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"Trump Is Still The Leader Of Our Party & The President Of The United States" ~ Mike Flynn

Updated: May 15, 2021

Yes, They Did Steal The Election President Donald J. Trump with Sebastian Gorka

on AMERICA First

Published April 13, 2021

Partial exert from the interview: "Make America First Policy, China does not want that, so Biden said ok. The election was a disgrace, election of a 3rd world country. They used COVID to rig the election and everyone knows it. The election was a disgrace." President Trump

Don't miss the entire interview right here:

President Trump mentions he won by 75 million, plus plus plus.

+++ Q drop 1007 = 17 = Q

The USNS Comfort Ship. +++

USNS Comfort is a Mercy-class hospital ship of the United States Navy. Comfort's duties include providing emergency, on-site care for U.S. combatant forces deployed in war or other operations - Wikipedia

"Where is Donald Trump what does he think of that? He is still the leader of our party and the President of the United States." ~Mike Flynn

President Trump Let's Us Know Who is Boss At CPAC

Here is an interesting theory on President Trump on the politics of vaccines. I do not believe for one second any Trump has ever been vaccinated. Tiffany Trump has been very vocal about her fathers stand on it. She said he would never approve of it or ever vaccinate. #TrustThePlan #GetOffYourKnees

Chinese Floods - 3 Gorges Dam China Overflowed

D.C. is Flooding? #WatchTheWater

Sand bags for D.C.? Flood the swamp.

Scalise Fearlessly Shares Video Of Child Abuse At Texas Border

John Durham New Bold Move on Russia Probe

Truth About Cancer

Tucker Carlson is on fire. Never before in our history have we heard main stream news talk so much about vaccines, let alone their efficacy, here Tucker calls them out all together and Fauci squirms like the toad he is.

Once the veil is lifted, you can no longer put the genie back in the bottle or the toothpaste back in the tube. It's not the way it works. I choose the red pill all day long!

CNN Exposed For Using Propaganda For Ratings On COVID DEATHS!

BREAKING: Part 2 - CNN Director Reveals That Network Practices ‘Art of Manipulation’ to “Change The World” “COVID?

Gangbusters with ratings right? Which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side…let’s make it higher” “No such thing as unbiased news.” #ExposeCNN

CDC Halts Johnson and Johnson Vaccine due to blood clots and side effects

Gen McInerney on Telegram: Top Stories This Week

1) George Floyd Trial.

2) New BLM Riots.

3) Johnson & Johnson Vaccine halted.

4) Election fraud being exposed.

5) Israel looking for a war with Iran.

6) Biden border crisis continues.

7) Ukraine/Russia tensions are high.

8) Democrats trying to ban guns.

9) More lockdowns in Europe.

10) Covid-19 passport agenda.

And it's only Tuesday.


That's enough news for one day! Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments or via email if there are any topics you would like more information on. Feel free to ask questions, share hot tips or topics, we are all here to help and learn.

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Apr 15, 2021

Thanks for the info.

If the C vax is dangerous what is the cure/remedy for those that have had it?

Many of them are innocent and were coerced into having it.


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