it worked out it was going to be great. We were going to take all the civilians, all the equipment, now they have Black Hawks and army tanks and Russia will use them and copy them, same as China, sent to our enemies to make cheaper versions, they will be copied. It's disgraceful. One of the generals thats on television a lot, Sir he said, "it's cheaper to leave it", millions of dollars for Humvees and tanks. I probably would have bombed the forts, so whoever would have been occupying them, would have been siting on rubble. That was our plan and it would have been very successful, but they didn't do it that way." President Trump

Trump mentions Dunkirk - the battle raged from May 26 = 13 = 13 Bloodlines to June 4 = 10 = 5.5 = Loud and Clear

Battle of Dunkirk


"I talked about the weapons left in Iraq - we give Iraq equipment - 2300 Humvee left behind. Maybe 2 maybe 4 - 2300? They ran and the enemy took them. Same thing is happening now." President Trump

US lost track of hundreds of thousands of weapons given out in Iraq and Afghanistan


23 = PAIN - 2+4+2+3= 11

Q Post 2423 #AirQ

A Few President Trump Air Q's


Orange Man Biden finally appears, feathers getting ruffled speaking with George Stephanopoulos on pulling out of Afghanistan, "There was no way we could have departed without chaos ensuing!" #IsThatRight

STEPHANOPOULOS: "So you don't think this exit could have been handled better in any way? No mistakes?"

BIDEN: "No." Man of many words I see.


Trump on people hanging off the big C17 Jet and people working for us.

"Well we would take care of them because we have so many of them we are no guarantees, America first, Americans come out first. But you know, we paid them a lot of money, everyone is giving them credit for being brave, well we were paying them a lot of money just like the soldiers, the Afghans, a lot of money to be soldiers, among the highest paid soldiers in the world. And I remember Mattis use to come and say to me "Sir, they are fighting for their country" and I kept thinking I wonder why they are doing that, you know they are fighting their own people." President Trump

"How much are we paying them, billions of dollars a year once we stop paying them we said we were leaving, they quit and they left. I've been saying that a long time they are not fighting for their country." President Trump

American First = One One One One


C17 = 317 = 11 = JJ

This now famous photo looks photoshopped to me and all I can think of is where do they use the washroom and how do they get to it with out anyone noticing. Logic people that is an awful long flight. Another gimmick, this old air plane technology they don't even use gas to fly, to take off yes but somewhere up there they hit the jet stream and coast on it just like a bird does until they hit their destination. Gouging us for "gas prices" and ticket sales - child trafficking happens right under our noses - more lies. They have planes that can get disappear and travel from NY to London in one hour. I guess the gas must be super charged with sunshine and then aged to perfection for that kind of energy.

Where are all their masks and are they all sporting triple sets of Depends and how did they organize that so quickly? You have to plan for depends - depends if you're a planner. Look at buddy at the very back standing, hand on his hip, nailing Hannibal Lector's outfit, looks like Hunter Biden overseeing his drug overdose in Vegas while another laptop got stolen by Russia. #RussiaRussiaRussia

WHY ARE THEY MOSTLY YOUNG MEN - WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN? How come "this" group got out? What makes them so special and where are they going exactly? Do they speak english? #InfiltrationNotInvasion

Do you know the number of children that were trafficked from Vietnam with fake nannies to America under the guise of being "saved"? This has been going on for a very long time. Think every single MAN MADE war. #HorrorShow #Unimaginable #Tunnels

From CBS Statement C17 = 317 and 600 Afghans = 617

or mirror 917 matching Q Posts.

Also: 6+3+1+7 = 17 = Q Add the One from

Defence One = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

ONE = Neo - Dianna - Canada Failed

"I also said Corse? (unsure) your head person is a crook he dealt with US senate his greatest strength was the US congress greatest strength - I would get calls from everybody he was bad news this guy CONNE? (unsure) he was a con man, he was just caught leaving with a lot of money, he's not a leader, before the last soldiers leave, he'll leave before. As soon as we leave they stop fighting. That's why I wanted to take all the equipment, I knew the enemy would grab the equipment they grabbed the greatest equipment they grabbed our equipment so they can copy copy it cheaply. It's horrible." President Trump

Oh wait what is this? Oh no you didn't!!!!!

NOW - Taliban "special forces" parade with U.S.-made weapons in Zabul Province, southeast #Afghanistan.


Are We Paying Attention Yet? Watch Julian Assange on Afghanistan from 2011.


Greg says to Trump, "I was taken aback big time about General Miley. General Miley apologized for the walk across the street with you." Trump, "And so was I."

"Was he actively trying to sabotage your administration?" Greg asks. It comes through, he was not working very well, he may have been colluding with the Democrats.

"He was recommended by people I didn't think much of. recommended by a couple of people I thought were ok. Mattis hated him. I thought very little of Mattis, we did a great job once we got rid of Mattis - got rid of ISIS, a lot of people liked him at the time. He walked with the President with Trump to a church that was almost burned down, it went up when the Whitehouse did, and when he apologized, I realized I have a loser, very little respect for him, he wasn't very good, Im not a fan of him, he was highly recommended, not highly, sort of like the next guy in there, I would not make the same decision. Gross incompetence. don't know Secretary of Defence, based on what we are seeing, single greatest embarrassment to the military that I have ever seen, never had a greater embarrassment in our country." President Trump

Do you ever notice these creatures only target countries where they require their natural resources and dark coloured children. Did you know these creatures prefer blacks because they secrete a stronger version of Adrenochrome? #WalnutSauce


Where does the idea that these "3rd world" countries are so poor so their people starve in the hottest climate on earth where you can grow food everywhere? How about the photo of the dying child covered in flies with vultures sitting beside it? We only require fruits, vegetables, clean air and water to survive. Funny how they try to sell us on the whole "water scarcity" garbage to control us. Anybody still drinking bottled water? Heads up it's poison and so is the bottle it's in. Do you ever wonder how they convinced us to drink their garbage bottle water and pay for it? Do you ever wonder how Bill Gates can afford to vaccinate every man women child and animal in Africa but he can't afford to feed them. #LogicPeople